All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, I have read and thoroughly enjoyed all of your books.  You’re an inspiration to many people.  Reading your books at times is like counselling to me and others I’m sure. Your stories are amazing to read so thank you.
Barry, UK, 30/04/2017
I have started reading your books and love your stories. I looked after children for 15 years as a home based child carer and can relate to so many of your stories. Once I read them I then forward them on to my retired sister who also loves them.
Kathy, Australia, 23/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I have spent the day in my garden reading Nobody’s Son. I was in tears for the last 4 chapters. My 6 year old is with his dad this weekend and all I wanted to do was cuddle him so close. I’m counting down the minutes until 6pm. I love your books and just wanted to say I think you are absolutely amazing. I’m making a start on Cut now. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
Katie, UK, 23/04/2017
Hi Cathy just read your latest book Nobody’s Son. Very heart felt story. Just like to say that they do live happy lives with lots of love and support.
Terry, UK, 22/04/2017
Hi  I’ve been reading your stories and started to collect them. I love reading your books I literally can’t get enough of them because they are so heart felt and so very touching, and also because they’re based on true lives. I have had experience with foster carers and social services. After my daughter got taken off me I disliked all social services and foster carers but I now know not all are bad people. Your books have made me think of my own life and my daughter’s life before she got adopted. Your books have eased some of my pain that I felt after losing my daughter. I don’t mind foster carers or social workers anymore, just don’t like the one that caused all that trouble for my daughter and family. I want to say thank you for that.
Sam, UK, 21/04/2017
Dear Cathy. Thank you for the reading group questions for Will You Love Me? We really appreciated them for our group.  I can honestly tell you that although it was not our usual genre we all (8) enjoyed the book very much and some of us have already ordered one or two of the others. We all decided that the work of a foster carer is not easy and not for the feint hearted, there was not one of us who did not fully appreciate the work that goes towards looking after troubled children. “Lucy” is certainly a lucky one, what a pity that “Bonnie” did not get the same support with her parenting skills.  So once again thank you for writing this book and we look forward to the others. Best regards.
Allington Book Club, UK, 21/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I have wanted to say thank you for so long.  I have read all of your books over the years and find them truly insightful, heartbreaking at times, and a true insight into the world of fostering. I have grown a great fondness for what you do and how you help others. Some years and many books later me and my partner found ourselves at an adoption event in 2015 and our daughter has been with us nearly 12 months.   Every time we face a tricky situation on our hands I try to remember your tips on parenting children.  We know our daughter may find her future hard to bear at times and I will cuddle her and be there for her no matter what. The power of love is not in DNA but our hearts and soul.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing us how bad things can get and showing us there is always hope out of the most surreal and difficult situations  Love
Michelle, UK, 20/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished Nobody’s Son. I really enjoyed it as I have enjoyed all of your books. I look forward to reading your next book. I remember being a bit naughty as a teenager. I was adopted at age 6months. I don’t remember being adopted but I’m so pleased I was perhaps. I was naughty due to this although it was probably just my age.
Caroline, 18/04/2017
Hi Cathy just finished Nobody’s Son, such a sad but lovely story. Me and my husband are in the process of respite fostering and I can not wait to start this new chapter of our lives. I love your books! Hope there is a new book soon.
Maxine, UK, 17/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I love your book The Silent Cry. It is so good and I love your children. Paula is very sweet and Adrian is a handsome man.
Kelsey, UK, 16/04/2017
Hello, I have just finished one your books called ‘Nobody’s Son’. I’ve been reading your books for a few years and some of them really hit me hard as they show  experiences and feelings that I went through whilst in care. I just wanted to say thank you for writing your experience for the public to read and understand. I had a bad perception of social services and currently have love-hate feelings about what I have gone through. I see how my Mum fostered and loved every child that walked through her door. She’s been fostering for over 40 years, and 6 of us are still with her throughout adulthood and have shared weddings and babies along the way. I’ve seen how much hard work she puts into every single one of us, no matter how much we test her and I am eternally grateful. Thank you, for doing what you do, not just by being an author, but by being giving children stability and love, not matter how long or short their time is with you. You write about everything that goes on in the care system, both the good and the bad. You talk about how early childhood experiences shape a child’s behaviour and mental well-being but how a good stable loving home and help a child in so many ways. My Mum also enjoys your books and is impressed by how much detail you provide about every aspect of fostering.
Marisa, 15/04/2017
Hi Cathy, You are a treasure! Thank you for your advocacy of females with disabilities that you portrayed in ‘Can I let you Go?’ Your literary talents are helping to enlighten the world to the sufferings that dwell within the welfare services industry. You are expanding education so people can become more understanding and compassionate about disadvantaged children, adults and their families. Your work is of the highest quality and is just such a comfort to have ‘me time’ where I can grab your books and a coffee and just sink into the stories. I cherish your books. Many Blessing.
Melodie, Australia, 14/04/2017
Hi Cathy. Just finished Nobody’s Son. Yet another amazing book. I cried for Alex, Gwen, and Gareth. They went through so much, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep writing please and can’t wait for the next one.
Karen, 14/04/2017
Hello, I’ve read all your books. I wish they would get turned into films, they’d be amazing! You’re so wonderful! All my love
Beth, 13/04/2017
Dear Cathy, I have recently started reading your books and though I have only read 2 I can honestly say I am truly inspired by you. Having grown up in a children’s home here in South Africa, I know some of the difficulties that children face but through reading your books I now feel like I had it easy as I wasn’t a child of abuse. There is so much going on out there that we are not aware of.  I’m 26 years old now and have a beautiful family and after reading your book also now plan on giving back by doing what I can for disadvantaged kids in my community.   This is all thanks to you as I see through your writing the difference you’ve made in those children’s lives. Keep up your good work Cathy you are a blessing to your country and the world. Well done on your beautiful writing.  Kind regards.
Simeona, South Africa, 10/04/2017
Hello, I’ve read many of your books and you’ve inspired me with your patience and  commitment to those who have not come into this world with a loving family. With Respect Eve Thank You.
Eve, 10/04/2017
Dear Cathy I been reading your books since I was 13 and I would like to say that you’re an incredible, inspiring women. My favourite book would have to be I Miss Mummy and Nobody’s Son. My story is similar to Alex’s and Alice’s stories. They were emotional to read and touched me deeply. You have inspired not only me but ENTIRE family. Lots of hugs from
Adora, USA, 09/04/ 2017
I have read all of your books. I must say Nobody’s son has been one of the best I’ve read. I could relate to it. Thanks for all of your reads, Irene, 09/04/2017
Hi, I’ve just started reading again and came across your book “Girl Alone”. I just wanted to say how amazing I thought it was. I could not stop reading it. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of your books. Thank you.
Kelsey, 08/04/2017
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on being the #1 seller on Amazon in both the United States and the U.K. at the same time!  That is quite an achievement. Nobody’s Son is in my top five of my favs of yours.  The one about Jodie hits me in a personal way which is why it’s my favourite but this book took a close second.  It was a real page turner.  My mom and I read all your books aloud together.  I read and she listens.  She’s my foster mom and she is a good mom.   When I read the book I try to play act the voices although I cannot do a British accent to save my life but you can imagine a guy trying to do Paula when she is 3.  lolol It’s pretty funny.  We loved this book so much that we read it in three days flat.  On the third day, we started at 10:30 a.m. and did not finish until close to 5 p.m.  Please don’t ever stop writing.  We love your books and we love you.
Taylor, US, 07/04/2017
Hello, I am currently reading Nobody’s Son. I admire what you do as I was in foster care and in children’s homes during a period in my life. I moved around a lot and it made me angry. I get panic attacks and I’ve had to have counselling to help me to get over my time in foster care. I cannot put your book down as it’s so good. It’s nice to hear there are some lovely foster carers out there that care. I am looking forward to buying and reading more of your books! Take care and keep up what you’re doing.
Sian, UK, 07/94/2017
Hi Cathy, “Nobody’s Son” what a heart wrenching story, it was hard to put the book down. Thank God there were two adorable loving people by the name of Gwen and Gareth. They truly stuck by Alex, most of us would have just given up. I hope all he can see in the future is the sun shining upon him through the journey of life. I have now read ALL of your books Cathy and always look forward to the next one. I must say I now have three favourites The Night The Angels Came, Will You Love Me and Nobody’s Son.
Lori, Australia, 06/04/2017
Cathy, I am a 47 year old woman.  I never cared much for reading, and only read the books I was required to in high school.  Six weeks ago I was in our local Walmart store and picked up one of your books.  Very interested in foster children, I thought maybe I would try one of your books. I have read 15 of your books in 6 weeks.  Thank you so much for your wonderful writing, and all you have done for these children.  You and your children are truly a gift to this world.  You are a true inspiration!!!
Julie, US, 06/04/2017
Hi Cathy I have read every single one of your books. I think you are an amazing person and have inspired me immensely.  After reading your books I will implement a lot of your parenting strategies on my own children in the future. Thank you for inspiring me and being an amazing human being. Love to you and your family. Kind regards
Lauren, 24, 06/04/2017
First of all I just want to say what an inspiration you really are. I’ve just finished reading “Nobody’s Son”. I absolutely loved it and if my home was as big as my heart I would look into fostering as your book has inspired me so much. I wish I could be the person you are and do as you do to help all those vulnerable children. I cant wait to go out and get some of your other books to read. Amazing.
Carrie, UK, 06/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I really hope that you manage to get around to this email. Myself & my wife are quite possibly two of your biggest fans. I’ve read every single book that you’ve ever written. Every book has made me shed a lot of tears and a lot of smiles. I’ve actually just finished reading Nobody’s Son! Very well written. Thank you for reading
Lacey, 05/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I fell in love with your books after a friend loaned me one, that was about two months ago & I have now brought & read all your books! It’s now become a bit of an addiction! You write so well, I have loved every one of your fostering memoirs & the two novels, I check on iBooks every couple of days. Thanks
Tracy, Australia, 05/04/2017
Thank you for sharing a new story with us! I love your books! They are real eye-openers. I am so impressed by your work, and honoured that you are telling them to us. Thank you so much!  Can’t wait for the next one. Best regards.
Marte, Norway, 04/04/2017
Hi Cathy, Just finished Damaged – wow!!! How you got through that I really don’t know. Well done, you are amazing I hope Jodie is doing well in the adult world now. Will put a review on Amazon and order my next book soon. Keep up the good work – I don’t know how you manage to foster and write your books. They are such an insight.   Best wishes to you are yours for now.
Gaynor, UK, 02/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I love reading your books and the way you write. I have just finished reading ‘Nobody’s Son’ and I just loved it so much. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m sad I’ve finished it, I didn’t want it to end! I couldn’t read it with a dry eye, every chapter had me in tears and even now I keep thinking about it and my eyes start to fill again! The way you wrote about Alex was so lovely, I felt like I knew him, maybe that’s why I got so upset reading it. I used to look after children and could relate. I liked the way you dealt with situations and the conversations you had with Alex, you always knew what to say! This has got to be my favourite book ever, and I really mean that!!! Reading your books are my inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us all. Can’t wait to read another one!
Natalie, 02/04/2017
Hi Cathy just finished Nobody’s Son. God bless Alex. Glad things are looking up. Hope you and your family are well.
Kathleen, 02/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I just want to say I absolutely love reading your books, I have just started Nobody’s Son. I’m really interested in reading all your books. I too was in foster care and later adopted. I also want to thank you, if I hadn’t read your book “The Silent Cry” I would have never got back in contact with my foster carers. It was the bit where you said foster carers would love to know how their kids are doing. I’m so happy I picked up your book!  I just really wanted to say thank you!. Kind regards
Shannon, 01/04/2017
Hello Cathy I just want to say I’m a huge fan of your books. I love them. I own them all. It says you fostered more then over 150 kids and I just wish there was a book about every single kid you fostered cause I can’t seem to get enough of your books. I love them so much. Thank you!
Rachel, 01/04/2017
Hi Cathy…. just finished reading your latest book Nobody’s Son, and as usual it was another fantastic story, from the start I had doubts about Rosemary and Edward… It wasn’t surprising that Alex reacted the way he did (another rejection). I can’t wait to read your next book Cathy, I hope you and your family are all keeping well. Very best wishes.
Jan, UK, 29.03/2017
Hi Cathy I just want to say I love your books each and every one of them. When you talk about your family and friends in your books and the way the story is told it makes me feel like I’m right there with you. You are a wonderful person who puts everybody before you. Thank you for the lovely books and my best wishes to you and your son and 2 daughters. I just got your recent book called Nobody’s Son. All the best.
Annmarie, 28/03/2017
Hi Cathy  I have almost all of your books and in one way or another they have touched me deeply. As a child I was put in foster care (I live in Aus) and it was a horrible part of my life, as was my life before going into foster care. Although my foster carers were nice I feel as though they didn’t have the love in their hearts like you do!! I did go back and see them after I went to live with my dad but lost touch through the years. You have given me little pieces of advice that I never knew about, that I could actually get my files from the time I spent in foster care. I have now put in an application for them which I am hoping will be here soon. Thank you. I lost my dad and still don’t have much of a relationship with my mother.  I feel social services saved my life for if they hadn’t taken me out of her care who knows where I would have ended up. I hope you know that you are an amazing woman, mother, foster carer and author!!  Best wishes
Alyce, Australia, 26/03/2017
Have just finished reading your latest book and as usual fabulously written.  Ups and downs all the way.  Kept me hooked from the moment I picked it up.  Another to pass on to the group of your fans (that I have introduced to you books.) Best wishes
Judy, 25/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I have very recently been approved as a foster carer and I wanted to let you know that your books have been so inspirational, informative and so all consuming. They cemented my desire to go through the process, as intrusive as it was. But I’ve got there! I will be welcoming my first “placement” on Monday, having found out just this evening. I’m excited, nervous and a little scared as I’m a single carer BUT I’m currently reading one of your latest books. Nobody’s son, your 1st as a single foster carer. Thank you. I will continue to read your books because your experiences which you share with your readers- foster carers or not – are so valuable.
Kath, 24/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say I’ve read all of your books. Loved all of them. You are a wonderful writer I feel as if I know you & your family lol. Love
Jane, UK, 23/03/2017
Hi Cathy, Another fantastic read. I am so glad Alex turned his life around, but he could not have done it without you or Gwen. You are one in a million and we need more people like you and Gwen who really care about the youngsters who have a bad start in life. Brilliant! Best wishes
Jeanette, UK, 22/03/2017
Hello! I read “Hidden” it took me two days, I just couldn’t put it down. It lifted my spirit. Everyone needs love and thanks for sharing your stories in these books. I thought V.C.Andrews was my favourite Author. No more! You have taken the spot. I’m going out to get the rest of your books. They are the truth. And in the world we are in today. These children need love. I’ve always wanted to be a foster parent but later in life. But I’m happy I’ve gain a positive role model to keep me going. So thank you.
Shadya, 22/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I have read every one of your books, normally within two days.  You are an amazing person and it really restores all my faith in humanity reading of how you’ve helped so many children. I am an early years practitioner in a children’s centre and I take so much from your books and put it in to practice within my work. I have a young son and as he gets older I hope to become a foster carer.  Inspired by your books as well as the children I work with.
Rebecca, 22/03/2017
Hi Cathy I just finished ready you book Nobody’s Son. I have read a few for you books. I just wish I had a foster carer like you when I was in care who was willing to help no matter what and not give up on me. I think you should be given a medal for the children you have helped.
Susan, 21/03/2017
I really enjoyed your last book. Sad I finished reading it and now I have nothing new from you to read. So I’m reading all your books again! Well done! You are truly a remarkable person. I truly hope one day u find the right person to enjoy your life with. And in case u have already found him, please write about it.   I enjoy reading about your kids as much as the foster children. Please keep writing. Thank you so much for all you do.
Nancy, USA, 21/03/2017
Dear Cathy, having just finished reading my very first Cathy Glass novel, I am sitting here with your book in my hand and I have so much to say that I don’t know where to start!. I want to know if your husband came back (idiot) and how Paula and Adrian have turned out. What happened to Rosemary and Edward’s son James? I will be amazed if he grew up with no issues! I will be reading as many of your books as I can from now on and am going to pass on your good common sense to my children and grandchildren. I particularly liked how you dealt with Alex and the window breaking episode. That was brilliant. Kind regards.
Gloria. 20/03/2017
Cathy, I just finished reading “Nobody’s Son”.  I sincerely admire you for your patience, love and kindness for all these children.  My husband read the book with me and we both agree that Alex never should have been adopted by the first family. We think that someone should have realized that especially the husband wasn’t fit.  I really don’t know much about the care system in the U.S.  I thought Jill was a fantastic support worker.  It just takes a lot of patience to do what you do.  You are a very special person.  Regards to the family.
Ann, US, 19/03/2017
Dearest Cathy, I really wanted to thank you once again for a truly lovely book. I could not put it down and have serious sleep deprivation, but it was more than worth it! You are a true inspiration and a truly amazing person. Keenly awaiting your next book. Regards
Jenni, 19/03/2017
Hi Cathy I read my first book written by you while on vacation in Cuba this past October 2016. I have to say I was captivated by the story and your writing style. I am typically not a reader however since November I have purchased and read all your books. I’m hoping there is another book on the horizon as I miss reading your stories. You are an inspiration!! I find myself encouraging everybody to buy at least one of your books as I believe they will enjoy them as much as I have. Thank you for your stories!!
Joanne, Canada, 18/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I am very sure you receive several emails on a daily basis which probably read the same and my email is also to credit you for your continuous hard work. I have never met or heard of you until I was gifted the book ‘The Child Bride’ and what can I say. I am absolutely touched and moved by the story of Zeena. You are a true inspiration and these children have been extremely lucky to have you and your family there to support them. I have bought another three of your books and look forward to reading them. Kindest Regards.
Fatima, UK, 18/03/2017
Hi Cathy I finished reading about Alex last night. Unbelievable story. I cried at nearly every chapter. I’m not surprised that he went totally off the rails when you consider what he went through with Edward and Rosemary. I got a feeling early on when you described him especially when you said that James wasn’t allowed soft toys or hugs!!!!!! Unbelievable man who should never have been allowed to adopt. Well done again Cathy. Looks like Alex has turned his life round. I will check out your website later for an update. Kind regards
Julie, UK, 16/03/2017
I have bought my first book of yours Nobody’s Son two days ago, I couldn’t put in down. You are such an amazing and inspirational woman. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. He was very lucky to have you in his life. Yours hoping for a reply.
Lisa, 16/03/2017
Hello Cathy I have been reading your book Can I let you go? I haven’t finished it yet but I love it. Just to say keep writing your books because I am not a big reader but I love your books. Thanks for allowing me the enjoyment of reading. I would also really appreciate if you could respond. Yours sincerely
Chloe, 12, Scotland, 16/03/2017
Hi Cathy, have just finished another one of your books, Nobody’s Son. Unable to put it down, finished it in 2 days, what a sad beginning for young Alex, but so grateful it was a happy ending for him, so true many tissues were needed.
Elaine, 13/03/2017
Hi Cathy. I’ve just read your book Damaged. And it’s taken a little piece of my heart. I was sexual abused as a child by a family member for 12 years without anyone noticing. And still suffer now at the age of 41.  You should be so proud of yourself and your family. I was very proud of you reading. Jodie has remained in my thoughts ever since and I do hope she know that so many people care for her so much. Been abused can be a very lonely place even many years later. I hope she is never alone. I pray for her.
J, 13/03/2017
Hello Ms Glass, I would like to say how much I enjoy your books! They open my eyes to horrors but open  my heart to these abused and wonderful children. I read my first book of yours back when Damaged was first published and  since that moment I knew I wanted to be a foster carer when I became old enough. I am about to go to Uni. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely.
Gemma, 13/03/2017
Hello Cathy, I would just like to thank you for what you do, and what you write. I am a young person who has lived in both foster care and residential homes for the last two years and I have read many of your books. I think it is important that you give unflinching accounts of what happens in each of your books. In my area, being in care is a ‘taboo’; people are awkward and don’t want to talk about it. Your books give them the opportunity to do so, and reading them can educate people. Obviously, I am used to all the lingo (CAMHS, and LAC and IRO) but it’s important for those not involved in the care system to at least have a taste of what life is like. I have utmost respect for foster carers like you. Without foster carers like you, god knows where I’d be. Thank you. X
Bryony, UK, 12/03/2017
Hi, I am a big fan of your books and have finally managed to read them all! I hope to work with children and study child development or psychology so I find them very interesting, I have loved reading ever single book. I relate to some of the issues as I have struggled in my past and still do today with mental health. Thank you if you managed to read this. Sincerely,
Rachael, Scotland, 12/03/2017
Hello Cathy, I read your first book this week and I loved it! I admire your courage so much, you’re an inspiration to all of us! Kisses from Portugal!
Adriana, 11/03/2017
Dear Cathy. I cannot put your books down. They have me on the edge of my seat every day. I take my hat off to you for what you go through with fostering children.  I am hooked from the first page. My poor child must think I am mad when I am reading as I often say out loud, “how do you cope?”   You have made me realise how fortunate us children are that have a stable home to go to every day and don’t have to worry. It makes one think how these children cope until someone helps them. Thank you for all you do for foster children.  I hope you reply back as I am a big fan of yours. Kind regards.
Ashleigh, 23,  South Africa, 10/03/2017
I would just like to say I’ve just finished Nobody’s Son, it’s taken me 2 days. I’ve read every book you have written and they are amazing. My mum has read them and she loved them. Can’t wait for the next one. Don’t leave it too long.
Julie, 10/03/2017
Hi Cathy I had to drop you an email as I’ve just read Girl Alone and Nobody’s Son. 8 years ago I read Damaged, and this inspired me to train as a social worker, I was 37 at the time. I have been qualified for 5 years now and remain in the front line child protection services.  In Nobody’s Son, you had me in tears throughout, that poor little boy, just wanting his own family! Keep up the good work, I work with many foster carers and have learnt from you that communication is vital, I have good rapport with them and they are able to support the children placed with them even more effectively as I don’t have a problem informing them of the ins and outs of the child’s background. You have in some way made me the confident social worker I am so I am personally thanking you for that. I will look forward to the next book.  Kind regards,
Yvette, 09/03/2017
Hi Mrs Glass I have now read all of your books, the last one Nobody’s Son was really sad.  I just love the way you look after all the kids you foster and then look after your own. I think that you deserve a reward for the best short term foster carer and one for the best author. I have said many  times I think you are a fantastic person for what you are doing. I always look forward to reading your books.
Suzanne, 08/03/2017
Hi Cathy I have read all your books and just finished Nobody’s Son. You have helped me so much as I have 3 children in foster care. I  hope you & your family are well. Keep up the good work.
Sarah, UK, 07/03/2017
Dear Cathy, What a fantastic out come for Alex. I was so pleased he didn’t stay with Rosemary and Edward. They were not ready for him in so many ways.  Looking forward as always to your next book. Pauline, Australia, 07/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I’m married and brought up five children of my own. I have read every book you have written, you inspired me to become a foster carer. I have been fostering now for five years and we have looked after seventeen children so far. It has been the most rewarding experience for me to watch the children come into our home so broken but with lots of love and support watch them blossom and eventually move on to their new lives.  I just want to thank you so much as your books have been so helpful drawing on your experiences and being able to help these children.
Karan, UK, 05/03/2017
I’ve read two books so far and I love your writing. I can’t wait to read more! Thank you.
Zoe, 04/03/2017
Just read your book. Can I let you go? in less than 24 hours. I was sobbing and felt I was in the room with you all due to your amazing writing. Hope you and your family are well and I hope you are sat writing more brilliant stories. Regards
Debbie, UK, 03/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I have been a fan of your books for a few years now and I have enjoyed each and every one of them. I recently bought Nobody’s Son and finished it in one day. Out of all your books Alex’s story resonated with me the most as I also didn’t have the happiest or most settled years growing up. Your story has inspired me to look into long term fostering in my country (New Zealand). I think it would be so rewarding to offer an older child a permanent stable home. It was also very moving reading how Alex felt so sad and unwanted. Thank you for reading! I do hope you find time to reply and I am looking forward to your next book.
Claudia, New Zealand, 02/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I am a student and would just like to say how much I find your memoirs inspiring. I suffer with mental health issues and it’s your determination and attitude to each new child that makes me see there isn’t judgement everywhere, you look and there is a reason to continue. Thank you for your time.
Ashleigh, UK, 02/03/2017
Dear Cathy, I just finished your latest book Nobody’s Son. What an amazing story, I couldn’t put the book down. I felt so sorry for Alex. I think he was much better off with his new family. He was so lucky to get a family that loved and cared for him, and one that never gave up on him. Alex was very lucky to have you in his life also. You are another person who gave him love and hope for a new life.  You and your family are wonderful caring people with big hearts. I just want to thank you.  May you all be blessed now and forever. I can’t wait for your next book.
Karen, 02/03/2017
I am so addicted to your books I love them, and I find it a real comfort reading the updates. I work full time and don’t get much time to read  but just managed to read 4 on a two week holiday. It was amazing how many people came up to me and said “ooooh I love her books” I think you’ve done an amazing job with all the children  I don’t have a favourite …I just love all xxx
Deborah, 02/03/2017
Well done Cathy another fantastic book, is there any wonder Alex was like he was after the rejections, especially the last one. Have read your updates on Alex and bet it makes you and Gwen so proud of him. Keep up the brilliant writing.
Julie, UK, 01/03/2017
l love all your books. They are a good. I have read most of them.
Julie, 01/03/2017
Hi Cathy, I have read nearly all of your books and I absolutely love them! I grew up in care. I spent pretty much all of my childhood in the care system. I didn’t have a good time of it at all, my whole life was heartache after heartache. I’m thinking of writing a book about my own life. Take care
Nicky, UK, 28/02/2017
Dear Cathy Glass, I have read quite a few of your books and I am quite jealous. You were supported and believed when concerns were raised.  I think you should perhaps foster for the county where I live. You would be shocked. They don’t even need evidence to destroy carers of sixteen years who have cared for 35 children.  The trauma is from social services who move children like playing draughts. No evidence or explanations needed.
Debbie, UK, 26/02/2017
Hi Cathy, I have read three of your books now, all three of them Hidden, Damaged and A Baby’s c=cry have opened my eyes to how foster carers can change a child’s life. A Baby’s cry left me with happy tears but I really felt for you and how your children coped. Can’t wait to read your other books.
Julie, UK, 26/02/2017
Hi! I am an avid reader of your books and generally read them in one go on the first day they come out. Nobody’s child has completely and utterly broken my heart. That poor boy, not only has he been let down by his own family, but he has been repeatedly rejected by the very people who are supposed to be caring for and healing him. How people are able to remain professional in the face of “adopters” like Rosemary and Edward I’ll never know…. They made me so angry. Alex managed to internalise his pain and be nice and acceptable for so long. Thank God for people like you and his eventual forever family, it’s clear that without the love of those people Alex would have been lost forever. The sad fact I suspect is that there are many more Alexs who do become irretrievably lost through repeated rejection. Anyway, thanks for the amazing and thought provoking writing, can’t wait to read the next one.
Dee, 24/02/2017
Hi Cathy!! Just finished Nobody’s Son in less than 12 hours. I would have been quicker but I fell asleep.  Wonderful, bright and hopeful read for anyone but especially those parenting a challenging young teen. What a terrible pity you cannot publish a couple books a week!!!! Just kidding.  Love from the US!!!!
Shanette, US, 24/02/2017
Hi Cathy. I have just read Lucy’s story in Will You Love Me? It had me in tears towards the end when she asked you to adopt her. Such a tear jerker and a great read. I was shocked with some aspects of her past, all the “aunts” and how they treated her and the amount of times she moved. Sammy clearly had a place in her heart. Thank you for your stories.
Lucy, UK, 22/02/2017
Hi, we absolutely adore your books. The last one we have read was Can I Let You Go which was great! Thank you for such lovely stories.
Holly, 22/02/2017
Every page of your book Happy Kids describes our adopted child: angry, defiant, violent, and so on. After using your techniques, a month later, we noticed dramatic changes – especially in his behavior. He is 9 now and is a happy, healthy, well-behaved child. He loves being the big brother and taking care of his two younger sisters. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Your books have helped me and my family tremendously
Jade, USA, 21/02/2017
Hello,  I have read numerous books that you have written and every single one of them has touched me. I wish people were more like you. I was adopted at age 3 and went back into the system at age 14 until I was 20.
Dany, 20/02/2017
Dear Cathy, I am a75 year old and I would like to say that I am very impressed with all the books you have written throughout the years. I have read them all.  I am amazed with all the sadness that was in them but the outcome was very well done, you must be the most caring foster carer. I will continue to read all your future books. You are an inspiration and I have learnt a lot from your books. I would like to know if you are ever coming to Australia as I would really love to meet you in person or if I ever travel to the UK if there were opportunities to meet you that would be a dream of mine. Thank You. Kind Regards
Hendrika, Australia, 19/02/2017
Dear Cathy, I recently discovered one of your titles and was unable to put it down. I found Daddy’s Little Princess extremely well written and a real page turner. I was so pleased that things finally worked out for Beth although there was a lot of crying done too. I have never read a fostering memoir before and found it a really interesting genre to dive into.   I enjoyed the book enormously and will no doubt be reading a great many more of your titles in future Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Best regards
Rose, 17/02/2017
Hello Cathy me and my wife have been fostering for nearly a year and have a 10 year boy on a long term replacement. I have just finished your book Will You Love Me. It reminds me of about 80% of what our boy has been though. It was very sad and made me cry a lot but very good. You must be very proud and happy of Lucy.
Mark, UK, 16/02/2017
Hi Cathy. I am mother of three children, aged 5 months-4years and work in a DCF field. I’m writing to you to say thank you for writing your experiences of all the children you have taken care of. I love the book Happy Kids – the closed choice and 3Rs are amazing! Our department is using your book Happy Kids and many others as a reference to many families, and so far parents been thanking us for mentioning the books. I can’t really take the credit as they should be thanking you. So on behalf of me, my department and all the families, we want to say thank you for sharing your stories with us. And helping all the children/families.  Kind Regards,
Vivienne, USA, 12/02/2017
I discovered your books by accident in my local library and have now read three of them.  I would just like to say you are an exceptional human being and a true inspiration.  Your book “Can I let You Go” kept me up all night reading and had me in tears. I have never been so moved by a book and felt I was on the journey with you and Faye. As a retired nurse in the mental health field I could relate to many of the circumstances which you faced when trying to help Faye to parent her baby.  I look forward to reading many more of your books and you are such a wonderful lady.
Lorraine, UK, 12/02/2017
Hi Cathy, I live in the US with my husband and our six wonderful children. Due to my husband and I having to work we feel guilty for not being with them often so we coddled them and use bribery a lot. Their behavior (fighting, disobeying, etc) was getting worse and soon bribery didn’t work anymore. I felt like I was failing them as a mother for not giving them enough love/attention. I eventually searched online for help and saw your book Happy Kids and read a lot of good reviews on Amazon and your site so I purchased it. The book is absolutely brilliant. I never heard of closed choice or the 3Rs method.  I love how the children think they are ‘making their own choice’. I also purchased your other novels which have been helpful as well. My husband is also inspired with your books. Thank you so much for fostering all the children out there and sharing your experiences with us Cathy. Much love
Cora, US, 12/02/2017
Hi Cathy, I have just read 3 of your books in 2 weeks! Your calmness in the books towards the children is really helping me with my daughter who’s 11 & has never been able to ride a bike. For some reason has never grasped it! On Tuesday this week I removed her stabilises & spoke to her before hand & discussed what “we” were going to do. (this was a team effort I thought) I then took her to the local park & with lots of encouragement & huge amounts of praise, within the hour she was riding round the park without any help at all! I was nearly in tears, as was she! I can’t thank you enough. I grew up without a mother so reading your books shows me how a mother should be.
Anon, 11/02/2017
Thank you for your wonderful book about Zeena. It is hard to believe the cruelty that children go through. You seem to be an excellent carer and the children must feel safe with you to open up and share their stories. I have been a CASA advocate for abused and neglected children and my heart goes out to all of the abused and neglected children.
Karen, 09/02/2017
Dear Ma’am, I am in my 40s and lived an abused life. I left home at 15 to raise myself. I have a daughter who has 3 children of her own and a special needs child. They all live with me as I help my daughter raise her little children. As you can imagine we don’t have much money but every month I put back 10 dollars so I can treat myself. I take the money and go right to the store to buy one of your books. So far I have read three and look forward to being able to get my next one. Your books are my escape from my hectic days and you ma’am are an inspiration to children who have been abused and lived lives that no one especially a child, should endure. When I read your stories I can identify with some of the pain these children feel but know since they were with you they were given a life and chance they would have never had. Bless you and sending love and prayers to you.
Patti, USA, 09/02/2017
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to write to say how your books are really helping me through a hard time. I have just managed to leave an abusive relationship and I am still dealing with manipulation. I  have to see the police which I am terrified about. When I am alone at home I’m scared about what’s going to happen so I grab one of your books and  read chapter after chapter. It helps me forget everything for a while. I just thought I would like to tell you how much your books are helping me. So thank you. Love
Anon, 08/02/2017
Dear Cathy I have been enamoured with your books since about October least year, and I am now about to begin my fourth book of yours.  My husband and I have issues having children, however we are blessed with one gorgeous girl (naturally). A while ago we decided to apply for either Adoption or Home for Life through our NZ system. We have been to sessions, training, interviews and read many books to educate ourselves in the area of possibly parenting someone else’s child.  Part of my ‘homework’ I have set for myself has been to read your books. They have given me a wealth of information, ideas, insights and caused my husband and I to choose wisely in our application form, and encourage discussion and thinking between us. Thank you for your books – they have been most valuable. We were told last month that our profile has been accepted into the Adoption and Home for Life pool, so now we await… Regards
Emma, New Zealand, 06/02/2017
Hello Cathy I just want to say that I have read the latest book and was moved once again by the story. I too had to give my children up but only temporarily as I had a mental health breakdown and my children were placed in foster care for a few months. It was heartbreaking, I can only imagine how Faye must have felt and you too. Whenever I read ur stories I feel I can relate to them as I was abused.I find comfort in reading your books, if only I could write I would have wrote my life experience.  Please keep writing as they’re inspiration to so many people to not give up when times are hard.
Ellie, 31/01/2017
Hi Cathy, My sister first read The Child Bride, then my mom, and now me.  The book has been around!!  How did we never find you before?  I just read Zeena’s update and I guess she’ll be 24 or 25 now.  I’m so relieved and happy to hear she’s doing so well.  Many girls who’ve been through what she has wouldn’t fare so well.  I wonder if she knows what an inspiration she could be to so many.   While I found her story disturbing because of what she went through, it was so moving and I couldn’t put it down.  Can’t wait to read more of the stores, including Lucy’s, and read their updates.  Thank you for the update on your children as well.  You must have knows that people would be wondering. Thank you for sure beautiful writing.  Please keep it up.  Sincerely.
Diane, USA, 27/01/2017
Dear Cathy, I have just finished your book “Girl Alone”. I think you are a remarkable woman & bow down to your determination & being incredibly organised. Joss’s story touched me so much, but I can’t help feel why as a foster carer you cannot not have more of a say in keeping the children safe i.e. when joss was allowed out late!  Well done to you! I’m looking forward  to reading more of your books. They have  helped me with my daughter & set boundaries. Kindest Regards
Jane, 24/01/2017
Hi Cathy, I would like to tell you that since  I read your book: Daddy’s Little Princess, I was hooked. It’s like an addiction once you like something, you can’t stop. I literally purchased all your books in one day — including Nobody’s Son. Also you’re an amazing, wonderful, inspiring person for what you’re doing for these young children. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and thank you for what you do. Lots of hugs.
Alex, USA, 24/1/17
Dear Cathy I only came across one of your books 2 weeks ago and so far have read 4 of them and plan to read them all. You are an amazing lady doing wonderful work with fostering children.  I find them so interesting.  We have adopted and fostered so I really understand what is involved and so admire you. The books have moved me to tears often as you have a gift of writing.  I cannot wait to read many more and wish I had found your books earlier. Kind regards
Lee, Australia, 23/01/2017
Hello Cathy I just read the book Will You Love me. It  was such a good book it brought tears to my eyes. I order two of ur books each week lol I’ve read 12 of them so far and everyone I read was so touching and very good. I’m waiting for the new one that comes out Feb. Nobody’s son. I preordered it. You are a very wonderful person for all u do for those children that u foster.  Hope you  will continue to write more books.
Judy, 19/01/2017
Hello Cathy, I am 15 years old. I bought the first of your books when I was 10 and I instantly fell in love with you, your writing and the way you live.  In total I think I have 9 of your books and I hope to buy many more soon. Lately I’ve been having some really hard times in my life and I just read your books and they made me feel so happy. I am struggling with really bad depression from my mother’s death and when I read your books, they make me appreciate life and everything I have. It’s so sad what those children have been put through. Even though I’ve been through a lot, I’m never worse off than the children that you foster.  Today I finished your book about your adopted daughter Lucy and it was beautiful .I cried so much while I was reading it because I really admire you and the work you do to provide a home for children with horrible pasts.  Adrian, Paula and Lucy are very lucky to have you as their mother.  Congratulations on everything you have achieved and accomplished, you should be extremely proud of yourself.  Lots of love
Alessia, Australia, 18/01/2017
Hi Cathy –just finished Saving Danny. I came across you books by accident and have hooked ever since. I pass on all the books to my daughter who avidly reads them as she is doing a degree in child support services at the moment.  My kids are roughly the same age range as yours too so I feel that link – I just wanted to say keep up all the fantastic work you do and HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY this year. Best wishes for a great year
Gaynor, UK. 18/01/2017
Hi Cathy, I  have been reading your books for a while now (about two years). All your books are truly inspirational. As of Thursday, I became a licensed foster parent. I am still waiting for a placement and can’t wait to get started. You inspired me to become a foster parent (and hopefully, adoptive parent) and am so glad that I began reading your books. I can’t wait to read more in the future.  Thank you.
Lauren, 18/01/2017
Greetings Cathy!  How are you and your children? I hope they’re doing good too. It feels like I’m the part of your family now – and I’ve only read one book of yours. Your book “Damaged” has destroyed me emotionally and I mean it in a good way, I mean Jodie’s story and yours and your family’s patience and affection towards her has moved me. I’m so stunned to know that to what extent a human nature can go so barbaric. How could her parents and the friends be so cruel? I simply don’t get it. I got so engulfed in your book that I actually finished it within 12 hours! Thank you so much for writing all this, I know it must’ve been hard for you. I wish I could hug you, seriously, I’m so moved. Thank you so much for caring all those children and for conveying your experience to us. I wish to be like you when I grow up. With lots of love.
Miss. Abdi, 17/01/2017
Hi Cathy I read all your books and have to say you’re amazing to have courage and hope for the all the children taken care of. Because of you these children have a second chance in life to become a better person. Well done. One of the books that  touched me the most was Please Don’t Take My Baby because Jade’s story is like mine.  It was hard but I did it and proved everyone wrong. I graduated from college and my little girl just turned 2 last week. she’s the most amazing little person ever. Lots of hugs from
Catherine USA, 16/01/2017
Hi Mrs. Cathy Glass, We are writing to you because my family and I love your incredible work. We collect every single book of yours and can’t wait for more to come! The 3Rs and closed choice techniques (Happy Kids)  are amazing and work perfectly for my younger siblings, and sometimes us older kids. Ever consider making a film about your books? You should. You deserve it! Our mom is a CPS social worker and my our dad is a family law attorney and they find that your books  awe-inspiring. They want me to tell you ‘Thank you for everything you’re doing for these children. Bess your heart. Thank you and take care!
Juliette, Juliana  & family. USA, 16/01/2017
Hello Cathy. I am a foster carer and when I started reading A Baby’s Cry I couldn’t put it down .Your words are so true. I could relate to a lot you said and cried. I know how hard it is to let go. I had two babies for over 2 years and it was so heartbreaking when they went to their forever homes (adopted). The new parents were so nice and promised they would keep in touch but over time they didn’t. It was very hard for us as a family to let go of these children who had been part of our family for a long time they were my babies and we loved them like our own. But as foster carers this is what we have to do .I wish I could have kept them but couldn’t Anyway just like to say thank you for your book and I will be getting the other ones to read, good luck and keep up your good work.
Linda, N Ireland, 15/01/2017
Hi Cathy, I have just finished The Child Bride and wanted to find out how Zeena was so I read your update. I’m so pleased it has worked out well for Zeena, it broke my heart what she went through. It’s a nasty world out there. I’m ordering 5 more books of yours then I should have read them all. Thank you so much for replying to me it’s made my day.  I will certainly read Happy Adults. Much love to you.
Heidi, UK, 15/01/2016
Dear Cathy, I would just like to say how much I admire what you do and how lovely your books are. I have read them all so far. I have a one year old son and throughout my pregnancy reading your books got me through tough times. I was a victim of domestic violence and seeing how brave you and the children your write about are helped me to be brave for my son. We are now in a steady family life and I am due to marry my wonderful boyfriend next year. So thank you
Cathy, Kara, 15/01/2017
Dear Cathy. I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love reading your books. It takes me a day or two to read them. I was abused as a child by a family member and when I read your books I get such great relief from them that I’m not alone. I’m divorced after physical and mental abuse from my husband. Keep up the great writing, you’re such a great inspiration to me. Much love to you.
Heidi, UK, 14/01/2017
Just want to say I love all your books! February can’t get here fast enough. I have decided to reread some of your books. Just finished the one about your daughter Lucy. I hope you know you’re a much better person than your ex-husband. You deserve much better. I believe everybody has a soul mate out there. One day you will find him. Or he will find you. Thanks.
Nancy, 14/01/2017
Hi Cathy, My sister and I were both in foster care and they adopted us when we were five. Our favorite book would have to be “I Miss Mummy” because Alice’s story is like ours. We just want to say that you’re an incredible, amazing, kind, good-heartened person for helping all the children you come across. My sister and I hope to foster when we are older. Keep up with the amazing work! P.S. Our foster mom is reading one of your book “Happy Kids” and is using some of your techniques. Oh boy! Sincerely.
Megan and Stacie, USA, 10/01/2017
Hi Cathy I am a very big fan of yours. I have wondered as many of your other fans have, if you are or will ever bring films out about your books? Thank you for being a brilliant author. Yours sincerely.
Ceri, 09/01/2016
Hi Cathy! I am a huge fan of your writings! I just finished “Will you love me?” I wanted to just tell you that Lucy’s story is pretty much the same as mine! You could tell her if you like. My mother was neglectful and abusive my while life. Although I was never placed in the foster care system as a child I was passed around from house to house and homeless most of my life. I thought that I was unlovable until recently. I met a woman who took me in immediately as her own. I finally had a family. I was finally loved. For a while I waited to just be hurt again. But I was wrong. On Christmas I was adopted and I couldn’t be happier! Even though it’s not on paper family is in the heart! I’m letting her read the story now! Thank you for sharing Lucy’s story with me! Sincerely
Bri, 01/01/2017