All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.

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Thank you for sharing the tragic and heartbreaking story of ‘Jody’. I can’t believe the pain and suffering that some ‘parents’ put their own children through. I think i was in a certain amount of shock as i was reading the most awful things were happening to this young and innocent child. I was crying towards the end thinking that you were ‘Jody’s’ last hope of finding love and security, and you were an angel with a tower of strength, patience and love, which this little girl had never known. Thank God for people like you,

Dear Cathy, I just had to write to say how much your book affected me. I bought itlast Friday lunch time and had finished it by evening. I felt such sadness for Jodie but think you and your family helped so much to give her a better life. I hope at least that Jodie will be able to grow up knowing that there are good, trustworthy people in the world. My own children,now 39 and 41,thankfullyhave never had to face the horrors which Jodie had to deal with. It is wonderful that there are people like you and your children to help those like Jodie. I have often admired foster carers but never really realised what disruption they had to contend with in their lives. All the best to you and your family.
Jean, Berkshire, UK 

Dear Cathy have just finished reading your book, i knew that there were some wicked people in our world but didn’t think to that extent. I am glad that you still have contact with Jodie and think that are a very special person with great patience, look forward to reading another one of your books take care,
Steph, UK 

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book damaged. I have read many books like yours before but i must say yours is the best so far. I’m only 20 years old and i already know that when im a bit older i want to foster children to give them the best start in life as i can or to help them with there problems just like you. I really hope that Jodie is doing well as she deserves the best life there could be. I cant wait to read your next book, best wishes for you, your children and Jodie!
Zoe, UK 

Dear Cathy, My husband brought me “Damaged” for my birthday yesterday and I was unable to put it down until I had finished it, through my tears I might add. We are new foster carers just about to wind up the care of our current children and hand them back to a family placement. Their story is shocking, but by no degrees as horrifying as Jodie’s. We have a lot to see and an awful lot to learn and we hope that we can be as brave, loving and capable as you and your children have been. I can’t wait for your next books to arrive, you are amazing. Thank you so much for your inspiration.
Dawn UK 

Dear Cathy, I have just read your book damaged, I have so much admiration for you. It must have been very challenging at times. I never realised how difficult fostering could be.I am a single parent with a 16 year old daughter. I would still like to apply to become a foster carer.I am a qualified youth worker and enjoy my job very much. I do hope that Jodie is still making progress I’m sure she will be ok seen as she has you in her life. I look forward to reading your next book.
Melanie, Devon UK 

Hi, I read damaged in a few hours, couldn’t put it down, it’s the only book to ever make me cry poor. Jodie it’s hard to believe its real and that some evil bastards really do that to their kids. keep up the good work Cathy you should be proud.

Throughout the time I spent reading your book I was not able to shed a tear.The word desensitised that you used to describe Jodie is a powerful one and accurately describes myself. The blank looks,or zoning out, as I call it,are all things I have gone through myself as a child and in to early adulthood. Jodiehas suffered greatly at the handsof those who should have cared about her and that should never have happened. Jodie eventually got away from the abuse and was very fortunate to land at your feet Cathy. You have saved her life by helping her to unlock the torment inside of her. If she had carried that torment inside as she grew up she would have destroyed her own life.You may not have felt that you did a lot to help her at the time but finding that key to unlock her inner world takes someone tremendously special and talented. I wish you could have helped to find my key as it would have stopped me from being abused again as I got older. xx

Hi Cathy have just finished reading your bookdamaged, i hope that in some way Jodie will at some time in her life find peace within your family,as i feel you so richly deserve to share that with her and your own children as well. What her family didis totally beyond my belief and the fact it continued for so long, the thought of social services missing out this child is unbelievable, thank god is all i can say that you were found to take her on and for the other people out there that continue to do the hard work that you do. My love and thoughts go to you and your family.
Carol, Cardiff, UK 

Hi Cathy, As a Primary Teacher, I have had a number of children in my class over the years who havebeen fostered and I couldn’t understand why, as hard as I tried, I was never really able to build trust or get close to them and now I know why!These children were not abused like Jodie but so much of what you explained about children in careslipped into place and now I feel so much more equipped to deal with them in the future.Iam waiting to become a IV for young people in foster care and I thought your book would help me gain a better understanding, and it certainly did.I now understandthe roles of the people who sit around the table at those meetings I have to attend. One book yet I have learnt so much!I know that there are many other foster carer just like you! Thanks for sharing yourand Jody’s world with us. Best wishes

Cathy,”Damaged” truly moved me i must admit the majority of this book reduced me to tears, The pain, confusion, and emptiness amongst many other emotions that Jodie experienced made me feel physically sick due to the hands of her Mum and Dad and how she will ever get over it god only knows, but she couldn’t of got where she is today “on the road to recovery” withoutthe help of you and your family. What a great job you have done it must have been so hard mentally, physically and obviously emotionally i could not even begin to say i comprehend how hard it was for all of you, just makesme thank my lucky stars that i hadquite a normal happy childhood. My heart goes out to you and your family and of course Jodie i hope she comes through it and I’m sure you will be waiting with open arms. You have my utmost respect and don’t ever think you failed you really are a star.Keep up the good work.Respect and best wishes.
Tina, Grimsby, UK 

Dear Cathy, I wanted to thankyou for writing such an honest account of your experience with Jodie. I’m 23 years old and work in childcare. My own personal experience with abuse is similar to what Jodie went through, my Uncle was involved with a ring of men who abused me from a very small child until I was 7. I was lucky that when I was 7 we moved away and I didn’t have to see those people anymore. My Mum was mentally ill and that was part of the reason she wasn’t able to help me. I didn’t talk about my experience until I was 20 and met my current partner, then it all came spilling out and life was pretty miserable for a long time. I can very much relate to the flashbacks and nightmares that I still suffer. I’m lucky to have had a year with an extremely good therapist on the NHS and now I’ve finally started coping again (or better than i was) I normally avoid reading books like this, cos i find them so upsetting and they bring back so much of my own memories, but for some reason I was drawn to your book. I’m very glad that I read it. Its comforting to know that there are people in this world that are willing to do something to help children that have been hurt. I one day hope to finish writing my own story, and I’m at college doing a counselling course so that hopefully one day I can help other abuse survivors. I look forward to reading your next book. Luv

Hi Cathy. Jodie was so lucky to have you and your family to take care of her. It does not bear thinking about what her Mum Dad and “so called aunties uncles and grandparents did to her”. Poor little girl the life she must have led, I was crying through most of the book.You did a fantastic job even though you were up against a lot of odds especially with social services who in my opinion did not want to be involved at all,that was made pretty obvious when her social worker called and only stayed as long as she had to.She really was of no help to Jodie at all.I hope that one day you will do a follow up to Jodies story, obviously that poor little thing will never be able as our own children can to have a normal life, because certain things will trigger off emotions which even though they happened a long time ago will probably stay in her memory forever. I am looking forward to your next two books.With very best wishes
Mary Cook, Cornwall. 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged and it touched me in so many ways……..I was abused by my father when I was a Child and only felt able to voice my fears about 7 years ago when I was 27. This was when I found out he had also abused my sister and my friend. I could understand the fear and feeling of blame, disgust and even betrayal that Jodie must have felt. What a brave, darling little girl she became to trust you enough to tell you all. I was not so lucky to have a ‘you’ around although I have the most wonderful mother and younger brother and sister (both untouched, thank god!!). Keep up the good work and just remember, even if you never see them again…. they will ALWAYS remember the love, inspiration and reason to live that you and your family gave them. I am really looking forward to reading your other books. I get askedWHY I read these kind of things? I always answer that I use them as a kind of self therapy……. it shows me that there are people worse off than me, that there are people out there prepared to help and mostly I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE, SO WHAT HAPPENED TO ME IS BY NO MEANS MY FAULT. Does that make sense??

CG: Yes C, it makes very good sense.You are NOT alone in feeling this way, and it certainly wasn’t ever your fault!

Dear Cathy… I have been going through a lot with my daughter since the new year as someone who lived three doors away exposed himself to her and tried to bribe her with money to go down a dark alley with him.It has really affected her. She has become angry and frustratedand its slowly getting worse as she has to attend court next month, my daughter also has learning difficulties though not as severe as Jodie’s. She just has trouble learning at school and finds it hard to express her feelings, she is 2 and a half years behind mentally. I could relate to you in a way through your exhaustion and need for respite….Well done Cathy, I’d say the world needs more people like you. Also your children are stars as well not many other children would have been able to put up with the tantrums and everything. Keep up with your good work Cathy and i wish you and your family all the best. And i hope Jodie finds the peace in her life that she deserves and can get rid of her demons.
Vikki, UK 

Hi Cathy, It’s hard to put my feelings into words…. My sadness for that poor little girl,until I read your book, I would not have believed suchthings could happen. My anger for the pigs of parents and the others. Well it was extraordinary how you turned her life around,it’s lucky thatthere are people in the world like you and your family. I can’t stop thinking about her.Take care,
Melanie, UK 

It would seem like many others, I could not put ‘Damaged’ down. My main emotions seemed to be directed at you Cathy, I felt your hurt, your frustration, your loneliness, pain,and disgust, and your unconditional love for Jodie which built the relationship and allowed Jodie the opportunity to experience trust for the first time in her life. The feeling of failuremust have been so hurtful. I admire you, thank you,
Maria, England 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book, which I just couldn’t put down until I had finished it. Along with alot of other people, I think you are an amazingly wonderful person, with so much patience and loveyou truly make a difference to the childrenwho are lucky enough to be cared for by you.Yourchildren areamazingto have thepatience and understanding of what is expected from them in those situations,and what they doalsomakes a differenceto thelooked after children in your care. Your hard worktruly pays off. Best wishes for the future.
Terri, 22, Devon, UK 

Dear Cathy I am in the process of reading your book damaged! I’m at chapter 19 just now! I’ve only put it down to send you this! I think the book is very upsetting as I have worked with abused children in residential childrens homes! I think your a wonderful woman ! better get off now to finish your book!

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book Damaged in about eight hours. I just couldn’t put it down. I am full of admiration for you and your family and am glad that there are people like you out there to help little girls like Jodie. It is disgusting that these children are left at home to suffer the unimaginable horrors that affect their whole lives when they have already been identified as at risk. Keep up the fantastic job you do, they deserve to be placed with people as caring and patient as you and your wonderful family. yours,
Eileen, N Ireland 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book, which i completed in a day as i couldn’t put it down. I had to complete it through bleary eyes as the tears trickled down my face. My 4year old daughter asking what waswrong. As i gave her the biggest hug she has probably ever had i wondered how some parents could hurt their children as Jodie’s had hurt her. Children are the most precious thing in the world and something must be done to stop this happening again and again. Social services have a lot to answer to. it makes you think if she had been removed in the first place Jodie would have probably been a normal healthy little girl. I felt the most moving part was the letter she left you. As a district nurse i get thanked all the time, but after reading your book i still feel inadequate. I admire people who give their time and love completely for no reward. My thoughts go out to you and your family and hope you can continue to give as this country obviously needs people like you.Good luck in your future cases.
Cathy, UK 

hi Cathy i have just finished reading your book damaged i never read any thing like this before i had trouble putting it down. i was in tears reading and thinking about that poor girl and what she has been through. i commend you for your patience and your family for being a friend to Jodie and helping her through her terrible time. its just a sad fact that things like this happen but thankfully there are people like you to help children in need of love and affection. i don’t think i would have coped as well as you to you and your family and also Jodie.
Emma UK 

Hi Cathy, I also read your book in one day, as I put the book down. I looked at my own two children and gave them the biggest hugs & kisses. Poor little Jodie, I have not stopped thinking about her since, and with all my heart I truly pray that she will grow into a loving person. I often think of under privileged children, telling my children that they don’t know how lucky they are, but never to the extent of how little Jody’s life was with her parents. How many children have to go through this horrid torture? how many do not survive? it is chilling. Thank you for all your hard work that you are doing to help these poor victims. Yours faithfully

Hi Cathy, i have just read your book Damaged and can find no other wordto say apart from wow. I am a 20 year old girl and i am truly touched by your book. I know it may seem naive but i didn’t realise things of that extreme actually went on. I cried all the way through the book and find it hard to get it off my mind. It is so upsetting to see a small child’s life ruined by the ones who are supposed to love her most. Reading your book has made me see how lucky i am but also opened my eyes to what really goes on in this cruel world. You really are amazing and i just wish i had the brains to do what you do. If there were more people like you in the world it would be a much better place to live. Every credit to you and i hope with all my heart that Jodie can go on to lead a relatively normal life. Thank you.
Kay 20 UK 

Dear Cathy,You are one of Gods angels, for that I am sure. I cried so much that my husband told me off for keeping him awake. Your book of Jodie’s life was heart braking.Give Jodie an extra long kiss on your next visit, for all of us. Much Love to you and your three children,X

dear Cathy, what can i say, a truly remarkable story from a truly remarkably and caring person. i was unable to put the book down. how can it be said that these evil people don’t think that what they,re doing is wrong when they go to such levels to stop a child revealing their ordeal. i was pleased to read that you have continued your good work. so many children obviously need people of your calibre,without you i dread to think where that poor child would have been today both physically and mentally.Thankyou for bringing the world of fostering to light, both you and yourchildren make me feel very humble…..
Linda UK 

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged and it was the most moving book I have come across in years. You are so brave and strong to do what you did for Jodie and she is so lucky that you were there to guide her. Her experiences in life are just heartbreaking and no child deserves to be put through such torment. I pray that Jodie can go on to lead something of a normal life. Also you and your children deserve so much praise for the kindness and patience you showed towards the situation you were in. You are all true heroes. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and giving a little girl the chances in life she so deserves. xxx
Kate, 19, Wirral 

Hi cathy, I have just finished your book and i found it really amazing, it has reallyinspired me to write to you. I’ve always been interested in social work and psychology, and am joining college in September to study psychology as part of my a-levels.Your book Damaged really ‘tugged at my heart strings’ and i very much admire your work. At 16 i have seen and experienced a lot of things, however nothing like the poor girl Jodie however i was once friends with a girl who did experience such things, but not to that extent.I think your book is brilliant and i couldn’t put it down.I really want to help unfortunate children in these circumstances.I think you’re amazing at having such a rewarding career and your work is very much noticed. i admire you greatly and i expect it takes a very strong person to be able to cope with what these children go through. I think its just brilliant. Yours,
Emily , UK 

Iam an 18 year old soldier and i have just read your book in 1 day, in my whole life i never realised anything like that ever went on. you are a truly remarkable woman which im sure you already no. i hope Jodie carries on making progress and you keep doing your truly inspirational work. best wishes to youand your truly brave and patient family, thankyou for sharing.
Faye, 18, Catterick 

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book and have read it in about 7 hours solid. I just could notput it down, nor could I flip to the back to read how it ends as I didnt want to miss a word. As a YOT Social WorkerI am deeply ashamed of the very poor practice and outright neglect displayed by Eileen and her managers . Icontinue to see the damage and hurt adults cause these young people and each new case brings new horrors. The day I find myself not effected by the plight of these youngsters is the day that I will leave the profession I love so much. Thank you for bringing the plight of these young people to the public. Toooften their horrific stories are pushed aside and not spoken about, whilst they are put into one home after another and portrayed as unmanageable or challenging. Unfortunately many of the youngsters find their way into the Court system and on to Youth Offending Teams, many, as Jodie’s story portrays purely because of their fear, isolation and self protection in the only way they know how. I congratulate you Cathy for your work and for your heart.
Carys, Wales 

I purchased your book on Saturday and by Sunday had finished reading it, I just could not put it down as disturbing a read as it was. As a mother of twin boys aged 11, I find it hard to believe that anyone could put a child through what Jodie had to suffer.It is unimaginable to understand the pain and torment she must have gone through and no doubt is probably never likely to get over it completely. I just want to say Cathy that I admire you for what you did and it is only through people like yourself that many children go on to lead normal lives, without you, the world would be a darker place so I commend you. I hope that Jodie can overcome the things that happened to her and that she is happy in whatever she is doing now, my heart goes out to Jodieand all the other children that suffer each day at the hands of these monsters that should be put away and never realised into society again!! xx.
Kerri, UK 

Cathy, you are amazing, I bought your book Damaged last night, and tonight at 8pm I finished reading, an put the books last page down. It was amazing to see how brave you was, and still are. I hope Jodie is well and getting better, please send her my love. I cant wait till the 5th November to read your new book.Well Done. Kind Regards

HiI boughtyour bookyesterday and i read it in one night.I was so totally moved by the book and i knew i would be from reading the cover. I have a little boy who’s 18 months old and he’s my life. i love him so much and to think people can do such things to children his age and younger upsets me. Your book was such a brilliant way of showing people these children can be helped. As i sat reading about 1 o clock this morning crying so much i couldt read and had to have a break to wipe my eyes. I just wanted to say i wish i could do what you do. i only have a little house and even though my previous job was a carer for children with mental health issues, i just haven’t got the space.So my thoughts go out to you and your brilliant family who im sure your very proud of. and to “Jodie”. Thanks you so much for this book it will be one i probably read again and i will remember forever.
Katie, Darren and Ben 

Dear Cathy, i have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’, i have never read a book which touched me like yours has! being a foster carer is an amazing job…….you have touched my heart…..i am a care assistant for the elderly, i know it isn’t the same as a foster carer, but i can relate to the way you were feeling in the book, you always wish you could do more to help people…….maybe if i tried it this way?…..or that way?……could i have done a little more?!!!! You did an amazing job with Jodie, you gave her a chance in life, and showed her what a normal loving family life should be like!!! you should be very proud, i cannot stop thinking about you, Jodie and your family. Kind regards
Rebecca, UK 

Hi cathy, After just finishing ‘Damaged’ i just wanted to say how emotionally exhausted i was by what i read. Once i had finished, the story stayed in my mind all day and i suddenlyfelt very tired and drainedas it all sank in. This is the first time a book has had such an effect on me and i have read a few of this nature. I am horrified and heartbrokenby what hashappened to Jodie and i really hope that she goes on to have better times in her life. You are a true inspiration, i don’t know how you did it but you are a remarkable woman. I would love to read some of your other books and will be looking out for them.
Nikki, London 

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading your book Damaged. I started it last night and just couldn’t put it down. I myself was a foster carer and have adopted 2 of my foster children. The eldest was abused and I know all too well the frustrations you went through in dealing with social services. When social services are more interested in protecting themselves against a violent family then protecting the child there is no wonder the child is left to suffer. My little girl is 8 now and reminded me of Jodie in so many ways. I was involved in her care from birth when I had her every weekend for respite fostering. When she was 3 I alerted social services to my suspicions that she was being sexually abused and was all but laughed at….because they were afraid of her family….these so called professionals whose home address was kept secret at all times but who gave my address and phone number to her family. I did respite for 5 years every weekend and felt like I was banging my head on a brick wall. It was only when her mother died and left me guardian in her will was I able to offer the child the love and security she needed and deserved. Even then I had to fight for her through the courts with no help from social services. Her social worker so reminded me of your Eileen…Give me the children and even the natural parents any day but please don’t ask me to work within the realm of social services.

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ and its one of the most heartbreaking books I have ever read,quite a number of times I had to put the book down and collect my thoughts and dry my eyes so I could read on.You are such an amazing women who can foster a child like that and then write a book about it,I really don’t know where you get your strength from, you are a credit to your chosen profession. I actually finished it on Friday tea time and lent to book to my Mother in Law and she finished it last night,(Sunday) she said it was a brilliant book and she herself said what an amazing women. Since I have readyour book I cannot stop thinking about you, your family and of course Jodie.We both hope Jodie is doing well and please keep us updated on the website. I have never chosen to write to anybody like this before but the story has touched me so much I have felt compelled to do so. Kind Regards,
Caroline, Leeds, UK 

Hi Cathy, Just Finished Damaged and i just wanted to let you know how effected i was by reading the book. I cried for Jodie. I work in a special school and have had children disclose to me and can understand the frustration you must feel at times. Can’t wait to read Hidden, love and best wishes to you and your family.
Jane, Edinburgh,UK 

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ and have been truly moved. We are all aware that this terrible thing goes on but not always understanding of the deeper picture. You are a remarkable women ‘a saint’.Jodie was very lucky to have you as her carer, cant help but wonderwhat may have happened if Jodie had not had been placed withyou.I started to cry while reading the Epilogue, grateful that there are people like you, but saddened by the reality of what goes on.I am married and have 3 children of my own, 8,7 and 2. My youngest starts school next year and I will be looking for a career. Theidea of working with children has always appealed to me, a job where I canmake a difference. I am glad Jodie is safe and that you can rest assure you did every thing you possibly could to get her to that place. Well done.
Sandra, Hampshire, UK 

Dear Cathy,I finished reading Damaged today and since i bought it 2 days ago, Jodie, and your story is all i have been able to think about, I was unable to put the book down and when I did, i was eager to carry on reading it as soon as possible! Your book has shown me the truth about the world we live in and to be honest, it scares me. It was a horrific story to read and I am very grateful to you for sharing it. It mustn’t have been easy but I hope that it helped you to deal with the burden of that sort of knowledge. I would also like to mention my admiration for yourself and your children, you all amaze me with the limits you were able to withstand, I am unsure if I could be so strong if placed in their situation. With much love and admiration. xxx
Kate, 17, Merseyside, UK 

Dear Cathy, I’ve recently read your book damaged. I had a similar childhood to Jodie’s.I also went from foster home to foster home and eventually onto a residential children’s home. I would have to say i benefited so much from my time in a children’s home not only were some of the staff exceptional i also made lots of friends whom I’m still in contact with today.I understood all your points regarding social services and their sometimes lack of service.I was also on the at risk register from a young age and was received into care several times. Eventually a case conference decided i would return home and there my abuse went from bad to worse. I think all you did for Jodie was truly amazing severally abused children can turn to lots of different difficult behaviour and situations.They should never be given up on as its never their fault and the damaged caused is more than explainable.Cathy i hope you never give in foster caring,children like Jodie and myself will always be around unfortunately and people with your quality’s as a foster parent rarely are.Best wishes for you and your family.
Michelle, UK 

CG: Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for writing. It gives me great hope to hear from people like yourself who have overcome all the odds and have gone on to lead successful lives. Well done you!You are an example to us all. My warmest wishes, Cathy

Hi Cathy, My name is Vanya and i read your book Damaged, what a women you are. I work in a therapeutic residential school so i like yourself work very closely to children who have been damaged so badly by the ones that should have protected them. I think it is awful the amount of children who get lost in the system i have come across many with my job, do they not realise the amount of damage that is caused by leaving them. I wish i could help so many other children out there that are hurting it breaks my heart to know there are so many evil people out there.I look forward to reading some of your other work and again you are an amazing women.
Vanya, UK 

Dear Cathy, All I can say is wow and what a remarkable woman you are. Damaged is the best book I have read in a long long time it brought me to tears so many times and also made me smile with the love you and your family gave Jodie and how she was progressing towards the end of the book and continuing to do so. It is terrible what that poor little girl went through and her parents and the other monsters got off lightly but she has you and your family and the lovely people at High Oaks to look after her. Keep doing what your doing your an amazing woman with a huge heart and I can’t wait for your other books. All the best for you and your family for the future. 24 x x x x
Gemma, UK 

Dear Cathy, I feel i must write to you as your book regarding Jodie has brought me to tears. Thank God for people like you who try to pick up the pieces of so many broken little lives, i applaud you and your family for your patience and understanding. What i dont understand is how the parents of this child have perpetrated such evil on their own daughter, the very people who should have protected her. I have never before felt compelled to comment about a book in this way but my thoughts are with jodie and hope that she will survive and have some long lasting happiness as all children should.GOD BLESS JODIE AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!!Yours Sincerely
Rose, Nottingham, UK 

The book was the most amazing and most moving I’ve ever read. I hope Jodie does well for herself in the future. I would read the book again and still find it Absolutely Brilliant.Love x
Kelly, UK 

hi cathy, ive just finished reading ur book damaged. im really shocked and angry at the fact she got left with those monsters for nearly 8 years. im glad she got to stay with you as she got to learn how nice people really are and that her so called parents are nasty disgusting people. i have a 4 year old boy and couldn’t imagine how anyone could hurt their own flesh and blood never mind and body else. your book really made me cry especially at the end when you had to say good lookin forward to reading your next book. thank you for opening my eyes to all the bad things that goes on behind closed doors and thank you for doin a really good job of looking after Jodie. all my love to you and your family. xxx

Hi Cathy I have just read your book, and it bought up feelings in me, i didn’t realise were there. I am a 20 yr old woman who as a child from the age of 5 when my mother died I wasabused by my father and several others. At the age of 11 i spoke up but after a two year court proceedings i was not believed. I then went through several years of being in care, running away, drug addiction and child prostitution until i found out i was pregnant with my daughter, which is when i turned my life around, my lil saviour. Reading this book has made me want to speak up again about the abuse i sufferered and other kids too, as i am sure others are still suffering. To speak up until finally i am heard. Thankyou, i think you are a very special person. xxx

Dear Cathy I sat and read your book damaged and just couldn’t put it down my hear went out to you and your family but more to Jodie it’s a heart breaking book and you are a very special person. Iam trying to get your other books Hidden and Kids in care but cant get them any were could you please tell were they are. Yours faithfully,

CG: Dear Karen, Thank you so much for writing. Hidden will be published on 5th November,and Kids in Care will be out Spring next year, although it may have a different title. Cathy

I have read your book within 2 days like most others that have read it. I have been so emotional reading it. I felt so much pain and sorrow for Jodie and yourself.I too was fostered when I was nearly eight and had my fair share of problems but nothing close to what had happened to this little girl. It was nice to see a book from a foster carers point of view and too see how much love you have for your children I would say you are a credit to the social services. There are a few bad apples along the carers side and it is nice to see someone for so much love for other children. I too understand that there are many flaws within the social service department and as a result some kids do suffer. Hopefully this book should show them there are improvements that are desperately in need of doing.I have the utmost respect for you and for what.
Tracy, UK 

Dear Cathy – I have just finished reading your wonderful book, I am a 24 year old father of two toddlers and reading page after page of ‘Damaged’ brought on so many different emotions, sadness, anger, happiness, and love. It makes me wonder how there can be so many monsters in this world. You are a credit to Yourself, your children and most of all ‘Jodie’. I look forward to reading ‘Hidden’ – Bless you.
Mark, UK 

I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ it is the most emotional story I have ever read.I am sure your book will prompt more people doing all they can for children like Jodie, child abuse is so common, it seems every week there is headline news of another poor child who it is too late to help. Your patience and strength are beyond incredible, your children and family must be so very proud. I too was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by my father, however he managed to fool social services, and at the age of 12 I found the courage to walk out the house for school one morning and never return. My best wishes to yourself, your children and of course Jodie. xxx
Bev, UK 

Dear Cathy, What an amazing woman you are. It has just taken me 2 days to read “Damaged” and it has affected me in so many ways, often to the point of tears. I have 2 small children and have suffered Post Natal Depression after both births.I am currently awaiting counselling for my current depression which has deteriorated over recent weeks. My husbandtook the risk of doing some reverse psychology on me by buying your book for me.My husband hoped that by reading your amazing book, it would help me realise that I am not a failure and that I am a good parent. So the risk he took and the love that he has shown me has paid off well. Thank you for being you and doing the amazing work that you do. It takes a special person to do what you do and I feel quite humble in your presence. I feel that I now know Jodie to a certain degree and I thank you for this.Please give her my love and admiration in how strong she has been. Thank you again Cathy and big hugs to Jodie. Love from
Anna, UK 

Dear Cathy, I have recently become a mum for the first time and I am a month away from my 30th Birthday.Parenting is without a doubt the hardest but also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My son Sean Morgan is the most important person in my life, in fact he is my world, as is his dad.I read your book in 2 days as I was hooked, I cried about 8 times as I was so shocked people could do that To an innocent child, especially her own parents it makes me sick to my stomach. I have a friend interested in fostering and I am going to pass your book on to give her more of an insight into the world of fostering. The letter Jodie left shows you managed to get close to her, which is huge considering what she has been through.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and passion you showed Jodie, I think it makes you an amazing person still waiting to take her back into your home. With the love and support from you and your fantastic children Jodie stands a chance of having happy memories and knowing she is safe!
Tanya, Herts, UK