All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Dear Miss Glass, yesterday afternoon I read your book and I was upset. For more than 22years my husband and I were foster parents also. It was just like a mirror about our lives. We had the honour to foster 45 children during that time. Some stayed for long, some stayed just a few months. We are living in Holland but the situation likes to be the same, not every childcare worker knows enough about the child, so they make big mistakes. Sometimes we had children who stayed at 6 different addresses before they came to us. Their belongings in a suitcase, no pictures or other papers about their youth. When we stopped, because we were getting to old, I went to work in a house for mentally disabled teenage mums and there I saw how it gets wrong with mother and baby’s if there is no one to help them. By giving them a good start we hope to prevent to go wrong. I want to thank you for this book, it makes me proud and glad that you write about the need and pain of harmless children. Sorry about my bad writing. hank You,
Geer, Holland, 03/06/2015

I would just like to say that what you do for children is amazing. It’s sad that this kind of thing happens to children but you’re a guardian angel to all of them. You’re such a wonderful person. And I love reading your books. I would like to send my love and best wishes to you and your beautiful family.
Sheena, 31/05/2015

I’m so loving your books. I’m on my 4th one now, Saving Danny which I just finished. Your writing is wonderful. You are such a special lady. Sincerely
Tina, 29/05/2015

Cathy, just finished reading Saving Danny. My son has autism and now I understand more about it, like Danny patterns are what he does best. Thanks for telling this story. Keep up the good work with fostering.
Bethany, 29/05/2015

Hi there Cathy, Hope this finds you well. I’m on half term and on holiday in Scotland, this means I have more time to read….just finished The Child Bride which was yet another amazing book. I felt so sorry for Zeena that she couldn’t tell anyone and that she had to go through so much at such a young age. I’ve seen the update and it’s nice that she’s gone onto do something for people in her situation. Well done on helping her to feel supported enough to tell you what happened. Take care. Bye for now
Hayley, Scotland, 28/05/2015

Hi Cathy Glass, I’ve just finished reading Saving Danny. I’m glad we have people like you to help parents with children like Danny, as well as helping Danny. You are an inspiration to everyone and should be pleased of what you have achieved. I’ve now started the one about Lucy Will You Love Me? I’m enjoying all the books so much. I’m glad that Lucy let you tell her story. Thank you for all the good books and keep up all the good work you are doing helping all those children. Can’t wait for your next book. Kind regards
Charlotte, 26/05/2015

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading “Another Forgotten Child”, and it is so important that I tell you what an inspiration you have been to me. I’ve been working on my degree in social work. Your book is exactly why I’m working so hard today to give children like Aimee a chance at life. I have children of my own and working and going to a school full time isn’t easy. But reading stories like this gives me my strength and motivation. You’ve touched so many lives. Including mine. You’re truly a HERO to many and I hope to grow to be half the woman you are. Best Wishes,
Regina, USA, 25/05/2015

I am writing to you today regarding your book ‘Cut’. It is the first book I’ve read, by yourself and I’m happy to say it is by far the best book I’ve read in my entire life! I was recommended your books through my career advisor, as my dream job is to become a social worker for looked after children! I literally cried on the last two chapters, tears were streaming down my face when I read of Dawn leaving and I cannot imagine how you, John or Adrian must have been feeling either. Thank-you for being such an amazing woman! There are not many people out there now who are willing to help people genuinely out of the kindness of their hearts. I also want to thank-you in adding to my ambitions of wanting to be a social worker. After reading about Dawn and how Ruth handled the situation I was appalled but it made me want to be a social worker even more! Just to prove that I can do a better job than Ruth ever did and hopefully improve many children’s lives. I’ve always wanted to help people who aren’t as lucky as I am. I live with my mum as my dad left me and never came back when I was younger. I’m proud to say we’re very happy together, that’s why when I grow up I’d love to help children who weren’t as privileged as I was. So thank-you once again. I also hope you and all your family are well. Lots of love,
Amber, 14, UK, 24/05/2015

Hi Cathy glass. I read your “Damaged” book. I’m really regret about Jodie. I like two assure about her self. I like to read books. It is my life. So this is the first time that I read your book. I would also like to read “Child Bride”. I want to buy it.
Tanisha, Sri Lanka, 24/05/2015

Would just like to say I read one of your books, and its changed my mind on a lot of things. It broke my heart and had me in tears, its made me think about fostering to. I’m trying to get a course in child care. You’re honestly one of the most wonderful people I’ve heard of! I read your book Damaged, and then looked on the internet to see how Jodie is getting on. If it wasn’t for you she wouldn’t be where she is now! I am definitely going to buy more of your books. I finished reading your book today and I haven’t stopped going on about that story.My boyfriend asked me what would I rate it out of ten and I straight the way said 10 out of 10. Reading one of your books has made me want to read more!!! You are a wonderful woman and don’t let any one tell you different x
Alex, 23/05/2015

Hello Cathy, I just finish reading Saving Danny…what a wonderful story…. I can’t wait to read the story about the little girl Joss. I’m looking forward to it. However I wanted to tell you how much you’re amazing, your a full time mom, author and foster carer, you’re just amazing… easily you can help children with you patience. Just keep up writing those amazing stories. I love you so much. You’re definitely my best author.
Jazz, 23/05/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading The Saddest Girl in the World & Damaged, both of these books made me cry & I just could not believe what both of these girls went through. That you were able to give them love and show them how parents should behave is something you should be very proud of yourself and your children. I admire you for you work as a foster career and the way you handle the very difficult situations that arise from fostering these children. That you can help turn there lives around is truly amazing. Kind regards
Sandra, 22/05/2015

Hi Cathy, from reading all of your books I feel like I know you and your family. Your books are a real inspiration and with each new one I read I find myself amazed by your patience and dedication. I am by profession, a head teacher of an inter city school. The children’s life stories you write about are unfortunately all too familiar to me and my staff, as too are the frustrations with social services. People like Jill and Kitty (I miss my mummy) fill my heart with hope that there are social care workers who do really want to make a difference and not a simple quick fix with less paperwork. I think what you and other foster carers do is truly amazing. I have watched first hand children’s lives be transformed by being in care. Away from the chaos they have previously tried to survive in. What for me is most heart warming, is seeing those children allowed at last to be children. Please keep up the good work and love to your three children.
A, UK, 21/05/2015

Hello Cathy, I, like many others I’m sure, felt compelled to send you a quick message. I have discovered your books whilst on maternity leave. Not only have your books reaffirmed my strong belief in the importance of our young people they have also helped me with my own day to day life as a young (ish) mother of three. You describe day to day life in such a comforting yet purposeful way that I feel just reading your books has helped me to stay positive after a troubling bout of post natal depression. The power of the written word. Many thanks for sharing the stories of your life and I wish you and the family you describe so lovingly, all the very best. Kindest regards
Lauren, UK, 20/05/2015

Dear Cathy, You are such an inspiration!! I recently lost my job and your books, which I listen to via storytel, really help me get through the day. Someday I hope to be a foster parent myself but we’ll see. Thank you for writing your books. Love
Cathy, 19/05/2015

Dear Cathy, I am a Hungarian book blogger and I have just read ‘My Dad’s a Policeman’. I have to tell you, I totally loved it!! Thank you and have a nice day.
Eszter, Hungary, 17/05/2015

Hi I have just read your book Please Don’t Take My Baby. I know how hard it was for Jade as my daughter was on the child in need register due to the fact that I was in care. Like Jade I found it hard to come to terms with, but it just goes to prove that social services don’t just want to remove your child but to help you. You did very well to cope with Jade’s difficult behaviour. My foster carers said my behaviour was that bad they couldn’t cope so I walked out of care at 16 after being in and out of different foster homes for 8 years due to my behaviour. But even at the age of 20 I found it hard when my baby was born
Charlotte, 16/05/2015

Thank you so much for your stories of the kids you foster. I hope to become a foster parent as well. Some of your books break my heart but others give me hope. I look forward to reading more although I have read me.
Amanda, 14/05/2015

Cathy, So much to say and so much respect for you. My husband and I have fostered 253 children ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years. You have written the books that I truly wish I could have time to write. I picked up one of your books at our local store and am “hooked”. Your writings share so much of the information that I have longed to share, but have no time or the ability to be the great writer that you are. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I know that there are so many people in this world that have no idea what these poor children suffer and how we, as foster/adopt parents change our lives to accommodate the needs of others.
Brenda, USA, 13/05/2015

I would just like to say how much I enjoy your books. They are very interesting and very moving too. My husband and I hope that you and your family are well. God bless you all.
Helen, 13/05/2015

Hello Cathy, I e-mailed you a while back about the book “Damaged” that I read. Now I just got done reading “Another Forgotten Child”. I am just amazed of how you can help these kids coming from a bad home life, helping turn their lives around. Thank you so much for everything.
Bailey, 14, USA, 13/05/2015

Miss G, You’ve inspired me so much! I love your books & you have also helped me through some of the stuff in my past & even inspired me to work with kids in care, You’re a wonderful person, I thank you x
Danni, UK, 13/05/2015

Hi Cathy I love your book Damaged. I have just finished reading it. As a child who has been abused and in I know what Jodie was feeling. It made me cry. I hope that Jodie has made huge progress.
Charlotte, 12/05/2015

Hi Cathy, I first wrote to you in February 2009. I have since done a degree in Heath and social care and work as a care worker in a two bed residential children’s home. I revisit your books (Damaged is looking a bit worse for wear). I still find you an inspiration and each of your foster children has been so lucky to have you. I look to your calm and understanding manner when I am dealing with the young people if they are in crisis, and hope that I can be the positive role model you have been. I thank you for each of your books, as no matter how many times I read them I still get a lump in my throat. Best wishes
Rachel, UK, 12/05/2015

I am masters level student in the States working towards a master’s degree in social work. You writings have vastly influenced my desire to work with this population. I want to make life for people who do what you so wonderfully, as easy as possible. Thank you so so much for all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the greatest there is. Blessings.
Sonya, USA, 10/05/2015

Hey Cathy, It’s Jade from Facebook. I have read all your other books, again Danny story touched my heart so deeply, due to myself working with children with autism. I’d like to congratulate you and your children for the support and love you gave to Danny and George! Well done such a wonderful woman you are. Well hope you and your family are well and I look forward to your next book. All my love
Jade, UK, 09/05/2015

Thank you Cathy, your books make everyone think. I didn’t have a great upbringing, but I read your books and realise how lucky I was. The updates on your children are great and I’m so happy that they are all doing great. Keep writing. I can’t put the book down once I have opened it. I’ve now read them all. Next please. Love to you all. Thank you thank you thank you
Lesley, 09/05/2015

Hello Cathy, I have read My Dad’s a Policeman and the update. It was very emotional for me, and I experienced a lot of emotions during the book. I learnt a lot from the book, and I want to thank you for enlightening me. I wish you all the best for the future. Many thanks
Hannah, 07/05/2015

Dear Cathy, I don’t know how I would be thankful to you for providing readers such a great novels. I inspired by the way you write own true stories happened in your life. You are such a great admiring person in my life. I have become fan of yours by reading “The Child Bride”. Once I started reading the book I ended up finishing it in a day. Well I don’t take much of your time. There will be always support from me to your family and writing more novels. Regards
Savita, 07/05/2015

I’m an avid fan of yours, I have all your books including Saving Danny, I’m really looking forward to your next book. I can relate to a lot of your books as I’ve experienced a lot of physical, mental abuse and emotion abuse. I also have borderline personality disorder. Your books are an inspiration to me. I hope you have a new book coming soon. Best wishes from a dedicated fan.
Shelly, 07/05/2015

I’m moved by your books. I can’t put them down once I have started reading them, you are such an inspiration. I used to be in care and can relate to most of your books. You are a top woman Cathy, you really are. You do a fantastic job I won’t read any other books other than yours I’m a huge fan, Cathy, well done xxx
Cherelle, UK, 06/05/2015

Hello, I have read your books and I find your so inspiring. So much so that I want to become a foster carer. I know that you have had a lot of children come through your door (including your own), and you have miraculously helped so many. I’m sure at times you’ve wondered how you’ve coped and managed. How you’ve been able to help so many, but you have and YOU are my inspiration. You’re my motivation, Cathy. Forget all the celebrities in this world, my dream is to meet you one day. I’m taking my driving lesson soon, so hopefully I’ll pass first time and then maybe, just maybe, I could meet you somewhere for a coffee. I just need to see you so I can give you the biggest hug ever. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for so many of us – biological children, foster children, readers etc. Thank you so much. You’re the best. Yours sincerely,
Emily, 18, Wales, 05/05/2015

Dear Cathy, Have just finished reading “The Child Bride”. I could never imagine that forced underage marriages are possible in one of the most civilised countries in the world. My heart goes out for all the suffering the poor kid has gone through. I spent half a day yesterday reading comments on your site and was impressed by how many people have been affected by your books, exclusive writing style and your personality. I am not talking just about the children you fostered (which goes without saying), I mean those who have read your books or those who having being abused in their childhood finally found a way to come to terms with their past. What a huge and wonderful job you are doing! Tens of thousands people must have benefited in different ways from your work. Thank you very much for everything you are doing and I look forward to reading “Saving Danny” which my colleague has delivered to me as promised. Reading your comments I have come across one which was signed by yet another “Nina” from Russia. The number of your fans in Russia is growing fast. I believe this Nina will need a lot of courage as she wants to adopt a child from a Russian “children’s home” which is something similar to a refuge in UK. Best regards,
Nina, Russia, 05/05/2015

I would just like to say how much I have loved reading all books.
Donna, UK, 04/05/2015

Hi Cathy, Your books are so inspirational, I read Damaged and I felt so sad for Jodie having to go through what she went through. I loved Cut. It was so sad about Dawn. I grew attached to Dawn and it had me in tears at the end because of how good it was. I just fished reading The Night the Angels Came, I got so attached to Patrick in this book and Michael it was so sad how Michael lost his father and his mother. I love your books. I get lost reading your books. They’re so inspirational and your such a wonderful person with a heart of gold x
Melissa, Devon, UK, 02/05/2015

Hi Cathy, I love your books. I have two left to read so far The Girl in the Mirror and Daddy’s Little Princess. I have just read Saving Danny and must say I definitely think it one of my favourites which is hard to say as I love all your books. However, I am on the higher end of the autistic spectrum as I have Asperger’s syndrome and I felt the way you wrote about Danny and the compassion you showed to him and his parents was exceptional. As soon as I pick up any of your books I can’t put it down and I started and finished this book today. I underlined a part in your book near the beginning as soon as I saw it as it really said just what I believe. “There is a huge spectrum of conduct that could be described as unusual, eccentric or just odd. And after all it’s our oddities and eccentricities that make us who we are- Individuals” I write a blog about my difficulties through life especially through education and one thing I always say in blogs about my differences is that there is no such thing as normal as everyone is different and everyone’s an individual. There is another bit that say’s Danny is just that Danny, and that’s also something I say a lot – my Aspergers is just part of my personality.
Kim, 01/05/2015

Your books keep me on the edge of my seat. When Lucy originally could not be adopted by you I lost it, how could they do this? Thanks to a change in social workers that quickly changed, I was relieved. Oh my word…. Jade is about to lose her precious Courtney. Someone was looking out for them with another change in events. Poor Michael losing his father. I really felt for you on this one. I felt as though you fell in love with him as well. I could go on but I think you got the point. My parents fostered here in Pennsylvania while I was growing up and some of the life events of these children were just heart breaking. You have a heart of gold!
Dawn, USA, 30/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have finished another two of your books. My problem is I cannot get enough of them. In other words I am now waiting for your next. I love your way of writing in that I feel as though I am in your house watching what is happening. You are my favourite author. Many thanks
Chris, 30/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I started reading your books about a month ago, and just ordered my fourth. Wow. You are amazing. I was feeling kind of lonely and depressed, and I was on my lunch break, and just happened to pick up Another Forgotten Child”. ‘m ordering all your books, and am just now finishing the one about Jodie. How do you find this amazing energy to do all this? Your books are getting me through long days at work, and long nights. You have inspired me to keep going. I was going through kind of a rough time at work when I found your book. I have bipolar disorder, and don’t make friends easily, but now with your fantastic books and inspiration, I’m better. If you can go through what you went through with Jodie’ then I figure I can maybe overcome some of my problems. All I can say is thank you. You don’t give up, and I love that. I have ordered Child Bride, and can’t wait for it to come in, Thank You Cathy, for all that you do
Patti, USA, 29/04/2015

Dear Cathy, my warmest and heartfelt congratulations to you for your book “Will You Love Me”..America’s New York Times best seller. Cathy, America loves you, a wonderful woman. God’s gift to save many young souls. Donna becoming a mummy, now she is the “happiest lady in the world”. May she take good care of her baby. She can always turn to you for advice in bringing up her baby successfully. May god bless all of us. Warmest regards,
Suzie, USA, 29/04/2015

Hi Cathy I know you are probably really busy with the work and emails you get but I’ve just started reading you’re books and I was truly touched by them. I started with Daddy’s Little Princess and just finished reading Cut. Will definitely be purchasing the rest of your books, you are amazing. You look after all these children and you have had it tough yourself. I have a young daughter who I love unconditionally. You are such a strong person I wish there was more of you in the world
Siobhan, 28/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have commerce degree and diploma in counselling psychology. I read your book, “Damaged” (Sinhala version), because I’m not very much fluent in English. It’s an amazing book. I have noted so many disorders, reactions, and behaviours through your book. It’s a very much helpful for me as a counsellor. I was shocked when I read your book. I am shy to tell you, in Sri Lanka I have heard this kind of cases. So bad 🙁 Hope you continue your job as much as you can 🙂 Coz, poor children are waiting for you. Very much appreciate your contribution to whole world. Thank & God bless you 🙂
Shammi, Sri Lanka, 28/04/2015

I am a foster parent. I read your book Damaged and loved it. So, I introduced it to my daughter who is 14 years old. She really loved it. Now, she is working on reading all of your books. She says it is really helping her get through the difficult times ( being a sister to all of the kids coming in and out of the house). As she has gotten older it has become harder on her because she realizes more. Your books are really helping her.
Karen, 28/04/2015

Hi I would just like to say how your books are really helping us. We have adopted a boy with similar issues to Danny in your Saving Danny book. The books help to know other people have been through or going through something similar. I have read a few of your books during the adoption process which has been slow and long. Many thanks
Amanda, 27/04/2015

Dear Cathy Glass, I’m one of your fans. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences fostering. Please don’t tell my other favourite authors this, but if I had to go to a desert island and could only take books by one author, I would take you and your family with me. Thanks also for publishing in an ebook format. I am blind and hard of hearing, and reading e-books works well with my software and it’s easier than having to scan books. I look forward to your next book! Sincerely yours,
S, Canada, 27/04/2015

Hi Cathy, Just a quick note to tell you I have just finished Saving Danny in one week, loved every word, couldn’t put it down. I know what it is like looking after children with autism through my work and I know how challenging it can be when looking after them! I really love your books. You are so inspiring and amazing! I have also told my aunty about your books and she is now reading Cut and is loving it too. She told me to tell you that she loves the way you write! Hope to hear from you soon
Marianne, UK, 26/04/2015

Hey Cathy I have only read two of your books so far and my dad is buying the rest of them for me. I feel in love with your stories but sometimes they make me think of all those children that have had a bad past. You are an amazing woman with a heart full of love and I miss you. All the best in the future and thanks for writing about Lucy I bet it was hard for you bring back all the memories. X
Jade, 26/04/2015

Hello I’ve just recently started reading your books I’m awaiting my fifth book thru the post. I’ve read four just this week I can’t put them down. I’ve got to say they are brilliant. My heart goes out to all the children and parents you have helped. You do a brilliant job and should be very proud of yourself. I’m only 22 myself with a 10 month old baby boy but would love to be a foster carer in the future when my little boy is a bit older. Keep up the good work, You’re an inspiration
Stacy, 25/04/2015

Hey Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your books. Last year the doctor told me I had a small chance of getting children of my own. Me and my husband started to look into fostering for the future. Because I didn’t want to go to things like ivf. Just before Christmas I fell pregnant the natural way. Its such an amazing surprise! In the future we both want to get into fostering children. Would be such a great thing to do. Thanks for writing your stories Cathy, your doing a great job! Kind regards
Inge, Australia, 25/04/2015

Hello, Cathy. I just finished reading ‘Cut’ and it was amazing! I do hope Dawn still talks to you after all these years, Adrian is such a lovely boy. God bless you, Cathy.
Celestine, 15, 24/04/2015

Hi Cathy! I have just finished reading ‘Saving Danny’, and I have read -all- of your other books about your foster children. They’re wonderfully written and your talent, both as a (foster) mum and a writer is huge! My partner and I are in our early twenties and I have to admit there are a lot of your techniques (closed-choices for example) that I am -sure- I will end up using. You’re an inspiration. I was never in care but sometimes I look back on my childhood, on the neglect and abuse and I wonder if I’d have turned out to be a more balanced adult if I had! I have mental illnesses that stems from a difficult childhood. Reading about how you helped all of those children makes me so hopeful that despite my difficulties and issues, despite what people say, I can still be a good mum. Thank you for wonderful reading material, for making me realise that I wasn’t alone in having a difficult childhood, and for giving me faith in myself. If I had ended up in care, I’d have wanted my foster carer to be you. You’re amazing. Regards and love,
Kerri, 24/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just read your book, Saving Danny. Our adopted son is very similar to Danny although has always loved a cuddle. I guessed that Danny must be about the same age as our son as the first trip to the cinema I attempted with our son was to see the Thomas the Tank Engine film, with a very similar response to that shown by Danny. Your book portrays a very accurate picture of the challenges and rewards of looking after an autistic spectrum child. I hope that people reading it will find all sorts of strategies that they can use in their day to day life with all children (and adults), as well as understanding a little more about what it is like to parent a special needs child. This is the first one of your books that I have read, but having been involved in and around adoption for over 20 years now, including sitting on a local authority panel, I am going to be recommending your books to everyone I meet. Thank you for sharing this story.
Jenny, UK, 23/04/2015

Dear Cathy, I really hope you get this email and I would love a reply I just want to start off by saying I love your books. Although I have never met you I feel like I know you through your books. I think you are amazing to have had helped all those children. I am 18 years old and grew up in and out of foster care. I have had many foster care families I am so grateful for people like you who give kids like me hope for a better future
Lydia, Australia, 23/04/2015

Hello Cathy, Just finished reading ‘Saving Danny. Again what a brilliant read. Danny went through so much and I’m so glad he had George to confide in. I can relate to this because when I was going through a bad time (not as bad as Danny) I spoke to my cat as if he was a human being. I just could not put the book down and had a few very late nights reading it. Can’t wait for the next book. Regards
Jeanette, UK, 21/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I’m not normally a huge fan of reading but I was bought one of your books for my birthday last year, the story of Lucy, and since then I’m hooked. I can pick up one of your books and finish it within a day (9 times out of ten, in tears too!) I think the work you do is truly amazing and you are a true inspiration to many people including myself. My brother has recently become an approved foster carer and if your books are anything to go by then I know I will be so proud of him. I have daughters of my own and I’ve just found out I’m expecting, and hearing the stories of what your foster children have been through makes me sick to the core. I do not understand how anyone can do those things to a child. Thank you so much for continuing to write your wonderful books and I wish you all the luck in the future. Take care,
Tracy, UK, 21/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I started reading your books when someone recommended them to me. So far I have read four in just three weeks, reading all these stories make me remember my childhood, I get so engrossed, although my life was pretty good. When I was a baby my sister and I got taken off our mother due to drugs (I think) and our Nan raised us, but she struggled sometimes, so my sister and I went to a foster carer occasionally. We loved it, our carer was such a nice lady, with an amazing family. The times I went there were the times that changed my life. I am now 18 and I am an apprentice hairdresser, without going into care all those years ago, I don’t think my outcome would of been as good, although my Nan gave me all she could, she couldn’t teach me some of the things I learnt in care. You sound just as amazing and loving as my foster carer was and I just want to let you know that what you do is very important and your books have definitely in encouraged me even more to take up foster caring when I am older, thank you
Ambar, Tasmania, Australia, 21/04/2015

Your books are phenomenal, finished reading Hidden and I am in the middle of The Night the Angels Came. Also started Cut, you are an amazing caregiver and author 🙂 I look forward to reading many more of your books. Thank you
Shannon, 19/04/2015

Ur foster care child Donna had her baby on my mom’s birthday. I LOVE ur books. I’m disabled so I read A LOT. Typed with thumbs and sent with love from
Courtney, USA, 19/04/2015

Hi, Cathy, I love reading your books and can’t wait to read more! I just wondering if u could update me with any new books that will be coming in? Thanks
Lori, 19/04/2015

Hi Cathy, Have just finished reading your latest book, Saving Danny. Loved it, as I have loved all your books. This one was close to my heart. I have a 5 year old autistic grandson, he means the world to me. Reading this story had me seeing him, you wrote about so many things that he does. He is a very happy, loving, caring, affectionate little boy. I found getting to the end of the book I had mixed feelings, happy that things worked out for Danny and his parents but sad that I couldn’t follow his progress. But also hope my grandson will flourish and grow just as Danny did. Thank you. Regards
Jo, UK, 18/04/2015

Hi Cathy, thank you for another wonderful book – I have rated it. Danny was lucky to have you there for him. A truly beautiful little boy and it sounds like he has grown up to be a wonderful young man. Love to you and the family x
Heather, UK, 17/04/2015

Hi Cathy, hope you and your family are well. I am definitely obsessed with your books, I have just finished Damaged and The Night the Angels Came and cried at them both! Michael’s story I found was very close to my heart as I too was orphaned at a young age, he is an inspiration to many who have shared his experience. Bless him. I also have to share how I laughed so much at Paula’s comment about the priest “if you need rescuing, just shout” haha! Bless you and your family, you too are inspirational.
Allie, UK, 17/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished Saving Danny and I want to say what a fantastic job you did with him and how you also helped his parents. They just needed a little bit of help from a positive role model on how to manage his behaviour. There are a couple of autistic children in the school I work in. Their little idiosyncrasies are traits of who they are and who they will become. People don’t need to treat them any different, just work with them and take care of their needs like any other child. It is nice to see that Danny has managed to do so much in his life so far and you should take some of that credit as well as his parents. Can’t wait for September for the new book, best wishes to you Adrian, Paula and Lucy
Hayles, UK, 16/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have read your book named ‘Damaged’. I was shocked so many times while I read that book. It was so heartfelt story. I feel so sorry for Jodie and I’m so thankful of you about being good mother for this kind of children. This world is not always good place to live. There may be thousands of sad and unbelievable bad things happen, but we can hear few stories. Thanks for sharing and giving good massage for whole world with your pen. I also like to become a great women like you. I’m so happy to write you. I feel you like my mother. And proud of you as a woman. Looking forward to read your all books. Waiting for your reply. Thanks and love.
Nishadi, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 16/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I am a retired music teacher. I have read almost all of your books and have enjoyed every single one of them. It takes a “special” person to foster children just as it takes a ‘special” person to be a teacher. You have had some difficult situations and I was quite impressed in the ways you handled them, especially, when you first started fostering and it was in its infancy. I have a high respect for you. I was also delighted when you adopted Lucy because I am an adopted child myself. One of the books, “The Night the Angels Came,” is on my list to read, but, not at this time. I recently lost my mother and cannot bring myself to read it yet. I have been to London twice and loved being there. I hope to go back someday. Thank you for writing those books.
Kim, USA, 15/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I can not praise you enough for all you do, you’re an inspiration! I constantly think about foster caring and hopefully when I’m older I will be able to help children in the way you do. Your books are amazing & I can not wait to hear more of your stories! Thank you for such amazing writing.
April, 19, Scotland, 15/04/2015

Hi there Cathy, Once again I have been struck by your touching books, it makes me wonder how people in this world can be so cruel to children that are a gift to these parents. I don’t understand why? I have now read 8 of your books and cry in each one for what those beautiful children have gone through. You are an incredible woman to be helping these children. You have given them life for a second time, a second chance to become whole again. I am a wife, a mother, a nurse and a big animal lover, and it breaks my heart to know what goes on in this world, but then there is you. Thank you so much for all you have done and all you are doing. I always look forward to going on line after finishing a book to see how the children are progressing, thanks again.
Trish, Australia, 15/04/2015

Hello. I am one of your Swedish readers. Only Damaged has been translated so far but I have listened to the rest in English. Thank you so much for laughs, tears and much love!
Elin, Sweden, 14/04/2015

Dear Cathy, I trust you are well. I have just completed reading your book, Damaged, which I borrowed from my library here in South Africa. I was literally reduced to tears after reading the harrowing experiences that Jodie went through. I am a father myself. I wish and pray dearly that Jodie has improved immensely. I must congratulate you on your writing style. You are definitely a very dynamic writer. You certainly have the gift of the pen! May our Lord God bless you further as you take on more children- to turn their lives around for the better. I am looking forward to more of your books. Please can you convey my good wishes, hugs and kisses to Jodie when you visit her next. Also love and kisses to your 3 children and yourself! God bless! Kind regards
Michael, South Africa, 14/04/2015

Hope that you are well. I am currently reading Saving Danny and almost at the end and as usual I have found it most interesting. I have read all your previous books and enjoyed them all. I was talking to my sister who lives in the UK last night and was telling her about your books. She told me that she already reads them and said that she actually shed some tears when she read ‘ The Night the Angels Came’. So your books are enjoyed obviously all over the world as I live in New Zealand. I would be interested in any future publications if you could keep me informed. Regards and take care
Sylvia, Auckland, New Zealand, 14/04/2015

Hi Cathy. Wow is all I can say! I think you are a fabulous person and what an amazing inspirational person you are! I have read some of the updates on your page and they all brought a tear to my eye. I am so glad Jade and Tyler are still happy and Courtney is also doing well this story touched me the most I just wanted to climb into the book and shake her! I am also now following your bedtime routine with my children. It has really helped me so thank you! I can’t wait to read your new book Saving Danny! Kind Regards
Lisa, UK, 13/04/2015

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading Saving Danny and it had me in tears. I would like to congratulate you on a great job you do as a foster carer. I thank you for sharing your stories with the world. I enjoy reading your books and look forward to the next one.
Nicola, 13/04/2015

Hai Cathy. I have read your books. Damaged is a very sensitive book. I felt a very sad. However I appreciate your service. It is very valuable for children. You are a good and kind mother. I wish you bottom of my heart for your service.
Rameesha, Sri Lanka, 12/04/2015

Great book. I love Lucy, how awesome are you,. I’m reading these books and they are just so sad. I wish we could help mother’s like Bonnie and others. The social services does an excellent job but some of us fall through the cracks. Lucy must enjoy her life now, and most probably take the same path as you in fostering. Just waiting to read you new book, which is out now. Thank you Cathy for the great work you do and have done, and inspiring me on my journey of being a social services worker. Happy month of April. God Bless you and your family.
Selina, 12/04/2015

Hi I just wanted to say I’ve read all your books and cannot wait for the next. You’re a wonderful person and I hope u and your family are well. xx
Lisa, 12/04/2015

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading Saving Danny and felt compelled to email you. I love the way you write your stories, no small detail is left out, but little Danny has touched my heart. I do wish him and his family all the best and it just goes to show that having money is not key in a child’s happiness, love and attention is all they need. I also love the relationship he has with George, I too have British Giant bunnies and they are the most loyal, receptive breed of rabbit! Anyway I look forward to your next story, hopefully it won’t be too long. Love to you, Adrian, Paula and Lucy.
Melanie, 12/04/2015

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished Damaged. Poor Jodie has been through hell. I believe you saved Jodie. You showed that not all adults are evil and untrustworthy. Your love, care and support worked miracles. I’m glad you didn’t give up fostering and I’m sure the children you fostered afterwards are glad you didn’t either. The world needs more people like you Cathy.
Angela, 12/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading Saving Danny, I must say it made me cry, and I just admire all that you do. I have a grandson with mild autism. He is doing really well as he had an early diagnoses, goes to main stream school. I am going to pass this book onto my son and his wife as I am sure there will some helpful suggestions for them. I visit as often as I can, we live 259 miles apart. He calls me Nanny IPad Janet as I always take my iPad with me, so funny but he is a beautiful boy and we all love him so much. You are an inspiration keep up the good work
Janet, Leeds, UK, 11/04/2015

Hi Cathy, Just a quick email to say I’ve just finished Saving Danny. Another great book and story. He sounds like a sweet boy and when he let you cuddle and give him a kiss it melted my heart. So sad and so sweet. Also I loved when he refused to do something e.g. putting shoes on and your response was giving him the choice which shoe first. He felt like he got the choice but you got the end result shoes on. I was talking with my partner about this as said we are going to use this on our daughter. I think it’s great. I’m going to use many or your techniques, I just love them!!! September can’t come quick enough for your next book. Keep up the great work Cathy. Hope you and your family are all well.
Lisa, 11/04/2015

Hay Cathy, I read your “Damaged” yesterday. I can’t believe it. I wish you all the best for your every works….
Ravishan, Sri Lanka, 10/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I just love your books. Every new one I read I can’t put down. When I was a teenager I came close to ending up in foster care. I disclosed in a counselling session my dad had hit me. So of course my counsellor had to call. My family isn’t abusive I was just a difficult teenager. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your next book in September. Take care!
Amy, 10/04/2015

Hi I read ur new book in 2 days and loved it. Have u anymore coming out? xx
Annmarie, 10/04/2015

CG: Thank you. My next book, Girl Alone, will be out in September.

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading Saving Danny and it brought a tear to my eye. I have taught and worked with lots of autistic children and I felt that the way you worked with Danny was excellent. I even picked up a few tips. There is currently a child in my class who I feel is on the autistic spectrum but much like Danny’s parents, they do not want him to be assessed which I think would help him to get the support he needs. Hopefully more people will read this book and pick up the signs as I feel not enough people really understand it. Keep on telling your inspirational stories, I cannot wait for the next one!
Charlotte, UK, 10/04/2015

I have just finished reading Saving Danny, it was good. Keep on writing and looking after children.
Kellie, 10/04/2015

Cathy, I have just about read all your books. Best books I have ever read, so thank you.
Karen, Australia, 09/04/2015

Hello! I just wanted to say you a real inspiration, and reading your books has made me realise how much I want to foster when I am older. All the lives you’ve changed amazes me, and not only have you got 3 inspirational children of your own, but you have given so many other amazing children a better life. I will continue to read anything you write. I know from you’re books you’re pretty modest, but you really should know you’re a hero! Tell Lucy I am so happy for her that she found you!) Much love.
Tara, 09/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the weather. I just wanted to say that I finished ‘Saving Danny’ and once again a brilliant piece of writing. I have also read your update on Danny saying that he may have OCD. I have OCD but it wasn’t diagnosed until I was 29 as I didn’t tell anyone. Finally my wife spotted it and I got help. In my opinion Danny has got OCD as it explains why he arranges his food the way he does. I hope he does get help because treatment really does help with the obsessions. Once again a fantastic book and I can’t wait for your next one!
James, 09/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to thank you again for the difference you have made to us and the lives of the little people we foster. Honestly, without your books, I wouldn’t be fostering, and I wouldn’t have met so many amazing little people. We do short term care, transitional placements while a long term plan is organised, or respite care, so we have lots of wee ones through our door. We have a lovely baby here at the moment, who has attached himself very firmly to my heart. Your writing has helped us open our home to so much love! And it’s awesome for my own children to be involved too. Like the butterfly effect, 2 people I know are currently looking into fostering and it all started with your books! I just read Saving Danny in between my last foster placement and this one. It was amazing as always)! XXXX
Katie, 09/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have recently just found out that my son has SPD (sensory processing disorder). Which is why the bad behaviour has been occurring. I have your book “Happy Kids” and have been incorporating closed choices with him… Which is working very well 🙂 His OT has put together a sensory diet and I now have an indoor trampoline and fidget box for him. Loved reading your latest book “Saving Danny ” and could really relate to it. Thank you again for being such an inspiring writer. I look forward to the next book 🙂 Regards
Angie, 09/04/2015

Dear Cathy, I realise you receive so many messages and am reluctant to add to your inbox but I had just had to write and say how much I enjoyed reading “Saving Danny.” As with all your previous books I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. You are such an amazing person and have improved the lives of so many children and have helped other people through their reading of your stories. Fortunately I was unDamaged by the abuse I suffered from an “uncle”as a young child unlike so many other children. I have a good life and I hope the children you have helped will go on to enjoy a good life too. I hope you will have time to write more books. Best wishes,
Val, New Zealand, 08/04/2015

Hello Cathy! Saving Danny. WOW!! Such an amazing little boy. I love reading your books. I feel like not only have I got to know the foster child but also you and your children. You really are a truly amazing lady Cathy! 🙂 Looking forward to your next book. Lots of love to you and your family
Jodie, 08/04/2015

Dear Cathy, I hope this reaches you and your family safe. I stumbled across your books a few years ago now, and while I have been in tears many times I have also been able to smile reading about the difference you make in children’s lives. If I can be half the mother you are I will be happy. Kind regards,
Cassandra, Australia, 08/04/2015

To Cathy, I’ve been reading your books since I was 13 and now I’m 18. I’d like to thank you. You have actually changed my life. For most of my life I told myself that photography was what I wanted do but I always knew in the back of my mind I just wanted to help people but just didn’t know in what way. I now know that I want to become a social worker and it was your books that made me realise what I wanted to be and where my heart really lays. I just got the news that I have been accepted into university to study social work and once again I have you to thank because I was able to refer to your books and the knowledge I gained from them. My life has completely changed and I now do youth work in my spare time… Thank you Cathy, you’ve helped me to find exactly who I wanted to be.
Michaela, UK, 08/04/2015

Cathy, Having just read your latest book (Saving Danny) in just over a week I wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you. Thank you for all you do for all the children you foster and thank you for finding the time and ability to turn your experiences in to such gripping and tear jerking books. Each and every book is eagerly awaited by myself and just as eagerly read. Along with your books, I also enjoy reading your updates to see how and what each child is doing. Thanks again
Gemma, 22, UK, 07/04/2015

Dear Cathy Glass Through my life I’ve been through a lot, and took a strong liking to psychology at a young age. At the age of 14 I was handed your book Damaged, now 17 I have read it maybe three times and fall in love with Jodie every time. Recently coming back from holiday, once again finishing Damaged. Quite often I find myself thinking of you and your family. Would be great to hear from you.
Shaneez, 17, South Africa, 07/04/2015

Hi Cathy! Wow! I have read every single one of your books and I just wanted to write and say how much you have inspired me. I could not stop reading! You are an absolute inspiration and I have just submitted my application to be become an approved foster carer in Australia! I am looking forward to more of your books! Well done on all of your hard work looking after these children! I have read and re-read Jodie’s story 4 times now and cannot commend you enough on your efforts. I just finished re-reading Lucy’s story and hope to have some of my own in the years to come! Keep up the brilliant work!!!
Lisa, Australia, 07/04/2015