All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hello Cathy I love all your books. I am just reading Will You Love Me. You sound a lovely lady. Thank for all your very good books. You do a very good job. All the best
Emily O, 07/10/2013

Dear Cathy, After reading just about all your books I feel it’s only fair that I email you and congratulate you for touching so many hearts. As a young mum I know how hard it was to bring up my children. I have 3 children, I’m also a grandma at just the age of 40. My daughter also reads your books and was very proud when she told me you tweeted her thanking her of her compliment. It’s amazing how every time I read your books I feel as though I’m there watching the film. I can relate to some of the books with life experience, but some of them make me cry at how heartless and selfish some people are. However, you have made me look at these people differently. Before my opinion would have been anger against the parents, most of the time it is, but sometimes these parents have been so neglected themselves. They don’t know any different or how they treat their children. I just want to say thanks. There are not enough people as kind and as committed as you. Please don’t leave it too long to bring out another book as I have nearly got through them all. Regards
Claire E, 07/10/2013

Dearest Cathy, Once again I would like to congratulate you on your beautiful book Will You Love Me!!!! You have such a wonderful talent, and as with all your other books, it’s written in such a way that I could not put it down!!!!! Lucy is very lucky that she came to you. Despite her terrible early years she now has a loving mother and family that she can finally call her own!!!!
Christine F, Malta, 07/10/2013

Hi Cathy I have just read Hidden, only 2 books to go now. You are a true inspiration to the world, very kind, understanding and a treasure to society. I have not experienced foster care or anything like it. I take my hat off to you and such people for the kindness you show to these poor kids. It makes you appreciate what you have. Hope you keep writing your true stories. They are amazing. Your kids sound a treasure. God bless, you are all angels. The world would be better with more people like you and your 3 kids. Kindest regards to you and the family xxxx
Amelia, Scotland, 06/10/2013

Hello I’ve just read The Night the Angels Came. I must say out of all your books this 1 has really touched me. I love reading your books. Keep up the good work xxxx
Natalie, 06/10/2013

Dear Mrs Glass, I am an 18 year old girl from South Africa. I just finished reading one of your books – “Please Don’t Take My Baby” (literally just). I go for autobiographies or books based on true stories, and they all generally relate to children or people who have gone through struggles and overcome them. I have the aspiration to become a psychologist. Mostly studying children and their developments, but also criminology. I just read on you web page that you have studied psychology and my interest in you immediately grew. I have been inspired through reading your book. I too have a passion for writing. I am looking forward to reading the other books you have written and learning more about you. You have given me a whole new confidence in my career choice and have motivated me to one day also be a foster care giver. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Yours faithfully.
Kayla, South Africa, 06/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading Lucy’s story and again was moved to tears. What an amazing story and a courageous little girl to go through what she has been through and come out on top, with your help of course. You are an amazing patient considerate and lovely woman. Please post my comments on your site and keep up the good work. I just read the update about all 3 of your children. They are a credit to you. Take care xx
Julie, UK, 05/10/2013

Hi Cathy glass, I am working my way through all of your books. Damaged was the first book I read and since then I have read nearly all, I think I have 2-3 more to read. I work in a nursery so I take an interest in how you handle the disclosures – both with your child and mentally in your self. Thankfully, so far I haven’t had any children who seem to be in danger, but if there was I feel I could handle it, thanks to your books. I hope you write many more. You are a wonderfully person and a credit to society. Thanks for writing your books
Ashleigh B, 04/10/2013

Hi Cathy, on chapter 20 of Will You Love Me, and the tears are tripping me 🙁 I felt every word you wrote. Poor Lucy, all she wanted was to be loved. I know you end up adopting her but to read how she felt about you all, and how you all felt about her is so touching. Especially today when I’m hearing on the news about the neglect of that little boy who was neglected so badly by his mother .Anyway I have to mail you again and tell you how much respect I have for you and what a fantastic job you have done throughout the years. I have followed your life through all your books and think you are so inspirational. What a fantastic job you have done. All my love. Can’t wait for your next book.
Fiona H, UK, 04/10/2013

Hi Cathy, My mum and I have read some of your books. Your books are amazing and once I start reading I never want to put them down. Your books have helped me in my job how to respond to children that seem to want to disclose something or signs that something is not quite right and how to handle the situation. I work in a school for children with special needs in Australia (but I am originally from London). I just wanted to say how amazing I think your books are and what a great job you do as a foster carer. I come into contact with lots of fosters careers as a majority of the kids I work with are in care. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Cassie, Australia, 04/10/2013

Hi Cathy: This book was so good. You are a great writer please keep writing and sending me updates on you books. I have read every one that you wrote and they get better and better. Thank you so much for what you do for these children. Bless you,
Cecile M, 04/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I last spoke to you in November 2012 when my sister brought one of your books across to Australia and I now have the Cathy Glass bug as I call it. I have now purchased all your books (The Girl in the Mirror is on order). I was saying all the way through reading them that I would love to hear Lucy’s story and to my surprise you let us all know you were in the process of writing it. I’m now reading it. It was a very bad start to poor Lucy’s life but so happy that you have her now and she finally has a secure family that love her. Every one of your books is very touching and as I said last time you are so inspirational and you deserve 1000 plus medals. I can’t believe you had the time to reply to my email in November, you made my day if not year. I was telling all my friends “Cathy Glass emailed me” haha! Very much appreciated. Well I thought I would just send you an email to thank you for all your stories you have shared with us and to keep up the great work. If possible write faster!!!! Also one last thank you, I have struggled with reading and your books have helped me improved my reading skills. Take care to you all, Adrian, Lucy, Paula yourself and the meow (hope he’s still around). Kind regards
Lisa M, Australia, 04/10/2013

Hello dear Cathy, I just finished your book Damaged book, and I contact you to congratulate you for your love in your work with children, especially Jodie. You are a holy example and I feel less alone in this world. There are too few people like you exist, but thank you, thank you for your donation, empathy, and service to others. I am French and did not speak much English so I’m going to translate my text on a translator, and hope that you can understand what I am writing. I recommend your book to all my friends, Cathy. One day I would like to foster. Thank you. Hoping to hear from you despite the many emails you will receive. Goodbye.
Jennifer B, France, 04/10/2013

Hey Cathy, Just thought I’d e-mail to say how much I love your books!! I never really used to enjoy reading until I read ‘Cut’. I’ve just finished reading ‘Hidden’ and I just want to say what an amazing book. Loved it. There were happy, sad and exciting moments. At times I could relate to Tayo. My biological dad took me away from my mum when I was a toddler. My mum got me back after 6 months. My dad never really made any contact after that and it took him 16 years to see me again. I just thought I’d message you to let you know that you’re an amazing person!!! I follow you on twitter and I admire what you do to help all those children. hank you for taking the time to read my message.
Jade, 03/10/2013

Just wanted to say how moving your stories are! I’ve cried on every book so far! I’m a single parent and sadly out of work until my son is in full time school which is still a few years away, but he is such a Cutie so I’m enjoying all the time I have with him. I was in care when I was younger so can relate to a lot of your stories. But your books have also made me realise how much I want to help children! I want to be a foster parent. I know I won’t be able to do that just let, but I hope to be able to apply in a few years. I just wanted you and your family to know how much you have inspired me and touched my heart! Take care and best wishes
Ann-Louise, 03/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say I am a huge fan of your writing. I have read all your books and they inspire me greatly to move into the career of social work. I have just ordered ‘Will You Love Me’ and cannot wait to receive it. I was just wondering, are you planning on writing more? I hope so! Kind regards and thank you for the hours of reading.
Layla, 03/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I have never left any reviews on books before, and don’t really read too many, but I saw your book and just had to buy it, (Will You Love Me). It is so wonderfully written and touching that I had to email and say how much I enjoyed reading it. I couldn’t put it down. You are a truly amazing lady and an angel to these children. Children are precious and without people like you they wouldn’t have the chance they have. Thank you for all you do in your fostering and for the beautiful touching books you write. I’m going out to buy more!! Wishing you all well and happiness. .Best wishes And all the love to Lucy x x x
Tracey, 03/10/2013

Cathy, Thank you for another great read, and also giving me an illustration of life for those who slip out the social care system. You give a really good example of how an unloved child can turn into an unloving parent. For Lucy this cycle was broken when she was lucky enough to find you and find that you believed in her. Your battle with social services to keep Lucy illustrates how the policy makers need to listen more to those implementing their policies, and also to listen to the child central to their policies. When I think of opportunities for police intervention in Lucy’s younger life I wonder if I missed similar opportunities when I was patrolling 20 years ago. Working as a custody sergeant now I am inspired by your fostering and adoption accounts to ask more probing and intrusive questions of detainee’s circumstances and dependents, hopefully ensuring children in Lucy’s situation do not reach secondary school age before being loved. All the very best with future foster children, I’m sure they’ll love and benefit from their time with you.
Christine, UK, 03/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I love all your books on children you have fostered. I would love to foster and am in discussion with my husband about it. Have just finished your most recent book, really disappointed to come to the end!!! Any ideas on when your next book is going to come out??? Thank you for your time
Jenny, 03/10/2013

HI Cathy, Just finished another fantastic book, Hidden. I’m in awe of you. How you coped with Tayo and the things he put you through. I know you say it comes with the job although I could say it’s a devotion rather than a job. Again love to you and your family. Just about to start My Dad’s a Policeman and 3 more on order. With admiration
Angela, 02/10/2013

Hi I just wanted to say I have read all your books and they are amazing I hope you are going to release more soon.
Stephanie, UK, 02/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I contacted you ages ago to let you know how much I loved Michael’s story but Lucy’s story I could not put down … I read it in 2 hours today!! Best of luck to you Adrian Lucy and Paula. She is one brave strong girl She is an incredible role model and you are so special to do what you do. Take care
Tara, 01/10/2013

Dear Cathy, I hope you are well. I have just finished reading Will You Love Me? It took me less than a week, I can never put your books down! Thank you
Georgie H, UK, 01/10/2013

Hi Cathy, I just finished your book “Will You Love Me?” What great reading! I wonder why that one social worker left, was it because of being used for target practice, or because she was asked to leave? LOL (rhetorical question.) It really made my day to hear the story and of course the final outcome. Well, we knew the outcome, but it was great to hear how it happened. Stay well and healthy.
Nathan, 30/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have read every one of your books. I have just finished reading Will You Love Me… Wow wow wow… What an amazing book… You are an amazing author…. I love reading your books. Thank you for such amazing reads….Thank you….Love
Gail, South Africa, 29/09/2013

Hello I’ve have just finished reading Will You Love Me. It was a brilliant book, so heart breaking but so good. Keep up the good work, Cathy. Love to all your family with love
Natalie P, 27/09/2013

Hello, Mrs. Glass! I am reading Damaged. I would to say that I am hooked to this book. You are the kind of writer that makes me make connection with the story. Even though Jodie story is so sad but it needs it to be told. Please, don’t stop writing people like me will always look forward for your books!
Lina, 27/09/2013

Hi Cathy, hope you are well? I have just finished you latest book about Lucy, I had to email you and tell you how much I enjoyed this book. I have emailed you before and I have read all of your books and loved everyone with passion. Like you I love children. I am a trained nursery nurse and cannot wait to have children of my own. I was so touched by Lucy’s story. She has been through the mill bless her, but she is now very lucky to have you as a mum. I was wondering when you was planning to bring another one of your amazing stories out? Please know that you have helped with a lot personally with your books. I have up most respect for you. I was on hospital for an operation last week and your book helped me through my hospital stay. Thank you for that. My love to all 3 children xxx All the best
Chloe, UK, 26/09/2013

I have now read Will You Love Me and absolutely loved it, as I do all of your books. Thank you for your emails to let me know of your new releases, I am so looking forward to your next. I have also written my review on Amazon. Many thanks again, I hope you are well
Karin, UK, 25/09/2013

Hi, I’ve tweeted you a few times but the character limit is a bit short. I absolutely love your books. My favourite one is definitely the newest one, Will You Love Me, about your adopted daughter Lucy. Since I’d heard bits about Lucy in other fostering stories you’d done, I was so glad you did Lucy’s story, and it was brilliant, and so gripping! The bit that made me laugh was when her social worker Stevie came and Lucy said she could come in to her room but then the cat, Toscha, suddenly came out. I know some people are allergic to cats like Stevie was, but I really didn’t like her. She frustrated me cos it seemed she didn’t have much of a personality and seemed so distant, so I don’t blame Lucy for doing that with the cat. I’m so glad a new social worker came and agreed for you to look after Lucy. I’m glad they saw the most important thing was that she got on with you and your family well. Lucy is a really nice person. I’ve enjoyed all your other books too. Every time I’ve read one I’ve said it was my favourite. You’re one of the best authors ever and I’m so glad I came across you!
Amanda, 25/09/2013

HI Cathy, I have just finished reading The Night the Angels Came, wow, I cried so much. The first book I read was Damaged the I Miss Mummy. Now I’m reading Hidden. Your books have made me see that social workers are not all bad and what a super person you are. I feel that I know you personally and your family. Can not wait for more information on you and John. Give the kids a hug. Thank you for all you do, and continue the good work.
Angela, 24/09/2013

I just want to say you are an inspiration. I know you probably hear it all the time but it’s true. Your books have helped to change my life. They have helped me appreciate that although I struggle in life I am so lucky compared to the children you foster, and don’t really have anything to complain about. Your stories help me to appreciate what I have. Your books are so well written. I have read most of them several times and they can still have me sobbing. Paula, Adrian and Lucy are extremely lucky to have a mum like you, and all your foster children are truly blessed. You have a very special gift. Thank you Cathy.
Danielle, UK, 24/09/2013

Hello I’m very sure you get loads of emails like this but you inspired me. I have been in foster care and had a bad past, but you truly are a fabulous woman. I love reading your books. I can relate to them in a lot of ways. Also reading them makes me come to terms with a lot of things that happened in my own past. I’d just like to say thank you. I think you are one of life’s angels. You’ve done so much to help change people’s lives. I was lucky, I had a fantastic foster mum and family who I still speak to now and accept a my own family. Thank you for the person you are. There’s not many out there. Yours sincerely
Robyn, UK, 24/09/2013

I have read Will You Love Me. What an amazing story of Lucy. I’d no idea what she’d been through. You and Lucy are definitely a perfect match and something brought her to you. You’re amazing, I’d love to read a story on you and John to give me an idea why/how you two split. I’m now reading ‘Run Mummy Run’.
Rebecca, UK, 23/09/2013

CG: Thank you. I am including time when John left in the book I am writing now. It’s called Daddy’s Little Princess and tells the story of Beth.

Mrs Glass, Wow what a thrill to actually be able to email you, I totally dig your books, goodness how many have read, -a bunch. My fav though was ‘Another Forgotten Child’, Aimee is such a character, despite what she had to go thru, – an inspiration. I’m so glad you were there for her. I’ve had problems but nothing near that severe. So your books definitely made it round the world :), I live in what you would consider a small town called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia. All the best and please keep writing.
Ken, Australia, 23/09/2013

Hello! I’m a fourteen year old girl and I live in Australia. About three or four weeks ago I was with my friends at our local book store looking for something to read when I came across Damaged. It was one of the best novels I’d ever read and I finished the book in little over a day. I was under the impression it was your only book, but then returning to the bookstore I found in their new in stock section next to Damaged they had Please Don’t Take My Baby and Another Forgotten Child. I rushed home and looked you up and nearly died of excitement when I found all the books you had out. I went to the library and hired Cut and The Saddest Girl in the World, downloaded Will You Love Me? and I Miss Mummy on eBook and dragged my mum back to the bookstore (which is a forty minute drive from where we live) to buy Please Don’t Take My Baby and Another Forgotten Child once I’d saved enough money. At my request the library is ordering in Hidden. Fostering is something my mother and I have been thinking about for a while but recently she found out she’s pregnant again so our spare bedroom will be in use, so that idea had to be put off but it certainly hasn’t been forgotten. I’ve passed on all your books to my mum and they’ve inspired us both. Say hi to Lucy, Paula and Adrian for me and hopefully I will hear from soon but if not its totally ok, I understand you’re busy. I just wanted to make sure you understood how much I love your books and how much you and your family have inspired me.
Reese, Australia, 23/09/2013

Hi Cathy, loved the latest book 🙂 so glad you cared for poor Lucy. Love all your books. Keep writing and entertaining us x
Lucy, 22/09/2013

Hi I am a foster carer and am going through an impossibly difficult time at the moment. The two children I fostered for over 8 years have been removed from my care. They were removed without any warning following an allegation made by the eldest child which was dealt with at the time. We were told it was not going to be taken any further as it was a false allegation made by a child with quite significant learning disabilities. He did admit at the time that he had made it up as he was angry. We are still waiting for the strategy meeting to take place. I can’t sleep, and I will try anything on this earth to get my children back who I love dearly.
R, 22/09/2013

Hello Cathy just wanted to say I loved Will You Love Me. Lucy is such a brave young lady. I’m so happy you both got your wish and she could stay. Your my favourite author. Your books are so amazing. I only have one more book of yours to read and I’ve read them all! Hope you bring more out, I’d be lost without a good book! Have a lovely weekend
Samantha, 22/09/2013

Dear Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Will You Love Me. I thought it was an amazing story and I was really routing for you to foster Lucy permanently as the story went on. Although I enjoyed every bit of the book it was really heart breaking at times. I could relate so much with how Lucy felt with certain things in the book. My mother left my dad when I was little and took me with her to a flat in a rough part of a town before I was taken off her by social services and returned to my dad. I won’t go into details of my life because I’m sure you have emails over loading you. Just to say I have no bond with my mum after lots of things that happened from when I was 4 till around 10, with my mum having mental health issues etc I could relate with some things in the book. Fortunately my dad was a lovely man and being much older than my mum was more settled and gave me and my brother a great upbringing. However the way my mum treated us and my dad did have an effect on my trust for women later on in life. It wasn’t till I saw a councillor 2 years ago that my insecurities improved which was a good job really because it was ruining my relationships! I think you’re an amazing person for what you’ve done for Lucy. It truly does touch me, I wish you and your family all the best for the future X
M, UK, 22/09/2013

Hello I am 20 years old and I thought I would email u. I love reading your books and every time I get paid I buy a new one. I really enjoy reading them and think you do a really good job as a foster carer and writer.
Sophie, 22/09/2013

Hello Cathy (and Lucy), I wrote to you not so long ago saying how I couldn’t wait to read your new book. I have just finished and it’s only taken me a few days to read. I have cried and smiled, and I am so pleased you chose to share your special story with the world. Lucy, you are an inspirational girl. You and Cathy were destined to be mother and daughter. Your mum mentions you frequently in her other writing. I often wondered how it came to be, but now it all fits. I’m so glad you both had your happy ending and can now enjoy every moment together! Take care and Cathy don’t stop telling your stories. I can’t wait for the next one!
Rebecca, 21/09/2013

Hi Cathy, have recently finished your book on Lucy. It’s great to know that you never gave up and finally succeeded in adopting her. It’s also good to know that you have Jill your support worker on your side, as many support workers aren’t on the side of the person. Many best wishes, long term reader.
Kelly, UK, 21/09/2013

Dear Cathy, Thank you for writing these lovely books, so far I only read 8 books, (Hidden, Damaged, Cut, My Dad’s a Policeman, Please Don’t Take My Baby, I Miss Mummy, Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, and The Night the Angels Came). I am amazed, they all touch my heart, but the one that made me cry was The Night the Angels Came. The next one I am going to read is Run Mummy Run, and than I have to wait until friends come on holiday to Cyprus to bring more. Please keep on writing. Regards
Ada D, Cyprus, 21/09/2013

Dearest Cathy, I have read several of your books. First and foremost I want to say that you are an extraordinary woman. I wish that I was half the mother you are. I love my children but I often wonder weather my past alcohol issues have affected them. Sometimes I feel lost and overwhelmed, but I guess that’s parenting. Lastly, your children are extremely lucky and I wish you had been my mother
Sam, Australia, 21/09/2013

Hello, I’m only 12, but most of your books have made me feel like crying. I’ve read every one of your books and they’ve inspired me and made me look at the world differently. You’re an amazing person for doing what you do and it would be wonderful if more people could/did foster. I’ve just finished Lucy’s story and it must have been awful for her to be moved so often she was very lucky to have found you. Thank you,
Rosie, 20/09/2013

CG: I always ask my younger readers to tell their parents that they are reading my books as they contain some disturbing scenes.

I just finished your latest book about Lucy, and ended up in tears throughout the whole book! I’m a pretty picky reader and it takes something to really grab my attention, but I’ve read every book you written so far. I bought the latest one the day it came out! I was so excited! Hope all is well! – best wishes,
Jessica, 19/09/2013

Dear Cathy, have now finished Will You Love Me on my Kindle, well finished a few days ago while on holiday. It is lovely to have the whole story of Lucy having known bits and pieces from your other books. It is so frustrating how close Lucy could have been to having been moved on again. We have many good social workers out their but sometimes they have their own agenda, and that can affect everyone. As foster carers we are not always listened to and the child is not always asked and listened to. I know time is an issue and they are busy which is even more reason to listen to other people who know the child and understand how they feel. I will put a comment on Amazon. I liked the book being in three parts as well as a proper book. Thank you again, Cathy. Take care and love to all your family.
Nicky, UK, 19/09/2013

I’ve been reading your books lately and have been flying through them. They are just amazing and so touching to read. I’m just about to turn 18 and by reading your books you’ve really shown/taught me what fostering is like. I am going to go to be a social worker once older. Your books are truly amazing.
Stephanie, 19/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Will You Love Me?’ I couldn’t take my eyes off the book. I am truly inspired by you and the way you have supported Lucy to progress positively. I wish I was you as your such a great person. Hopefully when I become older I will fulfil my dreams and become a foster carer. You have made me change my thoughts about certain things, like how unfortunate people really are. It breaks my heart to hear what happened to Lucy. I wept so many times when I heard the extent of her struggle. With your great help she’s changed and been able to rise from the past. I’ve truly admire you for that! And lots of other things 🙂 I am pleased that Lucy has had the amazing opportunity to become part of your family. I wish I had a chance to meet you and your amazing family. I have the whole set of your books at home and I proudly keep them on my book shelf. You are a remarkable lady. I wish the best for you Adrian, Lucy, Paula, your parents and of course Toscha. Hope all is going well. Take care
Eumama, UK, 18/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have read all of your books and you are the most inspiring woman I have ever come across. Ever since reading Please Don’t Take My Baby, I have wanted to foster children. Although I’m only young at 21 with 2 very young children, I will foster one day, I promise myself that much. You are amazing Cathy, I would love nothing more than for you to sign my Kindle case. Your books touch me in a way no other book ever has. Your love for these children is something that will inspire me for the rest of my life. Like you, I love my children but there is space in my heart for a child who might need me. I’d love to hear back from you, but I would totally understand if you didn’t reply. I’m just glad to have been able to contact you and tell you how I feel. You’re such an inspiration. You are the one who has guided me to what I want to be in life. And I thank you endlessly.
Rebecca L, UK, 18/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I hope you and all your family are well. I started and finished ‘Will You Love Me’ yesterday. It was such an emotional but truly beautiful read and very close to my heart. I am also foster carer although I’ve stopped for now due to the to health needs of my little one. I am adopting the little girl that I have fostered for nearly 2 years. Adoption was never on our agenda when we started fostering nearly 10 years ago. Fate and destiny had other ideas. I so understand what you describe in your book about you and Lucy being destined to be mother and daughter. She was very lucky indeed that she has not been through the care system like lots of the children we’ve fostered. I brought her home from the hospital at 5 months old, but by no means had an easy time, being a micro prem born 16 weeks early. We feel she has been through far too much suffering in her short life already and I struggle with the thoughts of her being so ill, fighting to survive and being alone for 4.5 months before I met her. Although her nurses were fantastic. I know I am powerless to change things and she won’t remember. She still requires a lot of support and myself and my husband have vowed she will never be left alone in hospital again. I am so happy that you, your family and Lucy found each other! With much love & respect.
Lindsay, UK, 18/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Another Forgotten Child. It was another amazing book as are all your books that I have read. I can’t help wondering though why Aimee was not removed @ birth. To this day lessons still have to be learned as there are still children slipping through the safety net. I am now looking forward to reading your latest book. Best wishes
Paul, Milton Keynes, England, 18/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished Will You Love Me which is fantastic. I wish my daughter could stay with her foster carer if not to come to me. I have also read A Baby’s Cry, Damaged and a few others. I am on the other side of your books so to speak as I am fighting to bring my daughter home from foster care. The social services are fighting for adoption against my will so it is forced adoption. I have done no wrong. I am not a criminal. I had a drug habit but have been clean for nearly 2 years. My little girl got taken when she was 2 hours old. I have done numerous class, drug courses, to prove I’m willing to do what’s necessary and stick with it. But I believe I have no chance. The social services don’t help and in the last month I have had to jump through hoops to prove myself. An independent social worker gave me some help. Your books have kept me up as there are people/children/parents worse off than me and my princess. You really inspire me to keep going, although I don’t think she will be home. I am 22 and healthy. I just lack support. You make me believe that there is hope and light at the end off the tunnel. It just may take 18 years :(. Thank you for taking time to read this.
M, UK, 17/09/2013

CG: I hope and pray that M is given the help and support she needs so that her daughter can be returned to her.

Hi Cathy, We have been fostering now for 13 months. Your books really help and give me strength! Thank you! You are an inspiration!
Helen, 17/09/2013

Hi I have now officially read all of your books and enjoyed them all. I love the story about Lucy. I feel bad for what happened to her but I am glad she is happy now. You are an amazing person if I was in your situation I wouldn’t have dealt with the circumstances as well as you did. I send you my love and wish you luck in your future years.
Kali, Canada, 16/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I’ve just read your book Damaged. I had so many emotions through the book. So angry that the parents walked free after committing these disgusting awful acts on an innocent child. That sickens me. How they are 100% guilty for how Jodie has suffered and maybe still suffering but they have never been charged, (For what they did to Jodie). Can’t we do anything about these scum people? Sorry but I am so angry with them and sure you feel the same. I cried and still am at the thought of that hurting child. I do hope Jodie has met some nice people along the way and she was so lucky to have you to take her in and give her love & cuddles. Keep up the good work you are a star sent from God and I’m sure have made a huge difference to so many peoples lives for the better. Thanks for reading.
Liz, 16/09/2013

Dear Cathy, I have ready your book Will You Love me and I could not put it down. Lucy is a lucky girl to have found you. All the best
Linda S, Australia, 15/09/2013

Hi Cathy, as soon as got your email saying your new book was out I went out and bought it. Another great read and I’m so pleased Lucy got a happy ending, she deserves it after what she’s been through. Will you be bringing any more books? Best wishes
Jade, 15/09/2013

CG: Thank you. Yes, more books to follow.

I had ur book Will You Love Me pre ordered on my kindle so that the minute it was released I could start reading it. It is yet another amazing book. I am only on part two and already Lucy has been through a hell of a lot. I really feel for her. You are both amazing people. You ,Cathy, for all the hard work u put in and still have time to write books, and Lucy for getting through what I have read so far. I can’t wait to read the rest so I’m off to carry on doing so. Take care all four of you.
Sarah, 15/09/2013

Weird your books speak so much to me. I asked to go in care when I was 12. I ran away from home after disclosing abuse to a teacher .I wasn’t believed and my social worker told my mum I was just attention seeking. I wish you had been my foster carer as the whole experience left me bitter. I had a child when I was eighteen and struggled. I was put in a unit for six months with 24 hr supervision, then told I was fine and relocated to Essex and put in a flat. I didn’t see a social worker for two months. Needless to say I didn’t cope. I ended up voluntarily putting my daughter up for adoption. She’ll be 16 this year lol How scary… I’m glad I did it because I needed to sort myself out. I honestly think if I hadn’t she would have been another statistic and the cycle would have continued. I’m pleased to say I did sort myself out and am now happily married with four stunning children. We are all waiting for the day my daughter knocks on the door. .anyway thanks for what you do. It’s just a shame there are not more of you around. Family means more to me than life.
T, 15/09/2013

Hi, I have read all of your books, normally takes me a day and a box of tissues 🙂 You, like many other foster carers do such a fantastic job and I’m in awe of you all. It’s nice to see that not all children fall through the net of the social services and brings me peace. It’s like my own version of counselling. I hear me saying things to myself that you have said to the children you have had in your care. In fact, what spurred me on to write this email was a comment you wrote in the book about Lucy (I have just finished reading it at 3:30am) about ‘you’re not born to love your parents’ amazing and such truth 🙂 Well anyway I just want to say thank you, and please keep writing 🙂 me and my friend normally battle to get your books first (I won this time, knew what day it came out). You’re such an inspiration. Take care, you seem to have an amazing family!!
Hannah, 15/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading another of your excellent and inspiring books. I wanted to tell you that I am now a foster carer and have been since 2010, after reading Damaged and deciding I wanted to be able to help some of the most unfortunate children in this country as you do. Thank you for your inspiration. I have never looked back. It is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever done and I love it. Regards
Gwen, UK, 14/09/2013

Hi Cathy, finished Will You Love Me at lunch time. It was so lovely but also very sad. How lucky Lucy was to find you and your family. Regards
Jan, 14/09/2013

Dear Ms. Cathy Glass, Hope you will be enjoying good health. I have just finished reading “Hidden”. I would like to say that it is an excellent book I have ever read. I was on a book fair when I picked this book randomly hoping for the book to be a good one and I consider myself lucky. I cannot count how many times I felt tears in my eyes though I am 24 years old. You are really doing an excellent job. Stay blessed. Say my hellos to your family Lucy, Paula, Adrian and foster child (if there is one) Best Regards,
Faisal, Pakistan, 14/09/2013

Dear Cathy just finished Another Forgotten Child, finished it in one day. Have also read Damaged too, was hooked from the first page. I have been reading your books since me teens and loved them all. It makes you see that no matter how hard your life may seem there is always someone in a tougher spot then you. I went to school with kids from broken homes, single parent homes and foster kids. I discovered that I should be grateful for what I have and not complain. Thank you for sharing you experiences with the world. Regards
Dianne, Sydney, Australia, 14/09/2013

HI Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Run Mummy, Run. I have read many books about abuse. My heart goes out to Aisha. I can’t believe there are men out there who would do what Mark did to Aisha. What I could not get over is that Mark didn’t give her any money for food etc and buying stuff for himself. How cruel and selfish is that? I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to reading more of your books. The next book I’ve bought is A Baby’s Cry. Best wishes.
Cynthia, 14/09/2013

Hello Cathy, I have two daughters. I have read your Damaged book translation. It’s very sad story. I like read another book translations in Sinhala. You are a great mother. Please reply me
Thushari, Sri Lanka, 13/09/2013

Hi Cathy, Well done! Another fantastic book! Sat snuggled up on the sofa this afternoon to start reading, and as usual I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it. Was so chuffed that it came out before I started uni as I knew I wouldn’t have much time once my course got going. Looking forward to the next one! Hope you are all well.
Fiona, UK, 13/09/2013

I bought your book Will You Love Me today, and as always couldn’t put it down! I was planning on reading it during my week long hospital stay, but have already finished it! I love your books. It helps those of us let down by the care system to know there are others out there in a similar position. I’m so glad Lucy found you, and found her forever family. It also proved my thoughts that no child is unlovable, unfosterable or unadoptable. I have an over whelming love for children, any child, and want to be a foster carer myself one day, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to as my baby was in care before she was adopted. I hope there’s going to be many more of your books. I wish all children could have a happy ending. I didn’t get my happy ending, but I’m so glad your Lucy did! I’ve often wondered why social services don’t give young single parents more help and support. I really wish there was something I could do to change that. I have a copy of all your books, and always look forward to the next one, even though I know there’s a chance it might be a difficult read. I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know your family through your books. I wish I’d had foster carers who loved me as much as you love your family and your foster children. I honestly think that some carers foster just for the money. I wish you all the best, and please tell Lucy that I’m glad she found her family!
Tina, 13/09/2013

Hi, well done! Another great book. I bought Will You Love Me last night and I’m already on the last chapter. Waiting for the next one now. Well done again. One of your biggest fans Love
Natasha J, UK, 13/09/2013

Hi Cathy, thrilled to receive your email advising me of the release of your new book ‘Will you Love Me’. Pleased to tell you I have just purchased it now on my Kindle, am looking forward to making a start on it tonight when I head off to bed. Your last book was excellent, ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ I was in that position when I was 17 years old in 1972. My mother demanded I have the baby aborted, being too far advanced in my pregnancy I was then told I had no option but to have the baby adopted. I had a social worker come visit me asking was that what I wanted. I was far too frightened to tell her. I had a gorgeous baby boy whom I had to look after during my time in hospital. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, I was heart broken. I got no love or sympathy on my return home from hospital, I cried myself to sleep every night for months afterward. I have never ever got over having to go through what I did all those years ago even though I have been married for 39 years, and went on to have 3 daughters and 1 son. I am always thinking about that beautiful baby boy I had to give up to this day. He will be turning 41 next month and have no idea where he is. It has affected my life emotionally causing depression and anxiety even to this day I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself. If only I had had some one as special as you Cathy who I know would have helped me during that horrendous time in my young life. You are such a wonderful person with so much love to give. I look forward to your next book. Thank you for listening to me. I sometimes feel I need to get it off my chest to some one who understands what I have gone through. Bye for now Kind regards
Joan, Australia, 13/09/2013

I know you probably have so many people emailing you the same thing as I am about to tell you, but I just have to voice my opinion on the book I’ve just read “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. I stayed up till midnight reading it on a college night as I couldn’t put it down. I just loved the story and can relate so much to it as my Nan is a foster carer of 10 years! Such an inspiring story, honestly the best book I’ve read in a long time – made me cry like a baby. I need to invest in more of your books. Thanks,
Lotte, UK, 12/09/2013

Dear Cathy, I have had some experience of fostering. Two couples we know foster and it is so very easy to fall under the spell of a looked after child. Before I knew it I was buying an extra colouring book or pack of felt tips, enjoying an hour or so at the park and trying so very hard to resist the temptation to hug them very very hard. Despite my friends being very kind and doing all they could, they simply were not in your league Cathy. I found the underlying conversation about the fact that they were being paid to stay at home and this saddened me. I witnessed some things that I didn’t agree and especially their comments. Having read your wonderful books I know that my judgement was correct. Your utter professionalism and dedication to your job is awe inspiring and the children that have been in your care are richer for knowing you. I’m sure that you have saved lives and inspired living. I find it incredible that a child like Aimee could fall through the net for 8 years and yet Jade almost lost her baby when clearly she just needed guidance and support. The two don’t seem comparable in what is supposed to be the same system. My utter respect to you Cathy, you are one amazing lady, I wish you and your lovely family all the happiness and joy you deserve. When you get to heaven you will have biggest, brightest pair of wings that are available!!! Regards
Melanie, 12/09/2013

Hi Cathy, would just like to say you are the best book writer ever. I really enjoy all your books. I want to be a foster carer. It would be so fun and rewarding. Hope to hear back from you
Bethany, 11/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I am seventeen years old and live in Australia. I recently started reading your books in order to create a piece for an English assignment. I started with just one, thinking that this was all I would need, but after reading your story Another Forgotten Child, I fell in love with you and your family and your books! I used to think that non-fiction books were boring but as soon as I read your book it lead me to read every other book by you, and many more. Your books have given me the inspiration and desire to protect the lives of those who need protecting and therefore I’m going to foster as soon as possible! Thank you so much for the laughs, tears, inspiration and A+ your books have given me!
Eden, Australia, 11/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I read your book Damaged. I got a lot from your character as well from your loving kids. Regarding Jodie I can’t express my feelings about the poor child. Bless her. That cruelty she had, I hate them. It’s hurting me as well. But I know that this society we cannot change. I think you’re the one who is deserved to be with her. I Love her. You’re the greatest person I have felt in my life. As mother you have played a great role with your own and foster children. For me you are great. Give my blessing to your loving children, hope they may have a good time in there life. They are lucky to have a MOM like you. I want to be a person like you. I love you Cathy although I am only close to you through this book. I hope that Jodie will come to you to have your warm, love and kindness again. Bye Cathy, Regards,
Iresha, Sri Lanka, 10/09/2013

Hello, I have read 2 of your books and nearly finished your book called Damaged. The book was so sad in a lot of ways and what you did to help little Jodie was wonderful, and all the support you and your children gave her was wonderful. At one stage while I was reading the book I broke down because I also am a victim of sexual abuse. The other two books I have read are I Miss Mummy and The Saddest Girl in the World. I have another two I need to read. Cathy you are an angel to all the children that you looked after and they were very lucky to have you in there lives.
Sharon, 10/09/2013

Cathy, I was touched by one of your books ‘Damaged’, it bought me to tears reading it. I have never read anything like that before and it’s sick how children can be put through that. I love your books. You should keep writing more as a lot of people are touched by what you write. Many thanks
Hellen, 09/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book. Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, I am very inspired and also very grateful to you, I would one day like to become a foster carer. I have too had a horrible childhood and still struggle in so many ways now as a parent and an adult and wonder sometimes if I am alone with how I feel. I have ordered another one of your books and I know I will be just as inspired. I hope that one day I can help children the way you do and I am hoping my experiences will come as an advantage. Your book has made me realise that it is nothing to be ashamed of am I to blame. I wanted to personally say thank-you. Kindest Regards
Sophia, UK, 09/09/2013

Hello Ms Cathy, the first book of yours that I read was Damaged, and I must say, it was amazing! I would normally read before I went to bed and I would end up crying every night before I fell asleep. Your writing is so gripping and automatically drew me in from the very first page! I just loved the book, and am planning on getting my hands on a few more! I think what you do is simply outstanding, and these children are surely very grateful towards you.
Taz, UK, 09/09/2013

Hi there Cathy, I’m just writing to say how amazing your books are! They make me laugh and cry! You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known! I’ve read so many of your books and the one I’ve just finished is ‘Cut’ about Dawn Jennings! I was sobbing at the end, knowing she had grown up happy, knowing you had helped her so so much! You’re amazing Cathy you really really are! Thanks so much for your novels! I wish there were more people like you! Adrian, Paula and Lucy are so lucky to have you as a mother as are all the children you foster! You’re an amazing woman Cathy! Thanks for being so inspirational!
Amy J, 08/09/2013

Hi Cathy, I’m in the process of becoming a foster parent and a friend of mine who reads your books recommended me to read them too. I wanted to try something lighter hearted so the first book I purchased was “Happy Kids” this book consisted of some very helpful advice and tried out tips which I used on my two younger children and they have worked, so many thanks. I then read “Happy Meal Times”, again a book with some very useful tips and recipes. Finally I decided to read one of your fostering books and purchased “My Dad’s a Policeman”. Sad story for poor Ryan, but a brilliantly written and fab read. Now reading “I Miss Mummy”. I’m sure I may need tissues at the ready. Thanks again for your books and advice, regards
Jackie D, Mid-Wales, 08/09/2013