All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hey Cathy, I’m 16. I just recently read one of your books, Another Forgotten Child, and it was the first book that actually made me cry. Partly, because I could easily relate to it myself. I’m in care as well, in a children’s home. And this book actually made me think that if someone like you would’ve fostered me when I was younger, things would have been a lot different. Anyway, I can’t wait to read your other books! And if you’re not too busy, I would be really grateful if you could reply, thanks,
Hina, UK, 02/12/2012

Hi Cathy, I have I only just recently started to read your books as a friend lent me her collection thinking they would interest me. I haven’t been able to put them down. I have read 4 in the space of a fortnight. I think the work you do with the children you foster is wonderful. You make such an effort to change the children’s lives it’s truly touching. I’m sure you really do make a difference to those children. I would very much like to become a foster carer one day and hope I can be as good at it as you are. All my best to you and your family.
Dale, 02/12/2012

Dear Cathy, I am blessed to be raised in a peaceful country by a loving family. My upbringing has made me so loving and family oriented. But there’s a saying I once read; “the meaning of war is unknown to those who never experience it”. Or something in that line. And I admit to that. At age of 24 (when I first introduced to your book, Cut), I didn’t have a clue what the other side looks like. I was shocked to the bones. All my hardships growing up is nothing compared to those unfortunate children; I felt ashamed. Hungry for more, I began to track your other books. Somehow, your books kept me level headed, to always remind myself of my luck and thus offering and sharing what I have with those in need. I hope I could give back to the world the way you do, Cathy. Thank you for your sincere writing. I appreciate it. Faithfully,
Alina, 02/12/2012

Hi Cathy – my emotions are coming to the surface now after decades and decades of hiding hard feelings of guilt and sorrow shared with my mother about me being disabled. And a load of confusing and conflicting emotions. I read Damaged in 2007. Two days ago I started reading The Night the Angels Came. I have read about 4 or five books now from you. I would like to thank you as I face come to terms with the horror, awfulness, misunderstandings and the what ifs and confusion and all the stuff that people have to work through in their lives. I will never understand some things and I will try not to try so hard any more, but I will still work on things and try to sort things out on a daily basis Thank you
Mary F, 30/11/2012

Dear Cathy, first of all I must say I “blame you” for my lack of sleep. I was stupid enough to take Another Forgotten Child to my hands yesterday night at 10 pm, naively thinking I will “read a bit” and get to bed in an hour or so. It was 3 am when I finally made myself put the book down 60 pages before the end, knowing I must sleep at least a little before going to work… I will finish the book tonight. But the most important what I wanted to write you – I wonder where you learned to be so patient and wise, not only with the children, but with their problematic parents. When I was reading about your encounters with Susan I felt such anger – I mean, you do everything for their child and you get blamed for complete stupidities and you must answer to it. So, thank you very much for your very interesting writing, and for all the work and care you provide to the kids in need! I really admire you.
Veronika M, Prague, Czech Republic, 30/11/2012

Cathy Glass. Hi I’m 18 years old and studying Child Care level 3. I have read 2 of your books (Another Forgotten Child, The Night the Angels Came) and I am really enjoying them so much. Now I want to help children and work with children. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your books. Thanks for your time.
Kim S, UK, 29/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I am 13 and am a huge fan of yours. The first book I read of yours was Damaged it was an extremely touching story. When I finished it I wanted to read more by you. I found Hidden in my school library and I finished that within a few weeks. I am in the process of reading your Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and already I am hooked. I have never found a particular author that I have enjoyed reading before, but now I am proud to say that you are my favourite author. In a library class last week I was given an assessment task to research a favourite author and you immediately popped to my mind. Thank you for your time. Regards
Kourtney, UK, 28/11/2012

Hi Cathy, Just a quick note to say that after now been fostering 17 months please believe me your books have got me through some very tough days. Wouldn’t change things for the world, though some days if I hadn’t read your books I would think WHAT AM I DOING!. But hey ho we are still doing and loving it mostly and at moment have a nearly four year old little girl in placement. Hope you realize you are a true inspiration. Please keep the books coming, THANKYOU. Love
Lisa & Brett, UK, 27/11/2012

I just completed reading Damaged. My husband and I were foster parents, we live in the states, and we could not believe how inefficient the entire system was run. We did this back in 1960’s and 70’s while raising our own two children. We did not have any children as damaged as your poor child. I cried off and on all during my reading the book and I am not a crier. I admire you and your children and know that our children, who are now married and have families of their own, became far better human beings by sharing their lives with foster children. In fact our daughter and her husband are now adopting and we are all very excited. I am about to buy your others books but my heart can only stand to read a little at a time. I am surprised to hear the fostering and the support and lack of coordination of your social services is just as poor as ours. I guess it is just the nature of the beast. Their job has to be awfully exhausting, who would want to do it? But, to you all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Mary and Joe, USA, 26/11/2012

I have read all your book and Cathy I think you are an angel. I find myself referring to some of the techniques you use in helping my children through their lives. I also tend to have a lot of children stay with me. My daughter is 13 and becoming a bit of a challenge, but thankfully they have not been put through any of the situations your children have, I am truly blessed. Thank you for you xxx regards
Sharlene, Australia, 26/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I’ve almost read one of ur book which is totally interesting and out of the world. You are truly an amazing woman and cannot imagine what ur going thro with different children. They don’t know how fantastic you are n pls keep up the good work. I would like to have more books to read…. don’t give up yet lol Regards
Lisa, Somerset, England, 26/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I’ve gotta say I look forward to reading your books. You are an amazing woman, and your children and family must be so proud of you. Cannot wait until April as I have every book you have written and each one has had me crying and smiling. Well done for being such a wonderful person, take care and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, love
Gill, 26/11/2012

I’m currently reading The Night the Angels Came – It is such an awesome book!! Very sad though but very well written. I know you said it doesn’t matter in which order the books are read but I have started to read them in order. I have finished Cut, almost finished The Night the Angels Came, about to start on A Baby’s Cry, and also finished reading The Saddest Girl in the World and Damaged. My Mother in Law has read all the ones I have as I lend them to her and she loves them too! I’m about to order the rest – I Miss Mummy, Hidden; Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and Another Forgotten Child. You are awesome in giving all these children a loving & caring home!
Koa, Australia, 25/11/2012

I just wanted to send an e-mail to you after discovering your website. I have been reading your books for a few years now and must say I am a massive fan of yours. The way you write is brilliant and makes me want to read on. I think I have all of your true fostering stories now but will be checking against the list on your website. I enjoy reading all your books and learn a lot from them. You are truly inspirational. I am now looking forward to the new book ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby. Best wishes
Natalie H, UK, 25/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading another of you heart wrenching books Another Forgotten Child. I just wanted to write and thank you for the job you do and for giving of yourself so freely and with so much care and understanding. I had a very traumatic childhood and think myself very lucky indeed to have been spared at least some of the terrible experiences you speak of in your books I am a grandmother now and still struggle on a daily basis with many issues and it seems my cup is always just about to overflow as they say! To this day I trust no one, so just let me say how valuable what you do is to those who have been betrayed and traumatized by the very people who should care for them the most: Family! I find great joy in the simplest of things others might take for granted, beautiful birds, beaches sunsets and even a smile from a stranger or a kind word – so it warms my heart to know there are wonderful angels like you to help heal and care for those so often forgotten and broken. GOD BLESS YOU
Sharon, Australia, 25/11/2012

Hi Cathy, your book was so moving. I am a teacher who works with children with special needs, and your kindness and patience is so inspiring. I find now when I am feeling overwhelmed and my patience drawing thin, I think of your story. Thank you for being a great inspiration in love, kindness, and patience.
Meghan, New York, USA, 24/11/2012

Hi Cathy! Your books are amazing! You are an amazing woman. Your family must be very proud. You are such an inspiration, an idol, a strong independent woman. Your books have really touched me there are tears laughs and smiles, but after everything your books keep me coming back for more. Thank You for the books, and most of all thank you for helping all these children. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Dee, 19, London, England, 24/11/2012

Hello Cathy, I have read most of your books and am currently reading your latest about Aimee. The first of your books I read was Damaged, which I read a few years ago when I was 16 or 17. I was wondering if you were going to write a book on your adopted daughter Lucy? The bits you mention about her in your other books sound like you changed her life completely and I’m interested in knowing more about how you have done so. I find your books inspiration and the work you do fascinating. What you do for abused children who come into your care sounds very difficult but it also goes to show that you also do wonderful work and help them to put the past behind them. I hope that you, Paula, Adrian and Lucy are all well.
Kelly, UK, 24/11/2012

Hello Cathy, I just finished your book Damaged and truly believe you are an angel on Earth. I hope Jodie has had a chance to experience some joy in her life. My prayers will stay with her.
Tony, 23/11/2012

Dear Cathy, Wow…what can I say! You are truly an amazing person. I’ve written you twice before (which you responded both times) and I have read most of your books. I am still reading “Another Forgotten Child.” Your books captivate me. No matter what you’ve gone through with looking after all these children, you are such a wonderful and warm person, through and through. When you say in your books, you would like to give one of the children a hug, I would like to give you a hug, for all the great things you’ve done in helping all these children and anyone you come in contact with. If you lived in my neighborhood, you would most certainly be my friend. The world needs more people like you in it, as for what you do, it’s the most wonderful gift of all. Along with your writing, as you’ve got me hooked reading your books, hands down. I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013. I am definitely a fan of yours! Keep up the great work!
Christine, Ontario, Canada, 23/11/2012

Hi Cathy. I wish you and your family merry Christmas and a happy new year. I have finally finished my Xmas shopping 🙂 I have just stopped smoking, it’s been 10days still got cravings. But need fresh start 4 the coming New Year. I’m reading all your other books all over again to keep my mind busy. Can’t wait for your new book to get published. Take care with love to you and your family xxxx
Mutlu, UK, 22/11/2012

Hi Cathy, May I just take this opportunity to convey what a wonderful woman you are. Your strength is truly amazing. I have very much enjoyed reading your books. Most recently I have read about Tayo in ‘Hidden’ and wow. It had me smiling, crying and laughing with pure joy for him. What a wonderful outcome for him. Mainly I want to say you have inspired me as now my partner and I are seriously considering trying to become foster carers, as a result of reading your books. Of course we know it will not be an easy path, and it will be testing. If you have inspired others as much as you have inspired us (which I expect you have) then not only are you responsible for caring for and helping the children you have fostered, but for the ones of the foster carers you have inspired to follow the path of fostering. Please keep writing. I feel a little lost every time a book ends.
Fiona, UK, 21/11/2012

Hello Cathy, I’ve just finished Damaged here in Australia & wanted to Thank you. Not an easy read but I read it from cover to cover in two days. Kind regards,
Avis B, Australia, 21/11/2012

I am 17 years old and I honestly find everything you do for each and every foster child amazing! I am not exactly known for reading but for the last few weeks I haven’t exactly been able to put your books down! And each and every time I end up in tears because of the events that take place. Recently I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry and OH MY GOD! I don’t know how you did it! I have also fallen in love with your children. Because these books are running my life my best friend wondered what the big deal was and I lent her some books … she also feels the same way I do about you, your family and of course the foster children that you have taken on and cared for. I don’t know anybody who would be able to do what you do… you must have a heart of gold!
Sophie, UK, 21/11/2012

Dear Mrs. Glass, I finished reading the book “Damaged”. I’m a childcare giver and when I read your book “Damaged” I couldn’t help but recall one boy I used to care for. He was ten years of age and very angry. I had many years of childcare experience under my belt, and I’ve worked with many different types of children with all different personalities, but this boy, he really had me. He was so abusive, and out right mean, and I can easily handle the abuse, but the other children in my care couldn’t. I worked so hard with him, some days we progressed and things would go well, and then other days he would regress and cause havoc for everybody in my care. Eventually I had to tell his mother that I could no longer take him in my care since his behaviour was becoming unsafe for the other children in my care. I wish I could have worked with him more. When I read how you felt about Jodie that is how I felt with him. To this very day I still think of him, and think if what I did was right. I wish I had your strength. I just thought I’d let you know you are my hero. Sincerely,
Nikki, 21/11/2012

Cathy I really want to contact u as I’ve been sexually abused for many years. I am a woman trapped in a child’s body. I am almost 40 now and still cry so much. A lot of this world frightens me. If I’d had a foster mum like you I know I wouldn’t be the way I am today, as most of the children you’ve had are Damaged as I am badly Damaged. My mum’s alive and almost 85 and still blames me. Please email me soon thanks
Vicky, 20/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged and wanted to contact you to compliment on this excellent book. It was truly heart breaking and with each page my stomach flipped with the awful things this little girl endured. It made me cry, it made me angry……..and it gave me nightmares but I couldn’t stop reading and felt a sense of relief when Jodie started to improve. You and your family are truly amazing people. Regards
Karin, UK, 20/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I’m 17 years old and I’ve always had a interest in reading and writing. A while ago I read your book Damaged but just today I read your entire book Another Forgotten Child. I wanted to say it gave me belief that there are some good people in the world, willing to look after innocent children to offer them a better life. When I was young I was sexually abused, since then I’ve always had trouble dealing with it. Reading your book, I realized that maybe the memories would never go away but it doesn’t mean I’m alone in the struggle. Some day I would love to foster and even adopt. I hope one day I can be as good a mum as you, I’m glad you have made children’s lives better. Kind regards,
Emily, Scotland, 19/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I’d just like to thank you for writing your amazing books, I have read many of them and am unable to put them down once I start! You’re a wonderful woman and I truly admire the love and devotion you put into each and every child. Thanks again for sharing your life with others, I feel I actually know you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula personally! I’m so glad I picked up a copy of ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ by chance one day as Reece’s story was the most inspiring and touching I had ever read. You have been my inspiration to start a career in childcare so thank you once again! Love,
Mel T, 19/11/2012

Hello Cathy. I just finished your book ‘Damaged’ and I am so touched by Jodie’s story. I have never felt such a need to act and help. I’m 24 years old with zero college experience, working a meaningless job to make ends meet. For so long now I’ve been waiting for God to point me in the right direction– to shine a light on what I should do with my life. All I’ve ever known is that I want to have a loving family. I want to be a perfect mother. The ways in which you cared for Jodie and all of the other children you fostered made me realize there’s things I can do now to help. I want to get in contact with my city’s social services. I want to volunteer. I want to help. I want to make a difference. I have never felt this strongly about something and I just know this is the sign I’ve been looking for. You are an inspiration and in my opinion, the epitome of the perfect care-giver. Definitely someone I look up to and admire whole-heartedly. Thank you for all of your dedication and love to those multiple children. It shows there are wonderful people out there. Sincerely,
Carmella, USA, 18/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I have never really been much of a reader, until my sister came from Scotland to visit me in Australia with one of your books “Another Forgotten Child”. She asked me to read it as she said it was a very good book. I picked up the book and in 3 days I was finished (that’s a record for me). Now I have just bought “Damaged” and can’t wait to read it. You are such an inspiring women who has a heart of gold. There should be more people out there like you. Keep up the great work Cathy. Take care 🙂
Lisa M, Australia, 18/11/2012

Hello, I am a teacher assistant at a local school. I spoke with a lady here who read your book, Damaged, and she said it was very heartfelt and a true story. I bought it and on Saturday started reading it. It’s hard to read because I felt like I was reading my own story. Some of the things were different but a lot of it was the same. I took a 2 hour break, came home and started reading again. I finished at 11 o’clock, it took me 15 hours to read your book. I cried throughout. I wish there was someone there for me like you were for Jodie. I dealt with it myself and wrote down all the things that happened to me: my life story. I thought about publishing it. I just want people to know that you can survive. I survived. I have my good days. I have my bad days but I am thankful I’m alive. I have the love of my children and I know I am okay. I will pray for Jodie. Thank you for sharing your book. God bless you, may God be with you every step of the way. Sincerely,
Jamie A, Indiana, USA, 18/11/2012

Dear Cathy, yet again you have amazed me and opened my eyes, have just finished your most recent book Another Forgotten Child. You leave me speechless and emotional after reading your books. I also appreciate my life a lot more and realize how lucky I am to have my family, friends, my children and how much I love them. I find it so difficult to believe that the care system has so much faults etc but I do believe it’s sad to think there’s so many more children who live like that and have no one to turn to or look after them the way they should be looked after. You have done such an amazing job and are such an inspiration, a role model. I hope you and your family are all well and continue to be. Thank you for letting everyone into your life through your books. Love
Fiona H, 17/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I’ve been reading your books for a couple of years now, and each one I have read has touched me immensely. I especially found ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ was an amazing story and I am truly inspired by the bravery faced by you, your family and of course Reece himself. But it was a difficult read and reduced me to tears on a good few occasions. I think you are a truly inspirational woman, and feel that there should be more people like you because it seems you make a difference to so many children and parents. You should be immensely proud of that. I still have to read ‘A Forgotten Child’, but I’m sure it will touch me too, and I will find affection for Aimee, as I have for all the children I have read about in your books. I look forward to reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ when that is released next year, and any other books you release. Best wishes to you and your family (Adrian, Lucy and Paula are lucky to have such a fantastic mother)
Rose G, 22, UK, 17/11/2012

Hi, I would like it if you added me to your mailing list so I am notified when your new books get published, it’s easier than me living on Amazon. I also want to say how inspiring your books are. The first one I read was Cut when I was looking for true stories about self harm (yea I’m a cutter). I also was interested in child abuse so the book fitted the bill. I have consequently read all your true books and love them especially Another Forgotten Child. It’s a shame you couldn’t adopt Aimee, Donna and Michael. Are you going to write Lucy’s story because I am really interested in it. Good luck with your fostering. You have inspired nearly everyone who has read your book (including me) to want to foster. I hope all your looked-after children have happy endings and well done for helping all the others
Luisa, 13, 16/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I love your books, they are real eye-openers. I started reading them last Thursday (8 days ago) and I have already read, My Dad’s A Policeman, I Miss Mummy, Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World. I am just starting Damaged now. I just can not put them down once I start! They way in which you write such fantastically detailed accounts of each child is amazing and really draws you in.
Bekka, England, 16/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I am a busy mum so don’t get much chance to read but I have read most of your books over the years and intend to read the rest. I was let down, overlooked or whatever the reason was by the system as a child. I was taken unfairly from my mum aged 8 and sent to live with my dad 50 miles away, despite the fact he hadn’t long been released from prison for having sex with an underage girl. She was 13 and he was 37. He married her 3 years later, she was clearly groomed. My dad and his wife were extremely cruel to me, I was physically mentally and sexually abused ( sexual abuse by him ). I removed myself from the situation by running away aged 12 and finding my mum, I have not seen him since. I am now 36 with children of my own. I have always had a strong desire to be a foster carer and believe I can help vulnerable children. I think about it very often. Much love respect and admiration to you.
Sam, UK, 16/11/2012

Cathy, I just finished reading Jodie’s story. It is hard to believe the evil that is in our world. I am humbled by the care and love you give these children. We kept a foster child for a short time years ago, we got back in touch with her at age 18. She has been part of our family since then. She has a history of much abuse and has come a long way. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Karen, USA, 15/11/2012

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading about Harrison (A Baby’s Cry). It breaks my heart when I hear news of child cruelty. I have a lump in my throat as I write this e-mail and tears in abundance as I read this book. Your children were so very brave and you so very special. We readers are so lucky to have you share your experiences with us. Sincerely
Sandra F, England, 15/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your little book, ‘My Dad’s a Policeman.’ and I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am, not only with the book, but your brilliant writing. This book should be compulsory reading for every potential foster parent all over the world. I doubt that the majority of foster parents ever try to put themselves in the child’s place as you have done in this book, and it’s true that most neglected kids really love their parents, no matter how badly they have treated their offspring. And if a child has nothing to compare his style of living to, how can he know there is a better way of life? And you have captured the very essence of the problem. I am going to write to all the local fostering services here to tell them to read your revealing book, and suggest they insist on new foster parents reading it before they attempt to nurture another parent’s child. Good on you, Cathy
Bette, Australia, 14/11/2012

Hello Cathy, Just to let you know that I have bought all your books and have read them. I have even passed them onto my friends. I have just started reading Another Forgotten Child. I think that you are a really good author and I have really enjoyed reading them. I have been close to tears reading them because what you write happens to children on a daily basis. It must be hard for you when you are writing the books and fostering different children. I cannot wait till next year when your new book comes out. I would like to say well done to you and keep up your good work. Thank You
Samantha L, UK, 14/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I am a 19 year old who has just finished reading one of your books. You are such a great inspiration, that book filled my eyes with tears many of times. I strongly believe you are a caring person. I am currently at Uni studying nursing and I was thinking about fostering when I’m older and changing a little girl’s life just like you did. You should be the type of person that is submitted for pride of Britain award. I am going to continue reading your books as they are very touching. It takes a lot to be a foster carer like you. I know I would get too attached and that must be so hard for you. Best wishes Cathy for the future, I wish you all the luck in the world
Kimberley E, UK, 14/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I have read all your books and have preordered your latest one. My sister does the same job as you, she has been fostering since the 70’s and also took me (I am the youngest of 14 and she is the eldest) when my own mother couldn’t be bothered. She takes babies like Harrison and prepares them for adoption, she too has seen some frightful cases. To date she has fostered 512 kids. I am utterly humbled by people like you and her that selflessly take a Damaged or neglected child and puts them on the road to normality. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it wasn’t for my sister and people like you. I hope you and your children are well
Karina, 13/11/2012

Thank you for writing back. I’m going through everything that you write about. I’m on the verge of losing my little girl. Although I am doing my very best for her. I’m only young 17. I know this may sound bad but I do wish I could be a normal teen again. If my daughter is put in foster care will I still get photos of her? I don’t suppose you live near me, then I’d say send her to you. :). I know that’s very doubtful, but you are such a lovely person, even though I don’t know you. I would be more than happy for my little daughter to go to you. I really love how you talk to the kids and how kind and gentle you are 🙂 x
G, UK, 12/11/2012

CG: I was very moved by this sad email. I replied with some suggestions that will hopefully help her to keep her daughter.

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading my third book of yours “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell” and cannot wait to read a fourth. It breaks my heart to read about these children that have suffered so much at a young age. When I first started reading about Reece I was expecting to come to the part that put him in the “too hard basket”. However with your (and the girls) patience, kindness, love, understanding, experience and knowledge you carried on regardless. What a wonderful ending, very touching and I hope that he is still happy. I hope that you are able to write another book on how these children have gone forward with their lives which I am sure your avid readers would love. Cathy, you are an inspiration as are all the foster carers around the world and it is only through your writings that we can see what “angels” you are.
Lori C, Sydney, Australia, 12/11/2012

Hi Cathy I have read a couple of ur books and enjoyed them very much. About 10 minutes ago I finished reading A Baby’s Cry and really enjoyed it although some of it was very shocking. Please always continue ur books, they’re a very good read and I think u r doing an amazing thing. Good luck for every thing. My warm wishes go to ur self, Paula and Adrian. Look forward to hearing from u. X
Sarah, 11/11/2012

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to contact you to say I love your books. You’re an amazing woman.
Jennie, 11/11/2012

Hi Cathy, Have just spent most of the night finishing your wonderful book, Hidden, and need to tell you how incredible you are. You must be so strong to have endured the behavior of Minty, and the trials that Tayo put you through early in the placement, and you still managed to keep your composure. I know exactly what you went through with the threats, because we had an ex-convict threaten us often, but unlike your situation, I had my wonderful, strong husband who dealt with such situations behind the social worker’s backs, because he’d grown up in a very rough area of Australia and could talk their language when necessary. How did you stay so positive? I love your family, they are just like my kids were with our foster children, especially my eldest boy who often was the go-between with new foster kids, that helped each one adapt to their situation. Much as Adrian did for you. I agree with you that even caring for unfortunate kids for a short time, must teach them that there is a better life waiting ahead for them, that’s why I loved fostering. I am about to start your next book, ‘ Cut’, so there goes any work I intended to do over this weekend. Bless you Cathy, for the lovely person you are, Cheers,
Bette, Australia, 09/11/2012

I have read a couple of your books and am currently reading A Baby’s Cry. I just wanted to say that I think you are an amazing inspirational women and you should be so proud. I have been in a few foster homes in my childhood and have suffered abuse at the hands of my farther. I am much older now and have children of my own. Reading your books has made me realize how well I am doing as a parent and gives me confidence in myself as I often doubt myself. I have come through my terrible childhood and would love to be able to help others. Thank you on behalf of all the children you have saved and for inspiring me
Samantha, 08/11/2012

Many people choose actors, actresses, singers, musicians, etc as their heroes, but you’re my hero Cathy. I can’t remember where, how or why I bought the first book I bought of yours, ‘Hidden’, but I read it in less than a day and was truly inspired by you and your story. After that, I’ve recently read ‘Cut’ and the one about Michael. I’m stood at the train station writing this, after my lecture at uni, after just finishing ‘Cut’ in a matter of hours, because I just couldn’t wait until I got home. I just wanted you to know how much you’ve changed my life. I was selfish, and found it hard to express my emotions, and how to show I cared. Until I stumbled across you. You are a magnificent being. I hope things are well, and you are continuing to change the lives of so many kids. You are my inspiration, my hero, and if I turn out half as good as you, I will be the proudest person in the world. Thank you Cathy. Your fan,
Zoe, UK, 08/11/2012

Hello Cathy, I’m from Germany, so excuse me whether I make mistakes. Because of my work placement I did here in England I went shopping and saw your books. I’m very interested in books like yours so I bought ‘Another Forgotten Child. I find it amazing what you did and do for Aimee and the other children. I’m not through the whole book yet but it’s very interesting and shocking. It’s interesting and sad to see how a young child history can be and I have to say that I can’t believe that things like this really happen. Maybe it’s because of my age, I am Only 16, that I can’t imagine these cruel things can happen to children far younger as me. It’s amazing to see, to read, how you handle difficult situations, and how children like Aimee, who once was so wild and rude change into Cute, fitting to their ages children. Thank you,
Teresa, Germany, 07/11/2012

I have read Another Forgotten Child and have to say I had trouble putting it down. I realize what a brave, level headed lady you are, especially how you handle certain situations. I admire you and your family and hope you keep up the good work for the sake of these poor unfortunate families, especially the children.
SC, UK, 05/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Another Forgotten Child. It is the first book I have read of yours. I just couldn’t put it down. It was so moving and after each chapter I had to know what happened next, hoping and praying that everything would turn out well for Aimee. I had smiles and many tears while reading it. I can’t wait to get another of your books. I admire you so much for the love and care you give these children and am so glad there are people like yourself that can help make life better for them. It tears me apart to think children have to go through such harrowing experiences when all they should be getting is love and cuddles and a safe upbringing. I have four grown up children and nine beautiful grandchildren and I love them all so much sometimes it hurts. They are my world and it breaks my heart that there are children in the world that never experience this sort of love. Cathy you are a wonderful woman keep up your marvelous fostering of these vulnerable children.
Jilly, UK, 04/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading my fourth book of yours (in two weeks)! My husband and I have recently become foster carers, passing panel in July of this year. We had our first placement of 4 siblings, all under the age of four! To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. They were only with us for three months and although it wasn’t all plain sailing, I now know that fostering is for us. We feel like we’ve really made a difference and I can’t imagine any other job being so fulfilling as what we were able to do on a daily basis. Having had a couple of weeks to recuperate (and do lots of reading) we are now looking forward to our next placement. Reading your books has given me many tips and reassurances but more importantly, the confidence I feel to make us better and more understanding carers. Thank you so much for sharing the contents of your books with us. You have highlighted the need in our society for carers such as yourself and I am proud to say that we will play our part. I also think that praise should be given to your children (our’s have grown up and left home) who, unselfishly had to share their mother with so many other children. I hope it has enriched their lives. I look forward to starting another of your books tomorrow – after all, once we get our next placement, who knows when I’ll have time to read again!! Regards,
Kay, England, 04/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I have recently just come out of the care system and I admire people like you who change children’s lives for the better. I have just read your recent book “Another Forgotten Child” and it was very interesting to see these situations from a foster carers view. I had the same situation of “slipping through the net” being on the child protection register at birth and then not coming into care until the age of 7 and my experiences relate to Aimee’s. Its people like you who helped me to change my life, even though I lived in many foster homes. I am in university now doing a childhood and youth degree in hope that I can change other children’s lives. I loved your book and it was very emotional. It encouraged me to write about my time of being in care so that other children can understand that they can turn their lives around. So many of friends in care have ended up like their parents. It’s awful to watch and not be able to help. I really admire your work. Yours sincerely
Cassie, UK, 03/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say I love reading your books. You are a great person. I have always wanted to work with children and help them. After reading you books I know I really want to become a foster carer. Although it will be hard work I also think it will be very rewarding. I have all ways looked after other peoples children as well as bringing my own 4 children up. I hope to become a foster carer and help children that need a loving home. You really are an amazing person. All the best to you family best wishes from
Jodie and my 4 children, 03/11/2012

Dear Cathy Glass, I am just writing to say how truly inspirational you and your books have been to me. I am currently training to be a primary school teacher and I would definitely look into foster care in the future. I have a keen passion for doing as much as I can for disadvantaged children and your books have been fantastically moving and motivating and I would love to one day follow in your footsteps. Best wishes
Georgie, UK, 03/11/2012

Hi Cathy I’m a fan of reading your books. I bought Another Forgotten Child from Asda and my heart felt sorry for 8 year old Aimee. I like reading and am building a book collection on my book shelf. It does madden me when people abuse or neglect their children and social services turn a blind eye., but children in care do end up having a family and a new home and have a happy life style.
Gemma, England, 03/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I was introduced to your books by a friend. I first read The Night the Angels Came, I was recovering from surgery. I think I went through two boxes of tissues. I have since read Damaged, Hidden, I Miss Mummy, My Dad’s a Policeman A Baby’s Cry and Another Forgotten Child. Your stories are amazing, yet also sad. I think you have touched on every emotion. You and your children are truly amazing people. The gift you give to all the children you care for is wonderful. Reading your books is proof that we are all just a small piece of a very big world, but what a huge impact we all can have by sharing love, understanding and kindness. My best to you and yours.
Catherine T, Canada, 02/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I love your books. They’re so awesome and touching. I have just finished reading Another Forgotten Child this morning and it’s awesome. I have a collection of all your books! Big inspiration! No words to explain your kindness. Looking forward to next one next year!
Vivian, Singapore, 02/11/2012

Dear Cathy, I love your new book Another Forgotten Child. Aimee sounds a little like Jodie. It’s so Cute when Aimee wets the bed and she thinks that you’re going to shout at her and then when you ask if she wants to have a cuddle she say’s yes, but her mother Susan sounds horrible. The bit I didn’t understand was, why was Aimee not brought into care sooner. I would love to be a foster carer, as I would like to give a child a home like you do and my foster carer did for me. I came into care at the age of 4. Love and best wishes from
Chantelle, UK, 01/11/2012

Hi Cathy, I really love your books, they are so touching especially A Baby’s Cry and The Night the Angels Came. I have seven more books from you to read!! May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door, and happiness be with you now, and bless you ever more. Amen I hope you enjoy your life with your 3 children. P. S. please write a story about Lucy. Kind regards,
Sheri, UK, 30/10/2012

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve been doing. I have read all ur books and I think u are an angel. I have never been in that situation at either end, but you give children hope who, I feel, without the support would have turned the opposite way. The social services are so overstretched that they need good foster parents.
Sarah, 30/10/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Damaged and would like to thank you for writing this book. I don’t think I have ever felt so many emotions in one book. As I wipe away the tears that were streaming down my face in those last few pages I feel so privileged to be a mother. Half way through reading your book I found out I am pregnant with my second child. I have a 16 month old son who has received even more hugs and kisses than usual after reading Jodie’s tragic story. You are an amazing person to have helped Jodie as much as you did. Without you she wouldn’t have received the help she has from High Oaks. I hope Jodie will one day lead as normal life as possible for her and feel some of the emotions and happiness girls her age do. She definitely deserves it! Regards
Zorica, 29/10/2012

Hello Cathy, I would like to thank you for being such an inspirational human being. I have just finished reading Another Forgotten Child and, as always, was blown away and reduced to tears not only by Aimee’s story but by the way you looked after such a damaged child. I have had a difficult childhood with an abusive father who was an alcoholic and when I was younger felt like I was the only one around with a wrong upbringing. After reading many of your amazing books I have found it comforting that I wasn’t the only one who has suffered. I hope from your love and faith that abuse and neglect can be stopped. You are a truly amazing woman and your stories show this through the children blossoming under your care. Thank you again for being a ray of hope. Forever a fan,
Lydia, England, 28/10/2012

Hi Cathy, I just want to say what a fantastic lady and mother you are. I’ve read most of your books, you are amazing and your family must be so proud. I just finished reading your book about Harrison, you did so well with him and the kindness you showed his mother touched me very much. I’m 34 and have 2 lovely boys and I sit and tell them about your books. Would love it if you could write back to me Cathy. Thanks so much.
Leah B, 27/10/2012

Hi Cathy, It’s 7 o’clock in the morning in South-Africa as I write this email. I could not put your book down. I cried, I laughed and people thought I was crazy during the two days as I was reading your book. This book is close to my heart as my sister also fostered children. She stopped it a couple of months ago as the system in South-Africa means nothing. Any case I cannot stop thinking about Jodie. I must also say you are an awesome person and as we say here “I take my hat off to you”!! You probably get this a lot but it’s as if I actually know you. Have a great day Regards
Jean-marie, South-Africa, 27/10/2012

Cathy; I came across your books about a year or so ago and have found they quiet intriguing. I was in care as an adolescent and have since gone on to be successful. Now that I am a young adult, married and have a house I have began fostering myself. While we are only doing relief right now as we are expecting our first child of our own, we thoroughly enjoy the experience. I find it overwhelming sometimes how much children in care miss out on. We are an active family and like to be out and about doing all kinds of things. When we have our kids in for relief we never change our plans, we just include them right along with what we are doing and they seem to love it. We have had children in and taken them camping, roasted marshmallows, played with glow sticks and sparklers and they are amazed and sometimes don’t know what to do with them. Not to mention the fact we hardly turn the TV on and it’s not till bed time that they realize they didn’t get to watch anything. But they also love learning new card games and board games that we play during the day. It so neat to feel like we are teaching them and allowing them to experience things that will stay with them forever. I look forward to the day when we are settled with our little one and able to do more then just relief work and children are able to stay with us for more then just the weekend. In the mean time I shall continue to read your books and learn from your experience. Thank you so much for sharing with me and the rest of the world what its has been like for you. Blessings;
Rebecca A, Canada, 27/10/2012

Hi Cathy, I am a 34 year old mum of two and I picked up a copy of Damaged from a local charity shop, I read it in one day. I couldn’t put it down and then started a little quest to find and read all your books. The children you foster have seen and experienced such awful things but it really makes such a difference knowing there are foster carers like you who open their hearts and homes to these children. From your stories we see that with your love, care and support they can begin the process of healing. You and your family are simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your experiences, even though more often than not they have me in tears.
Tracy, UK, 26/10/2012

Hi Cat-hie. Familiar? That was my first book that got me addicted. Then I searched for Damaged in Singapore as I thought it would be a good company as we were heading Pattaya since my husband had to work, but couldn’t find it. So when I was in Pattaya roaming alone, I found a 2nd hand bookstore. The Saddest Girl in the World. That was the only book available. I was glued to the book. Awesome is an understatement. We got back in Singapore and the next evening I got another book, Hidden. Within 24hrs, I finished it. I am making a trip to the bookstore tomorrow. And hope to find more of your books. I’m loving it, Cathy. And I will definitely be looking forward to read more of your books… Cheers,
Nurul, Singapore, 26/10/2012

Dear Cathy, On Tuesday night, my husband, son and I stayed overnight at my mother-in-law’s house (she is also a foster carer). She leant me “Another Forgotten Child” which I started to read on the bus the following morning. By Thursday evening I had finished the book. I simply could not put it down. Last year my husband and I adopted our son. He had been in foster care from birth and I formed a very strong bond with his foster carer who we now see several times a month. Unfortunately last year she was the subject of a malicious allegation from the parent of a foster child and very nearly stopped fostering as a result. Reading your book has shown me that we are not alone in our frustrations with the social care system as it stands in this country which frequently protects the needs and emotions of the parents rather than the child and all too often leaves foster carers, who are trying to improve the lives of children, open to verbal abuse, constant unfounded criticism and allegations. So thank you, Cathy for a gripping read and the knowledge that we are not alone. Kind regards
Louise, 26/10/2012

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing these experiences with us! Your stories continue to inspire me! I am a Nursery Manager and have been working with children for around 8 years now, helping children to develop those primary skills and flourish in a social environment is a passion of mine. I have been over seeing Child Protection cases for a couple of years now, and no matter how many times I attend Such meetings and learn of new disclosures I continue to be shocked by such ill treatment both directly and indirectly towards children. Your stories help me to understand ways in helping children to deal with the emotional and physical scars and for that I have nothing but praise and thanks for you!! You really are an inspiration to so many of us! Continue to write and shares those experiences!!! I wish you and your family every success as you truly deserve it!! Warmest Wishes
Sally, 25, England, 26/10/2012

Hi Cathy, I’m sixteen years of age. Your books really interest me, when I start reading one of your books I can’t seem to put it down. Keep Up The Good Work.
Charlea, 24/10/2012

Mam I’m from Sri Lanka and I read ur book Damaged. It’s so good and very emotional.
Chamindika, Sri Lanka, 24/10/2012

Hey Cathy, I’m sorry to bother you but I wanted to thank you, reading all your books either in paperback or downloading onto my ipad I learn from your parenting as I have 3 children myself, one of whom has a lot of emotional issues surrounding his dad. By reading your books and learning your techniques I am able to sit my boy down and talk to him, allowing him to release in the right way. Your books have helped me to parent and I love to read them! I’ve just finished A Baby’s Cry and its 1:30am! Lol……take care of yourself
Kirsty H, West Midlands, UK, 24/10/2012