All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, my cousin passed your books to my mum as she is at stage 2 in her application to be a foster carer. I’m so glad she did, it’s made her more determined to do it, and given her little tips too. The only trouble is I’ve had to read them and I don’t want to put them down! There captivating, insightful and so emotional! Never have I cried at reading books before, and it’s fantastic to read the epilogue to see how they are doing, and what difference you had in helping these troubled young people on the right path. I hope my mum can do the same someday. What an inspiration you are
Vikki, 04/09/2015

I’ve read most of your books and just finished “Will You Love Me”, in 4 nights. I usually take my time but this one I couldn’t. Half the time I was reading, I was either laughing or crying, and I’m a Canadian male. We aren’t supposed to cry. Please tell Lucy that millions of people are very happy that her life turned out so well.
Mike, Canada, 01/09/2015

Hi Cathy, Hope you are well. I’ve just finished reading ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’. Again, what an amazing book, I just couldn’t put it down. I cried and chuckled. I was so pleased to find out that it all worked out happily in the end. You are totally an inspiration and I just wish I could foster children but I know it would break my heart to let the children go. I work with children from 3-13 yrs. I adore the challenging children I work with and could not see myself doing anything else. I hope your 3 lovely children are well. I am off now to start reading ‘A Baby’s Cry ‘ Take care and best wishes.
Sharon, 31/08/2015

Dear Cathy, Your books inspired me to become a social worker & I have wanted to say thank you for a long time for sparking that interest in a six former. That has given me an amazing career. (I’m 30 now sorry). I try to think each day if I would fall in to your version of a good social worker & I hope so. I hope you keep writing as I still read your books. I have heard first hand accounts of people fostering because of you. Thank you. Best wishes
Jen, 30/08/2015

Hi Cathy. You probably get thousands of messages from people that have read your books and I’m just a minority, but I needed to get in touch with you because you have really opened my eyes to how evil some people are. You are a saint Cathy. I’ve read2 of your books and have another one I’m about to start. When I read them, I feel like I’m there in your life seeing yours and these poor innocent children’s lives…. Good luck Cathy. You’re a really wonderful person.
Linda, UK, 30/08/2015

Hi, Cathy. I came across your books in my local library one day, when I was searching for books on the long term effects of child abuse that I needed for an essay. Since then I have read three of your books and I am hooked. Ever since I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted my life to be filled with children and to make a difference in the world. No matter how little. When I was 16, I decided that I was going to be a foster parent as soon as I was financially stable. That won’t be for another 5 years, or at least until I am done with university. After all I am only 18 and I feel bashful about letting people know of my wishes. But you have encouraged me to go forward with my wishes to make a difference in someone’s life. I also plan to adopt. You have inspired me so much! I love reading your books and I hope that one day I can be half an excellent foster carer as you are! You are amazing! Xx
Jennifer, 27/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I just got done reading another of your books. I just read Cut. I had a rough childhood and remembering when my parents left each other I started Cutting. Never deep enough for a scare but enough to release some of the pain. I still have a hard time opening up even to my husband. I hope things with Dawn are good for her.
Jennifer, 26/08/2015

Hi Cathy I live in the US I am 16 and in foster care. I have just started reading your books, about two months ago. I am a huge fan, and your books have helped me a lot. I just want to say thank u
Jordan, 16, US, 25/08/2015

Dear Cathy, I’ve read a few of your books and will continue to get through your collection! I just wanted to say you are such an amazing writer carer & mother. Your books make me cry and that’s what I love about reading. My recent read of yours was a The Child Bride. So sad and shocking what people go through behind closed doors. We don’t know how lucky we are! You truly deserve a medal! I’m so glad Zeena has rebuilt her life. It couldn’t have happened to a better person and that was all to you being there at the right time at the right place. Well done and all the best!!
Lakh, UK, 25/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I hope you are well. I just want to say how much I enjoyed ‘ The Child Bride ‘. It was an amazing and touching book as all of your books are. I absolutely love reading your books and because I work with children I find myself really emotional when reading them. I encouraged my sister in law to borrow some and she is hooked. Looking forward to many more. Best wishes
Sharon, 22/08/2015

Hello Cathy. I have read many of your books and would love to know when your next one will be out and its title. Thanks
Carol, UK, 21/08/2015

CG: Thanks Carol, Girl Alone will be out on 10th September. x

Hello, Cathy! I’m reading one of your books (Damaged) and I’m loving the story of Jodie, despite being a story of super sad life! With your beautiful work, you made her life better! You are an incredible person and an amazing mom. Every page I read, I imagine myself in the place of Jodie and I realize that you gave a lot of love to her and I’m sure you did the same with the other children you welcomed. It makes you a super wonderful person! Damaged is your first book I read and I’ll look around Brazil to buy other of your books! You are my favourite writer and I’m a big fan of yours. So, thank you for reading this email. I wish all the best to you and your family! I love you so much.
Larissa, Brazil, 21/08/2015

Your book Happy Adults helps me with some struggles I have along the way. It’s been helping me try and forget my past and face my future. Thank u xx
Lisa, 21/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading The Night the Angels Came. Just like the other 3 I have read that was a very touching story. Made me think back to when my grandmother was dying. I now have another outlook on the stars. Never thought of them that way. I was happy to read your update about Michael having his own family now. Do you still have your text message from Patrick about the stars? I felt like while reading this book I had known you guys (even though I don’t.) Thank you for your wonderful books! I must admit you’re my favourite writer. 🙂
Jennifer, 20/08/2015

Hi Cathy. I hope u and your family are all well. I often think of the children in your books and how much they suffered and how u did everything to help and protect them. You made them feel happy and loved which some had never felt before. I wish I had stayed with u as a child and had a parent as loving as u. Your books have helped me to realise I’m not the only 1 out there to suffer. Thank u Cathy. Xx
Lisa, 20/08/2015

Good morning Cathy, I have just finished reading Saving Danny. What a lovely story. I work in a preschool and I have never had any experience of children with autism before but I now have a child suspected to be on the autistic spectrum. Your book has given me ideas to pass on to other members of staff in order to help them deal with her meltdowns and also lack of language. She seems only to be able to respond to me at the moment, and also to her mum. Thank you. I’m so glad that Danny got the outcome he did. His relationship with George was so lovely. I have read all of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them although I don’t seem to be able to put any of them down until they are finished. Thank you for sharing your experiences you have inspired and taught me a lot. Keep up the brilliant work.
Becky, 20/08/2015

I just have to tell you how amazing you are! Fostering children of all ages & of all troubles is remarkable. I thank you! I was a foster child myself. If it wasn’t for my 2 different foster homes I probably wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you for all u do. Much love,
Crystal, 18/08/2015

Hello, Wow where do I start? You are an amazing writer and I have to say an amazing foster carer. What you do is so inspirational and as a result I have and have read all of your true stories and those based on true stories. It is something myself and my husband are looking into. Since we were told I wasn’t allowed anymore children I felt this would be a fantastic opportunity to give those less fortunate the opportunity to experience a happy family home. Reading your books has helped to identify some of the issues and difficulties children in care come across. Regards to you and your children. What a great mum they have.
Nicole, 18/08/2015

Hey, I have read most of your books, and cannot wait for your next one in September. I didn’t have the best start to life, my mum abandoned me and I was sexually and physically. I find that I can relate to some of the children you write about. I have struggled with mental health issues most of my life, I still struggle with an eating disorder and self harm, but I am much better. I now try to help others in a similar position by volunteering. Your books are truly inspirational, and I end up re reading them and still being unable to put them down until I have finished it. Often staying up all night just to read. I get lost in your enthusiasm and I just can’t really put into words how amazing I think you are! I really hope you and your family are doing well! I am amazed by how strong you and your family are!
J, UK, 14/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I am a huge admirer of your work. I came across your books quite by chance, and have read nothing else for the past year. I am currently in the process of applying to be a foster carer. At 25 this seems a huge step, but I feel like I have finally found my path… You have inspired me more than I could possibly say… I’m hoping to start with respite care, and then hopefully short-term and emergency placements. I’ve felt lost for a long time, and have never found anything I love as much as working with children. By telling your story, you have inspired me to take action and open my home to children in need. So, all in all, I just wanted to say thank you. I hope one day I have a family as beautiful as yours, and that I can provide a safe place for as many young people as I can.
Caitlin, 13/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I am 18 and at university majoring in early childhood education because my two greatest ambitions in life are to become a teacher and after my life is stable I want to be a foster carer as well. I had a rough childhood and I want to be able to help children in rough situations. I have just begun reading your books and have finished Damaged and am beginning Cut. I’ve read books about troubled children before but you have such an entrancing way of pulling the reader into the story and giving them not only the child’s perspective but the perspective of the foster parent as well. By reading of your experiences with these extraordinary children, I’ve learned so much about the system and it has sealed my decision that this is what I want to do in my life. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and inspire others, as well as the wonders that you do in these children’s lives. To me, you are considered a hero. Thank you for your work and I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well. Sincerely,
Tyler, USA, 11/08/2015

Dear Cathy, I would like to say something different to you, that makes my message special. We all know how wonderful person, mother, foster care and friend you are. I started reading your books by chance and now I am reading all of them. Although some of your books are sad and heart-touching, they always teach us something and make us to be a better person and better parents. I am the mother of twin daughters and I try to use your techniques (and your personality) to improve my parenting skills. At the same time, I am very grateful for the kind of family that I have. Your books have made me appreciate this much more. I feel you like a very special friend and I wish you all the best and extensive to your beautiful family.
Norma, USA, 11/08/2015

Hello Cathy, a year or so ago I emailed you to say you had inspired me to become a social worker. I have now my GCSE with a grade B and passed my access course. This September at the ripe old age of 34 I will be starting a 3 year uni course to qualify as a social worker. Reading all your books made me decide I wanted to do this especially after reading Damaged. Best wishes
Kelly, 11/08/2015

Hello Cathy, I’m currently on my 8th book of yours. I just felt like trying to contact to you to let you know how moving and wonderful you and your books are. I have wanted to be a social worker for a few years but after reading your books, I am definitely considering going into the foster caring profession at some stage in my life. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the world, you are a truly inspirational woman. Many thanks
Alex, 18, 10/08/2015

Hello from Canada and how are you doing? Just wanted to say that I read your latest book Saving Danny and really enjoyed it. Now I am anxiously waiting for another one of your books to be published as I’ve read them all so far. You are an amazing writer Cathy and I wonder how you find the time as you seem to be pretty busy with your children as well as foster children. Hope all is well with you and everyone. You are the best and please keep writing. God Bless
Lorrie, Canada, 10/08/2015

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to say how much your books have meant to me. I have just finished The night the angles came. It made me smile and cry. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for all you do. All the best
Amanda, 09/08/2015

Hello, I have just finished reading your seventh book ‘I miss you Mummy’. I am emailing you because I have found your book so rewarding. I was in care myself for 12 years and now live alone as a care leaver. I had a bad experience with my own foster carers and feel a level of relief that you were so committed and caring. I will be investing in your other books as I find it interesting to read other children’s experiences but from the carer’s point of view. I would like to say thank you for providing me with the knowledge that not all LAC have the same experience that I did and are cared for, looked after and loved even in a short term placement. Many kind regards
Georgina, UK, 09/08/2015

Hello Ms Glass, I would just like to say that your books inspired me to read books again. I’m addicted to you’re books and what you do. I have the utmost respect for you and what you do. It can’t be easy. You are such a lovely confident woman to take in such challenging children. Reading Damaged made me realise the lack in communication within the Social Services and not everyone gets a good outcome. My favourite book of yours has got to be your adoptive daughter Lucy’s. To see you took her in as one of your own and made her your family is beautiful to read, you should be very proud of yourself and your children. I cannot wait for Girl Alone to come out and it is already pre-ordered on Amazon for the release day. Most of all I just want to say keep doing what you’re doing, you are an inspiration to generations everywhere. Thank you for publishing novels of real life situations that are so heart wrenching and always have happy endings. Much love and luck for the future x
Sammie, UK, 06/08/2015

Would just like to say thank you for all the time and effort you put into writing your books, they are amazing.
Debbie, 06/08/2015

Hi there I’m just wanted to drop u a line or two just to tell you that I appreciate your writing a lot. I had a rough time in life with sexual abuse and a family that never seemed to care. I never had anyone growing up to help me or stop what was happening. I went off the rails as a teen, suffered, and then found myself in the adult entertainment life with no way out with no will to live. Until one day my life suddenly changed. I stumbled across one of your books and I brought it with the very little money I had. The best money spent. I didn’t know how to read but learnt just to read your book. It took a year and a half to read that book by myself and the day I finished was the first day of my new life. It gave me the strength and determination to take control and live the life I wanted so bad but never knew how. Your books are a survival tool in my life. I’m now a mother and my child is my world. Without my survival tool (your books) none of this would be possible. We have a home to call ours and I have a proper job. I would never have known life to be this good. I’m now a proud owner of 4 of your books and want to read more. So again thank you so much for sharing your stories they have inspired me and gave me a better life. From the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you enough. Take care
Mel, Tasmania, 05/08/2015

CG: Thank you for all your kind words, Mel. Your email moved me deeply. Well done for all you have achieved.

Hello Ms Glass, First can I say you’re the most amazing author. I love all of your books and you inspire me. I now want to foster children although I need to wait a few years until I know I’m emotionally stable and ready to foster children.
Lisa, 05/08/2015

Dear Cathy, I love reading your books you are such a good author. I was abused as a kid. I begged my teachers for help, but they wouldn’t listen. They said I was lying, that I was just trying to get attention, and to shut up and sit down. I don’t know why nobody would listen or help. I think more people should. I reading your books and reading how you listen and help the kids. You seem so sweet.
Tabitha, US, 04/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I am really enjoying Saving Danny. I have just seen the front cover from your new book, Girl Alone, and I can’t wait for it to come out now xxxx
Sammy, UK, 04/08/2015

Dear Cathy, I am fifteen years old. I have been reading your books for about the last eighteen months and I can honestly say they are some of the best books I have ever read. The stories of the children you have looked after are very upsetting however you seem to have made a big change to their lives. You are inspiration to me. I would like to be a teacher and thanks to your books I have more of an idea of how I might approach different children. I recently read Will You Love Me? and was so touched at how hard you tried to support and give Lucy the care she needed, and then making her one of your own family. I can only hope I would have the same determination. Your books are so incredibly well written, and they have opened my eyes up to the way some people live and are treated. Thank you so much for writing your books, they have really changed the way I look at things. You are an incredible writer and foster carer! Yours Sincerely,
Hannah, 03/08/2015

Hi, I am a 17 year old girl who from a young age has wanted to be a social worker. I don’t exactly know why I chose this career path, it interested me a lot. Reading your book Damaged made me realise the lack off communication within social services. It is true that women social workers are afraid to attend violent cases. I am currently in college studying child care, hoping to go to university and complete a master’s degree in social work. This book just goes to show that there are horrible people in the world that abuse and violate their own flesh and blood. Your book gave me so many emotions, it made me angry, it made me cry, and to know the fact Jodie was slowly progressing made me happy. People like you make people’s lives amazing!! I am going to try my very best to help kids like Jodie. You have inspired me so much! And I want to thank you for that. Xx
Naomi, 03/08/2015

Cathy I am not a great reader. Last year on holiday I came across your book `Damaged`. The book left me amazed at what a truly angelic job foster carers do. I felt my holiday this year would not be complete without reading another of your books. I have, within 1 week read `Hidden` & `The Saddest Girl in the World`. Yet again the books left me truly inspired by the hard work mentally and physically you do Thank you for such a lovely read and I admire you and your work.
Jules, UK, 02/08/2015

Good evening Cathy I just wanted to say I have read most of your books. I think they are amazing and you’re a kind hearted woman. Your books have helped me so much as I was in a horrible situation when I was young and reading your stories helps me. I feel there is so much help and support out there if needed and your stories are an inspiration to others. There should be more people in the world like you. You’re 1 in a million. Keep up the good work. Kind regards
Lynette, 01/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I’m very happy to write to you and also this is the first time I’m writing to an author. I have read your book “Damaged” recently and I’m still shocked knowing what had happen to Jodie. Actually this is the first time I have read one of your books. And also I wanted to appreciate and thankful to your kind-hearted dedication and also love and affection you had shown to Jodie. I think that no one can do that much of dedication for such a child. I was really impressed you and your actions. Please accept my regards and give my regards to your children and Jodie as well. Thank you. Best Regards
Nadishani, Sri Lanka, 01/08/2015

Hi Cathy, I know you must get an inordinate amount of emails and letters describing how you have inspired so many people; but I just wanted to say, that your determination, patience and tenacity, has particularly touched me. I first started reading about your fostering four years ago and I was immediately encapsulated in the heart-wrenching pasts of the children you cared for, as well as the ideals and values as to what your books embody. This deep insight of the tragedies these children have endured, widened my awareness to the world around me, as well as myself. I’m not even going to entertain the idea that I went through any of the hardships your fostered children went through, but I feel at least on some level, that I can empathise with the struggles they went through. This made me realise that there are people out there, that really do want to help people change and lead better lives, and I admire you for spreading this awareness. I wish you luck for the future, and hope you change many more lives for the better.
Danniele, UK, 01/08/2015

Hi Cathy! I have read 3 of your books so far. But I absolutely love them!! I recommend them to everyone I know who reads. Your books make me want to foster even more so than before. I just finished Danny’s story. It didn’t take long before I had a feeling he would end up diagnosed on the autism scale as I work with adults that have disabilities. Can’t wait to read more of your books!
Lolalynn, NY, USA, 28/07/2015

‘A Baby’s Cry’. I’ve just finished it after receiving the book yesterday. I couldn’t put it down! It’s touched my heart and I felt like my heart was going to break at many points throughout the story. Rihanna showed such strength and you are just completely inspirational. I’m young – but always have been interested in fostering and each time I’ve read your books it’s made me really think about how I can make a difference in this world to children just how you have. Your an angel xx
Emily, 26/07/2015

Dear Cathy, I have read most of your books and just finished Danny’s and Zeena’s Stories. I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring I find you. I too suffered domestic violence as a child and in my marriage but I am away from it and now writing my own story. Every time I read your books I think about signing up as a foster carer. I’m really just e mailing you to say that you are an amazing special lady and thank you for sharing your fostering experienced. It’s good to see Jodie doing well too. Regards
Sharon, UK, 26/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I have been working my way through your books. They show all the true aspects of fostering. You are a true inspiration and have turned so many young people’s lives around. Each story shows how children from all different backgrounds come into care. Each of your children and your parents are truly amazing people. I have pre ordered Girl Alone which I’m looking forward to reading. Well done again Cathy you deserve an honour for all you do for these children.
Mary, UK, 22/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I read your ‘Damaged’ book. Really it is a very heart touch story. That book is one of my favourite books. I appreciate your great dedication. You took care of Jodie very well. There be nobody like you to take care of such that girl. I have no words to express my feeling. Wow. Cathy… great work. Take care, Thanks,
Lakshani, Sri Lanka, 22/07/2015

Hi there I went to the library on Saturday and happened to find the book called Daddy’s Little Princess and I finished it in three days. I must say that it was so interesting and heart warming to read your events too.
Jay, New Zealand, 20/07/2015

Hi I would like to say that I have read 4 of your books and feel like I know you. The books have helped me realize that even though I’ve been through a lot there are people (kids) that have been through worse. If they can make it through life then so can I. Thanks
Alexia, 14, Ohio, USA, 20/07/2015

Hi Cathy I have just read Cut. What a horrid life Dawn hid for so many years. I hope she is doing Ok. If she does ring again I hope she remains in contact because it’s due to u that she has managed to turn her horrific life around.
Charlotte, 20/07/2015

Dear Cathy, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you I’ve been working my way through your books and they are great. You show all the aspects of fostering and I think you’ve done great work to help so many children. It’s made me think about putting myself forward for fostering and hoping that I too would be able to give a little love help and compassion to a child who needs stability in life. Thanks Cathy
Emily, 20/07/2015

Dear Cathy I just finished the book about Donna. You really earned your stripes on that foster. I only have two problems with your books. One is that I can’t put them down and two I can’t get through them without tearing up but that’s because you are such a good author. Regards
Tina, 19/07/2015

Hi, Cathy, I’m a huge fan! I’m currently reading “The Night the Angels Came” and I LOVE it! Michael and Donna’s stories are my favourites, so far. Jodie’s story was another favourite, although it made me cry! I only have three books left (Harrison, Tayo, & Dawn). I think what you are doing is amazing, and I’m planning on studying family/children social work. Hope all is well, and you continue to write many more books!
Nina, 17, USA, 18/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say what an amazing woman you are! After reading nearly all your books I admire you for all you have done for the children you have fostered. After self harming for over 5 years, I read your book Cut. Reading it truly helped me and made me feel like I did have a future even after all that had happened. It really encouraged me to try and move on and get help after ignoring treatment for 5 years. I am now 5 months clean from self harm and I can honestly say that your book played a part in my recovery, and I read it numerous times as it gave me hope and strength. It has showed me to have hope and faith. Like I have said before I really think you are a wonderful person and when I am older and settled I would love to foster, and hopefully make a difference to children’s life’s just like you did. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I would absolutely love to hear back from you. Yours faithfully
Georgia, Scotland, 16/07/2015

Dear Cathy, I recently became one of your fans by reading Damaged, the story of little Jodie. At first … I was shocked at what she had to go through. Then I was heartbroken and then at the end of the book I felt happy and for all you did for her. I think Jodie is a very lucky girl, because you found her. If something like that happened to a child in my country (Sri Lanka) she would never find a foster family or get support like Jodie. As Asian girls, we suffer lot of unsolved family and financial / social issues. Compared to our girls Jodie was lucky that she met you and your family. Thank you very much for writing and sharing your valuable heart touching stories with us. We really value them. Keep up the good work Cathy. God Bless you and your family! Regards,
Rusheni, Sri Lanka, 14/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I had a friend tell me about your books and I must admit I was hooked. I can not stop reading them. (5 books in 3 days hehehe). I admire the work you put into looking after foster children. I just wanted to let you know that. Thanks and keep up the excellent work
Kristy, Australia, 13/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Saving Danny’, what a lovely story. I hope he is doing well now. I have also just read ‘Another Forgotten Child’. Aimee’s story was not as bad as Jodie’s, and Aimee was a feisty little one. I’m sure her poor mom never did turn her life around but best of luck to them all. Most enjoyable book I’ve read so far was ‘Will You Love Me’!!! Regards
Mary, 10/07/2015

Hi Miss Glass, I have read so many of your books. When I start to read them I fill shocked at what the children have to go through. Then I fill upset and then at the end of the books I fill happy for all you do for the children. I think you are a brilliant mother. I have got a lot of books from you and many more authors. I have kept them all. I will never get rid of any of them as I love to read. I would love to meet you. I could to give you a big hug and get a special hug back like you do with all the children you look after.
Leanne, 09/07/2015

Cathy, I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your work and how much I admire and aspire to be “maybe half” of the human being and mother that you are. The first book that I read of yours was “Damaged” and it shocked me to realize the extent of abuse that could be afflicted on a child (those sick bastards) and the strength, patience and love that you possess. I am now just finishing up your daughter Lucy’s story and again I am just in awe at what a loving person that you are. (I am the part where they are not allowing you to have Lucy and I was so infuriated at the system I had to put the book down and stop reading for a while lol…..) I know there’s a happy ending in there, but still. Thank you for being you and please keep on writing!!! Please!!! My mother and my aunt also read your books and adore you as well!!!
Tammy, Canada, 09/07/2015

Hey Cathy- I am a huge fan of yours and have been for a very long time. I own all of your books. Your books are what helped me get into social work. Your books are a huge influence in my life. Thank you so much for your time!
Nicole, 07/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I am half way through reading all your books… And I find myself hooked once I start to read them. The Night the Angels Came left me emotional and still does thinking about it. I work in a school with autistic children. I have leant that book to a lot of staff leaving them in shock and tears. Thank you so much for the great books and wonderful job you do with these children
Holly, 06/07/2015

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say that you’re amazing and such a wonderful woman with a beautiful family. I have just finished Saving Danny, such a great book which help people to understand life. All ur books are brilliant but a couple have stayed with me such as Cut, Damaged and Will You Love Me, because I can sympathise due to being in the same situation. I was in foster care for 8 years and have been through difficulties such as self harm and the behavioural problems that come with experiences. Really wanted to say that u have helped me to understand what goes on in the other part of the care system. You have made a huge difference to a huge amount of LAC and should be proud of yourself for all that u have achieved and helped the children and parents to achieve. So thank you.
Alex, UK, 04/07/2015

Hi Cathy, I have now read all of your book and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Each one is completely different, but I couldn’t put them down as I was eager to know how each one ended. You have done well with all the fostering you do, and with so much patience. I don’t think I would have coped as well as you. I feel I know all your family now with all the reading I have done. I just want to say I love your books and want to know if you are doing anymore books. I loved them so much. Love to all
Fiona, 04/07/2015

CG: Thank you. My next book is called Girl Alone and will be out in September. There are a few details on the Books page of this website.

Dear Cathy, I am from a rural regional in Australia. Although my home life is great, I often see the lives of children whose aren’t. A very dear friend of mine recently suggested I read your books, as I am very passionate of the well being of children. Next year I intend to complete a graduate social work degree at University. You have inspired me. At the completion of my degree, I intend to do an intern exchange program in England as part of the experience. Thank you on behalf of the children you have cared for. I would also like to congratulate you on the strength, kindness and wonderful job that you have done. I don’t imagine your job would be easy all the time. From what I have read, you do an amazing job, Cathy, for that you are a hero in my eyes. Kind regards,
Sarah, 17, Australia, 02/07/2015

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and what a real tear jerker of a book it is. It’s safe to say, you’re an inspiration to many. Saying goodbye to Harrison must have been heartbreaking. I didn’t think after reading ‘The Night The Angel’s Came’ that your books could get any better but you’ve topped it again. It’s clear for me that you dearly care about each and every child you have welcomed into your home as much as you do your biological children. As I have said, you are an inspiration and with more people like you in the world, the world would be a better place. Keep smiling Cathy. x
Elsie, UK, 02/07/2015

Hey Cathy, I am partly through reading all your books and somehow I understand and it is a fascinating world indeed. I would like to foster someday. Foster care is just starting up in India. My eldest child is adopted and she has loads of issues. She swears orphanage life was always happy but her behaviour shows otherwise. Thanks
Becky, India, 30/06/2015

Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished reading your book ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Olwyn, UK, 30/06/2015

Dear Cathy, I am halfway through your book about Lucy and it’s so amazing and thoughtful it has opened my eyes up to see the world in a different light. You are truly an amazing lady for taking on children and turning their lives around in the time you have them. I couldn’t imagine what a reward it is to now see them happy. I have bought all your books and am going to spend my summer reading them, even though I am 16 I have friends in foster care, so I see how hard it is and I am just so touched by your book. Thank you for doing all you can for these children,
Maisie, UK, 29/06/2015

Hi Cathy. I have just finished reading The Child Bride. It has touched me in many ways. You are amazing at what you do and I admire you. I also come from an Asian family, and reading your book it was great that you didn’t turn against the Asian community and still supported Zeena.
Chandia, UK, 24/06/2015

CG: Thank you for your kind words. Sadly, bad things happen in all cultures, in most parts of the world.

Hi Cathy, I am 22 and want to say how much I love reading your books. I have read everyone up to date and am inspired how you can make life that little bit more bearable, After a tough childhood myself I am inspired by you and can not wait to read your next book Girl Alone. Thanks again
Maddy 22/06/2015

Hi Cathy! I have always been interested in reading true stories and since the first time I purchased one of your books at an airport before a long haul flight I have not put them down! I myself am young single mother of my 2 precious angels, and even though sometimes it kills me to read what horrible experiences the children in your stories have had, the happy endings always make me feel so so happy. You should be proud of yourself for all the good you have done and still do for many innocent children who without people like you would possibly not stand much of a chance in having a normal life. I look forward to reading many more of your success stories, and ask god to bless you for all you do. Very best regards and good wishes
Maria, Malta, 22/06/2015

I have just finished Another Forgotten Child and couldn’t believe half of what happened to that poor child. At least with the hard work and determination of you and others involved she has had a happy ending. No child should be able to slip through the net especially if the parent has already asked them to take the child as a baby. She knew she wouldn’t be a good mum, it is just so sad they had to suffer because social workers did not listen to the mum.
Charlotte, 20/06/2015

Hi Cathy! I just read your book The Child Bride. Its totally heartbreaking story. I learnt a lot of things and I realized to be more thankful in life. Thanks! Keep writing and inspired a lot of teenagers out there. You are my favourite author 🙂
Fathin, Malaysia, 19/06/2015

Hi Cathy just read Lucy’s story (Will You Love Me). and don’t know how any loving mother could live on the streets with a 6 month old. Luckily u made a difference to her life. Well done
Charlotte, 19/06/2015

Hi Cathy I read some of ur books and every one I read were so awesome. You are a very kind and caring person for fostering all of those children that have issues. I have a 16 year old in custody so I sit and read ur books makes me know about children with behavioural issues. Thanks again Cathy.
Judy, 17/06/2015

Hi Ms. Glass, I fell upon one of your books in my local Wal-Mart. I read the introduction on the back of the book and couldn’t resist buying it. I bought the book on a Monday. It’s now Tuesday and I am really wishing I had a book store near me to buy all your books. I am 18 and have had my mind settled on fostering kids once I am older and have finished my career. I too feel like most kids just need a little structure and a whole lot of love and care. In my opinion, having your own kids is a powerful thing but to be able to raise someone else’s along with your own and still help the foster child become a better person is worth all the late nights and busy mornings in the world. I applaud you for doing such an amazing job with these children and for doing it alone mostly alone. Thank you for thinking of these children. I have never written to an author before so I am not exactly sure how else to put my happiness into an e-mail. Sincerely,
Annmarie, USA, 17/06/2015

Hi, I wrote to you a while back. Hope you are well. I’ve read quite a few of your books so far. I just finished Reese’s story. Geez you were patient. You put me to shame. Such a happy ending for him though. You were right to not give up on him. I’ve just started “Damaged” today. Anyway, I’ve always wanted your recipe for cottage pie. You mention that dish in a few of your books . I downloaded Happy Meals last night on my phone and made it for dinner tonight. It was sooooo good! We all enjoyed It. I also made bread and butter pudding. I’ve made it before but your recipe would have to be the best one so far. I’ve tried a few. Thanks for sharing them. I can’t wait to make cottage pie again. I also want to add that your books motivate and inspire me so much.
Shantelle, Australia, 17/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I have contacted you about your books before but I had to say it again. I love your writing and have read all your books many times. I look forward to your next two books. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with fostering. It has inspired me to some day foster children. Your books are wonderful and have really touched my life. Thanks again for sharing.
Coralee, Canada, 17/06/2015

Good morning Cathy. I have ready your book, Damaged. It’s very very sad book. Thank u very much for write this book for others. I’m proud of u. Because you r good mother. I’m also mother for 2 children, My English is not good. Best wishes for u.
Renuka, Sri Lanka, 15/06/2015

Hello, hope you are having a wonderful day. I just wanted to let you know that you have become one of my favourite authors. I started with Lucy’s story and read all of your books in about three weeks and am waiting for the next. I’ve recommended your work to my sister and her friends. My sister and brother in law adopted their three children after fostering them. The only thing I wish you had written about was the first encounter with Jill (which is also my sister’s name). I plan to get to both Happy Kids and Happy Adults in the near future. One for her and the other for my husband. You are an inspiration and an incredible lady.
Lesli, 13/06/2015

Dear Cathy, I’m not fluent in English. But please let me to express my feelings for you and your books. I have read most of the books of you. Thank you very much. I think about you how nice and a kind lady to sacrifice so many things. Sometimes I feel very sorry about the children you have fostered. In our country most of the parents do care very much about their children but there are many thing to learn and add to our lives. Thank you very much once again. Yesterday I went to the famous number one book shop to buy an another book but unfortunately all your books are sold out and they asked me come by next week. This is the demand for your books in Sri Lanka. My congratulations. Waiting for the latest book. God Bless!!! Best Regards,
Nilmini, Sri Lanka, 11/06/2015

Cathy, I just read Another Forgotten Child. It was so inspiring. Unfortunately, I could relate to Aimee’s mother too well. I was sexually abused by my father, and later my brother also, from when I was three until I ran away from home at thirteen. I’ve made choices I regret, everyone does. My point is that I haven’t let my past define who I am. Thankfully I’m stronger than that. My heart truly goes out to Aimee’s mom, but she chose to do the horrible things she did. She let her past determine who she became. I pray that if you know someone that’s being abused, you’d tell someone. There might not be someone looking out for them, but we can help look out for each other- especially the children who can’t, and shouldn’t, have to look out for themselves. Love
Diane, US, 10/06/2015

Hi Cathy, First please let me say I think you are am amazing mother and foster carer and a fantastic writer. I had never been interested in reading until I came across one of your books, now I have read them all. Everyone is just as brilliant as the last. I had a terrible childhood with abuse abandonment etc and I was fostered. At the time and some time into my adult like I thought I had it bad but some of these stories make me realise although my start in life wasn’t the best these poor children go through so much. You are one amazing lady and I hope and pray you never forget that. Thanks to you I now intend to foster children myself. It won’t be for a while as I am getting married in 9 weeks and have a baby due in 14 weeks. Life is good. It wasn’t good believe me. I was on a heavy dose of antidepressants but somehow reading your books got me through my dark place and now thanks to you I feel a better mum. I have taken on some of your ways with my own children and it has made them a lot happier, so I would just like to thank you!
Gemma, 09/06/2015

Hi Cathy, Hope all is well. I have just finished reading Will You Love Me? I started it yesterday afternoon and couldn’t put it down from start to finish! Was such a lovely story for Lucy and glad you found each other! I first read – A Baby’s Cry, then went on to read Please Don’t Take My Baby and just finished Lucy’s story. Hoping to read Saving Danny next. It’s just what I read when I finish that one! I enjoy them all!! Love
Gemma, 09/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books for a few years now, I have just finished reading Saving Danny. I am in awe by how much you do for the children you look after. Through reading your books it is very clear just how much you care for each and every one of them even after they have moved on from you. As a former foster child I know all too well that not all foster carers have the same love, dedication and patience as you do. I am hoping to one day become a foster carer but at present am working through a lot of my own issues, most of which I have due to traumatic childhood events. There need to be more people like you, maybe if there were I wouldn’t have turned out the way I have. I just wanted to tell you I think you do a brilliant job and that you are an inspiration to me. I will be going to a rehab centre soon for alcohol issues, I firmly believe if I had had someone like you in my life when I was young I wouldn’t have these issues. Much love and thanks to you and your family. Love
Tara, 21, 08/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. A friend of mine recommended ‘Cut’ to me in January and since then I have read all of your books apart from the novels, which I will be soon! I can’t wait for more to be published! You are a truly wonderful person!
Kirsty, UK, 07/06/2015

Hi Cathy it has been a privilege to read one of your books The Child Bride. It is written in simple straight forward honest language, making me feel that I was with you in your home going through this emotional trauma. Well done to you and your family for the care and love you have given to so many children. You have touched my heart. Like you I have brought my children up single handed which in itself is not any easy role but I admire how you have opened up your home to many more children. My daughters too have grown into well rounded adults. Regards
Judith, 07/06/2015

Hi Cathy just want to tell you how amazing you are. Love your books. I was in foster care and never had the experience you gave to the foster children. I love Lucy’s story, glad you gave her the family she always wanted. Cathy you are AMAZING XXX Thanks for reading
Lorraine, 07/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to send you a message say I think your one hell off amazing lady and writer. I’ve read nearly all your books, I am in the middle off Will You Love Me. I just want to say you’re an aspiring person and every child you have helped and cared for will and would agree. Keep up the good work Cathy. Many thanks.
Sarah, 06/06/2015

Would just like to say you are a wonderful person and on Twitter! I read your book Cut first, I really enjoy your books. I’ve read four books so far and still going. Just have to wait for my library to order them in for me. Thank u so much for being such a loving caring person and to give all the kids you have looked after a chance. Thank you sincerely
Edie, 04/06/2015

I would just like to express how much you inspire me and how much enjoyment I get from reading your books, and seeing the amazing job you do to help so many children. I am 19 and studying educational studies degree, and I would love to foster and have the same impact and help as many children as you have. I have been reading your books for years now and you are a true inspiration to me and many more! I hope to achieve and change the lives of many children just as you have done 🙂 I’m so thrilled that I am able to share this with you as I am sure that many many people feel the same! You are amazing. I wish you and your lovely family all the best
Sophie, UK, 04/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I am so inspired by your books and feel so privileged to read each and every one of them. I was a foster child myself for 8 years along with my younger siblings. There’s no words to describe how amazing and inspiring you are to each and everyone of your readers. I’m extremely grateful for the stories you have shared. The time and effort fosters carers put into looking after children is forever appreciated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lives of all those young children you have changed.
Gemma, 03/06/2015

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say I am a big fan of your books and they way you capture the reader. I am 18 and have been in care since I was 14, in and out of foster placements and then eventually in a care home. I find reading your books touching and inspire me to read and express my emotions and share my experiences with other people. Thank you very much for all that you have done. II can tell you are an amazing foster carer and have made such a difference to people’s lives. I have just finished Saving Danny and it is such a good book. Thank you for writing it, you’re so talented. Thanks.
Georgia, UK, 03/06/2015

Dear Cathy. First of all, I love your books, especially Run Mommy Run. Unfortunately, the way Aisha’s relationship started was exactly how my “Love life,” began. Luckily I was able to get out before marriage and children came out of it. But reading that story has made me strong enough to start breaking down the walls I built around my own experiences and I am starting to write down exactly what happened with my X-Fiancé. I’m hoping that you are well, and I look forward to reading more of your publications! Love,
Abby, US, 03/06/2015