All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi, my children are in foster care and since they were placed with foster carers I’ve become addicted to your books. I wanted to see what a foster carer was like, what they do, and how they deal with problem children. I have read most of them. Currently on Cut. The most heartbreaking one I read was the story of Jodie and Aimee. Please continue to write such good books. I can’t wait to read your new one Daddy’s Little Princess. Much love from a heartbroken mother
Nikki, 18/02/2014

Dear Mrs Glass, I have sent to you before, after the first two books of yours I read, Please Don’t Take My Baby and Another Forgotten Child. The librarian at my school was overwhelmed by requests for more of your books and in the new year she called me to the library to present me with Cut, without any doubts I was moved. Earlier in this week I was called once again and to my absolute delight, there it was… “Will You Love Me?” I was like a child at an amusement park filled with the excitement of candy. I completed the book today and without any lies, it brought tears to my eyes! Mrs Glass once again you are a phenomenal author and in general someone with the most beautiful souls I have ever come across. As I have told you before I am not easily inspired, but you have given me a whole new way of looking at life. It would be a great honour to meet you someday!
Kayla, South Africa, 17/02/2014

Still thoroughly enjoying your books. Have just finished Damaged and Another Forgotten Child. Just have one left to read, My Dad’s a Policeman. Every one I read is as good, or better than the one, I just finished.
Barb, 16/02/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just read your book ‘Will You Love Me’ a story that did, as you describe, break my heart. You are in incredible woman and I aspire to be like you. I am 21, and over the past few years have felt an overwhelming urge to want to adopt and foster when I am settled in the future. Having myself gone through abuse although not to the same extremity of others, I feel I would be able to empathise as a parent or foster parent and want to help others overcome their past. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories and with the hope of taking your experiences on board before taking on my own. I’m sure this is what you intended. I am also so pleased to see how successful your stories have been, I feel you could not deserve more! Thank you for your stories, and advice. You truly are an inspiration to all Best wishes,
Jemma, 15/02/2014

Finally yesterday I found “Will You Love Me” in our major bookstore in the second largest city in Manitoba Canada! I’m enjoying it so much! Love
Heather, Canada, 15/02/2014

Hello Cathy, I can relate to your books. As a 19 year old who has been in foster care for 10 years your books inspire me. Happy Mealtimes Is fantastic, and Damaged literally made me realise how lucky I am to have an amazing foster mum. I’m currently studying Food and nutrition at university and believe mealtimes are so important. Before coming into care I never sat at the table to eat a meal with my family other than on occasions, some nights I’d be lucky to have meals. Mealtimes bring the family together, it can make people feel loved that they can have a proper meal time, and conversations with people that actually care make you feel welcome. Not only is it also healthy to have mealtimes it’s a time you can relax and in my foster home I feel safe and always enjoy it, mainly for the feeling of having someone around. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me understand and realise I’m not alone. True inspiration.
Daniella, England, 14/02/2014

Hi Cathy I don’t usually leave comments on pages but I couldn’t help myself. I brought your first book Damaged about 3 months ago and I had to get the others. I couldn’t put them down. I have just finished the last one and I just have to say what a truly inspirational and wonderful person you are! I have had tears and smiles reading your books. You are a credit to all these children and your children are a credit to you. Truly amazing family. Keep up the good work. From
Toni, UK, 14/02/2014

Hi Cathy, I am reading your book A Baby’s Cry and this story was very touching and fantastic. I am waiting on more books. Best wishes.
Patry, 14/02/2014

I just wanted to say how useful I have found your book About Writing and How To Publish. Thank you for sharing the secrets of your success with us. It’s a great help.
Kriss, UK, 13/02/2014

Hello Cathy, This is not something that I would normally ever do but I wanted to send you a message to say how touching your books are. My Nana brought Damaged from a garage sale last year and I have since brought all your books from Amazon and shared them with my nana. I am the mother of one lovely boy. I am an office manager but from reading your books I am getting a longing to help the children like those in your book. Last weekend I me a family friend and their foster son Alex. He spent the first 18 months of his life shut away in a room. It broke my heart. I had never heard of such happenings in our small area. Thank you for sharing your stories, it makes me a better parent and feel I need to make a difference to the forgotten kids. Yours kindly,
Zoe, New Zealand, 13/02/2014

Hi Cathy, Just finished ” The Night the Angels Came, what a very hard time for you all but so good that you all found each other. Michael has turned into a fine young man with his own little family, and your two are more or less adults now. You do a great job and are an angel for a lot of children. God Bless you
Margaret, UK, 12/02/2014

Dear Cathy, I really enjoyed reading your books and about your life. How amazing ! I Have a question if you don’t mind me asking about your book (Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child) . I was wondering wither there is any Arabic translation for your book?
Best regards, Mousa, 12/02/2014

CG: Thank you. I am hoping there will be an Arabic translation soon.

Hello, your books inspire me loads especially Cut and Damaged because I relate to them, I self harmed up to this year from 2010 I have stopped myself from doing it this year and I self harm because I was sexually abused.
Tamara, UK, 10/02/2014

Helloooo I’m an eighth grade student in Australia and I absolutely love reading your books! How do you manage to capture so much emotion in your books? Every book of yours that I have read made me cry. Especially Tayo and Jodie’s stories. My friends say I’m daft reading books about foster caring, and some teachers say that it is way past my age level but I find it perfectly fine and acceptable. There is no limit to reading >~< You’ve inspired me soo much and you’re so amazing. I would like to become a foster carer. I wish there were more people like you in the world. It would make it such a better place if everyone just helped each other. I hope you don’t mind reading all this. I also wrote about you in my essay and speech so I hope you don’t mind that either.
Anna, Australia, 08/02/2014

Cathy, I’m 16 years old and live in Colorado in the US:) about 3 weeks ago I stumbled across reviews of your books and heard they were amazing. I don’t read, I haven’t even picked up a book for school in two years. But I was bored and decided to download one on my phone. The first one I read was Cut. I was hooked. I cry, smile, and have blasts of shock throughout the books. You truly show the meaning of love. Being tossed around family members due to me being “a problem child” and none of them wanting me I know what it feels like to not be loved. Luckily I have never been abused like so many children. I am so thankful, and even the matter of being ‘unwanted’ has been solved!:) But I wanted to thank you. It is people like you who keep us going and show us what love truly means. The kids that you have fostered would not be the same without you. Thank you for never giving up on anyone. You’re truly an inspiration, in fact, I hope you don’t mind but I wrote about you as being an inspiration in an essay today:) You’re truly amazing, and through these books I have decided that when I am old enough and ready for a family I would love to be a foster carer myself! Thank you for all you do and I hope everything is going well! I can’t wait to hear more stories! Please keep them coming!!! God bless you,
Hunter, U.S. 05/02/2014

Hi Cathy I’m a big fan of u. I have read load of ur books. u have done a good job with all the children u help. Keep up the good work.
Bethan, 04/02/2014

Hello Cathy, I have read many of your books. They have all touched me in such a personal way. Authors like you inspire me to write my own book about my childhood. I am just not sure how to start any advise would be very grateful. Regards
Danielle, 02/02/2014

CG: Thank you. I like to help new writers so I have written a book which explains how to write and successfully publish: About Writing and How To Publish I suggest you read the book and then email me again if you have any questions and I will help you further. You don’t have to buy the book unless you want to; it is available from the library. My other piece of advice is to read widely in the genre so you know what publishers want. Good luck and take care.

Hi Cathy, I have just started reading The Night the Angels Came, not far into it but so sad for you all. You are such a kind caring person, wee Michael and his Dad found the angel they needed when they found you. I would have loved to have met you. Feel I know you through you books. Love and God Bless you and your family
Margaret, UK, 01/02/2014

Hi Cathy! I’m a big admirer of yours, from Brazil. I think that the work you do with the kids is one of the most beautiful things someone can do. I hope I can do the same someday. Cathy, I just finished reading “Damaged”. Love from Brazil,
Marina, Brazil, 01/02/2014

Hello Cathy, I have just read ‘Will You Love Me’. What surprised me was that not once did you mention making time in the day to slip into a spare room to write another chapter for one of your books! Every child always seemed to have your full attention, and me being such a cat lover, I just adored the times when Lucy cleverly hid Toscha in her bedroom to ‘scare’ away Stevie! I am a retired sick children’s nurse, and also tramped the wards for many years, but then was offered the fantastic job of escorting an eleven month old baby boy on a cruise ship back to Australia, with the Mother secretly on board, (also my responsibility). I shall now have another good read at all the marvellous comments, and updates of the children you have fostered since 2007! I actually applied to foster a child when my son left home but sadly I was told I was ‘too old’, so now enjoying your books from the comfort of my armchair instead! Love from .
Brandy, UK, 31/01/2014

CG: Thanks Brandy. I get up very early to write, before the children are awake

Just finished reading Damaged. What a book! You are an amazing writer. No book has ever got to me before. I wanted to stop reading half way through as it was upsetting me about Jodie, but I needed to read on to see whether this girl progressed. Not the ending I expected, but her letter to you got was gut wrenching & heart breaking. I hope this girl comes to you in the future. I was a foster child. The world needs more of you.
Steph, UK, 30/01/2014

I’ve read 3 of your books so far and they all have been amazing and hard to put down. I cried in each one of them. They touched me reading them. You are amazing writer and foster carer. As only being a teenager myself 16 it’s inspired me when I’m older to foster children. Your books help understand. I’m next going to read “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. I will read them all. They are amazing! Can’t wait for the one in March to come out too. Excited. Thank you for sharing your stories of fostering. Such an amazing woman. I hope your children are doing well. I feel I’ve grown to know them! Such an inspiration. X
Georgia, 30/01/2014

Hi, I’ve just read a whole heap of your books, they are amazing and inspirational. So much so, that I now have our feet on the fostering pathway, with all the forms sat here waiting to be filled in. Thanks for giving me the courage to do something I’ve always wanted to do. We’re looking at short term 0-2 year olds and possibly mum & baby placements, in New Zealand not the UK though. Much love to you and yours
Katie, New Zealand, 30/01/2014

I love ur books
Kayrul, 29/01/2014

A few weeks before Christmas I emailed you, saying how much I enjoyed the two books I had read. I am now in my eighth book, Damaged, and really enjoying it also. I have passed along two of your books to my daughter and now she is enjoying them also. I must say I get some chuckles out of a few things you say, talking about the boot of a car, wellies, and bathing costumes, also having a lie in on weekend mornings. Funny how some things are called such different names, between Canada and England.
Barb, Canada, 28/01/2014

Hi Cathy. I am sure that you have many emails from your readers expressing their interest in reading your books. I began reading them in order to give me an idea of what to expect when fostering. The stories which you have told are both saddening and heart warming. It has helped me to better understand what I need to do to become a foster carer. I know that this is not a skills book or a self help guide but to understand the situations of these children. Your stories have opened my eyes which will one day put me in a position to foster children. I look forward to your next book. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Kandi, UK, 27/01/2014

Hey there! (I’m Afrikaans speaking, so please, excuse the poor English!) Just wanted to let you know I love your books, because they’re real stories! I cried a lot about the bad things these young children have to endure, and truly can’t understand why people want to do these things to children, but love it when there’s a “happy ending”. You truly must be an angel, helping these children the way you do, with such a good heart. I don’t know if I would have the same patience with them than you have. Thank goodness for people like you, if only there were more people like you the world would be a better place! Thank you for your hard work and the love you give these children! Your books are an inspiration to me, thank you!
Marietjie, South Africa, 26/01/2014

Hi Cathy, love reading your books, hope you will be bringing out more.
Laura, 25/01/2014

Dear Cathy, I’m very much impressed by the book I read. I live in Moscow and happened to spend New Year in Egypt. On the beach I saw a woman reading a “Another Forgotten Child”. In several days I saw some books at the reception left by guests and free for reading. Obviously, that woman left the hotel. I took it and started. Although sometimes it is difficult and almost impossible to read such cruel things you describe about Aimee’s life these reading made me think about some other stuff, about other people The book let me forget my day to day routine and have a different look on my problems. I’m in my late twenties and read plenty of literature about psychology. I used to work with different types of teenagers as I graduated from pedagogical university. But this story was so much shocking, causing so many emotions. You are a brilliant writer and a great example of the human nature as it should be! Best regards,
Elena, Russia, 24/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I just recently finished listening your book Will You Love Me. I absolutely loved it. There are parts in the book that I can really relate to. I was wondering whether any of your other books will ever be available on audio? My reason for asking is because I am visually impaired and the only way I can read is through listening. I think your book was so inspirational and has really encouraged me to think about becoming a foster carer. I am currently studying to be a social worker but I think your book has definitely swayed my thoughts. Kind regards,
M. A. 23/01/2014

CG: Thank you. I’m pleased to say that over the next twelve months all my books are going to be released in audio. The next will be Daddy’s Little Princess on 27th March.

Damaged by Cathy Glass, This is the type of book which is hard to put down. I was anxious to know what happened to this girl and praying for a happy ending (I will not reveal whether happy or not). It is so difficult to believe any child can be abused by any adult. It is repulsive to think about yet inspires one to try to do something to make it better. An adult who abuses a child does not belong in a human society.
Renee, 23/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading “Mummy Told Me Not to Tell” amazing story! It felt like u took me on the journey while looking after Reece, all the emotions ran though me. I looked at the update, Reece should be very proud of the person he has become. My growing up was hard I never knew my mother. I have 2 brothers who were fostered out, which turned out ok. I was fortunate enough to be able to live with my dad, but I was bashed everyday for years by his wife. Now I’m a mum. I could never imagine not having them in my life. They are my inspiration! I’m currently studying to be a social worker, then I’m hoping to get my degree in psychology. Finishing that book which only took me a day, I couldn’t put it down! Just reminded me why I want to be a social worker/ psychologist. I can’t wait to read another one of ur books. Thank you
Rebecca, Australia, 23/01/2014

Hi, I have read several of your books, and yesterday I bought 3 more, “Please Don’t Take My Baby” and 2 others. I just want to tell you how satisfying your books are to read, as you can see the children blossoming under your secure care and kindness. I’m thinking of doing foster care now, although I am 58! Best wishes.
Shona, Canada, 23/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I’m a sixteen year old girl from New Zealand and so far I’ve read ‘Another Forgotten Child’, I am reading ‘The Saddest Girl in the World’ and I have ‘Cut’ and ‘Damaged’ lined up to read next. My mum is a caregiver. We have been caring for around 9 years and reading your books has shown me so much that I never understood about situations. Although our situations aren’t as horrific as yours as we care for babies, your books have helped me understand the things that could have happened to the children we foster if it hadn’t been picked up earlier. For that I thank you immensely. Thank you for sharing your experiences and you’re a truly amazing, inspirational lady. Yours sincerely,
Nickie, New Zealand, 22/01/2014

Dearest Cathy, I have been so deeply moved by reading Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. This was my first e-book. What an impact!! My children were placed in care. I have a deep understanding. I had three nervous breaks, but was very supportive of the carer. God blessed me and now I am very active in their daily lives. In fact I have two beautiful grands that I take care of very often. Bless you Cathy.
Lisa, USA, 22/01/2014

Hi, Just a short note to tell you what an amazing person you are. If only more angels like you walked this earth. I have only just discovered your books. I have read Damaged and Hidden which stirred so many emotions I was at times left emotionally drained. I look forward to reading more of your work. Regards
Cathie, 22/01/2014

Hi Cathy Have been really enjoying your books! We became foster carers early last year for under 4’s. I started reading ‘A Baby’s Cry” soon after approval and read how you had had a call to pick up a baby asap from the hospital and had to get the pram etc down from the loft and doing a speedy run to the supermarket to get the baby basics. Little did I know that a week later I would be doing the same thing! A baby had been born on the Sunday and on Monday morning I had an unexpected call from SS asking if we could take a newborn. He had been born 2 1/2 weeks early and the foster carers lined up for him could not take him, so we were asked. So there I was at the bottom of a ladder having a car seat and pram being handed down to me by my son whilst compiling a list in my head of the baby basics I would need. I also bought him a little gift as you had done for Harry…it felt appropriate! The call came at 11am and I was to go to the hospital at 4pm to pick him up. Like you I felt a little trepidation about how the mum would be. The little lad is still with us and is due to move on in 2 weeks to a lovely couple. I have read a few of your books and the situations have sometimes reflected what I am going through. I have learnt a lot from your experiences. I think they should add your books to the training programmes. They are about real foster carers dealing with real situations and they are so helpful. I’m reading Lucy’s story at the moment and the record of her early life has helped me when I have felt sad for our little foster son who thinks we are his family but will soon be thrown into a confusing situation of a new family. However he will have a better and more secure life. When I compare your account of Lucy’s early life to what kind of life he has had I can see this is the better way. Thank you Cathy for sharing your life with us….just can’t put your books down! Best Wishes
Claire, 21/01/2014

Hi Cathy, just wanted to say I have read all your books so far. You have done such an amazing job with all of the children especially Lucy. I was brought up in a children’s home. I didn’t have a foster mum but reading your books as helped me become a better mum to my own children. I can’t wait for your next book to come out. Keep writing. Best wishes
Angela, 21/01/2014

Hi Cathy, Still enjoying your fabulous books – you always know you are in for a treat when you start one of your books! Somehow I have found one that I have never read and am engrossed, I think you and your family are so inspiring and amazing. I am not sure that I would have been as welcoming as Adrian, Lucy and Paula obviously are with the children you foster, especially when they exhibit challenging behaviour. Thanks, Love
Rachel, 20/01/2014

Hi Cathy I would like to say I love ur books. I’m in middle of reading one called A Baby’s Cry. I have read three before, ur brilliant at what u do. Cathy ur the best
Georgie, Republic of Ireland, 20/01/2014

Dear Cathy, Hello from Singapore! It’s really far away here from where you are. I’m a 15 year old and I’ve been reading your books since I was about 11-12, and very recently I decided to start rereading Damaged. I just thought I’d like to thank you for being so amazing, so humble and so understanding. I feel so much for Jodie despite reading it for the second time, and I admire you for being so selfless and patient to the kids you foster. The book brought me to tears once again and I’m glad Jodie has improved 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get a reply from you, but no matter what, thank you for saving so many kids, and thank you for your books.
Joelle, Singapore, 20/01/2014

Hi Cathy. Well l have just finished reading about Lucy. It is a lovely book & l have read it quickly as it has been so hot last week, the heat has been between 36 to 40 so the only thing to do is turn the air con & sit & read. I hope there will soon be another of your books. The local library has been so good getting your books for me so l hope other people enjoy them as much as me. I suppose it is still cold there at the moment. Many thanks
Deanne. Australia, 19/01/2014

Hiya, I don’t like many books and can never get into them. However so far I have read A Baby’s Cry about little Harrison and Please Don’t Take My Baby about jade and Courtney. Loving these books and just can’t put them down. I even pick them up again a couple of months later and read them again. Heart warming stories! Can’t wait to read the next book!
Gemma, 19/01/2014

I have read all of your books about the children you have taken in and cared for. I have been unable to put them down once I start! You sound like a very caring and patient woman who truly loves what you do. I am looking forward to your new book coming out this March, and in the mean time will now begin reading one of your novels based on true stories. Thank You,
Paulette, USA, 18/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I started reading your books in the summer of 2013 after someone recommended them to me, I’m not much of a big reader but always read yours. I have read pretty much all of them within 2 months, sometimes reading a full book in one day. I couldn’t put them down. I have one left to read which is ‘The Girl in the Mirror’. You are inspirational in what you do. The children you have fostered are very lucky to have you/had you in their lives. I’ve just finished reading ‘Run Mummy Run’. what a life she had. I am going to be downloading the last book on Monday and no doubt I shall have finished it by Tuesday lol. I cannot wait to read ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ in March when that is released. I will also be taking a look at your advice books especially the happy meals book as I am struggling to get my 13 month old to eat anything other than porridge at the moment. He is my third child and is very trying at times but I am sure we will get there one day with his eating – I hope ;-). Thank you for some very good reads. Can’t wait for more of your stories. Take care. I also follow you on Twitter.
Lisa P, 17/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I read your book about Lucy’s story which I enjoyed, but also was saddened about her start in life. Lucy sounds like a lovely person and thank goodness you found each other. I have thoroughly enjoyed your books and wanted to know if you are writing at the moment.
Joanna, UK, 16/01/2014

CG: Thank you. Yes, I am still writing. My latest book is a self-help guide for those who want to write their story or become authors: About Writing and How To Publish, Then a new fostering story, Daddy’s Little Princess, will be out in March. x

I am interested in your books. I have read 4 of your books. They are very clever.
Emilia, Poland, 16/01/2014

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a real inspiration you really are, I am a nineteen year old girl. I have so far read three of your books in the last ten days. I have cried my eyes out whilst reading your books because of how touching they are. You deserve a gold medal for changing the life of so many young people. Thank you for being able to share these stories because I hope it helps other abused people to be able to come out and tell their story and not let it eat them up and ruin their lives anymore. You’re a star!!!
Hollie, UK, 14/01/2014

Hi, I love your books very much. I have collected nearly all of them. I would like to know when you have a new book coming out please. I order my books from England so I can feel the books in my hand… With many thanks. Have a wonderful 2014…
Jill, Australia, 14/01/2014

Hello Cathy, I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed your books. I’ve read nearly all of them, and once I start I can’t put them down. Can’t say enough what a wonderful person you are and I can imagine how proud your three children are to have you as their mother. Keep up the good work x
Lynsey, UK, 11/01/2014

Hi Ms. Glass, I just wanted to say how happy I am to have recently discovered your website. Over the last few days I have spent a great deal of time reading, and re-reading, all the wonderful and helpful information you offer. I was also very impressed by your offer to help other writers. I have been working on a family memoir for quite a long time now, one that is very close to my heart, and I must say there are times I get very discouraged, but with my faith and my personal commitment to finishing it, I have no intentions of quitting. After seeing and researching the wonderful books you have written, and reading your information many times over on how to write a true life story, I feel more encouraged than I have in a while. So thank you so much, and may God continue to bless the wonderful work that you do.
Sally, 10/01/2014

Dear Cathy I read your book Cut and absolutely loved it! I am a foster mother in the United States and currently have a 4 year adopted daughter through the local children’s services agency and am fostering a 7 month old girl. I find it very rewarding. Though the children I foster are infants I find the challenges come with working with the bio families. I look forward to reading the rest of your novels. Thank you for writing these books and putting the spotlight on what we as foster caregivers deal with in our careers as foster carers.
Nereida S, US, 08/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read several of your books and have just this minute finished reading your book ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’. I have ordered another 5 of your books online. You would have to be one of the best authors that I have come across. Thank you for sharing your stories, it certainly has given me a different perspective on how I perceive people.
Charlotte, South Australia, 08/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I have recently been reading your books, and took an instant liking to them. I first bought Will You Love Me, and fell in love with it, then Christmas time my mum and my sister bought me some of your books as a collection. I used to self harm because of my past and reading Cut, and Please Don’t Take My Baby have made me realise that I could stop and I have. You can’t change your past but you can change your future! I love reading your books because it takes things off my mind – worrying about having an anxiety or panic attack, and I read them when I don’t feel in the mood to go out. I would like to foster in the future, as I don’t think I will be able to have children, but what I want to achieve most of all in life is working with terminally ill children! Your books have helped me overcome some fears. Well done on publishing them! They are great, I hope there is more to come. Ps: please email me back if and when you can/have time? Yours sincerely
Jade, 07/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read all the messages u have received, and I too am very touched and amazed at the wonderful work u do. I thought u might be interested to hear about my life. I “adopted” a disabled lady from a social services home. We have been very happy and still are today. We have done a lot of travelling and been all round the UK, Europe and a world cruise too. I have always gained such satisfaction from looking after the lady, who suffers from, cerebellar ataxia, epilepsy and also slight leaning difficulties.She too had behavioural problems when she first came to me, but I’m pleased and proud to say she is totally changed now. All the very best for 2014 to you and your family.
Wendy, UK, 06/01/2014

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading about Jodie and I want to thank you for telling her story. I cried and cried and felt like I could hunt down all men and women that hurt children in this horrendous way. I myself have two young children and worry about paedophiles. Swedish statistics say that one in three children in Sweden are affected by some sort of sexual abuse, and 70% of those are abused by family members. I just don’t understand it. I hope that Jodie will have a fantastic life and that she learns to trust humanity again. Kind regards
Linda, Sweden, 06/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I am 19 years of age. I’ve had social services involved my whole life, and over the past few weeks began reading your books. You are really a true inspiration and I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of your books. I recently had my daughter of 9months taken into care on a temporary residence order due to being homeless. I lost all hope and went back to my old tricks of drinking and being stupid. Your books inspired me and put me back on the straight and narrow. I also have started to write my own book. My mother has written many books but hasn’t the confidence to have them published. You’re amazing and a true inspiration to the name of woman and mother. God bless you and your family Cathy. Yours sincerely
Leonie, UK, 05/01/2014

I have just finished reading ‘The Night the Angels Came’. It was a very heartbreaking story. I have read ur updates and I’m glad he is doing well.
Stacey, 04/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I just read your book called “Damaged ” and it is amazing. I don’t know how can you be a foster mom. I cant believe it sometimes. I hope Jodie’ is alright now, ur like an angel, wish u all the best.
Surangi, Sri Lanka, 04/01/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. It was a wonderful story, in between the tears I read on. Congratulations on all that you do, your children will surely grow up to be very caring human beings. Thanks for a great read, am now heading back to the local library to find some more of your books. Kind Regards
Kay M, NSW, Australia, 04/01/2014

Hi, I am writing to let you know how inspiring you are. The work you have done for children is absolutely amazing, I have read one of your books ‘Damaged’ and it was an amazing book. I am now half way through reading ‘Will You Love Me’ about the little girl called Lucy. What a shame it is for her. People that cannot look after children should simply not have them in the first place. But this is life and that’s why in life there are amazing people like you. I am defiantly going to read all of your books and I must say you are my favourite author 🙂 you deserve allot for how much you have done. You’re amazing!!
Kirsty, UK, 03/01/2014

Dear Cathy Glass, I have been wanting to write to you since I started reading your books in 2012. I was so intrigued and fascinated after reading the first book, “The Night the Angels Came” I could not wait to buy another book. I am now reading Cut. I have enjoyed your books so much and found them to be very informative about fostering, a job I could not have done. I like your style of writing and have learnt how hard but rewarding fostering is. Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me through your books, also the wonderful job you have done, fostering over the 25 years. To read about all the happy endings is so heart-warming. I admire your children, it must have been difficult for them, no wonder you are very proud of them. How glad I have been when reading your up-dates on the children who have come into your care. I do hope you will continue to write more books, I know that not only myself but thousands of other readers will hope that too. Yours truly
Jill, UK, 03/01/2014

HI Cathy, I have just finished your book “The Night the Angels Came” .I cried so many tears. It touched my heart dearly as it was like reading my life autobiography. I lost my father at aged 3 and then 4 years later my mother became very ill with cancer and died when I was 8. Like Michael I had no close family to take care of me and my siblings and I were put in foster care with an aunt who I loved. Sadly she too died from cancer. I was eventually placed in a Catholic boarding school where I finished my education in Rhodesia. (And yes Nuns and priests are scary for children lol) I am glad to say the upbringing and childhood has made me what I am today, but I never did get to thank my aunt for her unselfish kindness. So Cathy what I would like to say is thank you for being the special person you are and being there for Michael when he most needed you .I wish him the best and please let him know he is not alone. Thank you for all you do for the children in need. They are truly blessed to have you in their lives, as I am to have access to your books. God bless
T, South Africa, 03/01/2014

Hi I’m 21 I have just begun reading you’re stories and I’m truly touched and inspired by you! I have read three of your books in three days, staying up to all hours of the night I can barely put them down, if I do I’m left thinking of the children you write about all day at work!! Your books have made me grateful for the life I have as I have been through docs ( department of child services) with my siblings. My parents were addicts. Luckily none if us went through some of the things I read in your books and we were back with our parents when they got clean Thanks for writing these books. You really are an inspiration for me as I now know I was meant to foster children, and am now am looking into doing it when I’m a bit older and can be approved to do it. Thank you,
Jessica, 03/01/2014

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. What a wonderful book, I could hardly see the last chapter for the tears streaming down my face. What a terribly sad time for you and your family to have to say goodbye to Harrison. I found it heartbreaking. I love all your books. You do a wonderful job. Kinds Regards
Irene S, UK, 02/01/2014

Hi, I worked with children from different ethnic background and diversity. Your stories are certainly an eye opener. I really admire your courage to care & love those children. I believe it takes a certain person to do a certain job. Miss Cathy Glass I personally congratulate you in all your achievements and job well done. I really love reading your book and I’m always on the look out for more. Respectfully Yours
Virginia, Australia, 02/01/2014

Dear Cathy, thank you for writing such amazing books. I discovered your book ‘I Miss Mummy’ in my school Library in July of 2013. Since then I have read nearly all of the fostering stories. I have just finished reading ‘A Baby’s Cry’. The stories you share with the world are truly inspiring. Thank you for writing such amazing books.
Stephanie, Australia, 02/01/2014

Hi Cathy I have just finished Will You Love Me, Lucy’s story. Another fantastic book. I have read all your books and I found them so interesting, and an easy read. It’s wonderful how you’re able to tell these people’s stories, giving us an understanding of the harsh world around us, as many people are unaware of the care system and the work of a foster carer. I have a disability and many of my friends with the same disability were brought up in the care system and sadly had a very different life to myself. At the time I was born my parents were asked whether they would like to keep me, put me in care or just let me die without any medical intervention. I have a wonderful life and would very much like to write a book myself one day. I would just like to say, Cathy, you do a wonderful job fostering; giving these children hope and showing them love and understanding, and then putting it into words so we can all share. Thank you.
Lisa, 40, Wiltshire, England, 01/01/2014

Hi Cathy!! I am in senior in high school. I really like your books. You’re one of my inspirations because I thought to myself that when I grow up I want to be a social worker and help out as many kids as I can as in cps. I personally know how it feels to go through all this but I survived 🙂 and I’m happy. You’re an amazing writer and I would love to keep in contact with you. Please reply back if you can 🙂 I hope someday I become a great writer like you 🙂 lots of love
Zohra, USA, 31/12/2013

Hi Cathy I just want to let you know I think your books are fantastic to read, although they are quite sad and bring me to tears. You do such a fantastic job with all the children you foster.
Becky, UK, 31/12/2013

Hi Cathy, I almost finished reading A Baby’s Cry. I really enjoyed the book. Can’t wait to read my next book. Please keep on writing. Thanks,
Lisa, South Africa, 30/12/2013

Dear Cathy, I have been reading your books. They are so good I have 3 now. Just finished Will You Love Me? Your books are amazing and so inspirationally. I would like to hear back to you if you have time. Say hello to Lucy Adrian and Paula for me if that is possible thanks. Best wishes
Leah, UK, 29/12/2013

Dear Cathy, I am 17 years old and I started to read your books when my parents first separated. Your books helped me through their divorce. In just this short period of time I read a lot of your books (thank god to my amazing librarian at school). I saw one of your books at school and just started to read it, and from that day I fell in love with your books. I have two little cousins that went in to care. I haven’t seen them, it’s been over 7 years. When I read your books I imagine the house they live in. Your books helped me understand a little more about my two cousins lives. I’ve wanted to send you an email ever since I first started reading your books. One big thing I wanted for Christmas this year was your whole collection. I never used to like reading till I stared to read your amazing, heart-warming stories. So thanks for opening me to the world of books and for helping me move on from hard times.
Donia, France, 29/12/2013

Hi Cathy, I have been reading a lot of the emails sent to you and I agree whole heartedly with their great comments. I can’t add any more praise to them except that I too have read all of your books, and then pass them to my daughter. I can’t wait til your next one in March 2014. I have printed your updates and taped to the back of the book so I can see how these children have got on. Most of them have done so well it is all due to your great work with them. Kind regards,
June, UK, 29/12/2013

Morning Cathy, I have finished Another Forgotten Child. Truly truly shocking that yet another child can be allowed to slip through the net. So pleased that you helped Aimee to turn her life around. You need to get writing Mrs. because me and my friend are running out of books lol. Take care Cathy and happy New Year to you.
Julie, UK, 28/12/2013

Hello, Cathy! Hope you have a very nice Christmas! I want to say that I really love how you dedicated yourself for the foster children. The world would be a much better place if more people are like you. After I read ‘Another Forgotten Child’, I had really surprised myself when I went and bought myself a total of 8 other available books of yours in one go! It’s been so long I have been this immersed in books, and I kind of wish I have this much dedication in studies. Please keep up the good work, Cathy! I’m rooting for you! With love and support,
Jun, Malaysia, 26/12/2013

Just read the third one of your books on nook over the past three weeks or so. Just loved them all and going to continue reading the rest of them as they become available in my local bookstore.
Barb, 22/12/2013

U r an amazing writer. I cried a lot by reading Damaged. It is translated into Sinhala language. Now how is about Jodie? I want to hear that she is well.
Dulari, Sri lanka, 21/12/2013

I’m now near the end of Run Mummy Run. This will be my last book as I have now read them all. I will never get rid of my whole collection of your books. They are fantastic. I am emailing just to say I think you are a incredible lady and have done so much for those children. It couldn’t have been easy especially when they tell you what they have witnessed and been through. Also your children must be very understanding and supportive. Thank you for the best books. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Yours sincerely
Kelly, 16/12/2013

Hi Cathy. I’m reading your book Hidden. I have nearly read all your books. I can not get enough of them. They are very interesting and I enjoy reading them. They will help me as I am inspired to be a social worker myself. I can connect with the books as I was an abused child myself. I hope your write more as they have really helped me, and helped me to choose what I want to do with my life. I now realize that I went down the right path into an education instead of taking the wrong path into drugs and alcohol like some abused children/adults do after a dreadful past. I am so grateful for your books and your experiences and to find out how you manage in such situations. from
Abigale, UK, 15/12/2013

Cathy, you are an absolute inspiration. I admire your work and everything you do. I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry and you really are amazing. The way you handled the whole situation. Keep up the good work and please keep writing!!!
Alexandra G, 14/12/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry, it was a beautiful book & you had me in tears at the end. l don’t know how you did that one. l guess that was a good ending for them. I was going to ask if you had written a book about your adopted daughter & still on my computer was your last email about her. l keep the emails until the library get it so l don’t forget. You will have another one by the time they get in. Many thanks
Deanne, 14/12/2013

Hi, I have not read a book for a very long time and read the first few pages of your book My Dad’s a Policeman and I was hooked, so I got a copy and have read nearly the whole book. I would just like to say that I am glad it was your book I read, and would love to read more.
Elliot, UK, 13/12/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. What a wonderful, sad and happy story. Most of your books make me cry but this one out did any of the others. How Rhianna could give him away straight after she had given birth – what a very brave woman. Again you proved just how wonderful you are as a mum, foster mum and carer, you should have an obe. I am just going to check your website for an update. I am going to start Another Forgotten Child tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Julie, 13/12/2013

Your book My Dad’s a Policeman is very sad. It makes you wonder how many children out there have gone through that. I defiantly will get more of your books because I can’t put them down. Thank you 🙂
Callum, 13/12/2013

Hi, I am a 15 year old girl and I was given you book ‘Cut’ by a friend to read. I was truly moved by the story and have looked on your website and read the synopses for all of your other books and am planning to read them all. I feel that what you do is truly inspiring and that you are an amazing woman. The courage and determination you show is truly inspirational. Your books have made me review my way of life and think about how lucky I actually am. I also love your style of writing and as an aspiring writer I like to read your book ‘About Writing And How To Publish’. Once again I would like to thank you for your work and say what an inspiration you are, you should be really proud Thank you for your time,
Caitlin, UK, 12/12/2013

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say that I have read all of your books. I find when I start its hard to put them down. I have often had a tear in my eye. Can’t wait till you write more. Some are very sad and some have happy endings like little Tayo’s. Keep up the good work. Kind regards
Isabel, UK, 11/12/2013

Dear Cathy, I’ve just read three of your books in a row, ‘Damaged’, ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and ‘The Night the Angels Came’ and all I can say is what an inspiration you are! The work you do is amazing. I was very touched by all three books and intend to read more. Reading your books truly makes you realise how lucky you are compared the unfortunate others. I cried throughout reading ‘The Night the Angels Came’ such a sad story, but what an amazing little boy Michael was. And your children are amazing too. It’s lovely to be able to go on your website to see updates of how everyone is getting on! I’ve ordered many more of your books and am looking forward to reading them.
Zoë, 11/12/2013

Dear Cathy Glass, I think that what you have been doing is amazing for the children. I have read all of your books and you’re such an inspiration to everyone out there. I was fostered for 3 years of my life and then been adopted. I find that it’s amazing for people to foster. It must have been challenging to look after the children. You have done amazing things for the children, your own and adopting Lucy. It was heart touching when I read the book. I especially can’t wait for your new book Daddy’s Little Princess. You are such an inspiration and you’re my idol. When I am older I want to be like you and foster children. Best Regards,
Wendy, UK, 10/12/2013

Hello Cathy, I am French and I just wanted to thank you for writing these amazing books. I am a 22 year old student, working to become a teacher in primary school and during my spare time I am always reading your books. Some of my French friends have read your stories as well, and therefore join me to tell you how a model you are for all of us. I wish more of your books were translated into French so that my family and friends could read them and understand why I am always referring to your bravery and wisdom! I discovered your books by chance at the airport with my last pounds when I was leaving England. I think it is one of the best unplanned thing that has ever happened to me ! Thank you! Have a very nice Christmas you and your family, and please say hello to your kind children. Looking forward to hearing from you if you have some time.
Noémie, France, 10/12/2013

Hiya Cathy, I would love for you to know how much I love reading all your books. The ones I love the most are the one about Alice and the one about Lucy. They make me cry. I read your updates on those books today and cried. I can’t see how you could look after a child and say good bye, I am too emotional. My nana does foster caring for children under 7 and some of the cases are truly horrific. As a 15 year old girl with younger siblings and helping my nana out with the little ones my heart goes out to all the children you and everyone else has fostered. I would love to hear back from you as you are my inspiration and I truly look up to you and your family. I hope you carry on with your books and fostering. Wish you, your family, and a foster child if you have one well. Love
Summer, UK, 10/12/2013

Hi Cathy! I just finish reading ‘Will You Love Me?’ It is so wonderful!! I am a new social worker, just for a year now. Reading your book broadens my understanding on the implementations of what I’ve learned and what I do not know of. I am definitely starting my collection of all your books from now on!! Say Hi to all your children especially Paula! I love how she welcomes Lucy and willing to share her toys with her! 🙂 Thank you Cathy! 🙂 Love,
Nurhayati, Singapore, 10/12/2013