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All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Beste cathy, Ik heb jou 2e boek gelezen. Ik hoop dat er snel meer boeken in het Nederlands komen. Echt prachtig. Je bent echt een top vrouw. Weet jij of er nog meer boeken in het Nederlands worden vertaald?
Melanie, Nederland, 31/12/2015
Hi Cathy I have read a number of your books and my daughter bought me two of your latest books for Christmas ( hoping that I will send them to her to read after I am done ). We both love reading your stories and I just wanted to say you are a remarkable lady. You have helped so many children and have so much patience and understanding. Hats Off to you and your children
Mary, 29/12/2015
Hello, I am sending you this email is to tell you how fantastic your books are! I enjoy reading all your books, I must admit the book that touched me the most was ‘Please don’t take my baby’. After I put down the book I thought to myself that you are an amazing person. How you helped Jade and her baby through so much. I really do feel your books are great and touch a lot of people. Cathy you are great at your job and an even better writer. Sorry to bother you I just wanted to let you know how much your books mean to me and a lot of other people are touched by your books too! Thank you.
Amy, 26/12/2015
Hi Cathy, I just want to say you are an inspirational lady and your books are such sad read but mostly with positive outcomes. I have been reading your books for about 5 years and can’t wait for the next one to come out. I have just read Saving Danny and Girl alone and am now re reading cut and then damaged. They inspire me to do the work I do now which is working with SEN children but I am going to start training to be a counsellor. Thank you for opening people’s eyes into what some children have to go through and appreciate how difficult and demanding it is for you. Your family must be so proud of you. Thank you. Kind regards
Amy, 26/12/2015
Hi Cathy, I am a huge fan of your books and have brought all of them and re read all of them. You are my favourite author. You truly are amazing with the children you foster. You are an inspiration.  Best wishes
Natalie, UK, 24/12/2015
I love your books even though I have not been in care, (I have only ever been in a refuge) I feel like I can relate to some of the children in your books. I have recently been told I have post traumatic stress so reading your books make me feel like I am not alone with some of the things I have been through. I have all your books and have even pre ordered your newest one which I am really exited about. Your r such an amazing inspiration
Shannel, UK, 24/12/2015
Hello, my girlfriend and I are huge fans of your novels; we started reading them in September, and we finally are almost done with all of them. My girlfriend and I am very excited for your next story The Silent Cry; it comes out on my girlfriend’s birthday.  It’s going to make a great gift. Reading your novels, really shows the incredible strength of kids, as well as the horrors that so often gets overlooked.  Some of the techniques that you use with some of the kids in your books, I’ve seen my girlfriend use with her child, and the closed choice technique seems to help her.  I hope that Happy Kids is also available in audio soon, too. I really enjoyed reading some of the antics that your cat was involved in various stories like Will You Love me. Thanks for all your hard work both with your writing career, and as a foster carer.
Ray, USA, 22/12/2015

I just finished reading ” Girl Alone” and have all of your books about the kids. You sound so special and if the world had more people like you there wouldn’t be so many children in the system. Have a very Merry Christmas!
Laurie, 20/12/2015

Hello Cathy I read one of your books “My Dad’s a Policeman” I thought it was an amazing book. It would be great to know what happened to the boy in the story. It would be great if you could contact me on this email address. Thank you.
Mercy, 15/12/2015

CG: I sent Mercy the link to the updates on my website.

Hi. I love your books. I’m 18 and I’ve been in 46 foster homes (carers) in ten years. Some weren’t nice. But I can relate to the kids you write about and have fostered. I’m planning on being a foster mom too. Thank you for all you do for these kids. I’m not sure if you email people or not. But you can always email me back. Thanks for your time. God bless,
Jennie, USA, 14/12/2015

Hello. I have read your books over and over again. (Those I can find in Norway). I really admire you, you are so kind. I am recently in recovery for anorexia, which I developed due to PTSD. I have a really good therapist now, she has helped me a lot. But it was your books that gave me the courage to tell my therapist a few things about my past. Because, I realized that I wouldn’t get better if I never told. Without your books I would probably have given up totally. I had a suicide attempt in 2012 and after that got admitted to psych ward. After that I have been in therapy, but after reading your book about Dawn again I realized I had to begin to speak. So thank you so much, and Happy Christmas! Though I will probably say it on twitter on Christmas Eve too.
Nicolle, Norway, 14/12/2015

Hi Cathy, Hope you are well. I just would like to say I am a big fan of your books, you are my favourite author. I have been reading your books over the past few years and can say how touching they could be. I think you do a very brave job. Today I finished reading “Daddy’s Little Princess”. Beth was a tough child you handled her well. My favourite book so far is “The Child Bride” which was very emotional. I think you did an amazing job looking after Zeena, but I still haven’t read all your books. Looking forward in hearing from you.
Saima, 11/12/2015

Cathy, I am half way through Girl alone for the third time and I love it. I can’t put it down. You sound amazing with the work you do, I can’t wait for The silent cry to come out. I pre ordered it when I ordered Girl alone. Please tell me you won’t stop writing, your books bring tears to my eyes. I recommended your books to a friend who has gone out and spend fifty pound to get your books.
Pauline, 11/12/2015

Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl from Scotland and ever since I seen your books a few years ago I’ve been in love with your work. If you have time id love to hear back from you as I think I might want to foster in the future. Your books never fail to bring tears to my eyes and make me shiver from some of the horrible things the kids you look after have dealt with. You seem like an amazing person and it’s nice to know there are people like you out there. I just finished reading your book about your daughter Lucy and it’s the most heartfelt one I’ve read yet. Thanks.
Ellis, Scotland, 11/12/2015

Hello, I love ur books and have bought them all, and re-read them a lot of times. You have inspired me to try to become a social worker, and hopefully work with children and their families. Kind regards
Laura, 10/12/2015

Hi Cathy, I am from India. I am quite new to reading books, in particular English books. I have stumbled across one of your masterpiece “Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Child”. It took me a fortnight to finish up the entire book on my kindle. It left me in tears and I can’t desist myself from dropping my words to you. I love the character Jodie equally as you do and empathize on her. It’s extremely rare to see a person like you in this world. Your emotions in the book reach beyond country boundaries and I could sense how painful such stories are. I pray god that almighty should give long life to you to carry through your work and courage to Jodie for carry through her work valiantly. Wonderful work! I hope that you will read this mail. Add me to the millions of fan base you already have Cathy. Yours Sincerely
Selva, India, 07/12/2015

I’ve read many of your books Cathy because they are so realistic and I could really understand them. What I mean by that is that you write simple enough so that my learning disability does not get in the way. I read the first one and now I read your latest one. I would really like to keep in email contact with you.
Lianne, 04/12/2015

Hi Cathy!! I am a HUGE fan of your work. You have utterly no idea how much you have given hope to me and made me realise that life can get better with time and that everything will be alright 🙂 I am extremely excited for The Silent Cry!! Thanks & Regards
Padmashri. 04/12/2015

Hi Cathy I just wanted to say how much I love your books! I have read all of them except 3! Which are on the way… just on the last few chapters of ‘The Saddest Girl in the World’. Please please please keep publishing more, I absolutely love them and you! I do feel kind of sad that I’m almost at the end of your collection of books. You’re a inspiration and it takes dedication and a huge heart to foster the way u do. It’s people like u that makes the bad in this world better again! I’m 20 and I had my little boy at 16 and reading the book about Jade was heart touching. I’m sure Adrian, Lucy and Paula are so very proud to have such a wonderful mum! Keep on what you’re doing Cathy you’re amazing….Love
Laura, 02/12/2015

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say how much I love reading your books, they are inspiring and never fail to make me tear up!! You are an incredible person and have done so much for all those young children!! Thank you for sharing your stories.
Lisa, 30/11/2015

Dear Cathy, read Girl Alone a month back. So touching the story goes, Congrats being able to put Miss Joss back to track, heart breaking all along reading your book on her. Thank God finally she does not need to be sent to another foster carer…blessed Joss under your safe hands. Especially for you: Cathy Glass has been there from the start, Took care of children, with her golden HEART, Cathy Glass never give up, when children lost their path, She helps them back their track with her loves, no matter how hard, Cathy Glass comforts them when they are sad and shower them with FAITH, Her patience guidance she shown to the children, Providing them with a place where the children grow up sound and safe, Cathy Glass shows them how to strive…… the children under her care will SURVIVE. May God bless Cathy Glass & her loving family and may she be given good health to continue her noble work. Warmest Regards,
Suzie, Malaysia, 25/11/2015

Hey Cathy, I’m a college student in Sri Lanka and I just finished reading your book “Cut” I just wanted u to know you are such an amazing person plus loving and a caring parent 🙂 Stay blessed 🙂
Nimashi, Sri Lanka, 24/11/2015

Dear Cathy, I read two of your books so far and now reading Girl Alone. I love the books you write. I’ll tell ya some of them make me want to cry let alone help these young kids. Please keep up the good work on writing these books as I look forward to read them all. Sincerely yours
Eric, USA, 23/11/2015

Hi Cathy, I love reading your books, I started reading your books when I was 16 and have loved them ever since. I can relate to your books having been subjected to the care system, and now working in the social services sector. You have a great way with children and young people. My favourite book so far is defiantly ‘Another Forgotten Child’. Aimee’s story was very similar to my background. Your books continue to inspire me, we need more foster cares like yourself. I enjoy reading your books! All my love
Tenneil, Australia, 23/11/2015

Boa noite Cathy,apira, sou de Itapira, interior de São Paulo que fica no Brasil . terminei hoje de ler o livro Infancia Interrompida e não consigo conter as minhas lagrimas pensando nessa separação no momento de Jodie sai de sua casa, me identifiquei em momentos com essa menina. Obrigada por essa leitura me fez ver muito de mim que estava oculto. Virei sua Fã.
Andresa, Brazil, 22/11/2015

I like reading your books. I have read a lot of them. I enjoy them.
Tracey, 21/11/2015

Hello Cathy, I have always enjoyed helping and working with children. I found one of your books about a year ago. It was ‘Damaged’. I was so touched and so intrigued, that I have not stopped reading your books. You have really inspired me and now I know what I would like to do in the future. I would love to be a child psychologist at first and get to know the job and find out how children’s minds work and later on, maybe foster, like you. I would love if you could get back to me with an answer. You are one of my biggest inspirations and you have really changed the way I look at life. Thanks for everything. Yours sincerely,
Bryony, 13, UK, 19/11/2015

Hi Cathy, You have probably heard this millions of times but I’m a big fan of yours. Reading your books has helped me so much. I’m not a person who has ever been in foster care but I am an abused child. I’m 19 and your books have helped me realise I’m not alone, I’m not the only child out there that’s been abused and mentally and physically hurt. I just want to say thank you for writing your stories for people like me to read 🙂 It’s been hard and it’s taken me ages due to a learning disability but I now have all of your ebooks from kindle. I’m now trying to start my paper copy collection 🙂 Thank you so much again.
Cody, Australia, 17/11/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I admire you. I’ve read most of your books and I can strongly relegate to most of the young people you fostered. I am now 20 and I still struggle a lot but you always will inspire me. All my love.
Agnes, 17/11/2015

Good evening Cathy, Deepest apologies for how late I am sending this email! I have just finished re reading ‘The Saddest Girl in the World’. I just wanted to send a quick email expressing my admiration, respect and heartfelt wishes. It is an honour to read your books, there isn’t a book of yours that I haven’t read! In fact, I have re read them all numerous times. I sit in my little home pondering over recent events, such as the disastrous happenings in Paris, and just when I have given up on the world and deemed it to be an unforgiving place, I think of you and the magnificent role you play in this world. You are a fantastic person, an asset to the world and I thank you. I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year!! Lots of love,
Kirstie, 16/11/2015

Hi Cathy, Just last night I finished reading ‘Damaged’ and I must say that what you do for every single one of your foster children is absolutely fantastic and you must be such a lovely lady. Cathy, I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing and how heart touching it is to read an authors work that speaks the truth about all aspects of looked after children. I think the most memorable thing that I keep thinking about has to be the lack of support from young Jodie’s social worker. There are those who wish to see support services as angels however there are far too many situations where people cannot see what is happening in the real world. The tears in my eyes have returned as I type this, I could really feel the pain you described in your book. I wish you and your family all the best for every thing that you all go through. I want you to know that it is because of you and the love you show in your writing, I have decided I will begin fostering as soon as is possible for me. I just hope that I will have the support from my family as you do from your children, all three of them are a credit to you. Many Thanks,
Matty, 16/11/2015

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say that I enjoy your books. I have an interest in foster care. I love hearing the true stories. I think you do an awesome job at caring for the children who need it. I have a question have you thought about adding to your family if given the chance just curious? I look forward to reading more of your books. A fan always…
Nikki, 15/11/2015

Hi Cathy, I have read most of your books with a few more to go. You do an amazing job for the kids. I wish there was someone like you when I was little( although I probably wasn’t as bad as most I have read,) I wasn’t put into care but I was not a happy child with things that went on. I couldn’t even tell my counsellor much as my mother was always with me. I would have loved someone like you just to talk to. Anyway keep up the good work and look forward to reading the rest of your books.
Donna, 13/11/2015

Hello I would just like too say thank you for your wonderful books, your books started me on the path to reading true stories, I now how a very big collection of true stories. I have a big collection of books around 400! Most of all though it is you who has inspired me to write my own true story about my life and all that has happened, so again thank you. I wish you and your family all the happiness, you do an amazing job.
Cassie, 12/11/2015

Dear Cathy, I have been reading your books for years now and own all of them, I absolutely love them!! I am currently at university, studying and training to become a child social worker as I have a passion for working with children and young people, I really want to make a difference to children and young people’s lives. You have given me such inspiration and guidance to follow my dreams by reading your books and once I pick up one of them I can never put them down. I have reread them so many times as I find them so interesting and it gives me the drive I need to make a difference whenever I find anything tough. Thank you for publishing your books, without them I would never have got as far as I have. You are truly an inspiration to everyone in this world as you have many characteristics that make you fantastic, understanding, patience and most of all, empathy. I truly wish I could be as great as you one day, and I will never give up on my dream or what I believe in. Thank you for your work once again, Kind regards.
Letisha, UK, 12/11/2015

Dear Cathy, I have read ‘Girl Alone’, and just like your other books, it was fabulous! It’s really heart wrenching for Joss to lose his father. And I’m really looking forward for the ‘Silent Cry’. Incidentally, I was wondering if you ever considered in writing children’s story books. Your books always give hope and inspiration to many people, and I was hoping that it could reach children with a children’s picture book.
Jun, Malaysia, 11/11/2015

Hello Cathy I love your books and read them really quickly. The book Cut with dawn has inspired me to stop self harming. I’m glad I have read the book as otherwise I would have still been self harming. I love your books, Cathy xxxx many thanks
Jenna, UK, 10/11/2015

Hi, I’ve read 2 of your books and I’m working on a third. Your books are some of my favourite that I’ve read. The first I read was Damaged, the second was Cut, that I just finished, and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, which I’m working on now. I’m only 12 but I love reading your stories. Dawn and Jodie’s stories are my favourite. Thanks for enjoying your fostering stories with me.
Alexis, 12, 09/11/2015

Hi Cathy, wanted to let you know I have read all of your books, just finished Girl Alone. I am so sad as with all of your books don’t want them to end, now I am hanging out for The Silent Cry ,
Chris, Australia, 09/11/2015

Hi I just read all of your books I love them and how many lives u have touched. Well done, a marvellous job.
Niveen, UK, 08/11/2015

Cathy, I just really wanted to drop you this email to tell you that I think you are amazing! I’ve ready about 4/5 of your books this past couple of weeks and they have really touched me. I have just ordered more too! You and your family do an amazing job with the poor kiddies and give them a great home whilst they are with you! Each book is written brilliantly and I love how warm you and your children are! Keep the books coming, you are doing a great job. Best wishes
Lorraine, UK, 08/11/2015

Hi Cathy, I was in Singapore airport waiting for a 5 hr delay flight back to Perth Western Australia. I decided to buy a book and I bought The Child Bride. I am now hooked on your books, I own 9. I have had tears reading some of them, just love them. It takes a very special person to foster children. I have a friend who has been fostering children from her 30s and now turned 70 this year still has foster children. Thank you for your fantastic books. Cheers
Jeanette, Australia, 08/11/2015