All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Dear Cathy, This is a message from the Netherlands. I’m a 23 year old woman and in the past I had to read English books for school. I always hated that, because I was not very good in reading English. At this moment I try to improve my English and I like it very much. The reason for that is now I do it because I want to do it and there isn’t pressure from school. I have fun to read and of course that makes it easier. I bought ‘Another Forgotten Child’ and I read it in two weeks. For me that’s a record. Reading your book hasn’t given me the motivation to read more and keep going to improve my English. Concerning content I liked the book because in my opinion it was very interesting to learn something about foster care. Besides that, I felt very committed to Aimee and you and the rest of your family. Thanks a lot for doing all the good work and writing about your experiences! Concluding, I hope everything is well with Aimee, but I have good confidence. Kind regards,
Mila, Netherlands, 04/07/2013

Hi Cathy, I hope you are keeping well. I finished reading Damaged last night. I read it over 5 hours as I couldn’t put it down. How you felt about Jodie going into a residential home was palpable. I felt so bad for Jodie and that she would be, sadly “Damaged” for life. I also felt intense anger as to how anyone could possibly do this. It’s awful. Your writing brings out all the emotions one should feel when reading such stories. Thank you for bringing your stories into our lives. We are going through the fostering process and your books are utterly invaluable and ones that we will keep in our collection forever. Kind regards
Jo H, UK, 04/07/2013

Hi Cathy!! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books. Ever since I read your book Damaged, I have just wanted to read all of them. I’m on my fourth one in 2 weeks and they’ve all brought me to tears!! (Especially A Baby’s Cry). I will be waiting for your next book. Say hello to Adrian, Paula, and Lucy for me. Bye and take care.
Jasmine, 03/07/2013

Dear Cathy, I have read so many books in my life but it is the first time I have ever cried after reading your book, “Damaged”. You are amazing and I am in love with your books. I simply can’t wait to read more of your books. Thank you for writing them. Regards,
Swaty, 03/07/2013

Hi Cathy I love reading your books on my nook. Since I got it as a Christmas gift I have read all your books. My husband of 27 yrs gave the nook and he sys he’s never seen me read so much. We adopted a child that reminded me so much of Jodie. She was 7 when she came to us and is now 21. It was amazing how much I could relate to your book. Please keep writing about the children you have fostered. God bless.
Velvet, 03/07/2013

My name is Jessica I’m 23 years old and I’ve been through foster care. I have to say you sound like a dream foster parent to anyone in care. I’ve read your books and re read them and cried. I’m inspired and learned a lot with your books and hope to someday foster. Sincerely, a happy reader.
Jessica, 02/07/2013

Hi Cathy, I am reading your book at the minute (Please Don’t Take My Baby). I only started it 3 days ago and I am chapter 19. I can’t seem to put it down. I like books that are based on a true stories and it’s really gripped me. I am feeling for Jade so much and keep asking myself why she is doing that to her, her baby and all the other people around her trying to help. I can’t want to find out the ending. Regards
Amanda A, UK, 02/07/2013

Hey I’ve read 2 of your books so far (Cut and Another Forgotten Child) as I’m sort of slow when I read and not fast like some people. I’ve got another 2 in my draw ready to read:) (Damaged and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell). I was just wondering why you don’t turn your books into films. I would love that as I love your books. Thanks for reading my email.
Beth, 01/07/2013

CG: Thanks, Beth. It would be fantastic if my books were adapted to the screen and my agent is looking into this. Fingers crossed.

Dear Ms Glass, I wanted to thank you for your books. 4 year ago, when my son was 11 months old, he was taken into foster care by the Local Authority on an interim care order. The foster carer we had was an amazing woman, who cared for my son like he was her own. But not until I read your books, did I realize the extent that foster carers have to go too. During the court process, my health declined and as such my son was unable to return to my care. He now lives with my mother on an Special Guardianship Order (SGO), and I see him once every six weeks. Your book opened my eyes to what went on behind closed doors. The foster carers address was leaked to me accidentally at the beginning of the process, however I not once attended the address, nor did I give out the details to any member of my family. It was kept in complete confidence, and I didn’t want to jeopardize my child’s placement. As he was on an SGO, I wasn’t privy to a lot of things that happened at the foster carer’s home. Your books opened my eyes, and helped bring me closure on the events that happened with my son. The love you describe and have towards the foster children is amazing, and it made me feel better knowing that foster children are looked after so well. Our foster carer was amazing, but not until I read your book did I realize the impact fostering has, not just on the foster parent, but the whole family. I am an avid reader of your books, and will continue to read them. I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for writing them, and helping people like me realize that it’s not just hard to lose your child as a parent, but it’s hard for the foster parents to take on someone else’s child. I hope you and your family is well. My many thanks
Amy, UK, 30/06/2013

Dear Cathy, I wrote to you before. At the time I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and was worried about getting PND again. Well I would firstly like to thank you for your advice and let you know I followed it. I was supported through the entire pregnancy. I gave birth to my little baby and she is just perfect!! And the best of it is I am feeling great this time! On to your latest book. I loved it! Again another brilliant read. I couldn’t put it down and finished it just before I had my baby. I have left reviews on Amazon for your books. I can’t wait to read your next book about your daughter Lucy, I hope you and your family are well. Many thanks
Amy, 23, UK, 30/06/2013

Dear Cathy, I’m a 17year old girl and me and my mum really love your books. Before reading your books we never really realised how rewarding fostering really could be. The work you do is amazing, such as baby Harrison in A Baby’s Cry. My personal favourite is The Night the Angels Came. They are really amazing stories and you really are an amazing person! I wish every parent could be like you. From
Becky, UK, 27/06/2013

Hia Cathy! I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your books! I remember reading a couple a couple of years back, and enjoyed them. At the time I was in uni and didn’t read any more. I recently came across your book, “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. It was a brilliant read. This led me on a trail to find your books! I have read 5 more since, and ordered another 6. In the couple of days that I have to wait to receive the books I’m on edge. I can’t wait to get stuck in to them. It only takes a couple of nights to read them, I can’t put them down. What an amazing woman you are to have given these children a safe home for the time you had them. You’re very brave, I don’t think I could bring myself to do that. The Night the Angels Came was a sad read, I cried! But I love that there is a happy ending. I see there is another new book out in September, I can’t wait. Thanks for a great read. Kind regards
Aimee, 26/06/2013

Hi Cathy. I do truly love reading your book, you’re my favourite. I can’t wait to read about Lucy’s story. It comes out before my 21st so 🙂 I know it won’t be nice story, and it will be nice to know how you came to keep Lucy. Thank you, and I can’t wait for your new book
Danielle, 26/06/2013

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ another brilliant read. I was gripped the whole way through. You do a great job and should be so proud.
Sarah, UK, 25/06/2013

Wow can I just start by saying what an amazing woman you are. I’m half way through my 3rd book. Hidden. I love them and intend to read them all. My mum’s neighbour fosters children, she really reminds me of you such a kind hearted woman. Would love to hear from you. Have got all my friends reading your books to 🙂 I bet your so proud x x best wishes
Beth, UK, 25/06/2013

Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for writing the heart-warming stories. I first started reading “A Baby’s Cry”. It was the first English book that I had read so fast and wanted to know about the ending. I have a variety of feelings when I was reading the book. It is understandable, and I was attracted by the story-line. I will definitely keep reading on the other in the series. Thank you so much for raising up my interest of reading English book. Yours sincerely,
Ivy, Taiwan, 25/06/2013

Hi I’ve read your books and they are amazing. They really touched me and made me want to foster but I am only 19 and have a baby so I don’t think they will consider me yet. I definitely want to look into it when I’m older. Thank you for your inspiration.
Kirsty, UK, 22/06/2013

Cathy could you please tell me there was a follow up to Run Mummy Run I really enjoyed the book , regards
Joyce, UK, 22/06/2013

CG: Thanks Joyce, there isn’t a follow up yet, but there is an update on my website.

Dear Cathy, This is the first time I have read any of your books and I have just finished reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and I was moved to tears! Once I started reading the book I just could not put it down. Such a moving story and I would like to say congratulations. My admiration goes to you Cathy for your love for the children you foster and for not giving up on Jade. Best Wishes
Maureen C, 22/06/2013

Thank you for publishing your new book “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. I have now read all of your remarkable books, what am I going to read now? As I just love reading your books only. When I am coming to the end of each story I just can’t wait to read the update. Jade has come a long way since she fell pregnant with Courtney. Throughout the story I felt Tyler was such a sensible guy (beyond his years) he should be a very proud person because without his love, honesty and encouragement for Jade. A beautiful story. Once again, thank you Cathy for another wonderful book. I am looking forward to the next.
Lori, Sydney, Australia, 22/06/2013

Hi, I just want to say I have read every one of your books. I love them all and look forward to many more.
Anne L, UK, 21/06/2013

Dear Cathy Glass, I have read many of your books and they are all very heart-warming and some times saddening. I am 20 years old and came across your books at the public library in Canada. Some of your stories have made me cry, laugh and even get mad. I have wanted to become a foster carer for as long as I can remember. I sure hope that you continue to write books because they are so intriguing and your writting excellent. Your biggest fan:
Cassandra, Canada, 20/06/2013

Hi Cathy a friend recommended that I read your books about a year ago. I have now read every single book you have written. I bought Please Don’t Take My Baby yesterday and have just finished it. Xx
Kirsty, UK, 20/06/2013

Have just finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby. One of your best books for me. I could not put it down and did not know how it was going to end. Please keep your books coming. As a foster carer myself, I pick up quite a few bits from your books, and some are really helpful. Thanks,
Michele, 20/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I’m 18 and I only just discovered your books, first read Cut, then Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and I’m currently reading The Night the Angels Came. Honestly I have never felt so touched by a book in my life, I even cried reading Cut and I never cry reading! I have always really loved children, and definitely want to try fostering when I am grown up and married. I always seem to get attached to the unfortunate or the children who struggle, and really want to help. (I used to do work experience at an early learning centre). You really are my idol. After reading the first book I felt really attached to you and felt like I knew you just from reading your book! It really touched me that there are people like you who have dedicated their lives to helping the innocent. You really are awesome, and I wish I had a mother like you. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the rest of your books! 🙂 Lots of love,
Caitlin, South Island, New Zealand, 20/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I’m age 19 and I love your books. I don’t find any others as good as yours 🙂 I have recently finished ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’. It was fantastic. I had a baby boy 12 weeks ago and this book really made me put my self in poor Jade’s position. I was sobbing my heart out. Thank you for another great read, I will be starting another one off your books tomorrow. All the best
Aimee F, UK, 19/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I would like to say how much I love your books. The first one I ever read, “A Baby’s Cry”, had me hooked and I couldn’t put it down. Since then, I have nearly read all of your books, all of which have been well written and drew you into the story. I cannot wait until your next book is released in September. Every story I have read so far have been captivating and I have felt the emotions the characters go through; the way you feel when a child discloses abuse, empathising with the children and their situations and particularly the sadness Michael, you and your children went through in “The Night the Angels Came”. I have never enjoyed reading so much and I hope you continue writing.
Amy D, 19/06/2013

Dear Cathy, I’ve been reading your books as my mum is a fan and passed some onto me. All the stories are heartbreaking, but Damaged really shocked me, how parents can treat their child in such an appalling and sickening way is beyond belief. You are an inspirational lady indeed. Thanks and best wishes,
Leanne, 19/06/2013

Just felt the need to write to you after just finishing The Night the Angels Came. I’ve sobbed like a baby reading this and still have tears in my eyes whilst writing this. Never has a book affected me this way before. You are a truly amazing woman. Michael is lucky to have had you in his life at that horrendous time. I look forward to reading many more of your books. Kind regards
Abbi, 19/06/2013

Hello just wanted to say how much I love reading your books. When I start I cant put them down. You do such a good job and feel for the children and teenagers you help. I have just finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby. I also had a baby at the same age as Jade but had all the help I need from my family. She was lucky she had you. I also read Damaged and my heart went out to Jodie. I’ve been looking on your website and see she’s doing well. I can wait to start reading your next book x
Tyla, 19/06/2013

HI Cathy, Just a short note to say that I have read 2 of your books, Damaged and I Miss Mummy. I enjoyed reading both books and will look out for more of your books as I have a lot to read. Best wishes to you and your family. Regards
Cynthia, Australia, 19/06/2013

I have just read Please Don’t Take My Baby and it was amazing. I have been through the foster system myself and had my little girl when I was 17. Reading your book has made me feel so happy that Jade had someone in her life like you. I think you are an amazing woman and what you told Jade at the end about her having empathy for foster children is great. I hope that they are doing well thanks to your words of reassurance.
Kat, 18/06/2013

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your books. I have read them all.
Annie M, 18/06/2013

Hi Cathy, Just a very short note to say, as a foster carer, how much I enjoy reading your books and the number of tips I have picked up from you have been fantastic. I am currently reading your book regarding the boy whose father is dying of cancer. The tissue box is always beside me. Keep up the good work. Regards
Miriam, UK, 18/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your latest book ‘ Please Don’t Take My Baby ‘. I so admire you for all you do for the children you foster. I can’t have children myself and some people do not deserve to have children. All I can say is where would those children be without foster parent like yourself. You always go that extra mile for them and you just be so proud of them for what they achieve. I can’t wait for your next book to come out. Kind regards
Lynne W, 17/06/2013

I think you are a credit to women. I come from a very challenging background. I left home just after my 14th birthday and I never asked for help. I just stayed with friends and I did steal to survive. When I was 16 I got put into a hostel, in there I turned 17 and fell pregnant with my daughter. I’m now 20 and my daughter is 2 and a half. I was lucky enough to never have any involvement with social services. When she was 5 months old I meet an amazing guy who had a great impact on me and stabilised everything. Although I never struggled to be a mum he really helped mature me and him and my daughter my only family. Through reading your books I understand more. I still suffer with a lot of paranoia about men and I refuse to leave my daughter with anyone but my partner who she knows as daddy, or his mum and dad. I am still a nervous wreck as I was so let down by my own mum. I swore I would never do that to anyone. Your children are so lucky and I love the impact you have on the children you foster. Your are an amazing woman and I cry every time I read one of your books. My heart goes out to you. You have made me consider fostering when my daughter gets a bit older. God bless you xxx
Siana, UK, 17/06/2013

Hello Ms. Glass, I am an elementary school teacher, and I just finished Damaged. It truly touched my heart, and I know you have heard that before. I was wondering how Jodie is doing currently. I can’t stop thinking about her and you and all that you have both been through. I hope to hear back from you. Thank you for what you do for kids out there. I see so many sad situations at my school as well, and knowing there are people like you to love on these kids is wonderful! Take Care,
Sandy S, USA. 17/06/2013

Dear Cathy, I really enjoyed reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and once I started reading the story I could not put it down. I would like to thank you for the help and support you have given me in the past regarding writing my own story. I still haven’t finished it yet as it is very painful for me remembering some of the things which happened when I was a child. I am sure I will eventually get around to completing it as I have already written quite a lot. I have as you know had quite a lot to contend with but I am coming to terms with things and know I have to let go of negative thoughts and bad memories. I have also been keeping busy working. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your new book and I am looking forward to the next one. I find your books very inspirational and I love them all. Thank you for writing such wonderful and interesting true stories. Best Wishes
Christine T, 17/06/2013

Hi Cathy! I just finished reading “Please Don’t Take My Baby” and I loved it! I own all your books to date and have preordered Lucy’s story 🙂 I wanted to say thank you so much. You have such a beautiful unique style of writing and I am famous with my partner, family and friends to read one of your books in less than 24 hours. That is how much they capture me. I am too young to foster (I’m 19), however I do volunteer work for children whom are abused and/or neglected or just need some time out to be a kid. Your books really capture the emotional sides of spending time with these children and I thank you again for that; something that is real and relatable. I am also able to relate to the children due my own situation of abuse as an older child and young teenager. I thank you for being there for these children. They are truly blessed. I wish I could have had someone like you when I was in my hell….I look forward to your book (which preorder says will be available in September!! Yay!!) and I hope you have another in mind after that 🙂 Thank you.
Shonae, 19, Australia, 16/06/2013

Hi Cathy, Your books are so touching I love them. I have 3 so far but can’t wait to read the rest. I wish I had someone like you when I was younger. Take care
Molly, UK, 16/06/2013

Hi Cathy I have now read 3 of your books all within the last two weeks. Once I’ve opened it its hard to put it down. I’m really looking forward to reading your new one about Lucy. I feel from reading the three I have I already know ur family -Adrian Paula and Lucy. You are a wonderful lady. Your children are lovely too and are very lucky to have a fantastic mum like you. I will be reading all your books and look forward to do so. Thank you for a great read. I never read a book all way threw till I picked up yours. So thanks again 🙂
Natalie, 15/06/2013

Hiya Cathy, I’m 16, I’ve read all of your books and I’m very interested in working for the social services when I’m older. Your books are so inspiring and I have so much respect for you! Your a wonderful parent and I can’t believe how many children you’ve helped, if I can help as many people as you have when I’m older then I will be very proud. I am currently reading The Saddest Girl in the World, and I can’t believe how all knowing you are when it comes to parenting. I soon hope to buy your full collection and just wanted to tell you how great you are x
Megan, 15/06/2013

I really look forward to your books coming out, even though I know that before long I will be in tears. I think you did a brilliant job persevering with Jade when everyone else wasn’t so sure. Hindsight eh. And good luck to Jade, Tyler, and Courtney. A couple of years ago I managed to go abroad by myself (no kids or husband) pure luxury. I took along a few of your books which I read daily around the pool. About the end of the week I’d run out of books n a lady said here you are read this … I tried the book, I really did but I think she did actually noticed that one day I was holding it upside down. I’d given her one of your books so I asked what she thought, and she absolutely loved it n couldn’t put it down. I know the feeling, keep them coming please.Thanks,
Ann, 14/06/2013

Hi Cathy, Just finish reading “A Baby’s Cry” in 2 days. Your book makes me very emotional and tears. Many cheers
Chris, 14/06/2013

Dear Cathy, I finally had the time to catch up on your books. Managed to read Please Don’t Take My Baby, I Miss Mummy and Damaged. I am so moved and have no words to express the sufferings these children go through. As you rightly mentioned children are meant to be loved and cherished. It ripped my heart to read about Jodie and what she had to go through, and those animals who did this to her are not suffering. I really don’t know where the justice is. But you have done an excellent job and I really admire you for what you stand for …hats off to you. I am not married yet, but when I do and have a baby. I want to be a mother like you. Wishing you and Adrian, Paula and Lucy the best, Love,
Aby, Singapore, 13/06/2013

I’ve read so many of your books and every single one of them has touched me in so many ways. I’ve been very lucky to have the parents I’ve had and never had to experience anything like the children you look after. You’re my inspiration and I hope I do as well bringing up my baby. Your books offer so much advice too. I feel I know you and your family very well. Also your children too are amazing, sharing their mummy with other children. I’ve just finished reading The Night the Angels Came. It’s such a heart breaking story. Thanks for sharing your books with us. You really are a truly loving amazing lady. Ps hope you write many more.
Ava, UK, 13/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I’m 19 years old and since leaving collage have thought a lot about social work. From my studies of child care I know about the recent acts now in place, but was disgusted by the ‘communication’ you had with the social worker Ruth. I have only just picked up one of your books as I’m not big on reading due to dyslexia. For the first time I didn’t want to put the book down. It had never crossed my mind before, but I know more than anything when I’m older I want to follow in your footsteps and help as many children as I can as a foster parent, as well of having children of my own of course! I wish all the best to all the children and families, and to you and children. You really are a role model!
Jaye, 12/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I think I have now read all of your books, I must say I am hooked & a fan. I work & support young people in similar situations to your foster children. We now work closely with SS and I can hear your sentences when speaking. I have a wonderful vision of you, your home and family. I have also applied to become a support worker at a contact centre – having read ‘Hidden’ & reading Aisha’s role – I’m inspired. Would love to foster but my son is only a baby and feel we should wait a while before going down that path. A social worker is where I would like to end up eventually if funding comes through. Anyway, I just wanted to say- thank you for sharing, you have helped me & my colleagues and our young people. Kind regards.
Alice, Cambridgeshire, England, 12/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’. It was one of the emotional reads I have ever had, not only because it had many ups and downs but because I too became a mother aged 17. Luckily I had great support from my parents and managed to look after my son and eventually live independently. Many times throughout the book I wanted to reach out to Jade and give her a hug. I also wanted to shout at the book and ask her what she thought she was doing. But most of all I could empathise with her. As you pointed out and conveyed in the book becoming a mother at a young age is a daunting and life changing experience. It was clear that you really cared about Jade, Courtney and Tyler and you really wanted to help. I also found interesting that no matter what Jade threw at you, you remained supportive, non judgmental but also firm. In the book you often question yourself in your role with Jade and Courtney’s care. I just wanted to say I think you did an amazing job and I can’t fault it. Yes you helped jade but I think that gave her the opportunity to grow as a mother whilst under your supervision, she is very lucky. My parents were very much of the attitude “You had the baby, you look after him”. I did every night then went to college in the morning whilst he was in nursery. Both very different approaches but both successful. I am now 21, work, and my son is a thriving 4 year old. Thank you for writing such a non judgmental book. It makes a change from the ridicule and criticism young mothers seem to face. You didn’t dismiss Jade’s ability to be a good mother because of her age and that’s a very rare thing. You’re a truly lovely and commendable woman
Heather, 11/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I am in the foster care system and have been for 4 years. I will soon be 17. I just wanted to contact you to thank you for all you have done for foster kids. It’s amazing! I have read almost all your books and they have inspired me!! I actually wrote a report on your books for school. Your book “Damaged” is my absolute favourite book. Once again I thank you! Sorry for the rambling, you just have inspired me and I wanted to express this to you! Have a great day!
Leanna, 09/06/2013

Hi Cathy just wanted to write and say I salute you. Have just finished reading “Please Don’t Take My Baby” and can only say your a fantastic lady to see the good in someone and believe that the good will come thru in the end. I have read 3 of your foster carer true stories so far and can say I enjoyed every one. Not only do your books show bravery and courage but also the happy and joyful ending that each and every foster child so rightly deserves. I’m in the process of downloading the next one. So off I go to bury my head in yet any another of your wonderful reads. Love
Katie, 34, Essex, UK, 09/06/2013

I just read your book Please Don’t Take My Baby, and it’s quite shocking how many things happened before Jade finally realized she needed to stop! Well done to her! Tyler is a guy I long to meet now, his commitment and work is beyond his age. I hope Courtney is well now! Your books are truly inspirational. Hope to see a new book within the next year, when you start reading them, you can’t stop! I’ve been up to nearly 4am in the morning reading them. (Luckily I’m on study leave and only have 1 more exam now so it’s all good. I’ve already got a GCSE in Maths. Please keep up the good work and I really hope one day I can meet you. I hope movies are made of your books. I know from reading your books that fostering is one hell of a commitment and is something you need to be well prepared for as you don’t know what the child’s story is. I still need to buy just a few more of your books then I’m done.
Demi-leigh, West Midlands, UK, 09/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I am fifteen and from Australia I read your book Cut and it was heart warming. Personally, I’ve never being through the fostering system and it amazed me how you treated the children, just like your own. It made me upset to understand what Dawn had been through. All I can say is wow, you are one amazing person. Cheers
Taylor, Australia, 08/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I’m 15, and I just wanted to thank you for all your touching stories. I have just finished reading the last of your books and I think it goes without saying, you are a truly incredible woman. I can relate to a lot of what you have written and each one of your powerful books has brought me to tears. You have inspired me to definitely foster in the future and consequently probably changed my life forever. Thank you again for all your phenomenal books. All my best to you and your family.
Izzy, 08/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I was just emailing you to say how inspirational you are and that I want to follow in your footsteps. I have always wanted to help children that are less fortunate, and now that I have read all of your books so far (my favourite being, ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’). I feel much more confident to pursue my dream of helping children by fostering. I want to find out some more information about how to start fostering and what essential information I will need. You truly are an amazing woman and the world needs more people like you in it. I hope that you are well. I looking forward to hearing from you, although I know you are a very busy lady.
Jessica, UK, 07/06/2013

I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. My daughter and I have been fostering babies for just over 2 years now and moved 2 on to adoption (whom we still see!). This book hit home big style. 11 months ago we brought a 3 day old baby boy into our home and he has been and continues to be amazing. We heard yesterday that a couple may have been found for his adoption and as you will understand this was met with very mixed emotions. So I have just sobbed my way through the last 2 chapters of the book with the thoughts if us losing him soon. That said…. We love our job!!
Elaine, 06/06/2013

Hi Cathy just finished reading your latest book, took me less than a day as I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to Lucy’s story in a few months time. Very glad to hear that jade changed her ways.
Kelly, UK, 06/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I’m 12 years old. I know I’m quite young but I recently read your book Damaged and it made me cry. It was so touching and really made me think how lucky I am. You have inspired me to write a book my self. And you might like to know I have passed your book onto two other people and they loved it. I never expected it to be so emotionally touching, I couldn’t put down. I would be very lucky to have a email back. I expect you’re a very busy woman, but if you could I would be deeply flattered.
Jeska B, 05/06/2013

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to drop a line to you and say thank you for all your stories. I too am a foster child and love that you have captured many issues or even emotions that come about from being fostered. I love reading your stories as I can see all the characters as I read and feel that I am with them in the room when they are going through their lives. I know that sounds kinda of corny but that is how I feel. It must be challenging for you as a foster mother of so many but rewarding at the same time. My foster mum was like you, loved kids and I was the only foster child in her family, I was also the middle child. I often laugh as I sometimes say I suffer from “black sheep syndrome” not middle child syndrome. Once again thank you. I will continue to collect your books.
Sharron, 05/06/2013

I have read nearly all your books and there isn’t one which hasn’t reduced me to tears! I think you are so inspirational by helping children who often seem beyond help. Love
Alice, 05/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Damaged’ and I have really enjoyed ready it, it was so gripping and emotional. I can’t believe that someone could do such horrible things to a young child. I got recommended the book from my Childcare teacher, after studying the topic of safeguarding. After finishing the book, I really hoped that Jodie had received the happy ending she deserved. I am going to start reading Hidden soon. Thank you
Megan T, 04/06/2013

I have been reading your books since I was about 18 and I really enjoyed My Dad’s a Policeman which I read late last year. I read Another Forgotten Child and thought it was really good. I felt so sorry for little Aimee. I’m now reading and almost finished Please Don’t Take My Baby, and when I read it makes me appreciate my daughter even more. I am really looking forward to your next book to come out which I have already preordered on my kindle. Keep up the good work. I have enjoyed all the books that I have read so far and am looking forward to many more.
Nicki 21, UK, 04/06/2013

Hello Cathy, I love your heart warming stories about your fostering. (And the tuff stuff) I too have fostered for over 15 years and understand that there are good times and some not so good. I foster mostly special needs and street kids. Quite a few that were abused. It is hard sometimes, but mostly very rewarding. Thank you for your great books. It is so nice to read them and understand we carers are not alone in our way of thinking about things. You are lucky to have such a great help with your social worker Jill. I have only had one like her and 12 that weren’t so good. Keep the books coming. Now I have to do some housework as I have been reading A Baby’s Cry almost constantly for the last couple of days. I couldn’t put it down. Big hugs to your family. Regards
Lesley, Australia, 04/06/2013

Hi Cathy, I just want to say what an inspirational person you are for all you have done regarding fostering. I absolutely love your books and have read and re-read them all. I was wondering if there are going to be anymore coming out soon?
Jade, 22, 01/06/2013

I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. Oh how I cried when reading how upset your daughter was when Harry had to leave. I thought I’d got the tears under control but then it came time for your final goodbye. I could never be a foster parent, I’d constantly be losing control of my emotions. I admire you, you are amazing. If only everyone was as strong and full of love as you are, then we wouldn’t need foster parents 🙂 This is your only book I have read so far and my heart breaks that there are so many stories to tell. Love to you and your amazing family!
Renee, Australia, 01/06/2013

Just read your wonderful book “Another Forgotten Child”. I was a foster parent for several children and one we adopted, he was abused too. He was my first one, never realized things like that happened in the USA. Went on for 5 yrs., the visits with his parents, when they showed up. We finally got a lawyer who did child custody and fought to get the state of N.J. to take the parents rights, as the state talked about doing for a couple years. Had to go to get evaluation, with us and also alone and Dr. said the children have rights too and shouldn’t have to go through the visits, which upset him terrible. Finally we adopted him. He was a year when took, so he was lucky to get away from it so soon. He was locked in bathroom and tied up, left alone, beaten, had hand prints all over his body. Malnutrition, frost bite. The social workers never did their paper work when they should have and the parents almost left the state with him and his brothers. The state couldn’t stop them as the paper work wasn’t done. Had a 15 year old girl who state said she could date this guy 29 years old. She was acting like a street walker and had a disease from so many men. State forgot to tell us that! I was surprised UK had problems with their system too, guess it is every where. Have a great summer
Linda W, USA, 31/05/2013

I have just finished reading your book I MISS MUMMY, what an amazing lady you are. My daughter was placed in care eighteen months ago from birth. I have a carer who is wonderful just like you. She didn’t believe my daughter should have been taken and has fought for my daughter to be returned to my care. I am very pleased to say that she will be coming home in three weeks. Reading your book has made me realise that not all carers are about the money. They are about what is best for the children. Keep up your amazing work Cathy. I know for every child you have had in your care you have shown them what true love and family is all about. Best wishes to you and your generous family.
Kellie, 30/05/2013

CG: I am so very pleased that your daughter will be coming home shortly. That is fantastic news. Well done. To be able to send a child home to their parents is the best outcome ever for a foster carer. I am so happy for you all.

Hi Cathy, Just a quick email to say I have just finished Please Don’t Take My Baby. Another amazing read. Your books are they only ones I can actually sit down & read, usually within a day or 2 as I can’t put them down! The stories you tell are so inspiring, you are truly an amazing lady who should be so proud of yourself. The world is really a better place with people like you in it. Love
Lisa, 30/05/2013

Hi Cathy I have read nearly all your books now and they are amazing. Never in the whole 22 years of my life have I read any books like yours. You are 1 amazing woman. I can’t wait for the book – Will You Love Me – I have pre-ordered it. I have one son aged 5 and after reading your books I would love to foster children.
Emma, UK, 30/05/2013

Cathy, I just wanted to take a minute to contact you. I live in NY in the United States. I have not been much a reader per se however, I teach reading and decided I should read more. I purchased a Kindle in March and have flown through your books. It has taken 30 years to get me interested in books and thanks to your exciting books I have done so!! I cannot put down the Kindle once I start your books! I work with troubled at risk youth at an Alternative Education school for students with behavioural problems. Before beginning my job here, I worked on a residential campus where children came before or after fostering and sometimes during. It was a facility for troubled youth as well. I think what you do is wonderful with both fostering and then telling about it. I recently downloaded Happy Kids and thought I would give that a try. Thanks again for inspiring me!
Andrea, New York, USA, 29/05/2013

Dear Cathy, I am a foster parent in the U.S and have been for the last eight years. Sometimes you feel like no one understands or can relate and often feel alone when you try to advocate for your fosters. I started reading your books, Damaged, Another Forgotten Child, and The Saddest Girl in the World, (waiting on Cut to arrive), and realized I’m not alone. You and other foster carers have been there too. It helps to be able to read your books and relate. I nod my head as I’m reading and agreeing with certain issues (like cutting hair, religion and medical) over which we have no control, and meeting the bio parents. I have never yet one like in Aimee’s story but I’m sure it will happen someday, I can look back to the book and see the way you handled things. Thank You for writing these stories and helping others understand what we foster carers go through. I’m excited to read all your books, cannot wait. Sincerely,
Jennifer S, USA, 29/05/2013

Hi Cathy. Just finished reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’, couldn’t put it down as well as other books of yours I’ve read. Love that you have a link on your website to show how the families are doing now. Can’t wait to buy the next one.
Cariad, UK, 29/05/2013

Good evening Cathy, I am a disabled mother of 3 beautiful teenage girls who are my life. Until recently my oldest daughter was my carer, however I felt I was putting onto her. I organised my own carers to give her a life that a teenager should have. I have started to read your books that I’m struggling to put down. So far I’m half way through them and wish to be included to your emails when u release another one. I find your books very fulfilling and inspirational. Some days I think I can’t cope but reading you books and the determination you have to help people I realise I can do it, not just for me but especially for my daughters. I wish u love and happiness in life and look forward to a new book. Love the updates. Well done to you and thank you for keeping us all strong.
Tami, UK, 29/05/2013

Hi Cathy in the last week I have read Please Don’t Take My Baby and Another Forgotten Child. I have been hooked on the books not going to bed till late as I can’t put them down. I cannot wait to read more. You are an amazing lady who has inspired me a lot. At the moment I have young children but I think as they grow older and do not need me as much I would definitely look into becoming a foster carer. I work with children all ready in a day care and would love to be able to support and help children like you do. Thank you for your amazing stories.
Hannah, UK, 28/05/2013

Dear Ms. Cathy, I just finished reading your book Damaged. I’m from Sri Lanka. U r really GREAT. Till I read it, I never heard about those things. I mean, how can a parent do it to their own kid? Anyway u r GREAT. Best Regard,
Kathu, Sri Lanka, 27/05/2013

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say I love your books. You are a very good writer and you also sound like a great foster parent. The children really seem to love you as much as you love them. I have worked with young children and you have a very special gift to be able to work with these children and help them through a difficult time.
Shannon, 26/05/2013

Dear Cathy, I have just picked up “Please Don’t Take My Baby” and already I’m hooked. You are my favourite author and I am truly inspired by all your hard work and commitment given to the most vulnerable and needy children in our society. I apologise for taking up your time, reading your books is very precious! But I had to email you because no other author captivates my attention like your stories of these situations! Take care and never stop your amazing! Kind regards.
Rebecca, 24/05/2013

Good day, Hope this email finds you well. I just want to tell you that I finished reading The Saddest Girl in the World and all I can say is WOW. What a book – I was in tears. You are such an amazing person to go through all that with her and it just shows how patience and love can change a person’s life. Also your two children were amazing with her. Totally loved the book and starting on my next one – Another Forgotten Child…Again you are amazing and such a blessing to people’s lives – those you physically come into contact with and those of us that read your books.
Charmaine, Cape Town, South Africa, 24/05/2013

Hi Cathy, I am writing to you to let you know I am now reading your fifth book. I can hardly put it down like all your other books I have read so far. I have found you the most inspirational woman I have ever read about. I hope the children you have fostered over the years really appreciate how fortunate they have been, by being cared by you. Keep up the outstanding work, you are one VERY SPECIAL LADY. Regards
Lisa H, Australia, 23/05/2013

Hi Cathy I am 21 years old with a 6 month old baby. I have just started reading your books, so far I have read Please Don’t Take My Baby and Another Forgotten Child. You are such an inspiration and you should be so proud of yourself and your family. I know someone who was in a similar position to Jade and so I could relate. I was suffering with server post natal depression and both stories made me bond with my child a lot more. Your books have helped me look after my son properly and appreciate him. Some parents don’t have that or they throw the chance away. I feel like I got second chance – just like Jade. Thank you
Sinead, UK, 23/05/2013

Dear Mrs. Glass I just wanted to email you to tell you I have read all your books. You are a good kind person and your stories are very moving and inspiring, the way you help so many children. I hope you continue with your great success in both your fostering and your writing. I have enjoyed all your books and will continue to read any new stories you chose to share. Take care and well done on your great achievements.
Lyndsey, UK, 23/05/2013

Dear Cathy, I really enjoyed reading the new book. I learned a lot from it and helped me to understand there is a wild world out there. Keep it up 🙂 Thank you Kind regards
Furtuna, 23/05/2013

This lady has my utmost respect for what she dose, and how she can change a child’s life. I want to be so much like Cathy lol. Respect and love. I’m now becoming a social worker to help where I can and maybe help a few mistreated souls know the way. Thanks. You’re my idol, my rock and strength. I was lucky I could help myself by a certain age, but some not so lucky. Its hard when you can’t trust adults. Blessings.
Tony, 22/05/2013

Hi Cathy, I just wanted you to know that your book Happy Kids is amazing! There are definitely less tears and tantrums now :). My son is very challenging and at present your book has help me and my husband loads!! I was also pleased to read about the different additives as my son as recently seen a dietician and I asked her for advice about this and she was no help at all. So thank you for this wonderful book.
Steph, 21/05/2013

Hi Cathy, I have read almost all of your books. I am 14 years old. I am not in foster care and cannot begin to relate what you, your family, or these children have gone through. You opened my eyes to what really goes on and how our world really needs to change. You are one of the most amazing authors I have had the pleasure of reading because your impact on these children and the world is astonishing. I hope more books are written by you in future. These stories have shown me that I’m lucky to have a loving family, and the problems that I have as a teenager, for example, not getting a boyfriend or not having perfect skin all the time are really not as important as it seems. I think you are such an inspiring woman and I truly look up to you and all you do for everyone around you. Thank you for taking the time to write!
Taryn, 21/05/2013

Dear Cathy, I love your books. They are inspirational. I read one where there was a little girl afraid of the closet by the kitchen, I believe. I cannot remember the title and which child it was regarding. I was wondering if you could tell me? I am a mother of 2 small children and in many ways our situations are alike. I find much comfort in your stories of how you deal with the foster children as well as your own. I do not think that I could do the things you do with fostering. You are a great credit to those children that need that kind of support you offer. I just wanted to tell you how much your stories mean. Thank You
Brandy, 21/05/2013

CG: Thanks Brandy. The book you refer to is A Baby’s Cry, little Ellie was petrified of the cupboard under the stairs.

Hi Cathy, I am delighted that I can now follow you on Twitter and thanks for responding to my tweets. I have just finished reading ‘Don’t Take My Baby’ and I loved it – another great book. The only thing I dislike is that I get so engrossed in all your books that I stay up late and read them and often finish them in a day or two. Your books are so easy to read and such fascinating stories, I have recommended many to friends and family – even to people that don’t usually read and they all love them. The fact that they are based on real life situations is sometimes saddening but also inspirational, I love that you provide updates on what happens next in most cases. I also enjoy reading about your own children and how they adapt to the different children and situations that your family faces. I am pretty sure I have read all your books and I can not wait for your next book. Please don’t stop writing. All the books are brilliant and enjoyable. Your family must be very proud, as must you. I often laugh out loud or cry on the train as I read travelling to and from work. I am sure fellow commuters must wonder what is the matter with me. Thanks for writing these amazing books and I am excited for the next one already. Regards
Tara, UK, 21/05/2013