All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, I’ve never read a book in my life until I got your book Damaged yesterday. I couldn’t stop reading it. I read the whole book in one day. But I have to ask. Where is Jodie? How is she? I feel so bad about her. I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about her. How did you get through it? You are a great mom. Keep up the good work. Best regards
Nicole, 11/03/2010

Hi I’ve just finished reading Hidden and can’t believe how good I felt at the end. I cried from when Sandra phoned you until I’d finished the book. I have just started to read Damaged now. I will email you when I have read that one to let you no how I feel after that. I have read a lot of true stories but none as good as this one for making you cry.
Sarah A, 11/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I am just about to start reading The Saddest Girl in the World, having already read Damaged, Hidden and Cut. I find it hard to read sometimes, but I have a job to put your books down, very very interesting reading. I have been a foster carer for 4 years now. My husband and I have been looking after an unaccompanied minor for the last 2 years. He is absolutely lovely, he is so caring and grateful for anything and everything. He did get deported in 2008, but as carers we felt things were wrong and had a very big battle with the UK Border Agency to bring him back. Needless to say after 3 months of him living on the streets, and many e-mails, letters and a very good solicitor and Social Worker, my husband went to Italy and brought him back 2 days before Christmas in 2008. Life could not be happier for him right now, attending college, starting a mechanics course in September 10. He will always be a big part of our lives, we will never replace his birth family, but we are his extended family. Our job can be very rewarding and I enjoy it very much. Take care and happy writing.
Kerry B, UK, 11/03/2010

CG: Hi Kerry, what a lovely story. Well done all of you. Cathy x

Hi Cathy, I have read your book The Saddest Girl in The World. I felt awful about how Donna was treated and have begun to realise that children are not to be blamed for abuse that has happened to them. I can now look in the mirror and be happy. Your story about Donna made me cry and laugh at how she could maintain dignity. I thank you. I think it is great that Donna still sees you.
Claire, Leeds, UK, 10/03/2010

Hi Cathy I have just finished reading Damaged and loved it! It was the first book of yours that I have read and it won’t be the last. It makes me angry to read about all these children being abused and how social work can sometimes lack interest and miss out important things. But when I read about people like you helping and caring for these children it inspires me. I hope one day I can make a difference to someone’s life like you have. I’m sure these children will remember you and love you forever. Keep up the good work. Xx
Terri, 10/03/2010

Hi I’ve just finished reading Hidden and it’s a very good read. It’s the 1st book that has made me cry, I really enjoyed it. I’ve just started to read Damaged so I am looking forward to that.
Colin, 10/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I have just read your book ‘Damaged’, I couldn’t put it down, and cried all the way through. I haven’t been able to think about anything else other than what poor Jodie went through. I would love a reply to this email. I have two children myself, a boy and girl and find it very hard to believe how cruel they were to her, words can’t explain can it. I think you are truly amazing woman!! I hope that Jodie is receiving all the love and care she deserves. Much love,
Michelle, 09/03/2010

Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for being a foster carer. I just finished reading “Damaged” and I was in tears. There are so many children that go through what Jodie did and nobody knows about it. Our world has truly some evil people in it. I thank God there are those with the abilities you have to be able to care for them and help them. Even though Jodie seemed to regress after being with you and your children for a year, she was actually getting better. Thank you so much for the time you and your children spent with Jodie, and for writing about it so others are aware. I have a 16 year old daughter and I have asked her to read the book. I have been a teacher to a lot of children in the last 25 years and each and every one has touched me in a different way. There have been some that were damaged but not to the extent of Jodie. After reading the book I just had to write to let you know how much it touched me. Thank you again. Sincerely,
Jody, Pennsylvania, US, 09/03/2010

Thank you for everything what you do for these kids! You are great! You have Big Heart!! If I can do something, just write I will help!! I will be a psychologist. I’m from Poland and I have a two years old son. I’m single mother, but proud and strong! You gave me a faith for better tomorrow! Thank you beautiful woman! Greetings from Poland and big hugs.
Paulina, Poland, 08/03/2010

Hey Cathy, I have read two of your books now, Hidden, and also Damaged. They are both amazing books in their different ways. You have really inspired me. The reason I am writing is because I’m really interested in becoming a foster career. I have been for sometime but I think reading your books has made my mind up. I am only 19 so I have got a long time 2 go yet before I can start.
Samantha, UK, 08/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I’m a big fan of your books. I hardly ever read but I was in a charity shop when I came across your book “Cut” and I couldn’t put it down. I read it in three days. I have been in childcare for 4 yrs now and by reading your books I have developed knowledge on signs of abuse. You’re a big inspiration to me and I’m always checking your site to know when the next book is out. I’m currently reading The Saddest Girl in the World.
Hayley, 07/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I have read Damaged and Hidden. I want to start by saying I love your books. You are a very gifted writer and an even better person. I can’t wait to get more of your books I find it hard to put them down. Thanks to you some kids get a chance in life. I have two kids of my own a boy of 5 and a girl of 3. Me and my partner are thinking of becoming foster carers. We have been thinking of it for some time now. When I read your book I couldn’t believe what the kids go through. it has made me want to become one even more. We have now started looking in to how to become one. Hope you and your family are good. I can’t wait to read the rest of your books.
Kirsty, 24, 06/03/2010

Hello Cathy, am writing to you from Canada. I have been here for over 20years after emigrating from Germany. I am writing to award you for your strong heart and soul. Jodie does remind me of myself when I was her age. I still cannot remember any of my childhood before the age of 9, but thanks to you I can make peace of the forgotten. Thank you indeed for your courage. May you be blessed and loved. Lots of love and light to you
Tanja S, Canada, 06/03/2010

Hello Cathy, I have been able to read your first 2 books and would love to add my thanks to others for the work that you do. I truly enjoy the heartfelt emotion that goes into the books you write. Thank you once again for your contribution to humanity. Regards
Shelly M, New Zealand, 05/03/2010

Dearest Cathy Glass, I would like to write to you regarding your book-Damaged. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I attend an all girls school and I first heard about your books through one of my friends who said she had read an amazing book by Cathy Glass. I am on chapter eight of Damaged and am amazed at your style of writing. I would once again like to say that you are an amazing author and I am enjoying it as it is teaching me a lesson. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter even though you must be ever so busy. I will be really happy if you get a chance to reply to my email. My best wishes,
Nasik A, 13, UK, 05/03/2010

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ which only took me 5 days as I couldn’t put it down. This is the first book which has ever made me cry. I never understood what fostering involves, I now have the upmost respect for you and other foster carers. I am truly touched by your patience and eagerness to help others. You are a fantastic role model. Thank you
Robin R, 19, Dorset, UK. 05/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I’m just writing to say how much I have enjoyed your books. You truly are a gifted writer as I feel it is talking to me not me reading! I am in total awe of what you have done for this children and how much care and passion you show for your work. Please keep the books coming as these harrowing stories make me so grateful for what I have and I can’t put them down. God Bless you for all you do. Regards
Geraldine B, 25, Gloucestershire, UK, 05/03/2010

Dear Cathy, I am 15 years old and an aspiring Social worker. I found out about you and your books by pure chance when ‘The Saddest Girl in the World’ popped up on a charity shop shelf and caught my eye. I finished that and thought it was very well constructed and am now currently reading ‘Hidden’. I intend to buy the other books you have written.
Alex, 15, UK, 05/03/2010

Good Afternoon Ms. Glass, I am writing because I run a CASA program, which is part of a National Program to provide community advocates for foster children. Part of my job as is to facilitate a book club. The purpose of this book club is to choose books that deal with foster care and the issues the children we work with deal with. We get together and discuss the books each month and have been doing so for about two years now. Our group has never been as touched as they were by Jodie in your book Damaged. Two of our participants could even relate many of her characteristics and behaviours to the children they work with. I wanted to pass on the praise they shared in the group. It was such an amazing story and we will be reading Cut next. We are all cheering you and her on because of our own struggles with similar cases. Thank you again for the inspiration your book has provided.
Jennifer H, Director, Lehigh County, US, 04/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your book “Damaged” and cannot tell you how much it affected me. My eldest daughter has just spent six days with me and had brought it with her to read. She left it with me. Seven years ago, my daughters disclosed that my husband (of 40 years) had sexually abused them since early childhood. They now had children of their own and needed to distance him but did not want to distance me. A decision was made to tell me the truth. I had absolutely no inkling of this and thought that I had the perfect marriage. My son also had been totally unaware of what his sisters had been through. My world was blown apart in the most horrific way. That night we all confronted him on his return from work. He was given the ultimatum to move out or the girls were going to the police. That was the end of my marriage and the end of my life as I knew it. I felt that I had lost my past, present and future. It has been a long journey for me, years of counselling etc. the guilt was horrific. How could I not have known? Women in my situation have committed suicide. In your book, the social workers first word was “where was the mother”??? When you trust someone implicitly, you do not react when they go up to read your little girl a bedtime story or settle her down with a bedtime drink? I went to an evening class thinking they were in safe hands? After reading the book I did feel that I needed counselling again. My girls have not given me much detail about what went on but reading about Jodie made me physically sick! Thank God my girls were not as badly damaged as her. Strangely enough they have gone into jobs that help other people. We all struggle on a day to day basis. We are all damaged and deeply affected in our different ways. He has so much to answer for. At present he is free and living abroad. There seems to be no closure. He was a well liked pillar of the community. The world is a better place for people like you and I thank you on behalf of every hurt child that you have nurtured. Yours
Mary, 04/03/2010

Hi Kathy I have just read your book Cut and wept buckets. I’m so pleased Dawn turned her life around with I truly believe the love from you and your family. I was so pleased she made contact with you. I would really like to believe she is now married with a loving husband and family. Thanks for a great read.
Adele, 02/03/2010

I have read all the books that you have written that I have been able to find at my local library. They have been compulsive reading and I have enjoyed all of them with tears in my eyes and also laughter. Thank you for making it a pleasure to pick a book up and become totally immersed in it. Regards
Wendy B, 02/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I’ve just started to read your books, I began with Cut and it was terrific. I can’t believe children suffer so much as Dawn did. I wanted to congratulate you on being so good foster parent to Dawn, I don’t think that I would’ve handle everything so well. Good luck with your next books, and please keep me informed about Dawn and your new releases. You must think about making a movie of Cut. It would be excellent. Good luck with it all, please keep me informed via e-mail. God Bless.
Janine, South Africa, 02/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I own three of your publications, Damaged, Hidden and Cut, and let me just say, you have saved my life. I was put through a lot of the same things many of those children have, and being only 16, I am still finding it difficult to come to terms with everything. Once I read Damaged, I was simply hooked. It is inspiring to know that people like you exist. I hope I am lucky enough one day to meet somebody much like you. Without knowing it, you have turned my life around. Thank you, so much.
Kristie, 16, Australia, 01/03/2010

Hi Cathy, I live in Malaysia. I have just finished reading your book, The Saddest Girl In The World. It was amazing, it was touching and sad. I am really proud for Donna, her accomplishments and journey both of you guys travelled are amazing and breathtaking. I have never known how is it to be a foster parent as I am only 14 years old. But, I bet it is hard work. I would love to make friends with Donna. Cathy, have you ever thought of visiting Malaysia? It’s really a nice place! Thank you for spending your time reading this message. Sincere,
Mark, 14, Malaysia, 01/03/2010

CG: Hi Mark, thanks for all your kind words. Donna is a lovely young lady and rightly proud of all she has achieved. I haven’t visited Malaysia but I would like to in the future. Very best wishes, Cathy.

Hello Cathy, I love all your book and can’t wait till the next one. The topics you cover come so close to home as I was abused as a child and also self-harmed and was rejected by my father. I find so many books do not really deal and get to the heart of a subject, so I thank you for all your books. They are truly amazing. From my experiences I am now in the processes of becoming a social worker, I have a year left to study, and I love the fact I will be able to put back. I think you are a truly amazing person. Can’t wait for the next book. Best wishes
Jade, 21, 27/02/2010

Hello Cathy, I’m from Singapore. A reader of Hidden, very much liked it. I was really impressed and it inspires me to be a foster carer one day when I’m older. I have never liked reading especially during silent-reading period in school (a period of the day in school where students were given time to read a storybook), it was often a dozing period for me. But ever since a friend of mine introduced me to your book, I’ve been reading it every single day. Your book makes me turn the pages one after another. It is the only book that kept me going until the very last page. I have never came across a book that was such a page-turner. It was really nice reading a book that was so realistic. You’re courageous, and I really wish to be like you someday. All the best, Cathy! Truckloads of Love,
Joey A, 17, Singapore, 26/02/2010

Dear Cathy, I have just finished Cut. My mum was brought it as a Christmas present and thought it would be a good book for me to read. It took me 2 days to finish it, I couldn’t put it down. To think that social services kept something so important from yourself and John is horrendous and I salute and praise you for your courage. I felt like I was there watching the scenes unfold in front of me I was there watching it all. (My English teacher always told me this is a sign of a good book). Thank you for such an insight into the world of fostering. Me and my husband have just been told we can not have children and are thinking about fostering. Your book has really made me think of the rewards of fostering, as well as what could go wrong. Thank you once again Cathy, I hope you and your family are well. I am about to start reading Hidden. Love
Amy, 26, UK, 25/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I was given Damaged for Christmas from my mother in law and I just had to e-mail you. I only started reading it last Tuesday and by Friday night I had finished the book and wanted more. I went straight out and purchased your other 3 books on Monday which I am now reading in the proper order. I think you are fantastic, such an inspiration. My aunt fosters vulnerable children and it’s always heart breaking when they have to move on. She became a forever parent to two foster kids and still fosters another one or two, and that is over and above having 6 children of her own. I had to be vetted so as I was a suitable babysitter and I just love what you all do. Keep your books coming it has been such a long time since I found a book I enjoyed reading, not since Dave Pelzer. Yours sincerely
Janine, Scotland, 24/02/2010

Hello Ms. Glass, I have just read your book ‘Damaged’. My fiancée, Amy, picked this out for me. I absolutely LOVED it. I am amazed at your resilience and your courage. You are an incredible woman and your three children, wow. I hope I can raise my future kids as well as you did yours. Jodie’s story was incredibly sad but because of you this girl has a chance at a great future. Amy and I have been inspired by you and Jodie’s story and want to become foster-carers too. I also like how honest you were about how hard it really is but we want to change children’s lives as well. I have had, lets say, not the best up-bringing and remember wishing I had someone to guide me properly and I hope to be this person for under-privileged children. You are amazing and should be proud of yourself for all you have done. Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given us. We wish you and your family the best of luck.
Josh and Amy N, 24/02/2010

Dear Cathy, I have read 4 of your true stories and I really have to say you are an amazing woman. To look after so many children and to help them in the way that you have. I have read Damaged, Cut, Hidden and the Saddest Girl in The World. All of them had me with a tear in my eye. The way you helped the children in your books after what they came through was truly an amazing thing for you to do. I can’t wait for your next book due out now in April and I hope you have many more heartfelt stories to write. Just reading them makes you wonder what actually is going through people’s heads when they can harm their kids the way that you described in your books. Cathy you really are a god send and the fostering team should feel themselves very lucky to have someone like you on there books. Keep up the great work Cathy. Yours sincerely
Brenda B, UK, 23/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I am writing you from Canada and just wanted to say, that you have done such an excellent job writing your books. I’ve now read Damaged, Cut and am now reading Hidden. Since reading your books, I feel that I know you personally, even though I don’t. You have a wonderful way of writing that makes the reader feel as though they are actually there. You certainly deserve a metal for all your love, patience, understanding, care, (the list goes on) for taking care of these children and giving them the best help to get them through. It’s an awful shame to think what some children in the world really go through in life. Every child deserves to have the best, it’s just unfortunate that some don’t. So it’s especially nice to know that there are people like yourself in the world, that take in these troubled children and try to give them the best of everything, while they are in your care. Keep up the great work! You’ve done an excellent job, no doubt about it. I look forward to reading your other books as well. Take Care!
Christine L, Smithville, Ontario, Canada, 22/02/2010

To Cathy, thank you very much for writing these books. I have just finished reading The Saddest Girl in The World and now look at life in a different way, knowing how lucky I am. I am hoping to read the rest. Are your children as sweet as they sound? I am only eleven but feel very sorry for Donna. Well done and thanks.
Ellie, 11, 22/02/2010

CG: Hi Ellie. My children are all grown up now. But looking back I appreciate just how understanding and patient they were with the children we looked after. Yes, they were sweet, but like all children they had their moments! Cathy x

Hi Cathy, I’ve just come across your website and wanted to drop a line to say I am very impressed by the content, esp the updates from the children in your books and the articles page. My little sister first started reading your books about a year ago and as all siblings do she passed the books to me saying they were fantastic and I just had to read them! I read Damaged first then Cut and Hidden I have just recently finished The Saddest Girl in the World . As with the others could not put it down. I am always sad to get to the end of the story. As an auntie to two wonderful kids the books really opened my eyes to how adults can treat children, and made me acutely aware of how I handle Lucy and Devon, it would break my heart if they ever came to harm this way. I’m excited to see you have a new book due out in April, what was the first thing I did? Told my little sister of course! She will probably buy it and read it before I get a look in! I think you are an amazing person and the work you do is wonderful you must have the patience of a saint and a heart to match no other. Take care
Alaina, UK, 22/02/2010

Oh my goodness! I am still up in the clouds after just finishing ‘Hidden’. What a fantastic outcome! This story really brought back memories – what we went through with my step son a few years ago; the lies, manipulation, the way he looked after and parented his mum, saying he was white and hating his afro hair, sulking. Can’t believe the similarities! Also his dad is originally from Ghana which is also West Africa. Its a comfort to realise that I dealt with his behaviour in a similar way to how you did with Tayo, though his son was quite a bit younger. Well now my head is out of the book I should really get back to my family! I think they have missed me!!
Hayley, UK, 22/02/2010

Dear Cathy, I bought your book Damaged on Friday, came home, made a cup of tea and could not put it down, I was so gripped. I felt so sorry for Jodie. Before you took her in no one wanted to help her or understand her poor child. As I read more, the more I was crying at everything Jodie was telling you. How could parents do that to there own child. I have 3 children and would hate anyone doing that to them as they are my world, but the more I read the more I felt for you and your family trying to help Jodie when she would not respond. But in the end the letter she got Paula to write for her was so lovely. You are such an amazing woman, wish everyone who dealt with Jodie before you could have seen the signs instead of just ignoring her and not listening. I am glad she is doing well now and enjoyed her holiday aboard. I am now going to get the rest of your books as you have me hooked I never enjoyed reading until I read Damaged. I want to read more. Many thanks Cathy
Elaine C, 22/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Damaged’. First of all I would like to say that you are an absolute inspiration!!! I read quite a lot and do not think I have ever been so moved by any book (however tragic). I work within the young people’s substance misuse service and come across quite a mixture of young people who face many different problems. It is so frightening to think of all the suffering children out there that we do not know about and that have fallen through the net. The whole of the book is very emotional and I cried through most of it, although as I got to the end of the book and reached the part about the letter that Paula had written for Jodie it took quite a few attempts to read it as I could not see for tears. I am a mother of three and can never understand how anybody could hurt their children intentionally let alone what happened to poor Jodie. What also worries me is that if you had not come into Jodie’s life and done all you did for her then she would not have made the progress she had. You truly deserve a medal for all that you do! I will defiantly be reading your other books. It is so nice to know that there are people out there like you- you really are an inspiration Thank you so much for sharing your story Kind Regards
Nicola W, UK, 20/02/2010

Dear Cathy, you are truly an amazing lady and I believe your children are too. I love your books. I have a daughter who is 11 and has asked if she could read your books, I have told her when she is older she can but for now it may be a bit much for her. What age do you recommend that children should read your books?
Deeanne, Australia, 18/02/2010

CG: Dear Deeanne, The age at which a young person  could reasonably read my books will  depend largely on their level of  maturity because of the issues covered. I agree with you that 11 is rather young, but I have had mature 12 years olds email me saying they have read my books. Certainly I wouldn’t recommend a person under the age of 12 or 13 reading Damaged, although of course many young people of that age will already be aware of the issues I write about  – from newspapers, the internet, or television. I Hope this is of some help. Cathy x

Dear Cathy, I am writing after reading ‘Hidden’. What an amazing story, it brought many tears, thankfully by the end of the book it was tears of happiness. I am so glad that things worked out well with Tayo in the end. Its a great shame about his mum, and I feel for Tayo with all the heartbreak he went through with coming to terms with the fact that his mum didn’t turn up to contact. I have a friend who is a foster carer and she was caring for a child who was 8 weeks old when she arrived. This little girl now 2 years old has gone to live with permanent carers. I now know how difficult it is saying goodbye to a child who isn’t yours but you get to know so well. I have a son who is 2 1/2 and he became good friends with this little girl. They used to run around the garden on the swings, went swimming together and soft play centres. I used to see little girl 3 maybe four times a week and it was so hard to know that one day it was the last time I saw her. I was upset but, my god, I still now do not know how my foster carer friend felt! I really admire the work you do. We could do with more people like you in the world. I am looking forward to reading your other books, which I’m sure will have many tears again, but like Tayo’s story I hope by the end it will be tears of happiness knowing that once again you have helped another child.
Timothea M, Northampton, UK, 18/02/2010

Dear Cathy, Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a perfect world, where everyone is given support and help when needed? Unfortunately, as you say in your blog, it always comes down to money, or lack of. We had a similar case, a special nurse was appointed solely for the welfare of anyone with learning difficulties who had to go into hospital. She worked with the client and professionals involved with the person, visited home and made notes of their needs. When the person arrived for treatment, the nurse was on hand to help them settle in, also she made sure that they knew where things were, and what was going to happen to them. This proved to be really worthwhile, but was stopped because of lack of funding.
G, 18/02/2010

Hi Cathy, here is Calista from Malaysia. I hope you still remember me. I was just finished reading Damaged and I found it was a heartbreaking story. Jodie had hurt so much and really, I do dislike her parents when reading the book. How could parents do such a kind of things towards their own daughter? And why a mother didn’t even protect the child from being abused..? I was feeling the same way as you and I could understand your thought and feeling as well. The way you felt so depressed and sad when you had no idea how to help Jodie, and even thought about giving up fostering. No one in this world is perfect but we always want to be the best. I shall give you a hug if I can meet you, really, from the bottom of my heart. I feel glad that at the end you are still fostering. I do agree the last sentence of your book: there’s always another child out there who needs help and you are one of the angel from heaven that going to guide them, giving them your love, care and attention. You really have done the best job. I hope Jodie still recovering well and she can be able to move on. I am really luckier than her and I shall appreciate it. Thank you, Cathy, for writing such a story. Best regards,
Calista, Malaysia, 18/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I was in the same sort of situation as most of the children in your books. I would just like to say thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one out there. Now I’m going to be writing my own book about my experience
Amy, UK, 18/02/2010

Cathy, Hello there, just read your book, Damaged, for the second time, my heart goes out to you, you must be an amazing person, and your kids must be also. I am a correctional officer (like a prison officer in the UK) so I get to see the other side of the fence. Here in Canada, where we are still under British laws, it is extremely frustrating to see someone come in under child pornography or molestation charges and get sentenced to weekend sentences, or worse, let go. I could in no way do what you do, I would have hunted the parents down, and lets face it, done time myself. Kudos Cathy, no matter what you think, Jodie is a better person today for what you have done for her, YOU WERE NEVER A FAILURE.
Leah, Canada, 18/02/2010

Hello Cathy, Sorry I haven’t been in touch earlier I forgot to tell you how much once again I enjoyed reading your book The Saddest Girl in the World. My mum surprised me and bought it for me at Christmas, because she knows how much I have loved all your others. I read it (like the others) in a day because I just couldn’t put it down. This book was so sad but yet heart warming. You once again inspirationally changed a young person’s life for the better. I was so sad when Donna wasn’t able to stay in your family but I understand that she had to move on and settle properly. I’m glad she did, thank you again Cathy. Hope your ok and have had a lovely start to the year 2010. All the best
Naomi, UK, 17/02/2010

Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book ” Hidden”. It was very sad in places and I did have a few tears in my eyes. Also I am very proud of the work you do, regards
Pat S, 15/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I have 3 children of my own and a great husband, we’ve been together 18 years this year. I have never read a book in my life and I have just started to foster. I have a girl and she is golden. My mam gave me Damaged to read and I couldn’t stop crying, what you were telling me was so painful. I really felt for Jodie and I am glad she is still in touch and doing so well. Your family is a credit to you. I went out and got Cut, Hidden and The Saddest Girl in the World, and again they made me cry. I hope I can do as good as you have for the kids I have. Cathy, I will be waiting for your next books. You are a truly outstanding woman and I wish you and your family all the best for the future. Love from
Patricia B, UK, 14/02/2010

Dear Cathy, Firstly, thank you for writing such an honest and moving book. I borrowed “Damaged” from the library on Friday and finished it Sunday morning! It is completely tragic that the system can let children down so horrendously and only hope the other kids out there who are experiencing abuse at the hands of people who are supposed to love and protect them are helped before it’s too late. I was so glad to find your updates of Jodie’s life available on the website and wish her only happiness. I also hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying life. There were a couple of moments in your book that really upset me. When you said you would never foster again as you felt you had failed was so disastrous as you obviously do an extraordinary job. It was wonderful to find at the end of the book that you had decided to foster again. I am sure it has been said to you many times, but that little girl would not have the life she has now if it had not been for your intervention, love, understanding and determination. I was also moved to tears by the note left for you by Jodie, you really made contact with her and she knew you understood her pain and frustration. Try and keep warm, I know you are experiencing ridiculous weather conditions in the UK. I am currently enjoying the Australian summer and I think we have the complete opposite problem, although we had half our average Feb rainfall in 1 day on Friday! Anyway, that’s enough from me, just wanted to say thanks again for a truly inspiring read, it makes me think we could all do a little more for the precious kids around us. Kind regards
Emma H, Australia, 14/02/2010

Hi, I’m from Malaysia, and to be exact Kedah which is situated in Northern Malaysia. I luv reading ur books and very curious to know ur children. I’m sure they grow up to be beautiful children, full of understanding and empathy. Luv to hear from u.
Hanim, Malaysia, 13/02/2010

Cathy, I have just come across your books and love them and can’t wait for the news to come out. I have read Cut and am reading Damaged now I have the Saddest Girl In the World, I have Hidden on order and can’t wait to purchase you new ones. I love this topic. Have you ever heard of the author Tory Hadney, she also writes on this subject and works with these children. Keep up the great writing. I know these children appreciate everything you do for them. Keep up the great work. A New Fan,
Sherry G, 12/02/2010

Hey Cathy. Hi I’m 15 and go to St Margaret’s A.G.S Australia and I read your book Damaged for a school assignment. I researched you on the internet and found your email address because I felt the need to email you. I was truly moved by your book, crying various times throughout reading the book. It really made me think about the importance in life and helping other people when they need it. You have truly inspired me and I thank you greatly for this. I would like to send my best wishes to Jodie and I hope that you will get to see her again soon. I look forward to reading your other books. Kind regards
Natalie, 15, Australia, 12/02/2010

Hi Cathy I am reading your book Damaged and may I say you are a very inspiring lady. I have managed to put it down long enough to send you this email. The way that you reach out to Jodie is awesome. I live in the UK and although we are all aware social workers etc have a lot to deal with you really open the eyes of your many readers. Hope this email finds you well. Are you going to be writing a sequel on Jodie as I would love to know how she is faring now? Take care. Love and regards
Carol, UK, 11/02/2010

CG: Hi Carol, I haven’t written a sequel to Damaged (yet), but there are some updates about Jodie on my website – on the book page for Damaged.I hope you find them useful. Best wishes, Cathy

Hello Cathy, I am a foster parent in the United States and have been for six years now. We have fostered 11 children and did respite for may more. I have been married almost 20 years and have twin girls that will be 17 in May of this year. I read your book “Cut” and really enjoyed it so I bought Damaged, Hidden and The Saddest Girl in the World. I just started reading Hidden. I feel like I have come to know you and your family after reading Cut. I admire how much you do for the foster children. I hope that I have done a service to the ones I have had in my care and the ones that will stay with me in the future. Thanks,
Kim M, US, 10/02/2010

Dear Cathy, have read all your books and have always eagerly awaited the next. Got so much from them personally, in so many ways. Was inspired by your care of the children and their courage in their struggles. One thing that always stood out for me is how u managed to do it alone, after your husband left. This is particularly pertinent in my own mind at the moment as my own husband has just left me at 37 weeks pregnant. I find strength and hope in your writing, thank u so much for sharing it with us, please don’t stop writing, would love to read more. Have learned much about good childcare from your books and will take that with me to help with my new baby. Love and blessings.
J, 10/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I have all your books. You are an inspiration to me. When I first read about Jodie it brought a tear to my eye. It’s all thanks to you and Jill that she is who she is today. I’ve really been inspired by you and I’m looking into fostering myself. You really are great at what you do, and I have the upmost respect for you. Many Thanks
Kerry C, 21, Manchester, UK, 09/02/2010

Hello Ms. Glass, I read the book “Damaged” and half way through ” The Saddest Girl in the World”. I am a big fan of your books. I’m a 14year old girl and “Damaged” was the first book of yours I have read. I got it on a Friday at 7:30pm and didn’t put it down till 4:50am on Saturday, finished it all! I cried so much for poor little Jodie. I felt so bad, that book moved me. I’m reading “The Saddest Girl In The World” and its very good, chapter 10 in only 7hours! I feel very sad for Donna. I read over 6 books in the last 2 months and by far the best was “Damaged”. I plan to read “Cut”, “Hidden”, “Happy Kids” and “The Girl In The Mirror”, and finish “The saddest girl in the world”. You are an inspiration and because of the books I’ve read I want to go into foster caring thank you
Kate, 14, 08/02/2010

Hi Cathy! I’ve read your book, Damaged and I just want to say that you and Jodie are two wonderful people and I wish you both luck in life! When I grow up I want to be like you, I would like to help other people/children with their lives. I’m going to speak about your book to my class in hope that more would be caring about these children and off course read your books! Best regards
Martha, Sweden, 08/02/2010

Hi, I have just finished reading Cut and was very moved by your story, I am myself a foster carer and I was astounded at treatment you received by social services back then. Last year I read your book Damaged and again your books really do open peoples eye’s to the realisation that children are abused one way or another every day, thank you for sharing your experiences and I will be reading Hidden next. Many Thanks again
Jayne, 05/02/2010

Hello Miss Glass, have, just five minutes ago, finished reading ‘Hidden’ and was, yet again, deeply moved. I’m not quite sure why exactly, but I felt the urge to contact you, (I hope that is okay!). I am 20 years old and live in Australia. My parents, and the rest of my family, are British and moved here just a few years before I was born. They started fostering when I was just a baby and my brother was three. My Nan, my Mum’s Mother, also began taking in kids in need around the same time. Like yourself, my Nan ended up permanently adopting 3 of the many, many children she cared for over the years, and I can’t help but relate to you and your family when reading your books. As I came to the end of ‘Hidden’ I couldn’t help but shed a few tears, for the happiest possible outcome for Tayo, and for the all-too-familiar mixed emotions of saying Good-bye to someone who has become, and will remain, a part of the family. Being only a baby when my parents began fostering, I was always the youngest in our household and had a very different experience to my older brother with the children we took in. The kids that came to live with us, sometimes many at a time, became like siblings to me, as I’m sure your children would understand! While my brother was often around the same age, (and gender, as it was very rarely we had girls come into our care) became close to these kids in a very different manner. Many kids looked up to my brother, while where I was concerned they were very protective and nurturing. Again, I’m not sure why I have written this e-mail, or why I’ve included any of the above in it, I just wanted to express my admiration for both yourself, and your children for taking on such courageous, selfless responsibilities. I am leaving Australia to travel Europe in March, spending a lot of my time in England with my brother who now lives in London, and my two older half-brothers from Stoke-On-Trent and the rest of my family. Like many 20 year old’s I haven’t quite perfected my life plans as yet, although I have always held a strong desire to make a difference in the world, even if it is only a small contribution in the scheme of things. I love to write, and have been doing so since I first learnt to form sentences! Your work, along with my parents and Nan’s, truly inspire me and I only hope one day I will be even half the people you are. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best for your future as both a Mother to many and a truly talented Author. Kind Regards,
Rebecca B, 20, Australia, 05/02/2010

Hey Cathy, I am 12 years old about to be 13 and I live in CA. I like your books a lot!!! The other day I was reading one of your book the one called “Cut” and I came up with the idea that you can totally make that into a movie!!! Just imagine your book in a movie! It is really interesting and I hope you really read this and at least think about it. Any questions or comments do not hesitate to write back, Thank You,
Stephanie, 12, California, USA, 04/02/2010

CG: Hi Stephanie, fantastic idea, I shall pass on your suggestion to my publishers straight away. Cathy x

Hi Cathy, I would just like to thank you for writing your books, they are very touching. Its’ so sad to here that there are so many children out there that have had a bad start in life but with all your help and support they have turned out well. I can’t wait for your 2 new books to come out which I will be getting as birthday presents, keep up the good work, just wish there were more people like you in the world. Hope Adrian and Paula are fine. Take care
Sarah, 04/02/2010

Hi Cathy. Picked up your book Damaged when I was in England a couple of years ago. I live in Alberta Canada. I absolutely loved reading this book and couldn’t put it down and just reread this book yesterday. I am a Registered Nurse working in Paediatrics (children’s ward of hospital) and deal with abuse cases occasionally. I share my books with other nurses to read. Can’t wait to read more of your books and going to England March 22/10 for a week and hoping to see your books available at the airport (where I picked up my first book) and know if I can’t find them all, I will be ordering them on line. Thank you for sharing and caring. A new fan, and keep up the good work in your writing and in your profession as a carer.
Janice H, Alberta, Canada, 04/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say I love your books and can’t put them down. They are so addictive I read them within a day and have read them at least twice over. I can’t wait to read Happy Kids and have pre ordered you book being released in April. You and your family have done an amazing job being there for all your foster children and becoming people they can finally trust and begin to love. The world would be a far better place if there were more people like you out there willing to help.
Mel, UK, 03/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I stayed up last night reading Hidden, I cried with happiness at the end, but what a life he had to live before! I didn’t realise that our country had sweatshops, and I was appalled when I read what happened to Tayo with the machine, also that he didn’t receive the medical care he required at the time. Thanks to you Cathy you made his, Jodie n all the others in your care a life they should have had from birth. Your three children are credit too and I admire the way they make a difference to your foster children’s lives and welcome them into their lives too. I am looking forward to reading Cut next. I have read your updates on the children and it’s good that they are doing well. Take care
Amber-Leigh, UK, 01/02/2010

Dear Cathy, I have recently read Damaged, Hidden and The Saddest Girl in the World. I have so much respect for you and your family. At the moment I’m going through a very rough time with my health, but after reading these books its made realise that most of the stuff that I’m going through is nothing compared to what Jodie, Tayo and Donna went through. I’ve just brought Cut and will hopefully starting that tomorrow.
Leanne, 01/02/2010

Hi Cathy, I hope this finds you and your family all well and you all had a wonderful Christmas. My belated Christmas present was finally my copy of The Saddest Little Girl In The World, Another brilliantly written book!! I am really glad to see life worked out for Donna, what you do for these kids is amazing! Keep up the fantastic work and can’t wait to get my hands on your next book
Katrina and Family, Australia, 01/02/2010

Hello Again, Just to let you know I have just finished reading ‘The saddest Girl in the world’ I was really touched. I felt really sorry for Poor Donna. But I am glad she was able to move on. I have no idea how you must of felt when Donna took her anger out on Paula. Reading this book has really moved me. And the words Paula said were full of love and affection, just what Donna really needed. Hope she is doing well. You too(:
Sorcha, 31/01/2010

Hi Cathy, must say you are an amazing woman and I praise you for your patience. I have only read two of your books and cannot wait to purchase my next one. I was on a flight back to Canada from England in 2008 after visiting my family and I needed a book to read and Damaged stood out amongst the rest. Throughout the flight I was drawn more and more into your book and admired your willingness to help a defenceless child, your patience was undoubtedly what saved Jodie. Normally after reading books I send them off to goodwill but Damaged has remained on my bookshelf and every so often I look through the pages as a reminder that this world certainly does offer good people. Yesterday, Saturday January 23 2010 my husband and I went looking for books to read and found Cut. Sunday morning I started reading and by Sunday tea-time the book was finished. I was captivated by your story and that of Dawn and I was angry that the social worker had not given you the full details about Dawn considering you had Adrian. Your patience and understanding of her obvious needs was overwhelming and I am not embarrassed to say, I did cry at the end of the book. Your perseverance prevailed and Dawn got the much needed help she so obviously needed. I am sure she is well and thinks of you daily. My own daughter who is 18 is thinking of a career as a teacher or being a social worker and I have given her your books to read. I truly believe that with the insight you have given this will help my daughter to understand that deep down children hurt and are unable to readily ask for help but do so in their ‘weird’ actions, and whatever path she chooses to watch out for these signs of help. My sister, lives in England, and is a foster mother. She has only cared for three children and has gained immense pleasure in helping out vulnerable children. Again, keep up the good work Cathy.
Angela, Canada, 31/01/2010

Dear Cathy, I have read Hidden and have just finished Damaged and am going to be reading your other books soon. The two books I have read so far have touched me. I think you are a amazing woman and I think you are a awesome for all the children’s lives you have helped, and for how much you care for them. I have just finished Damaged and I feel ever so sorry for Jodie and what she went though. I am only 13 and reading your book have shown me how lucky I am for the life I live and for what bad stuff can happen in life to poor innocent children. You are an inspiring person
Dolores, 13, UK, 31/01/2010

Hi I just want to say that what you do for all those children is so good. You are a nice person and I couldn’t put the book, Hidden with Tayo, down. And I was so moved and touched by Damaged. I feel more trusting of this world that people like you are out there looking out for children. Thanks again.
Leanne, UK, 31/01/2010

I have read Damaged, it was a very sad book, and I really felt it was me that I was reading about because the same thing happened 2 me. I was abused by my father so I understand what Jodie went through and how she is. I have troubled with bad nerves. You do a very good job, I bet you was up set when she went away from you, I was so sad, bless her.
Sheila, 30/01/2010

Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for your very amazing books, due to you, I have learned to read signs in my work – not only in children but adults as well, by the way they talk, act and look, etc. Finally after 5 years, I have helped 2 children, 1 due to the child telling me something and the 2nd due to her grandparent mentioning something, and I gave her a bit of advice which helped 100%. I am so proud of myself, but not half as proud as if I did a fraction of what you do. We need more people like you. Keep up the excellent work Cathy and all my love to you and ALL your family. All my love and respect.
Denny, 30/01/2010

Hi Cathy, My friend gave me the book Damaged to read last night and I couldn’t put it down and have finished it already. I was truly touched by the book and you and your children’s support and care for Jodie. You are a remarkable woman and I admire your strength and courage, I have never been in care or treated inappropriately but I am a carer and understand some of the things you went through with Jodie and her challenging behaviour and her out bursts and your sleep deprivation. Being a carer is mentally and physically challenging and exhausting but like you I won’t give up caring. Keep up the good work Cathy, we could do with more people like you in the world. I have just ordered 3 of your other books and no doubt will just as gripped by them and probably up all night reading them. Thanks
Amber-Leigh, 30/01/2010

Hi there Cathy, I have just finished reading Hidden and can I say I was in tears at the end. It touched me so much that after everything the poor little fella went through. I have spent the last 13 years looking after children with disabilities and have read lots and lots of books about different children’s horrible lives and none touched me the way Tayo’s story did. I think because the outcome was so Happy and surreal. You must still be so genuinely touched by it all. I’m sure you still keep in touch with him, and I was wondering if you did ever get the chance to visit him in his homeland and how he is going now. I am sure you must have hundreds of kids who owe a lot to you for their happiness. My wife and I have thought many times of fostering but have always thought it would be way too hurtful forming bonds with these children and have to give them up. We would want to adopt every one of them. Anyways I just had to drop you an email to let you know how fantastic and amazing I found both Tayo’s story and YOU. Without people who are as strong as you in this world, I wonder just how many more children would have no hope of a better life or even survival. You are a true gift. Thanks again for touching me with this amazing story and I am in the process of finding all your other stories. Take care and if you do happen to chat with Tayo pass on all my blessings and love
Jason B, Australia, 29/01/2010