All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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I have read Hidden and Damaged I am now reading Cut. The stories have changed me and I and going to foster or adopt. I am only 19 years of age. I was crying while reading your stories and I can’t believe what happened to Jodie. I agree with the other reader – how can we call them human? How could anyone think of doing that to such a young chid? I admire you for what you are doing. I hope one day I can do the same and help those poor children.
Katie, 19, 13/03/2009

Hi there Cathy – I bought “Cut” to read whilst waiting for my daughter to finish her ice skating session. I was so engrossed in the book that it took me 2 days to read and yes, I too was in tears in the end. I’ll definitely be buying “Hidden” and “Damaged” and the rest when I can get my hands on them! Carry on writing please….
Cristina, Spain, 11/03/2009

Dearest Cathy, I have just read your wonderful book, ‘Damaged’. I have a son and 2 daughters aged 8 and 11 and all the time I was reading about poor Jodie I imagined it was one of my girls in that situation. I have shed many tears for Jodie and for the ‘normal’ life she will never have because of those b******s. I cannot comprehend anyone doing those things to their child. I am glad it was you who gave Jodie the chance of a normal childhood and I felt your heartache when it was time to let her go. I hope Jodie is well and happy in her new life and wish you all the best.
Jayne, Derby, UK, 10/03/2009

Thank you for adding my post, much appreciated. Cut and Hidden have arrived, and can’t wait to get stuck into them. My parents finally got some foster kids Friday, 3 from same family. They seem fantastic kids, 6, 14 and 15.. All seem really friendly and have settled in well. We couldn’t have asked for better first foster children, but once more it seems like social services are not much use to them or my mom… seems such a shame, even the kids have no sense of social services being positive, and they haven’t dealt with them much as we are their first foster carers. It looks like things are about to get hectic around our house, but so glad we can help what seems to be 3 very clever and really nice children.
Nick, UK, 09/03/2009

I’ve read Damaged and the success in helping that little girl has made me want to foster.
Becky C, 09/03/2009

Dear Cathy. I was not a non-fiction reader then I bought Damaged and continuously (can’t stop) reading it, within 2 days; my new record in novel reading (300+ pages). I can’t believe we still call Jodie’s parents and those involved; human. I was so touched with the letter she addressed to you in the end. You have my respect for being patient and kind towards her. Please continue writing. Hidden is out of stock and I just bought Cut. Will post my comments after reading it.
Faliza R, Malaysia, 09/03/2009

Dear Cathy, First of all I want to say a big, big thank you for writing about your life experiences and being such an inspiration. I read Damaged a few months ago and I read it all in one night, due to the fact that I couldn’t put it down. Not sleeping for one night was worth it. I bought Cut about two weeks ago and I started reading it the other night – I’ve now almost finished it. Your experiences draw me in and I find myself unable to put your books down. I hope to become a social worker in the future and books such as the ones you write give me further determination to be someone who tries to make a difference to children who are mistreated. I am planning to buy Hidden and will definitely be purchasing The Saddest Girl In The World. I will also get any other future books you plan on getting published. I think that each of those children that were blessed to have you as a mother figure in their lives were and are still very lucky. You are a truly genuine and caring person, and if I can be half the person that you are in my future career as a social worker, then I will get very far. Keep up the good work!
Emma, Liverpool, UK, 08/03/2009

Hello Cathy, I have just recently finished reading your book Cut and have also read your books Damaged and Hidden all of which are fantastic. These books are inspirational and you truly are an amazing woman. I was wondering when your next book will be coming out? Also, I was wondering how Jodie was? She’s probably not a little girl anymore but a beautiful grown up girl. Did she ever come back into your care? Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to your next book
Gemma L, 08/03/2009

CG: Hi Gemma, My next book – The Saddest Girl In The World is out 2nd April, and can be pre-ordered through my website. Jodie is still doing very well and I have added updates about her to my website. Thanks for your interest. Very best wishes Cathy x

Hi, I bought ur book Damaged from a book club. It was heart breaking to hear the stuff that happened and it made me cry. I think the work you put in was great, I work with children in a nursery and its hard work. Then I went out and saw a book ‘Cut’, I saw it was by u and had 2 buy it. I was glued to the book and read most of it in a day I have just ordered Hidden and am looking forward to reading it and also looking forward to ur other books coming out. Good luck for the future
Gemma-louise, 08/03/2009

I’ve just finished reading ‘Cut’ and I read ‘Damaged’ a few months ago. I love your books, once I start reading I just can’t stop! I’m starting Uni in September to do BA in social work and your books are really helping me. Although each one has made a tear come to the back of my eye, they are inspirational and you are an amazing person for what you do.
Vanessa, UK, 08/03/2009

Dear Cathy, I have recently read your books, Hidden and Damaged – both of which I enjoyed very much. They were a wonderful read and truly inspirational. Since I was a young girl I have always felt I wanted to do something in my life that would make a difference to others, but never quite knew what that was. I began volunteering recently in a support program for young mothers (and their children) who are having difficulties for many reasons, some have depression, others may have disabled children or children with difficulties, whatever it is these mothers are having a difficult time coping. I enjoy my work and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am able to help them in some small way. Often our volunteers do not see what a difference we make in these families lives, because what we are doing is preventative. I found your stories to be so insightful, I can understand how things can be seen so differently through a child’s eyes and also how even the smallest actions or gestures can make such a difference to them. Reading your books has helped me in my work and I am able to remind myself not to underestimate the difference that I can make in the lives of these mothers and children Thanks! I think you are a wonderful soul Cathy to open your heart and home to all of these children in need, the world needs more people like you, you are amazing.
Carey, Sydney, Australia, 05/03/2009

Hi there Cathy, I loved reading all 3 of your books, they have given me an insight into the hard work of fostering which I have been thinking about doing for couple of years now. I can’t wait till your next book is out, I’ve lent my books to a friend to read as I think she will enjoy them just as much as everyone else did. Take care.
Kaaren L, Portsmouth, UK, 04/03/2009

Hi Cathy, I’ve jut set myself up with a yahoo account – big deal for me, never had one, but felt compelled after finishing Hidden. Never ever got so much out of any piece of literature. Finished Cut about two months ago, picked it up as I thought the cover looked interesting, not a big reader, Bella if I am honest, but that has all changed now, now that I have discovered you and your AMAZING work. Cut was indeed truly moving and Dawn a fine example of what security and love can achieve. Hidden just blew me away completely and not just Tayo but you Cathy, your dedication, goodness and patience are truly inspiring. I am a mother of three with a very dedicated and loving husband and father where its all fifty fifty, and we both find it trying doing what we do and juggling a hectic lifestyle. To think you do this alone with a teenage family is really remarkable. We are in the process of building a house but tricky in present climate as we’re also trying to sell our three bed bungalow. If and when we ever move into a new bigger home I would just love to begin fostering, and that is down to you. If I thought for one second that living with our chaotic but secure family could help any child I would give my limbs to foster. My hubbie thinks I am mad but that’s nothing new and he usually comes around to my mad way of thinking. Anyway Cathy I think I have rabbitted off enough. God bless you your family and the work you seem to just take in your stride. Needless to say I shall be buying Damaged this weekend. Take care
Diane, Eire, 04/03/2009

Hi Cathy, I can’t believe I have just finished your book Hidden and again what an amazing read. What a lovely book this is and with such a happy ending. I read from chapter 21 to the end of the book through the haze of tears and with the smiles. What a wonderful end to this story. Tayo sounded an amazing little boy and the belief he had in his dad was lovely. These books open up a different picture for us, as they did for you when you were fostering these children. In the way that I am like you and didn’t know these sweatshops existed in this country. Also how Tayo and his mum could be in this country and lost in the system or dodging it. All the unregistered children seem unreal, but then where children are concerned there’s a lot that seems unreal. I have Cut ready to read next but I’ll give it a day or two to let Hidden sink in and mull over it. Wishing you and the family well.
Susan, 04/03/2009

Hi Cathy, I’ve just read Hidden and I was choked. I just hope one day you and your family will be able to visit Tayo. My husband and I are in the process of becoming foster parents, reading your book has made me more determined. You are a wonderful lady and your children are a credit to you. Please keep writing as it helps so many people in all different ways.
Mrs S Price, Chester, UK, 03/03/2009

Hi Cathy, I have read “Damaged” which shocked me as I have never had to deal with self harm at that age. I self harmed myself for a few years but it’s been nearly 3 years since I’ve stopped. Now I have started reading “Cut” I must say it has to be really difficult not to get too emotionally involved with the girl. I now have a 3 year old myself and I am scared every day that she will go though what I went through. She was in “care” for a short time but now she is very happy healthy etc. Her carer was very nice and helpful, and I feel for you because social services are never very helpful. Please keep up your good work, we need more foster carers like you.
Verity, Portsmouth, UK, 03/03/2009

Hi Cathy, I just want to say well done for all your books I think they’re amazing. And what you do is also amazing. I’m now 17 years old and reading about you and how you deal with things inspires me, and I hope one day I can be as great as you. Thank you and please keep up with the good work. You’re an angel. God bless you
Chantelle, 17, UK, 02/03/2009

Hi Cathy I have read all three of your books, I find them great. Keep up the good work. Can u tell me when the next book will be out. You are an inspiration. Thanks
Elaine G, UK, 01/03/2009

CG: Dear Elaine, thanks for you very kind words. My next book is called The Saddest Girl In The World and is out 2nd April. It can be pre-ordered from amazon through my website. Thanks for your interest. Very best wishes Cathy x

Dear Cathy, What a truly inspirational person you are. My sister gave me one of your books for my birthday (Cut). I couldn’t put it down and found myself feeling part of the family. I have since gone on to read Damaged. You and your family cope with so much, please tell me you got your holiday you so deserved! I am so pleased to hear Jodie has now settled into her new family, she deserves to live the rest of her life as happily as she can. Best wishes to you and your family
Kirsty R, Norfolk, UK, 01/03/2009

Dear Cathy, I’m a fourteen year old girl, and I must have been twelve when I read Damaged. I couldn’t put it down; I read it in three hours when I bought it on holiday, and also on the plane ride back. You’re an excellent writer, and the stories that you’ve told have moved me (and I’m sure a staggering amount of others) to tears. Damaged not only horrified and disturbed me, but sent a huge wave of sympathy over my being for Jodie. I cried several times during Hidden, too, the happy ending made me bawl. Tayo’s story was such a moving and inspirational tale. I recently finished Cut too, and I was intrigued right from the beginning. I felt I could relate, as I and some of my friends have had difficulties with self harming, but our lives have not been as tragic as Dawn’s. All of your books have moved and inspired me deeply, my heart goes out to every child who you have fostered, and every child in the world who is going through a traumatic experience. How lucky those children you have fostered are, to have such a kind and amazing carer. Please keep on writing, not only are your works fascinating but my eyes are always further opened to the horrors of the world.
Charlie, 14, Essex, UK, 28/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Cut and just wanted to say what a wonderful lady you are to help so many children in need. Keep up the good work.
Jackie, 27/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Cut and I have to say how inspired I was reading all 3 of your books. I am a mother of 2 and they are my whole life but its really hard at times even though they are still very young. To have other children come into your life and your home and to look after and love them the way you did is just beyond my comprehension. Your determination to help these children is truly amazing. I could hardly see the words sometimes through my tears for different reasons in each book. God knows where they would be now if it weren’t for you. If only there were more people like you out there. I’m looking forward to reading your next book, I just can’t put them down once I start. I liked it that you went back to the beginning of your fostering in Cut. I’d love to read the autobiography of Cathy Glass. Thanks for taking the time to read this e mail
Suzanne, Newcastle, UK, 25/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say I have read all three of your books, and I really admire the work you do. I would just like to thank you for being there for these children because if it were not for people like you these children would be made to carry on with their suffering and abuse. So well done for the work you do. I will be buying all of your future books too. Thank you
Tracy, Wales, 24/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have finished reading your book Damaged today. My niece leant it to me to read. To be honest I was apprehensive about reading it, but I opened it and immediately I was drawn in. You took me down Jodie’s life and yours with such detail, I was overwhelmed with emotion and anger. It was the first time I have ever cried whilst reading a book. I just cannot understand how any parents can inflict such abuse, it was beyond my comprehension that they could do this to their own daughter. I can’t stop thinking about Jodie, what she was going through, how she is feeling now and whether she can be part of a normal family again. Jodie was lucky to have you in her life. You weren’t just a foster carer, you were like a mother should be to her. You gave Jodie unconditional love, support and strength to carry her to the next phase in her life, where she could accept what happened to her, no matter how difficult she found this, you helped her to reach and accept therapy. You showed her what love, friendship, trust is and the real meaning and value of family. You should be so proud of yourself, you practically took on a responsibility that 10 people couldn’t manage if they had to share it. You mentioned in the book that you felt you didn’t help Jodie as much as she needed, but I think you’re wrong, Jodie was a victim of extreme abuse and neglect, there wasn’t going to be a happy or rapid outcome, the fact that you successfully lead her to the next stage to her recovery and the beginning of her healing process was the best you could do. You are an inspiration to all carers, I hope others will learn from you. I wish you all the best as a foster carer.
Priti, UK, 23/02/2009

Hey Cathy, I would just like to say how great I think you and your family are for all the hard work that you do for all the children you help and care for. I think you’re all fantastic. I would love to know how you came to adopt Lucy? You have talked about her in your books and I would love to know how this happened. Lucy is a very lucky girl having a permanent placement in your family. Best wishes to you all for now and the future
Natalie H, UK, 21/02/2009

CG: Hi Natalie. The book I am writing at present includes some of Lucy’s story and how I came to adopt her. It will be published next year and I will have more details nearer the time. Thanks very much for your interest. Cathy

Hi Cathy, I have read both Damaged and Hidden and could not get my eyes out of the books. I too am a foster carer, of 10years standing, and I have had some very damaged children come into my care. I can relate Tayo to a child I have at the moment as this child is also waiting for the father to be found. Cathy, I can’t wait to read your other books, Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World. If they are just as heart wrenching as the other two then I won’t be able to put them down either. Keep up the good work with your stories and with fostering. There just isn’t enough of us in the world to care for these children. I was so pleased to hear that Tayo is still doing well in his school work, sport and socially and that Jodie is making good progress and is now living in a family home again. You have been very strong in not visiting Jodie but extremely caring in still remembering her birthday and Christmas. It must be hard for you not being able to visit Tayo, but then like all foster carers, once the child has been returned to the natural parents our ‘job’ is done and its best not to confuse the child by keeping in regular contact. Once or twice a year is sufficient I think. Thank you Cathy for some fabulous reading.
Thelma, Australia, 21/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I worked in a day centre for people with learning difficulties for twenty four years, I am now retired. I should like to tell you about a girl very similar to Jodie. We all felt she had been abused sexually, but no one told us the true facts, her file was full of assessments, details of various moves and IPP’s (meetings to plan future needs and choices) but nothing about her past. The mother was feeling so guilty about not being able to cope that she never came to meetings, or had anything to do with us. The social worker supported her on this. This girl would tear her hair out, bite and kick, and scratch her face until she had made it bleed, she was totally uncontrolled and we couldn’t constrain her as it wasn’t allowed. Like Jodie she had different voices, one male and one female who seemed to have a lot of arguments mostly about her. She would often say “Mummy’s coming, stop it and hurts”. With lots of words and sounds in between, her language could be pretty awful too. Afterwards when she was calm she would apologise. She hated anyone smaller than her, would urinate on dolls and teddy bears and act out sexual movements and strip off when any man was near, she would touch a man and say “snake.” You have to learn these things from somewhere. In between times she was happy and sweet natured, I did a lot of work with her, she loved to hear stories. One morning we had a phone call to say that she had died in her sleep, so I guess we shall never know the truth. On reading this through, it sounds as if I have taken bits of Damaged and sent them to you, Please believe me, I didn’t, unfortunately it’s true and very sad that we couldn’t help more. Who says you shouldn’t get too involved – not professional. How can you help it? Your story helped me understand some unanswered questions. Thank you.
Alison, 20/02/2009

Hi Cathy, My parents are currently awaiting their first foster child and they recommended I read Damaged. I can not thank you enough for writing your experiences so intensely, it has totally changed my mind on fostering, and has deeply moved me. My parents are the best parents anyone could ask for, like yourself and if they are to be half the person you are to those children, they will make fantastic foster carers. After starting to read some 20+ books over the last few years, Damaged has been the first book I have ever finished. I started last Monday and had finished by Thursday, last night; it was impossible to put down and caused many tears even though I am a 25 year old man. I am now looking forward to reading your other books immensely. Many thanks and all the best for the future.
Nick W, Redditch, UK, 19/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have just finished your latest book CUT, I have also read HIDDEN and DAMAGED. It was FANTASTIC! I found all three very interesting, so much so I couldn’t put them down. They left me thinking at the end – did they have a happy ending. Cut definitely did. I have still got the last chapter in my head after a day! I don’t know why I love reading books like yours telling stories about child abuse/disturbed pasts. I love books that are autobiographical or biographical. I love lots of authors. I think being an author must be amazing and simply brilliant. You have got to be 1 of my top 3, so intelligent and, as with your fostering, so kind, patient and loving. Only some people could do what you do. Dawn was right – you are amazing and you make a great mum. Much love
Hannah G, 18/02/2009

Dear Cathy. I have read three of your books and I think you are fantastic to the children that just want love. You took them into your home and they became your family. We should all look up to people like you. I was in care but I was ok. It is nice to know people do care still. What you and your family have gone through! Like in your last book Cut when you had to put a lock on your bedroom door as you were worried about your son. Many others would have given up on Dawn but you never did and my heart goes out to you. You have a very understanding family that have stood by your side. You don’t really see that any more so it’s very well done to you all. I can’t wait for your next book. Well done again and I hope there are more people out there like yourself.
Lorraine, Huntingdon, UK, 17/02/2009

Hi, I have just finished Cut. I started it Saturday and finished it today (Tuesday). I could not put the book down I had to know that Dawn was ok. Oh how I wish she would get in touch with you to let you know how she is and then in turn you could let us (the reader) know. How you have the patience is beyond me but thankfully you do and for that reason I hope you continue your work because you appear to be doing a brilliant job. Please please let us know if you hear from Dawn. It’s unbelievable the trauma these children go through before they finally find you. Some people should never have children!!!!
Pauline, 17/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Cut and Damaged. I finished them both within 5 days, I read them on the bus, train and any other opportunity I had. I could not put them down. You are an inspiration and a truly wonderful lady. I have just started a social work degree and feel that your writing has enlightened me into the world of social work and the cases I will unfortunately be dealing with. Within your books you have written about the work or lack of work the social workers you came into contact with did. I feel totally ashamed and disgusted at the lack of support you were given as a foster carer. This has made me step back and think about my work as a potential social worker. I am eager to become a social worker and begin to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. Not only have you opened my eyes to fostering but you have motivated me to become a foster carer when I am older. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Emily, 17/02/2009

Cathy – all of you books have made me cry with sadness, smile with joy – a real rollercoaster of emotions, but absolutely nothing to what these children have gone through. You and your family are the most amazing, patient, understanding, positive people I have ever read about – you truly have made me appreciate my own children so much more – I finished reading Cut last night with tears rolling down my cheeks (well, I say last night, it was 1.30am I just couldn’t put it down) and when I had finished, I just had to go and see my children sleeping soundly without a care in the world, so peaceful. It really makes you think how any human being can do what they do to harm these innocent young lives. Thank you for bringing the lives of these children into our homes and hearts in such a gripping manner. I can’t wait for your next release.
Jacqueline, Gloucs, UK, 17/02/2009

I have just read Hidden in two days. I have ordered Damaged and am sure that I won’t be able to put it down either. What a wonderful person you are to have helped so many unfortunate children. Thank you for bringing the world of the foster carer to our attention and the plight of the children that inhabit it.
DCW, 16/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book Damaged and like all your readers I couldn’t put it down. The hard work you put into helping Jodie was out of this world. What an amazing person you are and also what a brilliant job you do, also how you brought up your own children to be so caring and understanding. I have read many true stories mainly to feel that I wasn’t alone. I was abused as a young child and still carry my secret with me to this day. I was never as brave as Jodie to speak out. I’m 39 years old now and have my own family, and have learnt to live with my childhood, but even so many years later I still have nightmares. When I was younger like Jodie I had bad temper outburst to the point that it cost me 5 years of my life in prison. Because of never telling I couldn’t understand my hate until I read books like yours that helped me understand. I’ve learnt to control my temper. I would have loved to help children the way you have. I was adopted and like yourself have wonderful parents so I say I’m lucky. I pray Jodie gets better, and after reading your book you, your family will always be in my thoughts. God bless
Julie, UK, 15/02/2009

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say what a fantastic, caring person you are. I should love to meet you just to shake your hand and thank you for making those children’s lives better and mending some of the hurt they must feel. Why hasn’t this woman been given a BEM for her services to others? Yours
Alison, 15/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have just finished Cut, yet again a fantastic book. Cathy I feel so moved when I finish one of your books. I have talked about you and your books at our church and we now pray for you and your family. Cathy I look forward to your new book and hope there will be more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us. I have now got them all in hard back and I am proud to have them. If you can remember I asked about audio books, well I am pleased to say we have someone kind enough to read them to us. I wish you all that is good. God bless
Lyn D, 14/02/2009

Hi Cathy. Have just finished your book Damaged and really wanted to email you to say what a wonderful strong, caring person I think you are. The amount of energy you put into Jodie’s life, trying to help her, trying to make a change, when she was with you is unbelievable. You deserve a medal, you did a fantastic job. I hope Jodie is ok, I’m about to purchase your other two books. I myself was in foster care and understand how frustrating the system is. I had the opposite experience, I was told my family didn’t want to see me, when of course they did. I was kept away from my family for almost a year without a good reason (except my teenager behaviour at times could get a bit much for any parent, but nothing severe, I smoked and ran away a few times). Then you have cases where kids are made to stay with the parents that abuse and destroy them! I don’t get it and it makes me very sad to think that its mostly down to the lack of money from the government that’s stopping these changes. STOP FIXING THE DAMN ROADS THREE TIMES A YEAR AND YOU MAY HAVE SOME FUNDS! There needs to be a change, it’s just finding where the hell to start that’s the problem! Anyway its people like you that make me believe that the world can be a better place. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Nicole, UK, 12/02/2009

Hi Cathy, Cut is another fantastic and very moving story. I don’t think I have ever read a book so quickly! I see on your website you have another four books being published, I can’t wait. I love your writing style, it keeps me captivated which isn’t good news when my husband comes home to find the housework not touched!!! Oh Well!!! Keep up the good work Cathy, you are amazing.
Karen, 12/02/2009

I have just read your book Damaged and I must say I was sickened by what Jodie went through. I have a 2 year old sister and she is my life I would die if anything happened to her. To know that there are kids out there at her age going through such things makes me physically sick. Thank you so much for writing this book, I could not put it down, it has opened my eyes to the world. I now know when I become older that I wish to become a foster carer, you are a big inspiration.
Tania B, 17, 11/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I got my copy of Cut today and can’t wait to get it started, so I will give you my comments once I have read it. I took a little time to look at your web site and the updates on Jodie and Tayo. I am so pleased that Jodie has now got the chance to be with a proper family, it is what she deserves. That is partly down to the work you did for her, Cathy, you are a remarkable woman keep up the good work. Best Wishes
Paul, Milton Keynes, UK, 11/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I put your book, Damaged, down yesterday after finishing it in two days (never done before). I still keep mulling over things in the book and how there were so many “if only’s” in Jodie’s life. I hope that as a result of so many people reading your book it will help people to listen to these children, and to act on what’s been said or noticed. Your book is totally inspirational to me as I am going through the process of becoming a foster parent and after reading this I want to do it even more. You writing as a foster parent is a good insight. I have a family queue to read the book now. I’m hoping it will help my family to understand what things we will come across. I can’t wait for your next book to arrive in the post as I ordered it at the beginning of the week. I want to say what a wonderful job you and your family are doing. Although I understand that it’s not done for the thanks but for the children in care. Thank you Cathy
Susan, 11/02/2009

Hiya Cathy, Have just finished your recent book ‘Cut’ about 5 minutes ago. I can’t believe that social services and social workers got away with giving you and Dawn so little support throughout the year you had her, it’s shocking. I really enjoyed Dawn’s story and must admit it brought a few tears to my eyes reading the last pages. I think it’s brilliant she has done so well for herself and that without your help who knows what could have happened. Thank you for the update emails you send every so often – I get excited every time I see one!!
Terri M, 08/02/2009

Dear Cathy, Hidden and Damaged made me realise that there are child abuse cases all over the world. Here I am in Singapore, shedding a tear while reading your books. In Asia we cases of child abuse too. We cannot stop this happening but it’s wonderful to know that there are people like you, to save those kids from further suffering. I would like to congratulate you – for your Hidden book especially. It is joyful news for your readers that Tayo managed to breakthrough the pains from his past. God’s blessing is sure. It touched my heart so deep that I could hardly control my tears while reading it. You have a wonderful way with kids and the bond you formed will be with them always. May you have a blessed journey. I pray for your good health and waiting for more books from you. Sincerely,
Diana, Singapore, 08/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have just read your book Hidden, u are a true inspiration. The work you do is amazing. Unfortunately you hear peoples experiences in foster care are a disaster, and you really show the good things. As a mother of three beautiful children I know how hard it is to cope on a day to day basis. I have a son with uncontrolled severe epilepsy among other conditions, so I know how hard it is. The work you do is unbelievable you can cope with so many different circumstances. I am going find your other books as reading is respite for me when I’m sitting in hospital or in waiting rooms. God bless you and your family and may your life be filled with love and happiness as you deserve it. I wish your family all the best. God bless
Caroline, Australia, 08/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Cut, and again just like Damaged I was actually in tears especially near the end. What I find amazing is Dawn had a really sad and tragic child life but she came back fighting, I think u should give yourself a lot of credit cause u helped her so much. I wish I had a mother like u and I really mean that. Keep writing more books, a lot of people can learn from you. You should make films about what’s happened with your fostering. You’re the best.
Adam, 08/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Damaged in 2 days, and I feel especially motivated to do more for the children. I make monthly donations to a Children’s Home, Children Cancer Foundation, and donate toys during festive seasons. I am now holding an IT job, and am thinking of fostering when I get older, like after 40 yrs old. I am thinking of studying social work or taking a degree in psychology so I will be better equipped to help the children.
Anthea, Singapore, 07/02/2009

Dear Cathy, I have just finished Hidden, and I read Damaged this week too. I am still in tears from Hidden. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I feel it helps us to understand more than from reading it in the press. I will never forget Jodie and Tayo, and I think you will understand when I say I will pray for his mum. Cathy thank you again for taking the little time you have to write the books. God bless both you and your family. You are an inspiration I will not forget! I am going to get your next book today and all the others you write.
Lyn D, Derbyshire, UK, 07/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading Hidden. I have also read Damaged. I too have a great admiration for all you do as a foster carer. When reading your books it felt as though I was involved and shared your life. Your family are so supportive and loving to share such a great mum to help others. Success is wished to you and your family.
Christine, UK, 06/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I have been a foster carer for nine years and love it, but I had to laugh recently, so did my support social worker. You see, on Friday, I had my annual review and my pets were assessed as well as me. I had to fill in an assessment form for each of my animals. I could understand this for my dog but I had to fill in the same form for my goldfish! The questions included where does the pet sleep? Which part of the house is it allowed or not allowed? I am not joking!
Claire, UK, 05/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged. It took me all of two days as I simply could not put the book down. I am amazed at the lack of help you received whilst Jodie was in your care, and have nothing but admiration for you. I know that you did not write the book to receive praise for your work, but I feel you deserve to be told. What you did for Jodie is indescribable… You showed the child emotions she never knew existed. Love and respect being the main ones. I’m sure that even though she didn’t show you at the time one day she will be back to thank you. I found myself looking at my daughter whilst reading this story and wondering how on earth any mother could do the things Jodie’s parents did. My only comfort during this was thinking of how you saved her. I too was abused as a child, although nothing to the extent of Jodie’s suffering. It affected me during my teen years and I eventually found the courage to tell my parents and to battle my demons. I’d also like to add that I think your children are wonderful people. The way they put up with the violence and bad language from Jodie showed real maturity. You should be very proud of yourself and your family.
Rachel, UK, 05/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I have already read and enjoyed all three of your books. I find it very difficult to understand how anyone could hurt these children. I expect they felt desperate, unloved and used. I wonder what has gone wrong in our society with all the news of children being abused. Is it the fault of today’s society? We may never know. There are so many books about children being locked in cupboards and not being fed. Where have we all gone wrong? I had two children of my own, and the love and care I gave them made sure they grew into happy individuals, well equipped for today’s world. Sadly I lost my only daughter when she was 18 yrs old through meningitis. I still miss her everyday, but pleased she was a happy teenager. My son has done well in his life, and I’m proud that he had a good and happy home life. Love from
Valerie, UK, 05/02/2009

Hi Cathy, I logged on to your website today and was so pleased to see you have given us updates on all three of the children in your previous books. How many times do you read a book and wonder what happened to the people/children you have just read about, so for this I thank you so much. I am so pleased to hear that they are all doing well. I was also pleased to see that you have a new book out in April. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to reading it. I have already pre-ordered it to make sure I get one of the first copies. I am also amazed at how many people have contacted you from all over the world who have read your books, though I shouldn’t be at all surprised, your books are truly wonderful. I think I told you when I wrote last that I work in a home for people with Alzheimer’s/dementia so I do know a little about how much caring for other people means to them. Unfortunately due to the Governments new paper on how care is offered to carers we are almost certain that the home will close later this year. I cannot imagine what this means to the people who care for their loved ones, and feel very frustrated that there is nothing I can do about it. A few of us started a campaign a year ago when the proposals were put forward to close it and we managed to keep it open for another year but the prospects now are not looking good. I can understand how at times your job too must be very frustrating, but please keep up the good work. Your books are thoroughly enjoyed by many. Thanks again Cathy
Ann S, 05/02/2009

Hello there Cathy, I just wanted to say what a truly inspirational person you are. I am 21 years old and would rather sit in reading your books than go out partying! I have literally just finished reading Hidden, it was so sad but also very exiting towards the end. There couldn’t have been a better ending and I’m glad Tayo is happy at long last. I have also read Damaged and think that was the saddest book I have read. I think you are just great absolutely great for what you do. My warmest wishes go to you and your children.
Jamie Marie, 21, 05/02/2009

Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Hidden and found it not only very moving but also very informative. Your own children are a real credit to you. Keep up the good work and best wishes to you all with kind regards
Linda W, UK, 05/02/2009

I read both Hidden and Cut over the weekend and I was in tears at the end of Hidden and when Dawn moved on and then she phoned you. We had sleepless nights too, when I looked after one little boy who would get into our bed 5-6 times a night. He would always get in my hubby’s side of the bed, so one night I slept his side but that only worked the first 2 times, then he would walk round the bed and get in. We would take it in turns to return him to his bed. We always had a party for the children when they left us and we did the candle of life for that little boy when he said goodbye to his sisters. Every one at his playgroup cried on his last day at playschool. You don’t get the training for when they move on so you cry by yourself. I never showed the children I was upset when they went but I always told them if they needed me they knew where I was. One boy ran back to us 4 times, until I took him home. I did photo albums for all the children so they had something from the time they were in care. I met one lad we had looked after on his 18th birthday and I gave him his photo album. He told me I was more of a mum to him than his own mother.
Christine, UK, 05/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged and Hidden and am waiting for Cut to arrive, I have also pre-ordered your next book. I am a student social worker in my final year and absolutely loved reading your books. I have read many real life books but it was refreshing to get a different perspective on the children coming from you as a foster carer. The books are fantastic and I hope to enjoy reading them in years to come. Foster carers do such a valuable job and I am glad you didn’t give up after Jodie. Keep up the good work, you are a fantastic foster carer and author, I could not put your books down. Thank You
Amy S, UK, 05/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I have just read your book Damaged. I read it in two days and couldn’t put it down. God bless you. The torment that child went through is unimaginable. You are a caring and wonderful person. Thank God there are people in this world like you. I wish the system could be corrected. It is the same here in the states. I am from R.I. (Rhode Island) and a retired nurse. It must be the same all over. How sad that we can send millions of dollars to certain funds but cannot take care of children in need. I want to thank you again for telling Jodie’s sad story. Maybe more people will get so upset that something will be done to improve the system. The system failed Jodie, not you. Thank you.
Andrea F, USA, 02/02/2009

Hello Cathy, I just finished reading your book Damaged. I loved the book, it’s my favourite book I have ever read. I’m waiting to get your other ones and I will enjoy them as much as Damaged. I’m doing a book talk about the book and will describe the characters. Thank you.
Jennifer, 01/02/2009

Cathy, I have read all three of your books and cannot wait for your new ones to become available, once I start I cannot put them down.
Marayna, UK, 01/02/2009

Dear Cathy. I’ve just read your book about Jodie. I had been reading 5 hours, all at night. And now I feel broken. I’m 26 years old and I am normal woman. I bought your book yesterday. Since I’ve read your book I can’t believe in God. Only for good heart in people like you. I admire you. I usually have conflict with church not God. But now all my hopes are broken. There was a time I was death when I understood what holocaust means and second war. But it was at the past and now I thought was better in the world. But now I die second time with history about Jodie. I felt so much pain. I think about all scared people like Elizabeth Fritz and her children. Let angels take care of you as you take care children.
Anna, Poland, 01/02/2009

Hey Cathy. We fell in love with your books because they are different from what other people have written, and you also admitted your mistakes. When we first started reading stories about children being abused they had a big impact on our lives, particularly books like yours and Torey Hayden’s because they are from a different perspective than from the child. Stories like yours give hope to see a way through abuse and sometimes persuade people to get the help most so desperately need. I waited so long for Cut to come into the library and finished it on the same day. Dawn was disruptive and nearly tore your family apart. With Adrian being so small, you really should have been told more about her background. Hidden had the best ending, and shows if you believe hard enough anything can happen. Damaged was hurtful in many ways because you didn’t feel you could help her as much as you wished. As an outsider I can see you tried your best which is all that anybody can ever do. I would like to ask you why you haven’t written the books in the order in which they happened? We also wonder what made you adopt Lucy. I can’t wait till your new books come out and we are pre-ordering your book.
Emma and Michelle, 31/01/2009

CG: Dear Emma and Michelle, I didn’t write the books in chronological order because when I wrote Damaged (the first one I wrote) I didn’t know the publishers were going to ask me to write more. As you will have noticed I have gone back in time to tell the stories of some of the other children I have looked after. I hope that makes sense. And your second question – about Lucy, I adopted her because she had no proper mother of her own and wanted to be a permanent member of my family. I am explaining the circumstances surrounding Lucy’s adoption in the book I am now writing, so hopefully it will become clearer when that book is published. Very best wishes Cathy x

Dear Cathy, I have read all 3 of your books, and you are definitely my favourite author! When I picked up ‘Damaged’ I hadn’t read books for years….I was ‘captivated’ from the first page, and I just couldn’t put the book down. I finished it in a week. You opened up a world to me, which I was not at all familiar with…and I was shocked to learn so much about it. Well done for all of your work – and you are proof that there are foster families who are far better equipped to look after children, than the child’s biological parents. I can’t wait to read your next book!
Lovisa, 30/01/2009

Hi, I would like to say that when I was reading Damaged I only got so far when the tears came and I had tears for the rest of the book. I was a foster carer myself and it reminded me of the children I looked after. I fostered for 6 years and looked after 22 children in that time; a few of them I still miss. I met up with one we had for 4 years last year when he was 18. I have very fond memories of fostering some good and some bad. I am now reading Hidden, I had a few children like Tayo that you did not get much info on or what you did get was wrong.
Christine, 29/01/2009

Hi Cathy, Two days ago I started reading Hidden and from the first chapter I was hooked, I just couldn’t put it down. I finished it from cover to cover in just 2 days. This morning I started “DAMAGED”. Oh my god!!! I can’t actually believe it but I have just finished it. It took me just 7 hours…Hooked was an understatement. What an amazing woman you are, I sort of know what you have been through, as my mum has been a SSW for 20 years (not like Eileen) and has had to put up with a lot. But accepting children into your own home and caring for them and giving them the guidance that is needed to go forward in their lives takes very special people, to take on that challenge alone makes you even more special. You are a true inspiration and show that although there are truly horrific people in the world there are also people like you who make it a better one to live in for people like “Tayo & Jodie”. I was glad to read the updates about them on your website. Although they were only books I felt genuine concern for their safety myself. In fact I found myself reading with tears welling in my eyes and getting comments from my two little girls like “mummy what’s the matter”. Bless them, I just looked at them and thought how could anyone want to hurt anything so precious. Just wanted to say congratulations. I have now ordered “Cut” and am off to the supermarket to replace the tissues, after which I am going to find out more about fostering. Congratulations again.. You’re a true inspiration.
Andrea A, 28/01/2009

Hello Cathy, Just a short note firstly to wish you and your family a Happy New Year, I hope it is a good one for you. We are into our first year of fostering and after 13 short term respite placements, we now have two long term placements. It is working out so well we are taking them on holiday abroad in May. They are teenagers and we couldn’t be happier. To be honest we did not think we could do it, but reading your books was truly inspirational. Thank you, you do not know how much you helped us. The little boy we had has now moved on and will be going to a therapeutic unit where he will be helped to overcome his fears and, god willing, will thrive and go on to be a very special young man. Take care and thank you.
Pat and Jay, UK, 27/01/2009

Hi Cathy, I found your book very touching. I saw Damaged advertised in a magazine and had to get it. So off I went to the book shop to buy the book. I had it for a day and every time I decided to have a rest from reading I picked the book back up. You are a very touching person, with plenty of time and love to give to another. You are a true inspiration.
Shonnie, New Zealand, 27/01/2009

Cathy, I just finished “Damaged”. Oh my goodness you are an incredible woman, I want you to know that. I felt like I was right there with you while I was reading the book. I am going to read every one of your books that is for sure. What a writer you are! My heart goes out to all abused children. I was never abused as a child yet it seems like every book I pick out is about abused children. Why I don’t know. I just want to thank you for caring so much for these children. I have 2 grandsons and can’t imagine them going through anything so heart wrenching. You are amazing! Thank you so much for the updates on these children.
Judy, 26/01/2009

Cathy, I really admire everything you have done to help the children who come to you broken and confused, they leave in such a beautiful atmosphere and a total change of mind. People like you deserve the world, it has helped me to accept a lot of my past since reading all 3 of your books and I look forward to reading the next one. I’m only 17 but a dream of mine is to write a book about my life, only I have no idea where to start. It’s been almost a year since I got my past out in the open and now I’m ready to share it in the hope that one day someone will pick it up and they will realise that there is hope for them to move on just like I have. . I started writing my memories down a while ago of everything I can remember but I seemed to have blocked things out from when I was 6 years old, that was when I was sexually abused by my brother and when my father was physically hitting me. I would not say I have been brave in putting it all behind me, it’s just that I want to better myself with the hope of one day having my own family and giving my kids the love I never got. Keep writing Cathy, you have honestly opened my heart and my eyes to realising my life isn’t all that bad. Please tell Lucy, Paula and Adrian that I think that they are amazing people for all they have put up with and the kindness of their hearts.
Sara, 17, UK, 26/01/2009

Hello Cathy, I have just read Hidden… very hard book to put down. I have ordered Damaged today. I am in awe of your writing, being a foster child in Australia. I was only with my foster family for 3 months but am still in contact and have had a very loving relationship with my foster family for more than 20 years now. My foster mother is the most wonderful woman and is my rock and my inspiration. Thank you for writing your stories as it makes me appreciate my foster family even more after hearing your experiences. Have a great day Cathy and may 2009 be a happy and healthy year for you and your family. Hugs
Ann, Australia, 22/01/2009

Dear Cathy, my daughter-in-law and I have just finished Damaged and Hidden and neither of us could put them down – I haven’t cried over a book for years but both these bought me to tears. It is thrilling to know that there are people like yourself out there today, willing to help, guide and love a child when they need it the most. Your children Adrian, Paula and Lucy must also be exceptional children to allow their mother to share their love and caring I congratulate them also. I hope you share a lot more of your stories with us.
Denise, Australia, 21/01/2009