All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi, wanted to tell you I have just been on a week’s holiday and read 5 of your books. Congratulations to you for being a truly amazing person and writing so well about the children who have been lucky enough to stay with you. Well done for not giving up on them when others would, and for fighting for what is best for them. It’s a shame there are not more people around like you.
Kelly, 26/05/2011

Hi I just wanted to tell you that your books are the best, I really like reading them. Some make me cry but at the end they make me smile for what you do for people. I’m 21 and I love to write I hope to have my stuff heard one day.
Marion, 21, 25/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I was a former youth in care, I live in Canada. I have read ur numerous books and they are all very spectacular and so real, what kids in care have to face before they come into care. You have inspired me, and your books will continue to inspire me, that there is hope for the future, and that there are foster parents who really care. Thanks for sharing your books with the world. Best wishes
Tiffany K, Canada, 25/05/2011

May I congratulate you on your superb books and work as a foster carer. I have read all of the books except Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World. My housework came second to finishing reading when I started a book. I look forward to your next books coming out. Once again congratulations. From avid reader
Liz S, 25/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished 3 of your books, going to buy another couple on Wednesday. I normally don’t read, but I saw Damaged in Asda and I was drawn to the cover straight away so bought it thinking I would probably read a couple of pages and put it to the side. Well I’m glad to say I didn’t. I read it right to the very end. I’m glad I did, it was horrible the things that little girl had been through, but I enjoyed reading it. It showed that things like that really do happen to poor innocent children. I went and bought Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and I Miss Mummy and they were both just as good. I’m glad there are people out there like you. Can’t say how good it is to know how trustworthy and decent you are. And how good your 3 kids are as well. I am only 18 with a 1 year old little boy and I can’t imagine ever hurting a hair on his head. Your books have made me see things in a different view as what I used to. I’m going to buy Hidden and Cut on Wednesday and I cannot wait to read them. You’re a true inspiration. Wish you and all your family all the best for the future. You’re doing an amazing job. Can’t wait till your new books come out as well. Kind regards.
Sammie, 18, UK, 23/05/2011

Hello Cathy. I have just finished reading Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. I myself have a boy with A.D.H.D. and had a lot of problems similar to yours with Reece. He has now grown into a wonderful young man. Your book made me smile and cry and then very angry. You are remarkable and deserve a medal. Thank you.
Stacie, 23/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’, and I just wanted to tell you how much an amazing person you are. This book has really had an effect on my life and I can’t wait to read your others. When reading this book I would cry and scream in shock at what Jodie went through. It has truly inspired me to be a foster carer when I get older. I just can’t believe how much you helped Jodie, with so much stress and pressure on your own family and yourself. I hope Jodie is doing well. I was jumping for joy when I red about her family being convicted. Even though I do not know you personally, I think the world of you, and all you have done. You truly are such an amazing women. Love,
Shellby, 16, 22/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I felt compelled to contact you regarding your books. I have read them all but 1, My Dad’s a Policeman, which is next on my list. You are a true inspiration, not only in the fostering you do, but also in your writing. I absolutely adore reading your books and am currently totally engrossed in Run Mummy Run. I can’t seem to put it down. I will be sad when I have finished it. I would truly love to see your books made into films and hope that one day, this will happen Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this, may I wish you continued success in all that you do. Kind regards
Karin, UK, 22/05/2011

Cathy hi, I had read 4 of your books now and cannot wait to read the rest. I don’t think I have ever been so wrapped up in a series of books before. Your writing is so down to earth, honest and open and your experiences are amazing from which you draw to make these books ‘come alive’. A huge thank you and congratulations to you for writing these books and making so many people realize more about the foster care world. You should be extremely proud of yourself. I have spent the last 6 years with my husband going through a very testing time with his son / shared custody / a very irrational biological mother etc. In your book ‘Hidden’ you spoke about Tayo, yourself, and Sandra the social worker waiting for an outcome in court. It really struck a rude reminder of how agonizing the wait for an outcome is. It did however, remind me that many good people have positive outcomes in court and Tayo’s outcome was another. I have been making notes for a few years contemplating whether or not to write about the experiences we have been through in a step-family situation, from a step-mother’s perspective. After reading your books I think I am going to give it a go. Your testimonials show how many people benefit from reading real life material when there are so many in the same shoes. I just cannot thank you enough for the books you have written. You are such an inspiration. Kindest and Warmest Regards,
C, Australia, 22/05/2011

Hai Cathy, I’m from Sri Lanka. It’s a small island situated in Indian Ocean. This is to tell you that I read the sinhala translation of your book “Damaged” and I couldn’t believe that story a ‘real’. How can a person treat its own child in a manner of unbecoming a character of a responsible parent. However, it is glad to hear that Jodie is recovering and showing a progress in her behaviour as well as her attitudes. Reading your books made me laugh and made me cry. Once I started reading them I can not put them down. Finally I wish you all the success in everything you write and may god will always be with Jodie. Thank you.
Sandaprabha, Sri Lanka, 20/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I am amazed by your books and am glad that every one has a happy ending. My friend is currently in permanent fostering due to her mother having a mental illness. I am intrigued by the psychological effect of each of the people in each of your books. I have recently finished your book called ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’, I was shocked at some of Tracey’s actions and wondered why Reece and Susie had managed to stay with the family home for so long. I am hoping to be a social worker for people with mental illnesses to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. I hope to work with children from dysfunctional families to help them have a more ‘normal’ life.
Caroline, Darlington, UK, 20/05/2011

Dear Cathy Glass, I’m from Sri Lanka. Yesterday evening I went to Book Shop and I saw you’re book “Damaged”. I read it all the night and I was shocked about the story behind that book. It makes me tears to my eyes. I never heard such a story like this before. I’m 28 years old and I’m pregnant, expecting my baby on this August. I just want to tell you that you’re an amazing writer and very amazing, grateful lady I have ever seen. I’m so surprised about you’re kindness and you’re patience, and also the kindness of you’re own children. You should be proud of yourself and your children too. It is been great honour to know about you and I’m so proud of you’re great service. Thank you for letting the whole world know by writing these books, and also thank you so much for teaching us a great lessons about how to deal with our children’s feelings. I don’t have any words to explain my feelings about yourself, and I’m so sorry because my English is so poor. May God Bless you and may get more strength and courage to do more work and make our world a better place for our children. Thank you, madam.
Chinthani, Sri Lanka, 20/05/2011

Hi Cathy, until I discovered your books I had never fully finished any book ever before. At 17 that’s a bit of a disgrace. My mom bought me one of your books and I finished it in a few days ever since then I have read all of your books and I have pre-ordered your new ones coming out in September. Please hurry up and write more because now I have nothing to read on holiday! You are fantastic at what you do and should be so proud.
Hayley, 17, 19/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to write to you to say reading your books has made me want to make a change to children’s lives. I have worked with children for 9 years. You are a fantastic lady and I hope one day I can be just like you. You inspire me. Yours faithfully and a very big fan of yours…. I only have two more books of yours to get. Thanks for being a brilliant writer.
Louise K, 19/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I have just read “I Miss My Mummy”. I am mother to three beautiful boys that we have adopted, they are my world. We are so fortunate to be blessed to have them. The book was so accurate and hit a nerve within me. My three boys are siblings and were subject to awful things as birth mother was addicted to drugs. My middle son was ten days old when we collected him from hospital and it took four months for us to wean him off and get him to a “clean” state, he now has special needs. I could sympathise with the story line of “Alice” staying, going, contact, failed contact, grandparents etc etc. It made me think of the “whole” bigger picture and the hurdles that children in care have to deal with. My children know they are special and that I am a Forever Mummy and they have a Tummy Mummy too (they have no contact). My eldest son has just turned 10 (he was abused and taken into care at 4months). He has asked us all the awful questions, that we have had to answer honestly and appropriately, but it still breaks my heart the impact this has on a little boy. As your book made aware Social Services are very stretched and through no fault of their own the children have so many different workers come and go. It’s only now my son has admitted he felt the rejection each time, thinking it was his fault in someway. You have inspired me in so many ways, firstly I’ve rushed out and ordered 6 more books and secondly to try and write a book of “My Experience/Story, not to necessarily publish (as it wont be as good!!) but to pass to my children when they are old enough showing how things really were and hope that I can fill in the gaps that talking and pictures can’t. Thank you again for writing such a clear and precise account of events, emotions and more importantly the children’s needs/feelings. You are inspirational!!!
Helen, UK, 18/05/2011

Hi Cathy I have read all your books to date and have been moved by all of them. I would like to thank you for writing them. You are a true inspiration, I wish I had the time and patience to do what you do, it’s just great :). I think the best book of yours I have read has to be I Miss Mummy. What a beautiful ending. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to read this email and reply back. Thanks. Your biggest fan.
Stacey, UK, 18/05/2011

Hello Cathy Glass, You are such a wonderful writer. You are the best writer and foster carer in the world. I read I Miss Mummy, Damaged, The Saddest Girl in the World. The books were fantastic. I love little Alice I hope she is alright. I would really like to meet you some day I’ve never seen such a nice carer before even though I am 15 years old. Cathy I hope you will send an email back to me. I want to read all your books. From your all time favourite reader
A.K, 15, UK, 18/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I’ve read your books, 8 I think, I just read My Dad’s a Policeman and I really enjoyed it. When I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and was quite sick, because of my illness I had regular hospital visits, and it was because of these that I was brought into care as I was found to have been neglected and abused. I was brought to the most amazing foster home when I was 1, I have been there since. I am now 20 years old and I feel so lucky to be where I am as some of my siblings were not given the same chance. I don’t think of my foster mother as a carer, I see her as a mother as she is the only mother I have ever known. She raised me and made me the person I am today. When I was 13 my biological family started to come back on the scene. I’m sad to say they only brought corruption and sadness to my life by bad influence and guilt trips. Its hard to explain why I feel guilty sometimes but I think its because of how lucky I was and how hard they got it. I was dragged into the abuse they endured even though I hadn’t even been there. Reading your books makes me feel a bit better by knowing that there are other people apart from my mam out there that help people come through strife. You are such a strong person Cathy and I admire you so much. I come into hospital every 6 to 7 weeks and I stay for 14days of intravenous antibiotics, this is where I found u :). Although most of your books are sad there is mostly a happy ending. Once I open a book I can’t put it down. I’m really looking forward to reading the new books you have coming out. God bless Cathy, you’re an amazing woman. Lots of love
Sam, 18/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I picked up one of your books in Heathrow airport on our way home after our second trip to the UK which I love and plan to come back to after we work and save hard again. I started reading your book on the plane on our way home to Australia and couldn’t put it down. I have since read all of your books and love to read the updates of the children you fostered on your website. I’m hoping there will be lots more of your books to read as I get so much out of each story and without people like you in this world, where would they all end up. Congratulations on the work you do, you should feel very proud of yourself for making such a difference to the lives of these children. Also for bringing up your own children on your own, whom have all grown to be loving and caring to your foster children as well. I am 51 and have a 30yr, 28yr and 21yr old children, and raising children today is no easy task. Kindest Regards,
Anne S, Sydney, Australia, 17/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I have been reading non fiction books for a very long while, I must have 100s on my book shelf. I Damaged on ebay and when it came, I could not put it down. I have never read such an amazing book as this before, ever!. How you looked after Jodie, you are the most inspirational woman I have ever read about. I see on your updates that she is now in her teens, I do hope she is doing well, and oh how I fell in love with this poor child while I was reading. When I saw at the back of the book you had a website, I logged straight on and was happy to see I was able to mail you. But what made me even happier was to discover you had other books for me to buy, Cut is my next one, I just ordered. Can’t wait to read it, thank you Cathy. You are amazing. Lots of love
Sarah, Bournemouth, UK, 17/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading you book “I Miss Mummy” and I cried so much and released a lot more pain. If only there had been someone like you for me in my childhood. I can feel the love coming from you and Adrian, Lucy and Paula. I cried so much when Lucy asked you to adopt her, it was your kindness and caring that helped release a lot of my pain. It is seems strange to think how kindness brings the tears. I have now read five of your books and I know I have got so much healing from them. I have got a beautiful CD that I put on at night after reading your books which I have been doing to the early hours of the morning as I can’t put your books down. As I listen to the CD it is as though I sleep in the arms of the angels and healing takes place as I sleep. I read some beautiful words recently: Good friends are Angels who lift us when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’ To me Cathy you are one of those earth Angels. And have been to so many of the children you have looked after. Thank you Cathy. Love
Muriel, UK, 16/05/2011

Hi, just writing 2 say what an amazing author u are. And how much I admire you 4 what you have done 4 all the children you have fostered. Your books have inspired me to work with young people so thank you. Looking forward to reading more of your Books.
Sophie O, 15/05/2011

Hello Cathy, I just had to congratulate you on your book “I Miss Mummy”. Being a grandma myself, it really did hit home. I found it truly amazing and very sad too, but thank goodness for the outcome which I hope has continued. I am just about to start reading “Run Mummy Run” to be closely followed by “The Girl in the Mirror” by which time I will have read them all!! So keep writing Cathy before I run out – I don’t know how you manage to look after your own family plus foster children plus writing books but you are a fantastic lady, you really are and I am so pleased that you adopted Lucy too. Well done Cathy, I think I am becoming an addict!! Best wishes and lots of love to you all.
Lynne, UK, 14/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I hope you don’t mine me contacting you. I just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ I very much enjoyed reading it and I was very moved by it. Really I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing woman for doing what you do. I am a mother myself and I know how challenging it can be but what you do really is incredible. You are a very special woman Cathy and I really just wanted to tell you that. I hope you are well. Regards
Chantelle W, UK, 14/05/2011

Cathy, I felt I had to email to let you know how much of an inspiration you are too many people. I have just finished “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell”, and again with all of your other stories I was reduced to tears of joy and sorrow. You are clearly a patient, loving and caring lady who has had a positive effect in many children’s lives. These children have endured so much, but it gives me comfort knowing that they have been lucky enough to find their way to you and your family to begin their healing. You truly are an inspiration to me, and those who I have recommended your reading too. Looking forward to your forthcoming stories. Keep up the good work.
Michelle, 14/05/2011

Hi, I am someone who reads your books, and I just wanted to say thank you for writing these book. They make us all aware of how it is to foster. Since reading I Miss Mummy I have brought a number of your books and I have seriously been thinking about fostering when me and my husband are well enough to. Thank you for what you do for the kids in your care. Yours sincerely
Louise J, UK, 12/05/2011

Hello! I am just after reading ‘My Dad’s a Policeman’ and I was brought to tears by the strong emotions and connections in this book. Ryan is such a brave boy to stand up for his family and to help not only his mother and brother out but also to try his best to help his best mate. But I have to say. I don’t see why he wanted a policeman as his father because coming from a daughter of one it’s not the best! 😀 Hope to see a new book out soon!
Sorcha E, Hong Kong, 11/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I have recently read all your books (all within 3 weeks) and it helped me and my husband decide that we are going to adopt!! I know that your books are about fostering but we would love to offer the kind of children the love and support that you have shown them in your books. The one book which really touched my heart was Damaged. I really could not put that book down. I am looking forward to your new releases. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing
Jenny M, UK, 11/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I want to thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing and to let you know how much healing I have received from reading your books. I have just finished ‘Damaged’ and I have cried and cried for Jodie and myself. I was brought up in care from the age of 3yrs until I left their care at 16yrs and then got married at 19 yrs. I left feeling a very angry person and had no love for myself, until I experienced a feeling of abandonment at the age of 46yrs which forced me to look at myself. With help from many many healers I have found the small child within that so much wanted to dance and sing and play. And I have written songs and am now writing my story. I am now aged 74yrs and I at last feel. Free to laugh, free to cry, free to live, free to die, free to be whom I am. I learnt that song when I spent time in Skros, Greece on my healing journey. Reading your book I felt very angry at the lack of support you got from the social worker who always seemed to be on leave. Thanks again Cathy you have also helped me a lot. LOVE from
Muriel, UK, 11/05/2011

I have read your books Cathy and they are fantastic. I was brought up in the care system and my foster mom and dad have made me the women and mother I am today to my 4 kids. They have never turned their backs on me. You should be so proud what you have given the kids in your care. Your own children welcome kids in their home to share their mommy with no moaning. They should also be proud. You are a credit to the world. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Sarah, 10/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to drop you a note as I have been glued to your books for the past few months, quickly making my way through the collection. You recount your experiences in such a truly compelling way, making me feel like I’ve been a fly on the wall in what sounds like a very warm, loving home. I’ve also spent many a night shedding a few tears for the children you have fostered, in particular Jodie, and take my hat off to you for caring and developing them in the way you have done. I hope you don’t mind me emailing, just wanted to congratulate you on both your foster parenting and writing talents. You are an inspiration! Best wishes for the future,
Vicki M, UK, 08/05/2011

Hi Cathy. Many congratulations on all of your books. During the past couple of weeks I have read all of the true stories. It all began when I bought ‘Damaged’ from a 2nd hand store. Then ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ from the library. I found ‘Cut’ there too, and the others I bought new. I found them such compulsive reads that I couldn’t wait for amazon to deliver! I went straight to my local WHSmith! I read ‘I Miss Mummy’ with tears streaming down my face. ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ is especially well written. I could probably relate to that one best as I am in schools a lot and found some humour in your description of the headmaster! I found your encounter with sharky’s family in the car park really chilling. The descriptive detail in that book is fantastic. It’s lovely that you’ve posted updates about the children on your site. I look forward to your next book and think you’re an amazing person.
Laura, Scotland, 08/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Cut, this is the 2nd of your books that I have read, the 1st one was The Saddest Girl in the World and both books moved me so much they made me cry. I think you are a remarkable woman to take on Dawn like you did especially with Adrian being so young and knowing absolutely nothing about her background. I also think Ruth should never have been a social worker, how could she put you all in such danger and not tell you what Dawn had been through and what she had done in the past. My husband grew up in children’s homes and with various foster families and he said it takes a certain type of person to be a foster mum and you are definitely one of those people. I am going to start reading Damaged next and am eventually going to read all your other books. Take care Cathy. Regards
Julie, UK, 08/05/2011

Hello Cathy. I would like to say how moving your stories are. I have already read little Alice’s story and just finished Reece’s, and I’m now onto little Jodie’s story. I never liked reading until I found you. You’re an amazing person and every night when I open your book I feel like I know you and your family, it’s an amazing feeling. You’re a true star and I hope you’re looking after yourself. Thank you from the bottom of my hart for these moving books.
Annalyce, 07/05/2011

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you Cathy. As a foster carer myself, I have had my own tales to tell about the trauma suffered by children. I look at your books in a different light than most readers as I use them to boost my confidence. As you know, sometimes, you feel as though you are failing. You feel that you have gotten as far as you can go with certain children & you feel that sometimes, you are rubbish at this job! It’s a hard job, very stressful & the rewards you often only see after the children have left. Often, I am exhausted & frustrated & most days wonder why I chose this career! Your books help me through! When I read that you did something similar in handling a situation, when you write about a different perspective on a particular issue, it gives me food for thought! Your stories are interesting & I enjoy them immensely. However what I learn from them is immeasurable! Thank you
Carol, 07/05/2011

Wow Cathy another heart gripping, shocking, yet insightful and inspiring story – I just finished “Run Mummy, Run”. Like with all your books I start and finish them in one day. I have just finished my second course on Counselling Studies and my tutor (a counsellor) spoke about domestic violence (of course not giving any details or breaking confidentiality). I could see so many elements of what she had told us in your story and my heart just breaks for the women (and men) who are treated like this by someone who is supposed to love them. As I read the story I saw the subtle hints of controlling behaviour which you so cleverly had woven into the story and how this turned into physical violence, not to mention mental, emotional and sexual abuse. My heart just broke when Aisha came home from the hospital, with Sarah in her arms, expecting the welcome she deserved and how that moment actually ended. I love your books, as you know you’re my favourite Author by far, I cannot wait for the next gripping read.
Aveen, 06/05/2011

Hi Cathy, Thank you! Just finished reading Run, Mummy, Run!!!! As usual, excellent book. Couldn’t put it down! Have read all your books, and they are all as compelling, and so well written. Hope you are writing some more! Regards
Gill, UK, 06/05/2011

Hey Cathy, I read “My Dad’s a Policeman” the other night…actually in the middle of the night as I woke up feeling wide awake at 4am lol! I really enjoyed it, it was interesting to hear the story from the child’s point of view and how scary it can be to be removed from all that is familiar for them, no matter how bad their home situation may be or how nice the foster carer is either. I just read the update on your site and it’s always nice to hear an update on the people you write about 🙂 I have Run Mummy, Run and keep trying to get the chance to get stuck into it! Love your books as always!
Aveen, 05/05/2011

Thank you once again Cathy for another brilliant book. Run Mummy, Run was touching, brave, breathtaking, and the best read I’ve had in a long time. I don’t know how you do it, but I felt like I was standing at Aisha’s side all the way through, willing her on and praying that her unbelievable story would all come right in the end. Please keep on writing as I can’t wait for the next one. With every good wish to you and your family,
Julie L, 05/05/2011

Hello Cathy, The more I think about this latest treasure Run, Mummy, Run the more focus I think there should be on domestic abuse. It makes me wonder how many women and children just don’t know how to go about finding help. This heroine didn’t dare say anything due to the culture she was brought up in yet I still wish there was more information out there for those who lack the tools to get help. Thank you for bringing this story to the forefront. Looking forward to your next book! God Bless!
Linda, USA, 04/05/2011

Hi, first of all can I say that I have read all of your books and I have really enjoyed them. They have made me laugh and cry and just read in terror, but they are so good that once I started reading them I can not put them down. Thank you can. Your books are brill
Natalie P, 04/05/2011

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Run, Mummy, Run. It is the first but not the last of your books I have and will be reading. I just had to say how close to home this story was, it was as if you had written my life down in black and white. I have never quite found a book that encompassed all the emotions that come with domestic violence before and I want to thank you. It was unbelievable how the details of Aisha’s life were identical to that of my own. I was truly moved and touched to the core of my soul. I am intrigued to hear how Aisha and the children are getting on with their lives. Again, thank you for addressing a subject so well, it has meant a lot to me personally.
Ram D, UK, 04/05/2011

Hiya Cathy, I’m a huge fan! My mum is a foster carer and has been for nearly five years. When I saw your books in Asda and read the back of them I knew I had a new favourite author, and the fact they were 2 for £7 was also a plus. Your books are truly amazing, and as a foster sibling I read them to try and understand what my siblings go through. I’m on my last year of a levels at the moment and I saw that you had a student fact sheet, I’d love a copy to help me with my English coursework, which is about children in care. My favourite book so far is ‘Cut’ because I can relate to it and it’s truly just awesome. Anyway, I’ll stop going on now as I suspect you’re really busy. Say hi to Adrian, Lucy and Paula from me. Bye for now
Evelyn, 18, UK, 03/05/2011

Hey Cathy umm I just wanted to tell you I love your book Damaged. It touched my heart when you tried to help her. I thought you did your best and I hope that sometime in the future Jodie can live with you and your family. I hope for all the best.
Autumn, 03/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I had to write to you after I finished Hidden, it was a fantastic story. I was in tears at the end. I have read several of your books and each one is different and very moving. You tell the story so well, with such feeling. I love reading your books and can never put them down. Thank you for the moving and eye opening stories
Courtney H, Australia, 03/05/2011

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged. It took me 24 hours to read as I couldn’t put it down. I know you have heard this many times but I just wanted to tell you it is the most heart wrenching book I have ever read. I couldn’t stop crying for this poor little girl. How parents can behave like that beggars belief. I am a mother and I would die rather than let anything happen to my children. I was sexually abused by my uncle from a young age and tried to tell my parents who would promptly walk out the room when I started talking. They let me down as well but I decided to become a survivor and not a victim (although it wasn’t anything on the scale of Jodie’s abuse). I have installed this in my children who can talk to me about anything. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderfully written book. I wish you and your family well and more than anything hope Jodie makes progress in her life and realises that they are good adults around not the ” bastards” she had as ” parents” not that they deserve that title. Take care
Helen, Dorset, UK, 01/05/2011

Hello Cathy, I tried to foster in 2002 but due to bad neighbours I put a stop to it as I did not want children that are hurting to be put into another hurtful situation. I have read several of your book and find them interesting and some of them have lead me to tears, particular the one about little Jodie in Damaged. I have just finished the book Hidden. I was so glad in the end. Like you I did not know that sweat shops existed in this country and I was so shocked to here this. I always look forward to seeing when you have a new book out. The next on is Run Mummy Run. I have never read so much until I got your books. I must congratulate you on your success as a foster carer and an author. Well done. Maybe in a few years I will try to foster again as I know foster carers are needed badly. I look forward to reading your next book. Good luck and well done for the future for you and you family
Terrina W, UK, 29/04/2011

CG: Thanks, Terrina, and well done for considering fostering. There is always a shortage of carers.

Hi, I am not usually a reader, but last year at the airport I purchased ‘Damaged’. Within a few days of relaxing and reading I had finished the book, on my return I purchased every book you had written. And yet again I read them all, once started I just couldn’t put them down. I have passed your books on to friends now, you are an inspiration! I now notice on your website that you have two new books which I am delighted to hear. Keep up the good work Cathy and family.xx
Angela, UK, 28/04/2011

Hi, where do I begin? I have just started to read your books and I am so in to them. I am so amazed how you have got through what you have and are still fostering. It takes someone special to do what you are doing. I take my hat of to you. I am reading Damaged at the moment and what a story. How you never gave up on poor little Jodie I don’t know. But you’re writing and story telling is out of this world. How you cope with your own children and Lucy is amazing. Just wanted to know that I love your books and look forward to reading the next one. Take care of yourself and your children
Claire J, UK, 27/04/2011

Greetings Ms. Glass. I finished your book Damaged this afternoon and words cannot express how much Jodie’s story has affected me. After reading Jodie’s first account of the abuse she endured, I had to put the book down. I was convinced I couldn’t finish the book. But I felt that I owed it to Jodie, and to you and your family, to finish the book. Although there were a few more times throughout the book when I had to put it down simply to compose myself, I’m so glad I stuck it out. We all know this kind of abuse is all around us and all around the world, but reading this little girl’s story really makes us realize the extent and reality of it. This is the first book I’ve read written by you, and I know I will be reading more. I’ve never written to any authors I’ve ever read, but I felt compelled to share with you my feelings regarding Damaged. I just know that Jodie’s story will stick with me for a very, very long time and I am hoping for the absolute very best for her. Thank you for writing such a touching and eye-opening story. I am looking forward to reading more of your work in the future. And thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail.
Lynette, North Carolina, USA, 26/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Hidden and I previously read Damaged, they are truly heart braking stories but I felt so happy at the end of reading Hidden because Tayo had finally got what he wanted all along. It’s nice to read stories from a foster carer’s perspective and I just want to say if the world were filled with half of the women like you it would be a far better place because you have so much love to give. I can’t wait to read more!
Nicola, 17, UK, 24/04/2011

Hey Cathy, I just read the book Damaged and will thank you for writing such a good book! I like the way you write and at the way you get the reader to understand. The text is easy to understand, and I am so thankful you told us the story! I have lived with a foster family, because my parents could not take care of me, but nor could my foster mother. I was almost worse than at home. So since that I have not I been so happy in the child welfare, but after reading your book, I have gotten a different view and I wish I had had a foster mother as Jodie. Based on what I’ve figured out I’m a year younger than Jodie and I have been thinking of her a lot, what she feels, how she looks and how she manages in general. I’m from Norway, and is not so good at English but hope you understood what I wrote and hope you reply. Thank you!
Mimoz, Norway, 21/04/2011

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful books and for sharing your experiences. You are a truly amazing person. With love from
Karen, UK, 21/04/2011

I haven’t been in touch for a few years now, not since our beautiful E came to live with us in 2007. I have never forgotten the first of your books I read, Cut and Hidden. I remember emailing you at the time to tell you that both stories were pretty much portraying our life with our new foster child. I recently picked up “I Miss Mummy” and “The Girl in the Mirror” and thoroughly enjoyed both of these. The reason I am emailing is to share with you that we recently got day to day orders and legal guardianship of our beautiful little girl. After three and a half long years of her fighting us and pushing us, breaking every rule in the book, we have managed to remove some bricks from the wall that surrounds her. I am sharing this with you as you will understand what it means. She is just beautiful and we are very very proud. My husband and I were unable to have our own children but god has blessed us with two beautiful children who we are now able to call “legally” our own. Must stop rambling, just wanted to share. All the best Take care
Megan, New Zealand, 20/04/2011

Hi Cathy just finished reading Run Mummy, Run! once again a fantastic book, very heart warming. Can’t wait till your next book. You are a fantastic lady and your books are so heart breaking but at the same time heart warming. Thank you for being such a great lady. I got to read your book before it came to Australia so a big thank you to amazon as well.
Pina, Australia, 19/04/2011

Cathy, I have read all your books – and find them fantastic. It’s great to know that there are foster carers like you who will take on such a massive role. It’s interesting to read how different things are in England – compared to Scotland. I sit on a children’s panel in Scotland – and have come across some families with similar problems to the ones you deal with. I must admit that there are times when reading a report on some child in distress, there is something that strikes a cord – and I remember something similar happening in some of your writing, and attempt to try and address according to the outcomes you have had. Right or wrong – it has worked on some occasion. Regards
Lorna, Scotland, 19/04/2011

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your new book, as I have all of your other books I read it in just two days. I just can’t put your books down, I have enjoyed every one of them. I think you’re an amazing person with the work you do, and the children you care for are so lucky as you hear of so many children going into the care system and it failing them, they all deserve someone like you. Thanks for the great read, I hope yourself and your family (also anyone you may be caring for) are all ok. Best of luck with anything you may come across… you really are a remarkable woman.
Amy, 21, UK, 19/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I just would like to say that I have nearly finished Damaged. I have found it moving and it has definitely touched my heart, but also very heart breaking. I have finished Mummy Told Me Not To Tell a few months back. I think you are amazing at what you do and I can imagine what’s it is like. I like the way you have described the way you felt in moments and how the child was. I find it very interesting and I will carry on reading your books. Well done I must say.
Melaine, UK, 18/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I am contacting you all the way from South Africa just to comment on what a wonderful person you are. I read Damaged a week ago, and since then haven’t been able to sleep or stop thinking about Jodie. That poor poor innocent little girl. I look at my two girls while they are sleeping, and my heart is breaking. The things that poor girl went through is unimaginable. Kind Regards,
Carli F, South Africa, 18/04/2011

WOW, where do I begin. Your book, Damaged, had me on an emotional roller coaster. I was angry, in shock, crying, and just so sad. I am an Educational Assistant like Mrs. Rice in your book. I have worked with a child who is so much like Jodie it’s scary. I have also recently had a student disclose the sexual abuse he has suffered at home. There are days that I wonder why I put myself through it, then the days come where you see progress and it gets you through. Thank you for all the children’s lives that you have touched.
Shana, 17/04/2011

I have read almost all your books which I find very moving. I am about to start reading Run Mummy, Run! which I can’t wait. I was in care from the age of 7 but was then put into independence at the age of 17. I didn’t feel ready to move on but one of the struggles I had whilst in care was that I was like a rag doll moved from pillar to post due to my behaviour problems. I wished the socials listened to my cries for a loving family, where I didn’t have to live on eggshells wondering went my next move was. Reading ur books I wished I was one of ur foster kids because I’m pretty sure you would have sorted me out but loved me for who I was. I never felt loved. I just felt like I someone’s job and went it got tough they just moved me on not caring for my feelings. Well I’m now 20 and trying to make my future which is hard but I’m giving it a good go. Can’t wait to read more of ur books.
Lorna D, 20, 17/04/2011

Hi Cathy I just want to say thank you for yet another fantastic book, I received my book on thursday from amazon and by friday I had read it, I just could not put it down, I have just placed a pre order for your next book (The Night the Angels Came) but it say’s it is not due to be released till the 15th Sept. I have all your book’s you are the best , the reason for my email is to ask you if there is any more book’s you are releasing before this date, I only found the new book by accident on amazon I am really glad I did, I can not believe how your book’s mirror most of my life , from the child abuse to the abusive husband, I received that much violence from my husband, it has caused me to end up with a malignant brain disease now from the left sided brain damage he caused , anyway I wont keep you any longer your a very busy lady so thank you once again , Kindest Regards
Carol, UK, 17/04/2011

Hi Cathy! I just read your book “Damaged” and I wanted to tell you what an amazing person you are! The world needs more persons like you! How you managed to stay professional and calm, and control your anger and feelings through many of the awful episodes you have experienced is just amazing! And how you sacrificed your family life and never gave up on this girl. You deserve the best in life! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Best wishes for you, your family and Jodie, I truly hope she sometime will manage to experience normal life!
Katrin, Norway, 16/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say a big thank you I’ve read all your books and I couldn’t put them down, some put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I have just finished reading Run Mummy, Run! I hope that you will be writing more books as yours are the only ones I read and wish to continue to read. Thanks again.
Lorraine, UK, 14/04/2011

Hi Cathy, What an amazing writer you are! Have read all your books so far except for Run Mummy, Run! which I have ordered, cannot wait to read it. I have passed your books on to a friend who thoroughly enjoys them too, we find all your books gripping, emotional and very easy to read. Please don’t stop writing!
Fiona, Worcester, UK, 14/04/2011

Dear Cathy, I’m writing to you, because I have finish reading your book “The Saddest Girl in the World” and I really love it. It makes me think about what could I do for the children that are being abused. I cried when I read it and I love how you decided to resolve the problems with Donna. When I was reading it, I admired each one of your attitudes. You are an amazing person and I felt that everything that you have done was thinking in the children that you have accepted (take care of). I’m 15 years old and the fact of have reading this book make me think about my future. I’m from Portugal and I know that here the things are a little different (for example, when we become a host family we can’t adopt the child that we take care, even if in the end of the process she/he were for adoption..). I know that I’m too young to became a host family, but the fact of reading this book change me, and I hope to help some children like you in the future.. I want to make you know that with your books you help some children around the world, because I think that some people decided to help that kind of children after reading your books. I’m sorry if my English isn’t good, but I have some difficult in writing in English. Thank you for writing this book and congratulation for your excellent work.
Isabel, 15, Portugal, 14/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I just want to say how inspirational you are. I’ve always wanted to work with children but your books have made me more determined to be able work more effectively with the children I work with. Thank You!! Love and Best Wishes
Leighann, UK, 13/04/2011

Hello Cathy, I think you’re an amazing person, and people should be very inspired by what you do for all these children. I’m only 14 but once I start reading your books I find it impossible to put them down. The first book that I read was Damaged, it was given to my mum to read but I read the blurb and then found myself reading the whole thing. I’ve recently just finished reading Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, and I didn’t expect what came out in the end but I’m pleased Reece is happy now. I’m hoping to order the book Hidden and read that very soon. Anyway if you have taken the time to read this email thank you as I don’t think it makes much sense and I’m just going on. Basically what I wanted to say is you’re a wonderful person and what you do is brilliant.
Emily, 14, UK, 12/04/2011

Received Run Mummy, Run! this morning (I pre-ordered it). Had finished it by 4.15 only stopping to cook lunch. Another wonderful book, so alive, you bring your characters to life, I am there with Aisha and her family. You tackle such difficult subjects so sensitively. I really felt for her. There are so many people out there suffering I hope some of them may read to your book and it gives them the courage to do something about it. Thank you once again. Keep writing.
Nicky, UK, 11/04/2011

Hello, I would just like to say I think you are an amazing woman, and I love reading you books. I have read them all now. The first one I read was Damaged last June, and I still think of Jodie from time to time. Please keep the books coming xxxx
Carrie, 10/04/2011

Dear Cathy, Thank you for writing such moving and thought provoking works. I pick up your books and my kids now (20 AND 18) comment on how morbid my reading is. But really I don’t think that is the case. I spend many an hour reading, crying, and then having to re-read your books. It is not about some voyeurism but it just grounds in how lucky we are, or have been. When we start to question our parenting skills, well maybe they haven’t been the best, but they are of an acceptable standard, if not better. My heart goes out to you and your wonderful family, particularly your son, who if anything like my son, would like more of our time. Your children, despite their age showed maturity and security and have been such a credit to you, while you have had to deal with such challenging, yet rewarding, children. My hat comes off to you, my drink is raised to you, and my cigarette is lit for you (even when we are trying to give up). You are an inspiration to all women, a hip hip for your children. Thank you Cathy.
Chris, UK, 09/04/2011

Hi Cathy, I have read three of your books, I Miss Mummy, Damaged and Hidden, I am now starting Cut. My husband and I have been Foster Parents (what we are called in Canada) for 17 years and had the same children all this time. They are long term. As well we have had numerous other children from babies to teens go through our home. I can very much relate to all of your books and find that I can’t put them down once I start. It is like I am part of the books being the carer. I have seen the same frustration that you have with Social Workers. But don’t stop doing what you are doing or writing you books. We were not able to adopt our foster children because of the cultural difference and their special needs but they are very much our family and would not have traded it for the world. Thank you and God Bless
Jan, Canada, 08/04/2011

Dear Cathy, I came across your books many times in the bookshops and read the summary at the back of the books and was always tempted to buy them. However each time I did not buy them as I need to buy my son’s books. However on 28 February 2011, I cannot resist the temptation any longer and bought Damaged which I finished within 2 days. I was very angry with Jodie’s parents. As parents, they are supposed to protect Jodie yet they are the ones who hurt her instead. I have finished reading Hidden, The Girl in the Mirror and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell all within 10 days because I am hooked to them so much so that when I started, I could not put the books down. All these true stories really have my heart in my mouth when I read them for I believe that no one, especially the young children, should be subjected to such abuse and neglect from their parents. My heart goes out to Jodie, who becomes what she is due to the actions of her parents, as well as Reece and Tayo who is a very matured and kind boy despite having to look after his mother instead. Hope they are doing fine now. Cathy, you are really amazing and all that I can say is that you have done the most fabulous thing for all those kids. I love how you have changed their lives for the better! Keep up your hard work but remember to take care of yourself and your family-Adrian, Paula and Lucy. I will be going to get hold of the rest of your books today and I also enjoy reading your updates on them. Keep up the good work! You are really an inspiration to me. Best Regards
Chua S H, Singapore, 08/04/2011