All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, I’m 18, a law student. I’ve been a big fan of you from a while. I really like all the books that u published.
Rania, Tunisia, 14/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your books. The first ones I read were Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World. I have recently finished reading A Baby’s Cry, and I smiled at the end. I am in foster care too and have finally found a placement where I can stay until I am 18, so I wanted to ask, how can I make a placement work out well? Lots and lots of hugs,
Naz, 13/12/2014

Hello, I’m a 20 year old who totally loves your books. I just wanted to say if only there were more people like you within society. My love for books only started once I started to read your books. You are good at what you do, and totally amazing. The last book I read The Child Bride totally got to me I must say. lots of love
Huner, UK, 12/12/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry, and it brought a lot of emotional feelings to myself. I have got a few of your books, as they remind me of my life since childhood. I am hoping to get all your books. This book must have been hard to try to write and publish. Yours sincerely
Naomi, 12/12/2014

Hi Cathy, One day looking thru the iBook store on my children’s iPad I came across your book Cut. It looked interesting so I downloaded it and read it all the way thru. Yesterday I went to my local book store here in Sydney , Australia, and found they had most of your books, but being a single mother I can’t really afford to buy things for myself. But they had Please Don’t Take My Baby. I purchased that and read it today. I have just finished it and looked on your website for Jade, Tyler and Courtney’s update. You are doing an amazing job. I’m struggling to cope but reading how you dealt with Dawn and Jade has given me hope that things will turn around for me and realise I have loving parents who are now loving grandparents, and I can do all this without the support of my children’s father
Aimee, Australia, 12/12/2014

Thank you so much Cathy for the books. I live in Australia and I’m your biggest fan over in Australia. Please bring out some more books. It takes me a 2 days to read your books. I love your book Please Don’t Take My Baby. It meant a lot
Kyle, Australia, 10/12/2014

Hello, Both myself and my older sister read you’re books. I find them so heart-warming to read. In particular, The Saddest Girl in the World, is the novel that I and my sister have recently read.
Shania, New Zealand, 09/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I note that some of your readers are in the twenty five to thirty four age bracket. Well, I thought I’d let you know that I’m double the age and one of your biggest fans. Lol Some readers are foster parents and some have been abused themselves. Thank you for adding the Samaritans telephone number on your web site. They helped me no end many, many years ago. I have the mental and physical scars but I have learned to forgive. I’m agoraphobic and have panic attacks but to be fair I shouldn’t be alive. You really are a wonderful lady….to be honest you are an inspiration to so many. Much love,
Sue, 09/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read all of your books and am currently patiently waiting for the next one which I think is coming out in March. You are an incredible woman I have just read all the follow ups of the children you have fostered on your website. As I was reading them it occurred to me that they would not have achieved the things they have without all the love, patience and time you and your family spent with them. They have all done so well and that is down to you and your family. Your truly inspiring and have made me think I would one day like to foster children so that I to could try and make a difference to their lives. Although I think I will wait until I start my own family. I see how well your daughters and your son do at helping with the children you fostered and how at ease they made the foster children feel. You should be so proud of you and your family truly amazing people. Kind regards
Amy, 25, Scotland, 08/12/2014

I have just finished your last book. In the space of 2 and a half months I have read everything you’ve written. I can’t put your books down. Even just by reading them I’ve found strategies you’ve used and they’ve worked on my own children. Can’t wait to see what your next book is. You’re really an angel with a big heart to do what you do xxx
Katie, 08/12/2014

Cathy I’ve just finished your book about Aimee (Another Forgotten Child). I’ve read all your books and would like to say, how amazing and wonderful you are. I have 3 babies who I love more than words could say. It baffles me how parents can ever put innocent children at risk or harm. I’ve always known I’d like to become a foster carer when my babies are older. Keep up your brilliant caring of these sad cases of child abuse etc, you really touch my heart, really. And please keep on writing. You are my inspiration, love to you all xxx
Laura, 06/12/2014

Hello Cathy. I have written to you briefly before, quite sometime ago and just had to say yet again how much I admire what you do in caring for the many foster children you have looked after. I enjoy reading your books and feel it is really great that you have such a gift for writing. I have just read “The Child Bride” and had no idea that children in the UK could be abused in this way. You are a very special person and doing such a great job in helping abused children. I look forward to reading any more books you publish. Best wishes,
Val, UK, 06/12/2014

Hi Cathy just wanted to say well done on ur books. I have read most of them and loved them all. I too was taken into care along with me brother and sister due to physical and neglect abuse. So I can kind of relate to some of your experiences. Can’t wait for next book keep up the good work
Hayley, 05/12/2014

Hello. I’ve just finished reading your book about Zeena (The Child Bride) and am in absolute tears after finishing. Your book has truly inspired me. You are an amazing woman who deserves every bit of happiness in the world. You do an amazing job with the children you look after and your books are just drawing me in. Just got my partner to order me 5 more of your books for Christmas, including the one about your adopted daughter Lucy, which I’m dying to read. Basically thank you, I love your books and have been telling everyone how amazing they are. All the best
Georgia, UK, 04/12/2014

I have read many of your books and have find myself totally immersed in them. I am, like yourself a single parent. My son has learning difficulties. He is popular at school with both teachers and pupils. It has been interesting to read in your books your views on social workers as I have encountered quite a few problems with them. Because he is safe and well looked after by myself then they are not interested in the fact that I could do with some respite care. I have had very little help in the last 16 months due to serious family problems. I wish I knew of a foster (respite) carer like yourself. Many thanks again for your wonderful (and heart wrenching) books.
Heather, 03/12/2014

CG: Heather clearly needs some respite care for her son and I made some suggestions of where she might be able to find this.

Cathy how are you? I read your first novel My Dad’s a Policeman, and then I read Run Mummy Run, I couldn’t put it down. I missed my bus stop, that is how good it was. Coles book store has your books and the library has ordered in the other stores as an interchange. I was so sad for Aisha, it is unfortunate that these things truly do go on behind closed doors. I want to thank you for writing these books, they have opened my heart so much. God Bless you Cathy and family. Adrian and Lucy and Paula must be grown now and proud of you. These books open our hearts and minds. Yours Sincerely
Selina, 03/12/2014

Hello Cathy, I’m from Malaysia. I’ve emailed you before :). It’s currently 10.30 pm and I just finished reading “Another Forgotten Child” I must say, it was a beautiful story. I’m so amazed by your skills and everything about you. Based on what I read, you seem to be a very nice, understanding person. I hope Aimee is doing well with Jenny, Jason and Emily. She might just be the same age as me! haha.. Anyways, I’m glad I came across your book at the bookstore. 🙂 I wish you, Adrian , Lucy and Paula the very best. goodnight.
Issabelle, Malaysia, 03/12/2014

You truly are an amazing woman. I have just finished reading all your fostering books and awaiting your newest. I have never read a book from cover to cover until I found yours. You are an inspiration to all and a role model to many. Including me. I would have loved to foster but I don’t think I could have dealt with half the things you did. Its strange how I feel I know u and all your family by reading your books. Best wishes to you Adrian Paula and Lucy. May you continue to bring happiness to all.
Kirsty, 01/12/2014

I am reading your book about Tayo and you wrote about – 4 degree temperatures. That’s not very cold. You should come out here in winter and go to Central Otago where temperatures can reach -20 degrees and more. I hope that Tayo is doing well these days. Our library is well stocked with your books. If some books are not in I am able to get what is called an inter-loan which costs $5 but I am prepared to pay that price if I am desperate to read a book which is not in our library. I am one of these readers who will read until my eyes drop. That’s the original Facebook. Lol. I admire the work that you are doing. You must come to New Zealand. I shall take you fishing and show you our museums. Regards,
Fiona, New Zealand, 30/11/2014

Just finished reading “Daddy’s Little Princess.” I simply could not put it down. You are truly an amazing person…compassionate, caring, loving. You inspire me. I plan on reading more of your books. God bless you and your loved ones. Thank you.
Stacy, 28/11/2014

Hi. I just finished reading your latest book, The Child Bride…it was a harrowing read… Through these nights of not being able to sleep properly due to my daughter’s death it has been nice to curl up in bed with a good book. My house has your age children. I have 5 and always spares so I can relate to a revolving house. I have often wondered if fostering was for me ..with my brood and like u and being single for some time…I sent away for the package last week…I work as a teacher on a special needs school and love it…but often wonder how I can help more…Once again thank you
Carolyne, Tasmania, 28/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I’m still reading your books. It’s amazing, I cry so much of happiness the way you take care of the children and sadness at how many children suffer before they are noticed. I just read A Baby’s Cry. It’s such a happy ending but it makes me sad when I read updates and some of them they quit contact with you after all you done with them. I’m happy to know they end up happy but it’s also nice to keep in touch with you even just once a year. You are such a good hearted woman and ur children. I’m proud of u.
Miriam, 27/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just started reading your books and I’m truly fascinated by them. I’m also a single mum of 2 children.
Shelley, 26/11/2014

Hello Cathy, I haven’t read Child Bride yet, still waiting to get it. I live in Wisconsin, USA, as a foster parent, I love your books. They help us understand when we have a new placement. Thank so much again.
Deniese, Wisconsin, USA, 26/11/2014

Hi, I read The Child Bride a couple of months back and like your other books, it was a brilliant read! I’m so glad it all turned out ok for Zeena in the end! It’s a shame though her father and uncle couldn’t have been arrested for what they did because who’s to say they wouldn’t do the same to other women? It was strange without Jill being in the book, although it was just as good as the other books. The way you can describe characters is brilliant and you feel part of it when you read the books. I can’t wait for the next one! I hope you do loads more and keep doing them for a long time. They’re brilliant stories and I like them because I get in to them right from the start.
Amanda, 25/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I love your books and have read all of them including ‘The Child Bride’ most recently. It made me cry to hear Zeena’s story. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing these very important stories and raising awareness about abuse and suffering. Unfortunately, I was a victim of abuse that slipped under the radar. I have a physical disability, and was forced to stay in an abusive environment for much of my life, until I finally escaped (aged 30). I had to go to a whole new city, and when I arrived, I didn’t even know how to make a cup of tea, let alone cook or take care of myself! Now, two years on, I am getting my life together. I have my own adapted flat, and I have learned most of the life skills that I was sorely lacking. I have had counselling to help me deal with some of the experiences of my past. I have good friends who have taught me that I am a good and worthwhile person. Reading your books helped to give me the strength to recognise my abusers for what they really were and find the strength I needed to escape. Reading about the terrible experiences endured by the children that you have fostered made me see that it is possible to move on in even the most desperate of situations. I knew if they could survive, then I could too. Thank you for all your books and for your work as a foster carer. You are amazing! Best wishes to you and your family.
Anon, 24/11/2014

Hi Cathy I’m one of your biggest fans. I’m not really a person who reads a lot but your writing is brilliant. You are such an inspiration, the help you give these children and young adults is amazing. You deserve some huge pat on the back and a huge hug, well done. I’ve read every book you have written, I’ve just finished The Child Bride, can’t wait for your next book,
Tracey, UK, 23/11/2014

I got the book about Lucy (Will You Love Me?) last Christmas from a friend, then my daughter has bought me some and I have bought myself some. Although they are very sad (although some have happy endings) your books are the sort you don’t want to put down. My children have autism and ADHD. Life is tough. People say we are amazing! But you are an angel, you have dealt with many children with all different problems. Reading your books keeps me going and I hope to collect them all. x
Sarah, 23/11/2014

Dear Mrs. Glass, I picked up one of your books at my 60+ meetings in New Zealand. I had only read a few pages before the lachrymal started flowing. I just hope that I don’t wet the pages too much before I finish the book. The title of the book is “The Night the Angels Came.” It’s a horrible wet day here today. As a keen salt water angler the rain spoils the fishing. May the Lord bless you for all the hard work that you do. Yours faithfully,
Fiona, New Zealand, 21/11/2014

Dear Cathy Glass, I have been reading your books since I read Damaged. My sister gave it to me about 4 months ago. I was so intrigued by it I decided to read the rest. I have quite a few still to read. But I love reading them. You truly are a wonderful person. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it but I’m glad all those children came to you when they did because you helped them so much. I’m only 21 so you must have a range of readers all ages. Thank-you for writing these books Cathy you truly are an angel. Regards
Stacee, Australia, 20/11/2014

Hi I’ve just read Damaged and it was the first of many of your books I am going to read. I read this book in one day and just wanted to say you are an inspiration and you give hope to the many children that have the worst start in life. As a mother myself I could not even comprehend to think of anyone hurting my babies. Keep up your good work u really are an angel xx
Deborah, 19/11/2014

Hi Cathy, The story of The Child Bride was really great. I learn a lot from it and especially from Zeena when she finally finds the encouragement to start moving on in her life. You’re also a great mum.
Nivya, Malaysia, 19/11/2014

Dearest Ms Glass, I just wanted to let you know I have read your books over and over. I absolutely adore your writing style and find the fostering system and the stories very interesting. You are such an amazing person and I hope one day I can be half the lady you are. I’m 19 years old and from Australia, I absolutely adore kids and baby-sit quite regularly. From reading your books, I have actually learnt so much and I am very grateful for this! I have always wanted to foster children. I cannot wait for your next book, but until then I will just have to keep re-reading all of the others. I know you’re undoubtedly a very busy woman so I understand if you don’t have the time to reply to this email, even though I’d love it if you did. But I’d like to thank you in advance for even reading it. Love & Light,
Laura, Australia, 18/11/2014

Dearest Cathy, I have just finished your new book The Child Bride. Wow Zeena is a very strong young lady and I’m so glad that of all the carers she got you! You are a remarkable woman Cathy and each and every child’s life that you touch will always be changed for the better. Look forward to reading more of your success stories, although it saddens me that there seem to be so many children hurt or at risk. A devoted fan,
Samantha, Australia, 18/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I have been reading you since I happened across Damaged when I was 15. Throughout its pages, I was confronted with a darker evil than I never wanted to believe existed, but having recently been through my own experience of being forced upon, it helped me heal to know that I wasn’t alone, and helped me remain compassionate for others, especially those who’ve had it worse than I. Now at 21, I feel permanently altered and slightly Damaged from the things I have been through but I have managed to move on and part of that is due to your books and the understanding you display within them. So whether you manage to read this or not, I just wanted to say thank you. Regards
Zoe, Australia, 18/11/2014

CG: I did read Zoe’s touching words and replied

I have read a lot of your books so enjoy them. I think you’re a great person to do what you do.
Susy, UK, 18/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your latest book ‘The Child Bride’ which I have to say is without a doubt the most gripping so far. Yet another brilliant piece of writing on your part. I cannot wait for next March when your next one comes out! I have just finished writing a book myself and will shortly be looking for an agent. I just need to type up the manuscript. I’ve certainly learnt that writing a book certainly isn’t easy by any means!! I hope you and all your family are well and hope you have a lovely Christmas. Xxx All the best
James, 17/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I just finished Damaged and I could not put it down. I prayed for Jodie, I felt absolutely horrified, that these things really take place. I pray for God to manifest his love to Jodie and the others. I still think about her every day. God Bless you Cathy. Love
Selina, Canada, 17/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I just read “Damaged”. It shook me to my core. You are an angel, and Jodie is so, so lucky to have you in her life. Thank you for all you do on behalf of children. Sincerely,
Pam, London, England, 16/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing. I am currently reading “Damaged” and I just love reading it. I am 14 years old and living in the US. I am about 3/4 done with the book. I think this is the most enthusiastic I have been about reading a book in a while. I actually got one of my friends to read the same book as well and she is so eager to read it and to read more of your books. I am also eager to read more of your books. So thank you for all that you do. Sincerely,
Bailey, USA, 16/11/2014

Cathy, I now have read all of your books the last one being “The Child Bride”. Yet again, another inspiring story you have written. I always read your updates when finished each book, then cannot wait until your next book is published. You do make it so easy for us readers by sending emails re: your latest book. I also love the updates on Adrian, Paula and Lucy. Thank You
Lori, Sydney, Australia, 14/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I read your book called “Will You Love Me?” after that I’ve been waiting & looking for other books which you have written. Seriously I was thinking that “Foster Care” system is like a wonderful thing. Still Asian countries like us don’t experience that kind of social work yet. But I think it’s now time for us to develop system like that. Because not like European countries, Asian countries much more bind with cultural matter & sometimes it’s like a disaster. Here if girl get pregnant without getting married it’s like a crime. So most of the time illegal abortions are running all over the country. If we talk about child abuse, its happening & no one can check like you all do (social work is really poor). What I wish & dream is to have a foster care system here too. Thank you so much for writing books makes people think twice about children. Love your work & some day I will definitely be like you.
Ruvini, Sri Lanka, 14/11/2014

Hi, I’m a student in Calgary and we need to write essays on our hero. I love your books and just wanted you to know that I’m writing mine on you! You have inspired me to try to foster because of all of the lives you touched. As well as being my hero, I am sure you are all those kids’ hero too. Can’t wait for your new book! From
Sarah, Canada, 12/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I love your books. What you do for all those children is good and it is lovely that they have someone who is willing to help, love and support them. I have read all your books and they were so sad but happy at the end. Keep up all the good work that you are doing. I bet your 3 children are so proud of you. Love
Beverley, UK, 12/11/2014

Hi. I had a mental health breakdown and had to make a hard decision to place my children into care. I signed a section 20. I didn’t know anything about foster care. I started to read your inspiring books. The more I read the more I felt I could relate to what I was going through. After a long recovery my boys will be returning to my care in December. They are coming to see me at home which will be strange as they haven’t been here since the left. The foster family are fantastic and they want to stay in contact with the boys which I said would be lovely. I’m a bit worried about having to go into the school playground and going to toddler groups again. You’re a wonderful person for helping so many children.
Mandy, 12/11/2014

CG: I am so pleased your story can have a happy ending. The foster carer will be helping to prepare your sons for returning home. There is bound to be a period of adjustment and it will be a bit strange for you all to begin with. However, after a few months (maybe sooner) it will be as though they never left. Well done. I know you will all do just fine.

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your books. My mum introduced me to them when I was 15. I’m now 17 and I have read many of your books, and am looking forward to reading Saving Danny. The stories and the way you tell them is so touching, they’ve had me in tears in many different occasions. Thank you for everything you have done for the people that you have helped and fostered.
Chloe, 10/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just finished The Child Bride, I have not been able to put it down. It is so heart breaking and I was in tears throughout reading it. You are so inspiring and such an amazing lady. You should be proud of yourself bringing happiness to these children. There are so many cruel people in the world we live in, it’s nice to know there are people out there like you that can help children when they most need it. Stay Amazing. Kind Regards
Sam, UK, 10/11/2014

May I wish you a very happy Christmas and new Year. I can’t wait for March to read your new book. .
David, 10/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I emailed you before, but after reading all of your books I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, for all that you do for the children you foster. You probably here it all time but if I had the chance of coming to you when I was being fostered I’m sure I would be a better person! But my foster family who I was with for 13 years are now my mum & dad and grandma and granddad to my child. I admire all the work any foster parents do. Thank you again!
Keeley, 09/11/2014

CG: Thank you for your kind words. I’m so pleased it worked out well for you in the end.

World would be a better place if there were more people like you in it, you are a very special person 🙂
Kerri, 08/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I love reading your books, they really are touching. The world needs more people like you that take their time and believe in children. Children like Dawn need people like you, you didn’t give up on her, and got her the help she needed. I have thought about fostering although I’m a bit young at the moment. But it is something I am definitely going to do in my lifetime. I feel I have a lot to offer to children. I think you are brilliant and have a huge loving heart! Well done on all your hard work. You’re brilliant. You never stop believing in children.
Laura, 08/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I was recently browsing books to download to my iPad and stumbled across one of your books ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’, and was absolutely hooked! Your writing is so enthralling and I find myself unable to put down your books. Over the last 5 weeks I’ve downloaded and read six of your books. I am currently reading. ‘Will You Love Me’ the very moving story of your adopted daughter, Lucy. Every one of your books has had me in tears, as an aspiring foster carer and a foster child I felt I had something to give back to these children, some kind of hope. Even more so now. Thank you for the inspiration and education! You are a truly inspirational person. Kindest Regards
Shay-Lee, Australia, 08/11/2014

Hi Cathy, Very recently a friend introduced me to your books, the first being “The Child Bride” then “Daddy’s Little Princess”. Today l have just finished “Please Don’t Take My Baby” and just started ” Will You Love Me” I am not sure l have ever indulged myself in such compelling reading! l just cannot put your books down, and force myself at bedtime, cos l need to sleep!! 🙂 Cathy, l feel like l have known you forever, and that you are my friend… good is that? Whenever l am near books l am looking for Cathy Glass…keep up the good work! Must go as l have to read ” Will You Love Me” Kind Regards
Sally, UK, 07/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I recently emailed you after reading The Child Bride. I am now completely hooked on your books. I just finished reading ‘The Night the Angels Came’ and I was truly touched by this story, 3 months ago I lost my own mother to cancer and as a result of this I am now bringing up my younger brother with the help of my older brother. As I read this book I felt a close connection to the story even though the circumstances are obviously different. I understand how it feels to loose a parent that I had such a close bond with. Thank you again for such wonderful books. I enjoy reading them. All the best.
Amiee, 07/11/2014

Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing “The Child Bride”, another outstanding read. “Damaged” will probably always be the most gripping, wrenching and compelling book I’ll ever read. I was the first one I read, I read that once but have read “Will You Love Me” 4 times and its still hard to put down. When the mysterious letter comes through the letterbox and its time to move Zeena there’s still 70 or 80 pages of the book left and there’s several twists and turns before it ends which is testament to Zeena’s character which comes through from cover to cover. Thanks again for sharing Regards
Zane, 06/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I’m a huge fan of your books. They inspire me so much. One day I want to be a foster care. Do you have to go to school to foster?
Isabelle, 06/11/2014

CG: Thanks, Isabelle. Foster carers need a reasonable standard of education.

Dear Cathy, I have just read Zeena’s story, I started on the 25th October and just finished. I also read Lucy’s story in five days in the beginning of October. My partner suggests I sell the books I’ve read but I told him that I won’t because I plan on reading every book you’ve written and then re-read them. Your books always drag me in and I always finish them with a week to two weeks. Your books are amazing and you sound like an amazing person too. Love
Rebekah, 06/11/2014

I have just finished reading The Child Bride and I’m so happy she seemed to get her happy ending, thanks to you and your family (had tears reading what she went through she’s a very strong girl)
Helen, 06/11/2014

Cathy….Loved your newest book!!! The Child Bride was amazing and sad… But an insight to culture problems facing society even in today’s age!! You really are an amazing author, mother and foster carer!!! An inspiration to all!! Regards
Angie, 05/11/2014

I am just emailing to thank you. I have learning difficulties, one of which is dyslexia. Up until the age of 17-19 I would not only avoid but was fearful of reading. I tried many books and often resulted in losing interest after a few lines. At the age of 13 I unfortunately met some older men who groomed and abused me, from this I made my life mission to help children and young people to protect them from these circumstances. I continued my education in to university where I graduated with a BA (Hons) which brings me to my point. While at uni I was so far behind in my reading ability it threatened my chances of graduating. My tutor then suggested your books to try and focus and develop reading skills. I have now graduated and I am working as a family support worker. Your books have really inspired me.
Amy, 04/11/2014

Hi Cathy, My family’s foster care journey began 9 years ago and we are still going strong. We have cared for 13 children during this time including one who remains with us in long term care. My husband and I originally decided to become carers to support my parents who are also carers as an approved respite option for the children they cared for. We have our own children and continue to open our home and hearts to children in care. I see many similarities in your recounts of your experiences in my own life and am grateful to you for sharing your adventure with the world. We love what we do and couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. I feel blessed that my children get to enjoy this journey with us, and though at times I wonder about the effect it has on them I can always find more positives then negatives. I feel that there is still a negative stigma placed on children in the care system and by you telling your stories you are taking away the veil and revealing the reality of the foster care system. Thank you for your stories and for the reminder that we are all striving for the same thing, to fill the world with happy well adjusted, contributing adults. I’m looking forward to your next book. Kind Regards
Ashlee, Australia, 04/11/2014

Dear Cathy, I am pleased to inform you that I had just finished reading The Child Bride. All your books are very touching and I love your whole family. Truly, you are a special GIFT from God to children in the world, such a wonderful foster carer. My sister even asked me to have my son studying in UK to be under your care. I am looking forward to SAVING DANNY next year. I have a good collection of all your books now. Enjoy reading all of them. Cathy, how I wish to meet you in person someday. You are a loving, strong, patience, kind woman, gifted carer. All children under your care are really privileged indeed. Have a pleasant day.
Suzie, Malaysia, 03/11/2014

Hello I am only 15 I have nearly read ALL of your books. Everyone has been amazing. At some point in each of your books you have made me cry (mainly through happiness). I think you’re such an amazing person with what you do and you inspire me so much. I haven’t had a easy time in my life and even though I have not been to foster care (but have been in a refuge) I feel like some of the children you write about I can relate to, which has helped me feel like I am not on my own. Thank you for reading and I hope you write some more. Many thanks
Shannel, UK, 02/11/2014

Hi Cathy I have read most of your books I can never put them down. Your latest book made me look at the cultural differences we have in society today. I knew very little about the children as young as 8 or 9 being forced into child marriage, so I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to this.
Nicola, 02/11/2014

Hi I’d just like to say I’ve nearly finished reading The Child Bride. I stood up to forced marriage 2 years ago and this book was amazing… very emotional. All the best in your future books
Noshad, 02/11/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just read The Child Bride. I cannot believe how much that poor girl has been through & managed to come out at the other end. It was so shocking to hear what her family had done to her. She was so lucky to have you & your family’s support to help her. You are truly an amazing woman to these children. Kind regards
Maxine, UK, 01/11/2014

Hi Cathy, just wanted to contact you and say how much your books have inspired me, and what an honour that I was able to hear there stories. I have just read one of your latest books The Child Bride. I would like to thank you for sharing your story and to let you know you are a wonderful person and it’s also great to hear your kids are doing good. Thanks again, Cathy, feel inspired by what you have done. It makes me want to do the same and help children. I hope you and your family are well. Thanks lots and take care.
Jo, New Zealand, 01/11/2014

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your books. I’m only sixteen and have read every book you’ve written. Your endless amounts of patience and support you have given so many children never fails to amaze me. You have inspired me. I hope to study psychology and university but would love to foster children one day. I just felt you deserve to know what an impact your books have on a younger audience as well. Can’t wait for your next book. You will inspire others for many years to come.
Chloe, 31/10/2014

I have just finished ur book The Child Bride, about zeena. My husband is from Pakistan and was sickened when I told him her story. You do a wonderful job Cathy, keep it up. I need to buy more of ur books now
Anon, 31/10/2014

Hey Cathy, I just wanted to say I’ve been reading ur books for ages now and I love them. I’ve just turned 18 and have just come out of care myself. I’ve been in care all my life in different homes and your books often got me through as it made me realize I aint the only one. I had some shit foster carers in my time but you sound like you was really great! I was thinking of writing a book on my life. Thank you so much for getting back to me.
Cherelyn, 31/10/2014

Dear Cathy, One of my sisters introduced me to your books and I am now reading them all. I would like to say that you are truly and beautiful person and human being. I have had a pretty crap past but when I read your books I am thankful for what I have today. My childhood has many bad memories and my marriage was a huge mistake as my ex was controlling and mentally abusive. My daughter is also abusive towards me as she was brainwashed by her father. After reading Daddy’s Little Princess I now think that the relationship was that of Derek and Beth between my ex and my daughter. Three years ago I attempted suicide as I thought I could not take the abuse from my ex and daughter as they ganged up on me. Luckily with the help of family and friends I am here and looking forward to retiring. Reading Daddy’s Little Princess awoke a lot of my emotions and I felt I needed to write to you. I cannot wait to start the next book, The Night the Angels Came. Thank you.
Anon, 31/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I’m a fan of yours from Thailand! I would like to tell you how inspiring all your stories are, and how admirable your help and patience is for all the children you have fostered. I have read all of your books and every one of them filled me with intrigued, heartache and in the end, a sense of hope and positivity as the children as they start a new chapter to their lives. I first found your books whilst I was living in London and ever since, have sought out all your other books! I have moved back to Thailand now and am keeping up with your stories via my Kindle! I know that your daughter, Lucy, is half Thai so I thought I’d give a little hello from sunny Thailand. I don’t know if you have ever visited but if you do decide to visit one day you won’t be disappointed. It is called ‘The Land of Smiles’ after all! Thank you once again for sharing all yours and the children’s stories with us. I’m certain that you have inspired and made better understanding of the affects of child abuse. Keep inspiring!
Nün, Thailand, 30/10/2014

Thank you for your new book The Child Bride, I got it from the local library and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What a tragedy for a teenager to have to go through but you made it so interesting. Your 3 children sound as delightful as ever, and I just think of Lucy as really being one of your own if you understand my meaning. Regards to you all
Sheila, 30/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I started back at school in September and I have only had 2 after school detentions. I showed my presentation about you to my teacher and she said I had obviously researched it well and spent a lot of time on it and she gave me an A which is the highest grade I have EVER got. Also I have been adopted and since then I have only been grounded 3 times. I think I will be with this family forever. I really like them and I think they like me! And guess what!!! They got me a bunny rabbit for my birthday and I named her Cathy after you! My new family read your books too so they buy me the books when they come out. I have got The Child Bride but I haven’t read it yet! That’s all from me. Thanks for helping me through everything.
Colette, 30/10/2014

Have just read The Night the Angels Came and Will You Love Me. Both books were amazing, sad, interesting and more. I went through every emotion reading them and just wanted to say thank you for writing about your experiences. What an inspirational woman you are.
Lisa, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 29/10/2014

Hi Cathy, Thank you for writing such beautiful books. Before my mum introduced me to your books I had never ever read a book before. You should be so proud! I have read two books in 7 days I can’t put them down! You are an amazing women and your children are lucky to have you. You have opened my eyes to many aspects in my life. Thank you
Kirsty, 29/10/2014

Hello Cathy. I’ve read 3 of your books and each one touched me. I just wanted to write you and tell you how much I love your books, and admire how strong you must be to open your heart and help these little kids that need it! You’re definitely one strong lady.
Bree, Tennessee, USA, 28/10/2014

I have Spina Bifida and I live with my foster family. They feel like my family. They look after me. I am currently at college. My foster mother always encourages me to do my best. They always listen to me. I have some contact with my siblings. I really like your books. The words ‘foster’ or ‘social worker’ can seem very alien to other people but for us it’s a day to day thing so when I read your books I feel like I can identify with some of the emotions and atmospheres. I read ‘Will You Love Me?’ And ‘The Child Bride’ and I honestly couldn’t put them down. They were really interesting. Just from reading your books I feel like I know you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula. Tell them I said hi! Good luck
I, UK, 27/10/2014

Hi Cathy. I’ve just read ‘A Child Bride’ on my kindle and, as with all your books, found it gripping. Your writing style is wonderful and I could read your books all day. It was very moving and I was keen to know how Zeena got on. Don’t stop writing as you have an amazing gift for writing. It’s lovely to know there are foster carers like you who give so much help to troubled children. Kindest Regards
Kate, 26/10/2014

Dear Cathy, your book About Writing and How to Publish arrived from Amazon on Friday and today I have finished it (Sunday). The book is so helpful, I did remember a lot of it from other books and going on courses, but it was still good to be reminded. The thing I found most interesting were the sections on e-books, self-publishing, agents and marketing. I think the whole book is easy to read. It’s not that big, it gets straight to the point which I love. Also you tell it like it is which made me giggle. I prefer this type of honesty. I’m going to let my friend read it who is also a writer and I’ve promised to let other friends read your other books (I’m very protective about my book lol). Once again thanks for the advice and I will keep you up to date if I hear anything. Love
Carol, 26/10/2014

Dear Cathy, I just finished The Child Bride. It is very good book and very tearful life. I cried a lot. I love your support of Zeena. I am a student at university and am studying social science. My mum had a child marriage, that is why I choice to write about child marriage for my dissertation. Regards.
Nurcan, UK, 25/10/2014

Hi, I just have to say I have read a lot of ur books the most recent The Child Bride. I love your books & look forward to reading a lot more of them, u r a credit to people you have looked after
Linda, 25/10/2014

Hi, I have now read all of your books and look forward to the next story you have to tell. I have been close to tears every story you tell, not only because of the sad times these children are going through, but also at the incredible way you engage and support the children to enjoy their lives, enjoy who they are and open up to you. You are an inspiration to all foster carers, and I’m pleased to hear that you share your knowledge and experience with others. I feel so gripped by your books; your style of writing and the way share the children’s stories sensitively and honestly. Thank you. Kind regards,
Rosie, 25/10/2014

Out of horror and tragedy a flower as risen “Zeena”, God Bless you and yours Cathy also your associates. Read The Child Bride in one sitting, was very moved and had to keep reminding myself this was the true life of Zeena and many more angels like her. Thank you for the eye-opener your book truly was
Barbara, UK, 25/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Run Mummy Run. Couldn’t put it down. Is it really a true story and how do you know Aisha? Regards
Julie, 25/10/2014

CG: Thanks, Julie, Run Mummy Run is based on a true story and there is an update on my website

Hello Cathy, I’m living in France and I would like to thank your for the books your have written because they are true stories. I’m 53. I have 2 children and one grand son who is 6 months old. I love children. My hobbies are reading, walking and cooking. Lots of love
Béatrice, France, 25/10/2014

Hey, Cathy, My mum and I both love reading your books, and we have every one of your books. It’s really nice what you do. What you do is amazing for these poor children that get abused and neglected, which is always sad to read. I have recently finished Cut and the story about Dawn was really sad with her cutting. It’s me to know that I have to stay strong for those around me. I love reading the updates on the children as I love knowing what has happened after they have left. It’s great what you do and great that you write books on it 🙂 Yours faithfully
Zara, UK, 24/10/2014

Hi Cathy, The Child Bride was another great book but very sad! No child should ever have to put up with that treatment but unfortunately we all know it happens. As usual you made a big difference to her life. Best wishes
Jan, 24/10/2014

Hello Cathy, I would just like to say that I love your books! I started reading your work when I was about fourteen and really admired your style and technique. During that period in my life, I was going through a pretty dark time and your books helped me overcome it. I’m now nineteen and have qualifications to work with children and it’s because of you. I would love to work with children and hopefully one day foster. Thank you so much for your work, you have been amazing. Lots of lovex
Elaine, UK, 24/10/2014

Hello Cathy, I came across your books on Amazon, and have purchased two this summer. I too am a foster mom, and have found your books to be VERY inspiring. I read them both in a matter of days (loosing sleep at night just to find out what happens). I was excited to see you have a web page I can read updates about these dear ones! You have truly given me inspiration to keep fostering as the days can be so daunting and exhausting. These precious children do need a loving safe place to call “home” even if it is only temporary. You may not even realize the ideas you offer as you re-tell your stories. You have such good and creative ways to dealing with out of control little ones, and such unique situations. Thank you for sharing your life stories with all of us! You are an excellent writer! I look forward to reading more of your success stories soon!
Foster Mom of many, USA, 23/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I’ve read a few of your first books. Can I start by saying what an amazing foster parent you are and how much love, care and attention you give these unfortunate children, also what a talented writer you are. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books with tears and sometimes smiles with the happy endings. You’re a great inspiration. Many thanks
Gee, 23/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just finished The Child Bride. I was so looking forward to a new book that I brought on the day it was released. Wow you never cease to amaze me. It was so moving. How you managed to keep going is fantastic. I know I could never do it. I always said that once my family had grown up and left home I would consider taking it on, but I know I would get to emotionally involved. Keep up the good work, love to you all. I look for to you next book. I hope it is not to long as I have now read all your books. Kindest regards
Angela, 23/10/2014

I am a big fan of your books and was wondering if you were ever going to produce a movie. I think your books are amazing. Even though I am only 13 I read these books in only 2 days. And to prove I love your books, I read another of someone else’s book and it took me 2 months rather than two days! Thank you sooo much for writing these books they make me realise how much I should appreciate my parents and family and school and friends. Thank you again. Yours sincerely
Katie, 21/10/2014

CG: Hi Katie, thank you. Talks are taking place in respect of my books being adapted for the screen so fingers crossed.

I have read all of Cathy’s books. I think she is a fantastic role model, I love the fact that she has such a kind heart. She cares so much about all of her foster children, she is truly miraculous! She won’t give up on any of her children and they all find the strength to share their secrets with her. I think she deserves an award for what she does, she has touched so many lives and continues to do so. I hope she keeps sharing all her experiences. Keep up the excellent work! Kind regards
Jade, 21/10/2014

Dear Cathy Glass, I am. I’m only 16 years old but I’ve read your books. Your books made me cry. You are an inspiration to everyone. Your courage and patience amused me. And now I wanted to take up psychology because of your books. Thank you for inspiring me. More blessings to come and God bless you!
Elijshah, Philippines, 20/10/2014

Dearest Cathy, have just finished your book, The Child Bride, OMG how on earth did you write it?? I am a foster carer but only take babies. I have been fostering for 12 years and many of the babies have special needs as I had a career in nursing. I limited myself to a few chapters each night and it has been the saddest, hardest book I have ever read. We also “down under” have the same problems with certain groups in our community, but I don’t think we will ever know the extent to which it goes on. Kindest regards
Wendy, Australia, 20/10/2014

Hi, I have just for the first time read one of your books The Saddest Girl in the World. It was one of the best reads I have had in a long time. I really want to congratulate you on your efforts you made for that poor little girl. It was truly amazing, it was like I was being invited in to your home and your life. The job you do fostering is amazing. Please keep up the good work Thank you for making my breaks at work more bearable I look forward to reading some more of your books in the future yours
Robbie, UK, 19/10/2014

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading your book ‘Hidden’. I really found the story so inspiring and I cried at the end. You can’t hate Minty but a times I felt so frustrated! Thank you for sharing Tayo’s story with the world! You’re a gem xx
Cleonie, 19/10/2014