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All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, just another fan writing to just to say you are doing a fabulous thing looking after kids whom have been mistreated or abused. I’ve just read A Baby’s Cry and it had me in tears. What an amazing ending for Harrison. Look forward to reading your other stories. Happy New Year xx
Stephanie, 30/12/2016
Hi Cathy, I came across your new one on my new kindle. Never have I sobbed like I just have! Having my 4 month old son laid asleep next to me certainly didn’t help! It’s inspiring how you help and support others, and so bravely. Well done you. Kind regards
Allie, UK, 29/12/2016
Hello Cathy, just wanted to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. I must tell you that a very good friend of mine who I’ve knows since our childhood and lives in America is now hooked on all your books. I’ve read all your books that are available on and keep checking for any new releases. Again, happy holidays to all of you. Sincerely
Ann, 21/12/2016
Hi Cathy I’m reading The Night The Angel’s Came thanks to Audible. Denika is a fine narrator. She expresses each person so well which is vital with an audio book. Granted being blind helps me to identify with the characters easily in an audio book but a good narrator always helps. I haven’t got near the end yet but I’ve a feeling I know how it turns out. Patrick sounds like a real true gentleman 1 of the last of a dying breed. He strikes a chord with me also as I have Irish family its true what they say the Irish truly are the friendly people. Anyway I wanted to congratulate you not only for another great book but for how you’ve so carefully written about Patrick’s struggles. I myself had cancer this year and battled with chemo. I’m happy to say I’m in remission now but at times it can be an uphill struggle. While I was in the hospital I got a lot of audible books from people and it’s true you can loose yourself in a good book which was a real help through those tougher days. A very happy Christmas, I’ve read so many of your books I feel like I’m writing to an old friend. All the best
Jack, 19/12/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading “Can I Let You Go” what a heart wrenching story. I couldn’t put the book down wondering what decision Faye was going to make regarding Edward’s future. I strongly feel that she definitely made the right decision as her grandparents’ age and health were against them. It was 55 years ago that I had my first baby and decided to have him adopted knowing that I was too young to care for him and didn’t feel it was right to expect my parents to help. I have never regretted my decision to this day knowing (hopefully) he would have a better life. It was “My Gift” to a couple that were unable to have a child. He is still in my prayers every night.
Lori, Australia, 14/12/2016
Hi I’m a 13 year old Australian girl love your books your amazing.
Demi, Australia, 14/12/2016
Hi Cathy I am getting so much in the reading of your books. Thank you. I am hoping to write my own one day, there is little on the effects of therapy yet it changes people’s lives so much. You are an inspiration to me and many others.
Carol, 08/12/2016
Hello Ms. Glass. I am writing to say that I just finished reading your book, “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell” While very sad, it was uplifting to know that there are people like you (and your children) in this world who make a difference in these children’s lives. Thank you for making a difference and thank you for sharing your experience with “Reece” with us. I hope he is doing well. I cannot wait to read your other stories. Happy Christmas to you and your family!
Jean, Canada, 08/12/2016
I have just read your new book “Can I let You Go?” What an amazing, touching & moving story that truly is. I don’t think I’ve ever cried at a book, but by god this one made me cry. I could not put the book down. I was so fixed. Even though I don’t know how you all look, I pictured the scene you were talking about – it felt so real. Every time I look in booked shops I ALWAYS look for yours. By far my favourite author. If anyone ever asks what books I’m in to I always, always mention yours. Even though I’ve read them all up to date I’ve still kept them. You’re an inspiration. I wish my Mum would write about all her fostering experiences like you do. Would be nice to hear how she talks about us lot 😉 ha ha . Look forward to your new realises. Take care.
Catherine, UK, 06/12/2016
Hi, I have read the majority of your books. I am such a great fan of your work. Like  the majority of the children you write about I too am in care. I think it is so great what you do for those kids, you’re such a selfless person! I am currently reading ‘Will you love me?’ I feel so sorry for Lucy and what she went through I bet she is a lovely person. Keep up the stories.
Aisling, UK, 06/12/2016
Hi Cathy. I am sure you receive a bunch of fan mail so I figured I would add to the bunch! I grew up in Belgium and visited the U.K. Quite a bit. During one of my visits I found your book “Damaged” in a bookstore and felt drawn to it because of the cover (yes I am guilty of judging a book by its cover ). Ever since that book, I have been drawn to the aspect of foster caring because of your stories. I’ve been really inspired and hope to be able to be half as good as you are! Thank you for writing the stories. I am about to graduate college and will get my masters in social work!
Caroline, 03/12/2016
Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say I’ve read a lot of your books and just finished reading Cut. I think this is a great book and you have done such a great job for all these kids. I found Cut useful because since I was 8 I self harmed and now at 21 I’m going through a bad patch and have started again. Reading the book gave me peace of mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Continue your hard work. Kind regards.
Dannielle, UK, 03/12/2016
Hi there Cathy and I just finished your last book – Can I Let You Go … What an awesome story. As I have told you before many a times I love your stories and when I put down a book that l have finished l wish l had another one to read right away. I hope all is well with you and looking forward to hearing from you soon … Take care & God Bless
Lorrie, 02/12/2016 USA
Thank you for your books that give a voice to these children.  By sharing your experiences and insights you allow people to see into their worlds rather than ignore their plight or just write them off.  Children don’t always have the words or the ability to communicate their situation; it takes a special person to “hear” their message … and an even more special person to communicate that message to others.
Linda, USA, 01/11/2016
Hi Cathy, I just finished another book of yours. Your books always have me in tears, not only because of the stories you tell of real people’s lives, but by the fact that you are a truly inspirational person. I hope I turn of to be half the woman you are because you really are an amazing person. I can’t wait for your next book. You deserve a medal!! Thank you.
Hanna, 29/11/2016
Hi Cathy I’m 17. I hope to foster when I’m a little older. I feel I’m mature for my age and have the right attitude. I wanted to say I can gather from your books you do an incredible job at helping, supporting and providing for all of the children you come across. You have a good heart. I can’t quite put it into an email how much your books have supported me too. It’s easy to believe you have a hard life yourself until you read one of your books. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Courtney, 28/11/2016
Morning Cathy, I don’t think you will remember me. I’m the one that went in to labour while reading Girl Alone in September last year. This morning our son who is 14 months old now ( where did that go) came in to our room with that book! It made me laugh & cry in equal measure.  I can’t wait for your next book, although you need to have a chat with your publisher, our second child is due in February 2017 when your next book is out.
Jen, 27/11/2016
Dear Cathy, A few sleepless nights later and I have finally finished reading CAN I LET YOU GO. What an awe inspiring story. I note that amidst all this young ladies maternity problems you were dealing so closely with you fathers passing. Do treasure the memories you all have of him,  we often talk about my father with my sons. I am now aged 81 years and we have some great conversations about our lives also some of the tramping  and camping trips we did together. My heart went out to Faye as she learned so much from the time spent with you.  Bless you all as you journey on with such happy memories of your father. Kind regards
Gladys, New Zealand, 24/11/2016
Hi Cathy I have just finished reading Can I Let You Go & it reduced me to tears. Faye was so brave. My heart went out to her & you as well. I really admire the work you do. I have managed to get a copy of Happy Adults & am slowly working through it. At the moment I’m not getting any help, but am hoping to start therapy soon. There are times when I feel very much on my own & have no-one who I can talk to, but reading your books really help me. Keep up the good work.  From
Linda, 23/11/2016
Cathy, My nephew has been taken into care. I’ve been reading your books a long time before this and I want you to know that they have helped me deal with it. I miss him. But I’m not as worried as I would’ve been. You’ve helped all these children some of them with the saddest circumstances as you know and of course Lucy. You gave her a happy new life with you and your kids. Although some social workers are quite negligent the majority are doing their job and they’re not all ogres.  You are an inspiration and you should be proud of all you’ve done and achieved. So thank you for helping me come to terms with this.
Chelsea, 19/11/2016
Hi Cathy have just finished reading  The Saddest Girl in the World, such a sad beginning in life for this young girl. My heart went out to her, but sounds like from your up dates that she come a long way. I was so happy to read that she’s found happiness. Now looking forward to reading The Girl in the Mirror. Really enjoy your books, happy writing Cathy.  Kind Regards
Elaine, 18/11/2016
Dear Cathy. Hope you are doing good with your writing and fostering work. I just read ur book “Damaged”. Truly heartbroken. Couldn’t even imagine how they used such a little girl for these terrible things. I must say you are a wonderful mother and u have wonderful kids too. They too understand the situations where u need help. Really amazing. And you guys providing very good example to the society. I don’t have words to thank you or your family for what you have done and explain my feelings towards Jodie. She was blessed to have you as her foster parent. When I finished reading I hugged my 10 month old little girl. That book touched me to the deepest point in my heart.  Thanks.  With love.
Vimanga, Sri Lanka, 17/11/2016
Hello Cathy, I first started by reading your book, “The Child Bride”. I was so intrigued, I couldn’t put it down. Since then I have read several of your books. Although some stories are very sad, I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I’m just in the middle of reading “Can I let you go”? Keep Writing and thank you for all your stories. Best wishes to you and your family.
Marilyn, UK, 15/11/2016
Hello Cathy I’ve just finished reading Can I let You Go? It’s one of the best books I have ever read. It was so sad I cried my eyes out.  I have read most of your books. Pease keep up the good work. Look forward to reading your next book. Take care.
Nurhan, 13/11/2016
Hey I love reading your books. It takes me ages to put the books down.
Laura, UK, 13/11/2016
Hello Cathy, This past summer my wife has introduced me to your books and I have  become an avid reader. I usually only read technical books. I especially enjoy the way your stories grab the reader’s attention and hold it throughout the entire story. I just finished reading, The Child Bride, it is one of the most moving stories I have ever read. This month alone I have read Saving Danny. An amazing tale with a heartfelt ending… I also read Daddy’s Little Princess, a very informative and touching story. My wife has been a long term fan of yours and I immediately read each book as she finishes them. When we go out shopping for books I always keep a vigilant eye open for your books. We both admire all the love and caring you have done to rescue children in distress. God bless you and take care.
Bob and Trudy, Canada, 14/11/2016
Hi Cathy I have got nearly all your books. I love the way you tell the stories of the children you have fostered. You are a brilliant writer.  When I start a book I am not able to put it down. Thank you Cathy.
Lynda, 10/11/2016
Dear Cathy, I am a German social scientist and a grief- and trauma-therapist. Your book “The NIght the Angels Came” was quite a therapist to me! The patient and loving character you let run through the story like a banister is a real serotonin giver to the reader! Also the rituals of meals, preparing for night… inspire to keeping something steady in times of distraction and chaos. A conversation, but also waiting for the right moment and a warm and caring atmosphere can stabilize people even in the most difficult challenging situations in life! Your style and mood is a true healing inspiration. Thank you so much! May God bless your life and the life of those you touch!
Heike, Germany, 06/11/2016
Hello Cathy,  I have read many books over the years, but Can I let You Go was the first book I have cried over. It was so sad and beautiful at the same time. I was actually in that room with Faye and Patsy. You tried so hard to teach Faye how to look after her baby, but she did do the right thing. I think she was so brave. Glad to hear that Edward and Snuggles are still together. A BRILLIANT story, can’t wait for the next book.
Jeanette, UK, 05/11/2016
Hi Cathy how are you and ur family doing? Just got ur new book. It will be a great book as your other books. Finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby. It’s a lovely book and I love the way you handled the situation so well. Hats off to you love
Ashika, Sri Lanka, 04/11/2016
Hi Cathy! I originally came across your books when I read ‘Girl Alone’ a book I had received as a gift. I have now read majority of your stories (with some even being devoured within 24 hours!)  I hold your books close to my heart as I spent  time in care as a child having had a difficult childhood and being a ‘difficult child’ as a result of this. The main treasure I take from your books is your patience and loving outlook on life, and if I manage to be half as graceful in behaviour and attitude I would be a very proud young lady!  Sending love to you and your captivating family!
Jade, 20, UK, 04/11/2016
Dear Cathy, Your books are very interesting to read, right now I am reading Please Don’t Take My Daby. It is super sad and it would be hard to have a baby that young and go to school at the same time. I can’t wait to read more of your books!
Alexis USA, 04/11/2016
Cathy you are an inspiration to me and me baby girl’s daddy. He has been through the care system and only has bad things to say. He was abused in care but we truly feel you are one of the good ones. You’re a beautiful person. God bless you and your family.
Hannah, UK, 04/11/2016
Hi Cathy I have been reading your books for a short while now, I’ve read 5 and am looking forward to buying more of your books in the holidays. I must say you are a fabulous writer and your children seem to very mature and sensible, so well done to you for raising such wonderful children. I wish you and your family all the best. Please keep writing your books. They  never cease to amazement me and reduced me to tears several times, but they always show me to be grateful for everything I have. Take care. Lots of love.
Aiysha, 19, 02/11/2016
Hi Cathy…you’re the best writer, who can touch others heart sensitively. I read DAMAGED. It was the best book ever. I am your fan. I wish all your wishes come true. I love you so much Cathy.
Bunny, 02/11/2016
Hello again Cathy, well I have just finished another one of your great books, A Baby’s Cry. So happy at the ending, even though I felt for you and your family.
Elaine, 30/10/2016
Hi Cathy just finished your latest book. Found it very emotional and couldn’t put it down which to be fair it’s the same with all your books. Wishing you and your family well and looking forward to your next book. Regards Theresa, UK, 30/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Another Forgotten Child & was almost reduced to tears by what poor Aimee went through. Glad it worked out well in the end.  I enjoy reading your books, some I can relate to & some bring back painful memories having gone through a lot as a child & into my early adulthood. Your books are an inspiration & I have recommended them to friends as well. Once again thanks for all the good work you do.
Linda, UK, 29/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading “Can I Let You Go” and cried through the last few chapters.  What a sad but beautiful story. I feel for Faye but have nothing but praise for her and the decision she hade to make. Thank you for your wonderful books, I am now on the look out for more.
Kaye, Tasmania, 26/10/2016
Dear Cathy, bought Can I Let You Go. It is as always best, exciting like your previous books. (But I shed tears). The story was very touching. Please write more.  I just want to say you really mean so much to the world.  You are not only loving and caring you fight for the rights of all the children under your charge Cathy glass… you are one in a million special. May God give you good health, blessed you loving family. Warmest Regards
Suzie, Malaysia, 24/10/2016
I am so happy to see you have a new book coming out next year. Nobody’s Son. Yea!
Nancy, 25/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I’m 22 I also have a 3 year old daughter. Six months ago, I went through a bad stage of anxiety, I was always on edge, felt insecure and I never felt comfortable anywhere else but my own home. I’d have panic attacks for no reason – they would just come from nowhere. Eventually I went to see someone because I just had enough and wanted it to stop. My psychologist recommended reading as it helps the mind to relax. That same day I went and brought one of your books. I couldn’t put it down. Three months later I have read 6 of your books and I can’t remember my last panic attack. I can’t believe what some kids have to see and experience, it’s helped me to do my best to succeed in life for my daughter. I’m a single, young mother and I want to give her the best life I can. Cathy, I have you and your stories to thank for that. I believe your books changed me as a person and mother. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Jordyn, 23/10/106
Hi Cathy. I have read your new book. Another fantastic story that I could not put down. Sorry to hear about your dad.  Can’t wait for your next one.   Thanks, hope all family is well and keep writing.
Sarah, 22/10/2016
Hello, Cathy, I’ve written down a list of your books because I love them so much! I mean I can’t relate but I’ve always had a passion for children, babysitting and childcare. I love your books so much. I want to become a foster carer I’m only 20 so maybe when I get more experience but I just love them and I am trying to read all of them all.
Kayla, Australia, 22/10/2016
I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful books you have written.  I just finished Can I let You Go   It really pulled my heart strings.  I take my hat of to you and your family Cathy, for all the love and support you have given to every person you have fostered. It wouldn’t have been easy for you but you do a fantastic job. Best wishes.
Parveen, 21/10/2016
Hello Cathy. I have just read ‘Can I let you go’ and felt compelled to write. What a truly heartbreaking story, and what a very brave young woman Faye was.  I have two boys and am 32 weeks pregnant. (Can I use pregnancy as an excuse for the all consuming, breath taking sobbing that just happened?!) How you dealt with such a situation, especially at a time of emotional upheaval for yourself personally (I hope your family and mother are holding up ok) is an absolute credit to you. I am so pleased that there are people In this world like yourself who can, and do, make lives better, however bad the situation. I wish yourself and all your family the very best. Kindest regards.
Natalie, 20/10/2016
I just finished reading your newest book. What an amazing story. Faye is a very brave young lady. I wish her and baby Edward the best. Cathy you yourself are a wonderful person with a heart of gold. You went above and beyond to help Faye. I look forward to seeing updates about them. God bless you and your family for all you do for these foster children. I was also very sad to hear of the passing of your dad. May he Rest in Peace. I am sure he is looking over all of your family. He will live in your heart and memories forever.
Karen, 18/10/2016
Hi Cathy,  loving all your books, Think u r so much an angel and saint. Well done for what you and your lovely family do. Think u are all so wonderful
Lynn, UK, 18/10/2016
Hi Cathy. Have just started reading your books & find them very interesting. I’ve read The Child Bride & was moved by the story. I’ve just finished Girl Alone & was almost reduced to tears. Glad both stories finished well. Have a lot of admiration for all the Fostering you do. Well done & I look forward to reading more of your books.
Linda, UK, 17/10/2016
Hi Cathy, well I have just finished reading your latest book, Can I let you Go. I broke my heart reading this story, my heart went out to Faye.
Elaine, 14/10/2016
Hi I’m just letting u know I’ve just finished Can I let You Go, the last one I had to read. I loved Faye’s story. I couldn’t put it down.  I can’t wait for ur next book as I own them all.
Kira, 12/10/2016
Hello Cathy! I just had to write you a short email to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books.  My husband who is from the U.K. and I moved back here two years ago.  I am American.  I was a member of audible books back there and joined here a few months ago. I bought a membership of 12 credits and used them on your books.  I’ve enjoyed and cried through most of them.  My husband and I are both totally blind and I have a guide dog we brought with us when we moved here.  Now that the winter is upon us, I will be spending a lot of time indoors reading.  I just admire you for all the work you’ve done with children and families.  You are a very patient and loving person looking after all these children.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books.  Sincerely,
Ann, UK, 12/10/2016
Dear Ms. Glass,   I have read so many of your books and I definitely will read them all. I feel like I know you and your family a teeny bit. Your book regarding the life of Patrick and his son Michael…. I freaking cried so much my eyes were puffy this morning when I woke up. It was so heartbreaking but beautiful….  I know you get tons of emails… but I will forever remember to “look to the stars” …”don’t be sad” The work you do is amazing. Wow!  Sincerely,
Heather, 11/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just read your latest book Can I let You Go. It is such a sad read but also think that Faye was a very brave young lady. It must of been heart wrenching and my heart went out to all of you.  I can relate to a little of what went on in that book. Must say I cannot wait to see what is in your next book. Keep up your good work with the fostering. Take care
Hilary, 11/10/2016
Your book The Child Bride was one of the most amazing book I have ever read and such an emotional story. It is  helping me with my past so thank u so much. I will enjoy reading more of your book  Thanks
Shinade, 10/10/2016
Hello Cathy I have just finished another of your great Books, Hidden , so happy how this turned out, and to see how Tayo was getting on. Now about to start your next book Can I Let You Go. Kind Regards
Elaine, 08/10/2016
Hi Cathy I today finished reading Can I let you go. I felt every emotion whilst reading the story of Faye. What a lovely young lady. She sounds like someone who you feel that your life could be brightened by meeting her. The final chapters of the book had my tears falling freely, feeling Faye’s heartbreak. I have read all of your books to date, but this one charged my emotions. I hope you and your family are coping well since losing your dad, such a sad time for you all. Sending love and best wishes Thank you for your wonderful writing.
Helen, 08/10/2016
Hi! I just finished your book Cut, and I’m hooked! I live in Finland and would like to read your books in Finnish. Please.
Annukka, Finland, 07/10/2016
Can I let you go, is an EXCELLENT book. Thanks, so much.
Barb, 07/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I loved Can I let you go? It may me cry. I had to put it down every couple of pages.  I am starting to get your books now on e-book  as well as paperback.
Pauline, UK, 06/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I’m nineteen years old I have a four year old son. I stumbled across one of your books “Please Don’t Take My Baby” about a year ago. I didn’t know who you where or what your role was in these books but I fell n love with your books. You are such an inspiration to me. I had a bad time being so young giving birth at fourteen. Luckily I proved I was up to the role of being a mummy. I have now read quite a few of your books and I feel like I have connected with you in such a way I feel you have helped me over a lot. Thank you for sharing your adventures and for taking the time to read this  My best wishes.
Chloe, UK, 06/10/2016
Hi Cathy, I would like to offer my condolences for the loss your father, thinking of you and sending massive hugs to you all . Your latest book was brilliant and very moving. Fantastic read.
Gillian, UK, 04/10/2016
Hello Cathy, I ran across your books on Amazon’s audible books.   And I have read (listened to) 3 of your books so far.  My heart goes out to you for helping these children.  I plan on listening to everyone on of your book.  Please write more. Thank you.
Lisa, USA, 03/10/2016
Hello Cathy, am half way through your latest book Can I let You Go. It is fantastic just like all your books. I have also been keeping myself updated with your blog entries and like someone suggested I think you do deserve an honour as you are just amazing.  This latest book has given me more understanding of my own special needs son. So once again thank you for making me feel that I am not alone and there are people out there who face even worst challenges in their lives. By the way deepest condolence on the death of you father. From your other books I know what a closely knit  family you were, but god is great and time is a great healer. You have wonderful children and I am sure all will be fine.
Zainab, UK, 02/10/2016
Hi Cathy, well what can I say? Another excellent book. I felt so sorry for the beautiful Faye all the way through the book. I really hoped that she would be able to look after little Edward. I cried quite a few times. I can’t wait for your next book. Keep up the good work. Lots of love to you, Adrian, Paula and Lucy and of course your mum love
Natalie, 02/10/2016
Hello wonderful Cathy. I have just finished your book ‘Can I let you go’ and have to say it was a gripping read from start to finish. I have read many of your books and think you write them fantastically and I feel I am there with you. The detail you go into really captivates the reader and I honestly cannot put the books down! Your three children are such a credit to you and sound like such lovely people as does your mother. Sorry for the loss of your father who also sounds like he was a wonderful caring man. You truly are an angel and have such patience and a heart of gold! Best wishes. With love
Vicky, UK, 01/10/2016