All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Dear Cathy, I recently started reading your books. I am a twenty-eight year old single mother to a child with Aspergers and ADHD. I started with the book Damaged and then found out you had written more books. So then I started with Cut, and now I am reading The Night the Angels Came. I will be reading all of the others you have written. I wanted to say thank you for writing these. They help me have patience with my own son. I never used to read books really until I read yours. I hope that some day I can also be a foster carer like you. You are a true blessing in this world. Thank you for all you do.
Janna, USA, 20/06/2012

Just got done reading “Cut”. It was really good. You’re a great person!! I’m definitely going to start reading all of your other books!
Elizabeth W, 19/06/2012

Dear Cathy, I have read all your books but one, which is ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ which I am really looking forward to reading. I love your books, once I’ve started reading them I can’t stop. It’s a shame what some children go through in this world but it’s people like you we need more of. I would love to foster but I don’t think id be able to say bye to the children after caring for them for so long and making a difference in their lives. However, I do consider adopting a child for sure. One of my favourite books of yours was ‘Hidden’. The ending was the best and I was crying through happiness. I also really liked ‘Run Mummy Run’. It had me gripped from the first page and I didn’t put it down until I had read it, in just one day! It had me in tears and it had me on the edge of my seat, especially when Aisha finally got away. It’s nice to have a little look into the life you live and the emotions that come with fostering children and what an effect it has on your and your family. I will continue reading your books for as long as you keep writing them. Kind regards
Kerrie C, UK, 19/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I must be your biggest fan, read all your books from cover to cover. I love your books but hate it when I reach the end knowing there isn’t another one to follow. You are an amazing lady and only wished I’d of took up fostering, you are an inspiration. You’re my favourite author and I don’t know what book I’ll take on hols. No other author inspires me like you do.x Regards
Barbara, 19/06/2012

Hello there, I must just say I’m not a big fan of books, but I recently read “Cut” and it’s the most amazing true story I have ever come across. You’re truly an inspiration! I’m slowly buying all your books. here should be more women in the world like you. You are definitely one in a million Cathy xx
Chloe, UK, 19/06/2012

Hi Cathy I’ve been reading your books for the past couple of weeks and they are amazing 🙂 keep up the good work luv. You’re my favourite author 🙂
Peter, 19/06/2012

Just read ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and found it so emotional! (I have a 14 month old!) You really are an inspiration Cathy! I’ve read many of your books and they’re all great. I actually thought of becoming a foster carer when I’m a bit older as I’m only 20, but after reading about Harrison I don’t think I could cope with the emotional trauma – I’d want to keep every child I fostered! It says in your recent book that you felt it might have been your fault for fostering that upset Adrian and Paula so much. I just want to say I’d be so proud of my mum for being such a kind person. My mum was with foster parents when she was younger and she loved them very much. There needs to be more people like you in the world and not like Ellie’s parents! Well done for yet another amazing book! Love
Aimee, 20, Lincolnshire, UK. 18/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I’m a sixteen year old girl finishing school, just like one of your daughters was when you fostered Reece (Mummy Told Me Not To Tell). I would just like to say how much you have taken part in my career pathway decisions for the future! Next year when I start college, with the influence of your books I have decided to take a child care course, from this I will go into either social work, or teaching children with difficulties. I may even become a foster carer later in my life, who knows what my life will lead. I have just finished Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and I have already read three others. My favourite so far has to be either Tayo and Dawn. Your books are the only books I have come across that I do not want to put down. Merit to you. Thank you for sharing your experiences; it has been an honour reading about them. P.S. You are a fantastic foster carer from the sounds of it. Your children, Adrian, Paula and Lucy are lucky to have such a role model as a mother as like you know better than most there are a lot of children in this world that don’t. Thank you
Sophie M, UK, 18/06/2012

Could u please email me when u have a new book out. I started reading ur books a year ago and now I have every one. I’ve not long finished A Baby’s Cry, I really enjoyed it. I think ur a brilliant writer and someone very caring that the care system is lucky 2 have.
Aime, 18/06/2012

Hi Cathy, would just like to say I have read a few of your books now. They are very moving but true. It was my friend who introduced me to you has an author and I must say I’m so glad she did. Thank you for writing your experiences as a mother and a foster mother.
Yvonne S, UK, 17/06/2012

Cathy what a fantastic lady you are! I have been thinking about fostering for a few years now but my husband wasn’t as keen until recently. I have just been given “Damaged” and “Cut” by my closest friend who knew I was thinking about it. It has taken me 3 days to read Damaged, could not put it down. At first I was like oh my god what a nightmare then I went through oh that poor child, then on to what a fantastic lady, and finally recognition for all you persistent hard word, care and love. How could I not want to foster? You are truly an inspiration. I hope that one day I can make a difference to a child’s life as much as you have. Thank you for putting this down on paper. When I finish crying I am going to start book 2, after ordering all your others on line first. Much love
Angela R, UK, 16/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I have just finished I Miss Mummy and again cried at most of it but was so pleased Alice at the ending. She should never have been taken into care. Have lots more to read including 3 more of yours. Take care
Julie, UK, 16/06/2012

Hello Cathy, I read Damaged that you wrote, and it was more than overwhelming. You know there is a moment when the book is so awesome that you just don’t want it to end? That happened to me everyday I read it. It took me 3 days to finish it. I had goosebumps when I read what had happened to Jodie, and even now she’s always in my thoughts. Hey Cathy, the next time you meet Jodie please tell her that I love her and I really do pray for her. Thank you, Cathy for helping that little kid and sharing it with us. You really inspire me. When I grow up I want to do something like you and make a difference. Thank you, Cathy, you are a wonderful person. Love,
Tanvi, India, 15/06/2012

I have read Damaged and I am reading The Saddest Girl in the World. What you do and how you do it is amazing. Your books open people’s eyes to the abuse children have to suffer. Your children are so calm and sweet. When Paula and Adrian were young and you were looking after Donna they were calm and mature, and they were only 6 and 10. What happens to some children is unbelievable, sometimes when I read your books I want to reach through the pages and hug the child like you do. I can’t wait until Another Forgotten Child is out. (My name is Aimee like the child in the book.) Best Wishes,
Aimee, UK, 15/06/2012

Hello, I’ve just finished reading both The Night the Angels Came and A Baby’s Cry. I wanted to thank you for writing your books. I have read them all since your first book came out. I’ve always wanted to help people, and after reading books like yours, and your books especially it opened my eyes to just how much difference people like you make. I mentioned your books in my university application and how you inspired me. I was asked about them during my interview and have recently been accepted into uni to study BA honours in social work. I just wanted to thank you, for had I not read your books I don’t think I would have succeeded. Keep up the good work!
Andrea B, UK, 15/06/2012

I just want to say your strength is amazing. I have 4 of my own children and 2 step-children and have thought about fostering for a very long time. However when I read ‘A Baby’s Cry’ I knew I would not have the strength you have. You and your children have my upmost respect. You truly are brilliant. Yours sincerely
Klare, 14/06/2012

Hiya Cathy, I have just this minute finished Hidden. What more can I say than what an emotional rollercoaster! One thing I said in the end was YAY for Tayo with tears of joy. Lovely book. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I’ve already ordered your next book Damaged, then I shall get the rest after.
Tori, UK, 14/06/2012

Hello Cathy! I am currently reading ‘The Saddest Girl in the World’ and have previously read ‘Cut’. Your books are so touching and addictive! I can’t put them down. I’m 15 years old and your books have really moved and inspired me! I hope to read more, you’re an excellent writer and your books are so good!! I hope all is well
Lauren, UK, 12/06/2012

Hi Cathy I just wanted to let u no that I haven’t picked up a book in about 4 years cos I have dyslexia and find reading very hard. My oldest girl started reading The Saddest Girl in the World and my mum and sister went off there heads cos she wanted to read Hidden and she is 13. I saw the book at a car boot sale so thought I would get it and see if I could read it and see what the fuss was about with her readying it. So far I have not been able to put it down. I’m now on chapter 16 and I’ve just went and got Damaged. I love how u have opened my eyes to books again. Thank you so much. I hope u and the kids are good and you keep up the brill work you do. Love
Susan, UK, 12/06/2012

Your books are fantastic. Just finished A Baby’s Cry.
Clare F, 11/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I have just started to read your books, the world needs more foster carers like you. I was raised in care but in children’s homes not foster care. I would have loved to have been fostered by someone like you. Sadly my experience of care was unpleasant most of the time. I wish you luck in the future and your children are a credit to you. God bless you all. Please add my email address to your list of notifications when new books are out. Many thanks
Sharon, UK, 11/06/2012

Hello Dear Cathy. Like many of your lovely fans I have read and own many of your books. I am waiting to read your new book coming out in September. I come from a very troubled childhood, full of all types of abuse. I remember begging and pleading to a police officer to put me into care, to take me away from it all… Only to be forced into the back of the police car and dragged back into my abusive home. I wish my childhood could have been saved by someone as caring as you. I read your books over and over again, as I find great comfort in knowing that you have helped many many children to overcome the terrible childhoods that were forced on them. I would imagine all of the children you have cared for would love to thank you for your kindness. I would love to hear from you. Kind regards
Emily, 11/06/2012

Hi Cathy, Hope you are well. I have just read The Night the Angels Came and have never cried so much about a book – my husband thought I had lost the plot lol. You are truly an amazing woman and seem to take it all in your stride. I have read the update about Michael and am so pleased that he is ok. I am reading I Miss Mummy at the moment at that has made me cry too – I believe like you did that Alice should never have been taken into care and away from grandparents who clearly love her. Who washes and irons a child’s clothes when they are being taken into care if they don’t love them!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get to the end of the book and hope the outcome is what I am hoping for. I still have about four of your books to read and have just bought myself a Kobo Vox e reader and keep downloading more so will be reading forever. Take care Cathy
Julie, UK, 11/06/2012

Cathy, I have just finished reading yet another of your wonderful books. (A Baby’s Cry) How I wished I was as good a person as you and your two beautiful children. I would love to know how Ellie and Harrison are doing and if they ever get in touch with you and your children. I do hope so as you were such a great part of their lives. I have more of your books to read. Looking so forward to them. Such sad stories but how lucky they are to have you come into their lives. Cheers
Penny, Australia 11/06/2012

I have two children of my own and my husband and I know how lucky we are to have them. I have just read ‘A Baby’s Cry’ (after nearly putting it back on the shelf as I thought it may be too emotional). Yes, it did bring me to tears and laughter – at some of your own children’s comments. It has been a long time since I have been so fixed to a book. I just wanted to say how much I admire you and others like yourself who are able to offer these children support when they need it and how proud your children must be of you. I got the impression from reading A Baby’s Cry you worry about their emotional state but they sound so wonderful, caring and strong – be proud! I hope you have heard how Harrison is doing now and that Ellie is in a much happier place. There are such monsters out there. This is the first one of your books I have read and it truly is inspirational – an insight into a world I am pleased I have never encountered. Keep up the fantastic work.
Sacha G, UK, 11/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say that I have just read the book “Hidden” and I found it amazing. It made me cry when I read that his father was searching for so long and that you were concerned that he had made up things in his head about his father. When you received the telephone call I both laughed and cried! You are an amazing author and I will be looking out for your books in the future. The first book I read I borrowed from the library because I was out of work but I have now got a full time Job and can afford to buy them. I look forward to the next one I came across! Keep up the good work!
Sam, UK, 11/06/2012

Hi. I’ve just finished “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell” As brilliant as the other 3 books I’ve read of yours…. I put a message on here a few months ago about how I started reading your books and since then I filled my Amazon wish list with all of your titles so now having received 5 for my birthday I will be entertained for a week or 2 as I can’t stop reading. I need to say I wish Reece had attended the school I work in as we have had similar cases of children being disruptive and aggressive and the head teacher having nothing but support for the children and families concerned. I remember supporting a child with asd and after being violent during a p.e session and being removed so as not to harm the other children he let off steam by taking it upon himself to string a web of cellotape around the class and the head teacher and I standing at the door while he vent his frustration and her saying “he can make a mess or damage and break what he needs to vent his anger that can all be replaced by my staff can’t be” We took the stance give the child space and time to calm down at times evacuating the other 29 children from the class so they were safe. Eventually the child was placed at an asd unit but we always tried our best and understood the needs of the child. Anyway thanks for a wonderful read!
Jenny, UK, 10/06/2012

Thank you! You probably hear that a lot but really I mean it! Your book Damaged saved me from keeping the biggest secret in my life. My mum gave me your book when I was 17years old in 2005, and after reading it I realised what I had been put through from the age of 5 to 15 was not right. Finally I told a second cousin and they admitted my worse fear. It was not just my secret, it was her’s and her sister’s too. After going to the police in 2009 my granddad was arrested for 28 different charges. Then came the hard bit – telling family, as only the 3 of us knew. All we got was love and support from everyone, no one doubted us, not once! He pleaded guilty to all the charges and got 12 years at the age of 76. My family was smashed to bits in every way, but I am glad to say we are stronger than ever now. They never ask questions and they have accepted I don’t want to talk about it, I have moved on with my life and I don’t need to be reminded about it. I have great friends and family. I have forgiven him for what he did, even though no one else can or will as hate takes up to much of life and you only live once. I believe in this saying: ‘what you did was unforgivable but that’s not to say you cant be forgiven’. What ever made you write that book I thank you for it. Your amazing in more ways than your every know. God bless for me and my family x
Jessica, 09/06/2012

Hi. Loving reading your books. Please can I be added to your mailing list? Thanks
Karen, 09/06/2012

My sister came to my house about a month ago with a book called The Night the Angels Came. After reading that I’ve not stopped reading your books since and I’m on my 3rd book now. Every book is just so good that I find it hard to put down, every page makes me eager to find out what’s going to happen next. You are a fantastic writer and I look forward to reading every one of your books.
Lee, UK, 08/06/2012

Hi Cathy: I just finished A Baby’s Cry. It was absolutely fantastic! I also read the follow up on your website and I am so happy that Rihanna and Harrison are doing so well. You are a terrific writer and God Bless you and your family for all of the wonderful work that you do. I really hope you have a lot more books to come because after I finish one of your books I am ready for the next. Congratulations on all of your success you are very deserving. Have a wonderful day! Thank you,
Cecile M, USA, 08/06/2012

Dear Cathy, I thought I would take the time to email you to let you know what a fantastic woman you are. I have read all your books and I just cannot put them down! My partner has refused to buy me anymore as I read them too quickly but I don’t mind. Its money well spent! My name is Maxine and I am now 37.Although I grew up with natural parents, I wasn’t brought up to feel loved and there was a lot of physical and mental abuse that went on from a young age. As a result I don’t feel that I can have children as I feel that I wouldn’t be able to cope. I am extremely soft, but kind hearted or so I am told for my own good sometimes. School was no better really and I used to let people walk all over me but I used to think that it was better to let them do that than have no friends at all. I really do wish that there were more people around when I was young and I would have loved to come to your home and feel loved and wanted. Only thing is I don’t think I would have wanted to leave! I really enjoy all your books and I think it is good how consistent you are with all of your foster children. Every book I have read has brought me to tears whether it was sad like in ‘The Night the Angels Came’ or ‘A Baby’s Cry’ or just where the child has gone on to a new home. I was doing well with ‘A Baby’s Cry’ until Paula said to Harrison ‘I will always love you’.and that was me..heartbreaking! I hope your own children Adrian and Paula are well. They must be a credit to you. Keep up the good work Cathy!!
Maxine, UK, 08/06/2012

Hi Cathy. I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry, can I say oh my gosh! How brilliant and touching this story was. I was literally in tears reading this story and felt so sad for Harrisons mother. It’s a shame that some parents have to put in that situation. I absolutely love reading your books and I’m always on the look out for a new one. You sound like you are doing a brilliant job and are such an inspirational person. Your family must be so proud of you. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to reading more of your books. Love and best wishes.x
Sarah, UK, 08/06/2012

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading A Baby’s Cry, what a beautiful ending to such a sad story. I picked up the book at 11pm last night and have just finished it. I was truly moved by baby Harrison and his mothers story. I can’t begin to imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for her that day she left him in the maternity ward. I went on an emotional rollercoaster reading this book and Damaged. Being a mother myself the book really did touched me. Keep up the fantastic work you’re doing. You are truly an inspirational lady who is clearly devoted to your work. Much love and respect for you and your family xx
Laura, UK, 07/06/2012

Dear Cathy Glass, I am 16 years old. I have read a few of your books and I think they are all so wonderful! My favourite book so far is Hidden because it was the first book I read and I almost cried at the end of it. I am going to college soon to learn how to become a social worker, then hopefully after college I will go to university to get a degree in social work. Also all my friends and family say to me I would make a fantastic book of my own one day. And to be honest I like the sound of not only being a social worker and helping other people but to write a book about it too. So I am writing to you because your books have inspired me to be a social worker so I was hoping emailing you would inspire me to become a writer too. For me you are the best writer of my teenager life and I love your work. Thank you for your time please email me back. Yours Sincerely
Alistair W, UK, 07/06/2012

Dear Cathy, This was not the first book from you that I’ve read, and the best. And considering the other two I’ve read were also wonderfully written, that is saying something. Doubtless like you my eyes welled up a few times during my read (I actually openly wept), but unlike you I never met or knew Patrick. You are both evidently very similar people. Selfless and amazing. Best wishes
Mike P, 06/06/2012

Hi Cathy I think you are a fantastic writer. I have got all your books and can’t put them down. I admire what you do for those kids. I can’t wait to read your new book when it comes out. Your stories truly touch my heart and you an amazing person. Good luck Cathy
Ann, UK, 06/06/2012

Hi Cathy! I really enjoy reading your books. I have learnt a lot from you. You are a real inspiration. How are you and your family doing those days?
Grace, Australia, 05/06/2012

Hi, I’m Clare, I have purchased a couple of your books, the last one A Baby’s Cry, I love them. I will be purchasing the rest of them, you’re one amazing person. In the end of the book it said to visit your website for the latest updates on Harrison etc, Thank you for reading keep up with your good work, your one brilliant person.. Best wishes
Clare, UK, 05/06/2012

Dear Cathy, I am reading about “Jodie” and my heart is in my throat, this is for Jodie as much as it is for my own children. Their father sexually and physically abused them both. My daughter was 3 when I found the courage to leave and I’ll always feel broken hearted that I never realized sooner what he was doing. My son was showing all the signs of abuse. My ex was also physically and mentally abusive to me. Parts of Damaged are as if you are writing about my children. We will always carry the scars some of which are hidden so deeply they only surface in nightmares. It has been 19 years since we left, he was given supervised visits for a while then all contact was stopped. I look at my children and see they have to fight the demons that there father gave them. To this day I will never understand how someone who is supposed to love and protect his family can ruin their lives. I feel that you may be able to understand how I feel. I am very proud of my son and daughter who are in their twenties now. Thank you for taking the time to read my email
Leisa, UK, 05/06/2012

Hiya Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘A Baby’s Cry’ 2 days after starting, I was truly gripped as I am with all you books. You are such an inspiration and must be very proud of yourself for helping so many unhappy children and showing them what a truly perfect family life is like. After reading almost every one of your books (and shedding a lot of tears!) I feel I would love to foster children in a few years. I have 2 small children so I would like to wait a while. As a mum I would like to thank you for what you have done for every child you have helped, and of course Adrian, Paula and Lucy who have been amazing! I’ll look forward to any future books.
Charlotte, UK, 05/06/2012

I think you are a fantastic writer and I always look forward to a new book coming out. I go on your website to see when the new book is coming out. I have got all your books. Good luck Cathy
Ann, UK, 05/06/2012

Hi Cathy! I’ve just read ‘Damaged’. I finished reading the book in 2 days. Jodie is really a very fortunate child to have you as a foster career, even for a year. Your actions towards her really touched me. You have such great patience with her although even by reading, I feel so irritated by her actions! You are really a great person Cathy! I love reading your books and I hope you will continue writing more books! Hope that Adrian and Paula is doing well! May god bless you and your family. 🙂 Lots of love,
Shuwen, 05/06/2012

Hi I have read all your books and can’t put them down. I admire what you do for those kids. I can’t wait to read your new book when it comes out.
Lynn, UK, 05/06/2012

Cathy, firstly may I say what an inspiring women you are and your children are a credit to you. I started reading your books about a year ago, I started with My Dad’s a Policeman. After this I couldn’t put any of your books down, for me this is a massive achievement as I have dyslexia. I’m not a great fan of reading but your books have been so inspiring and so useful, I can’t thank you enough. The last few months have been difficult for me with personal problems. I have struggled, but with your help and suggestions from your books and help from Happy Kids me and my boys have got through the bad patch, and we have come out the other side positive and happy. Thanks again Cathy. I look forward to your next book.
Sam, 05/06/2012

Hi, have just finished reading ‘A Baby’s Cry. It was lovely, just like all your other books I have read. I relate to so much you write, as a foster carer myself. Your little girl you had for respite was very similar to one I had, and I cried a lot as well. I notice that the one was when your children were still quite young. You were obviously fostering before your children came along, as you state in this book, you had already been fostering for 10 years. I only decided to foster when, because of my age, could not have a third child and my husband suggested we adopt, but we ended up fostering. We love it, but it is very hard to say goodbye. We have two at the moment that we are hoping to keep long term. Keep writing, because I pick up so many tips from you. You have a lovely way with words. Regards
Michele, UK, 04/06/2012

Hi Cathy I’m sending you this email as I would like to purchase all your books that you have written. Could you please tell me all the titles. Thanks for reading this 🙂
Phyllis, 04/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I finished your book, Damaged, 2 days ago. I want to thank you for being a great carer. I used to work with kids and know it is a fantastic job, but very, very hard. Obviously I spent time with them only during school hours. Jodie will be in our prayers during our family time every day. God bless you
Juanita, 04/06/2012

Hi, I just want to say I love your books. They are very good, and at times tearful. I experienced a year in foster care when my son was 10 weeks old – 5 years ago, due to incident his father did to him. At the time no one knew what happened, and after 14 months I was proved innocent and allowed home. I find reading your books useful and supporting. I was under watch 24/7. It was horrible. Reading your books allows me to realise that many people go through hard times and sometimes good does come out of it. Your kids are fantastic for accepting fostering. You’re an inspiration. Take care.
Ellie, 23, 04/06/2012

Just finished reading Cut, had me riveted from start to finish. Will be reading the rest of the collection and hope to be riveted by them. Excellent read from start to finish. Thank you.
Robert 04/06/2012

Hello, I love your books and I think you’re an amazing person! I’m 18 and I’ve had an easy childhood compared to the children your write about but it certainly wasn’t a normal upbringing. My mum suffers with a lot of health problems and was a heroin addict until I was 5, and my dad is a heavy drinker even now. My mum herself was abused as a child by her step-father and was then in an abusive relationship which explains why went on the drugs. My mum is now clean and has been for 13 years. I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’ve suffered with my emotions since a child and have grown into having severe depression I have self harmed and had attempted suicide several times by the age of 14. I sorted my life out and met my partner when I was 16 and soon became pregnant which I couldn’t be more happy about. It wasn’t planned I was on the pill and antibiotics had cancelled it out, but I believed that my age wouldn’t affect my ability to love a child. Unfortunately I miscarried 3 months into my pregnancy which pushed me back into a severe state of depression. I’m happy to say that I’m trying my very hardest to get my life back on track and have found comfort in reading your books. Thank you
Dani, Essex, England, 03/06/2012

Hi Cathy, I hope you and your family are all doing well, I have just finished reading “A Baby’s Cry”. I was nearly crying as a lot of your books have me doing. You do such a wonderful job and I have no doubt that you have changed so many children’s lives for the better. I think off myself as lucky as I have good health supportive family and healthy and happy kids, although some days with too much energy, but I wouldn’t change it. I really enjoy your books and I believe you are a wonderful amazing woman and your children will do very well as they have had an excellent role model in you. Id like to thank you for letting everyone into your life with the job that you do, you are an inspiration and I hope I’m as good a mum and role model as you. Lots of love
Fiona, 02/06/2012

Mrs. Cathy Glass, I have just finished reading your book Cut, which I checked out at the library and read in one day. I absolutely loved the book. I cried as I read the book and was so amazed to find the story was true. I felt I had to tell you Thank you for being such an amazing woman. You helped that poor little girl who grew up and hopefully lived a long and happy rest of her life. I will definitely be reading and buying the rest your books! And I hope you have come in contact with Dawn again. I wish you and your family a wonderful rest of your life. God bless you
Melaina, 31/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I am 31 years old and live in Sri Lanka. I just finish ” Damaged ‘‘, you are an amazing person. It makes me shocked and not only me many friends of me. We are really appreciate you. Thank you so much for everything.
Nadeeka, Sri Lanka, 31/05/2012

Hi Cathy, just wanted to email you to say what a truly fantastic read The Night the Angels Came was. It broke my heart and I cried from the very beginning right to the end. Patrick is in my thoughts, what a wonderful man. If I’m ever taking life for granted I will always think of Patrick and his outlook on life. TRUELY AMAZING!! I have just been on your website and read Michaels update, how lovely that he has grown into a lovely young man with a family of his own, I wish him all the happiness in the world! You are a true inspiration Cathy, I love your books. All my love to you and your family, love
Gemma, 31/05/2012

Hi Cathy, just a short email to say your books are amazing. I’m 21 years old & cannot stop reading them. I found your book ‘Damaged’ among my best friend’s things after she died at the young age of 22. She was also in care from the age of 3, now I understand why she was reading your books. You should be extremely proud. Take care
Kerri R, UK, 31/05/2012

Cathy I have read every book you have written. What a fantastic writer and woman you are. I only wish I could be half a good a person as you. I wish there were more people like you. The way all the children have been treated that end up in your care is wrong but their lives all became good after being in your care. You are such an inspiration to people. I’ve got all my friends and family reading your books. I just wish you had more books, I have never found a writer that is as good as you. Keep up the good work and good writing. You are truly amazing. Many thanks
Anna, 31/05/2012

Hi Cathy. I would like to be emailed when your books are on sale. I would also just like to say how amazing and talented you are. To be able to laugh, then cry, in a matter of minutes whilst reading your books, shows how well you can grasp us with the words you write. Absolutely fantastic books and I look forward to reading many more.
Emma, 31/05/2012

Dear Cathy, Thank you very much for your amazing book, I have just finished “The Night the Angels Came”. I should have waited until I got home to read as I now find myself at work, sobbing. It was a great read, once again Thank you. I look forward to continue reading your books.
Terry-Anne H, South Africa, 30/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I’m 15 years old. It started when I walked into a book store nearly a year ago and I just sat on the floor for 2 and a half hours reading your book, until I was asked to leave because I could not afford the book. While I was walking home I stumbled across a 50$ bill and I walked back to that shop and purchased “Cut” and “Damaged”. I read both books in 4 days. I feel like it’s a way of escaping my life, as my home is not the safest, so I read your books and I feel safe. I want to thank you for everything that you have done. I am now reading “The Saddest Girl in the World” and I hope to find your other ones. Thank you so much Cathy. I really mean it.
Karissa, Australia, 30/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I am 24 years old and live in Canada. I work at a Residential Treatment home for youth and can relate to a lot of the stories you write. Myself and the other women I work with all read your books and talk about how amazing they are. I just want to say how much I admire your strength and patience with the many children you care for. Thank you for all you have done for these children, and thank you for writing these stories. I hope to read many more. Sincerely,
Stacy H, Ontario, Canada, 29/05/2012

Hello Cathy, first of all can I say I have only just found your books and so far I have read Damaged and Hidden and half way though A Baby’s Cry. I couldn’t put them down and loved them so much. I am now looking to find all your books. I am 31years old and for 13 years of my childhood I was in the care system, going from children’s home to children’s home. I was abused by my father at knife point for 3 years, before I had the nerve to get help. Reading your books have helped me go back to my time in care and look at how bad it was for me and to realise that it was worse for others. I know that ur books are going to help and advise people. Your books have helped me sort my life out and stopped me from running away from problems and running away from family. Now I am getting the help and support I need. I don’t think I would have done this so soon if I had not found your books. You and your books have helped me in my darkest time, and I know I am not the only one been helped by your books. Please keep your books coming. Thank you for the help and support. Thank you
Gareth, Bradford, England, 29/05/2012

Dear Cathy, I have read all your books and just finished “A Baby’s Cry” in less than 24 hours, I couldn’t put it down. I am a special education teacher in the US, and your books have inspired me to foster when I am a bit older and more settled in my life (I am in my first year of teaching and living on my own!). I cannot choose one book that is my favourite, they all inspire me for so many reasons. The first one I read was “The Saddest Girl in the World, and I guess if I had to choose, it would still be my favourite. I am so glad Donna is doing well and was able to overcome the horrors of her past, her story is inspiring and reminds me why I teach children with so many difficulties (especially when you were teaching her the multiplication facts! My students will learn them next year, I might use your strategy!) I cannot wait to read “Another Forgotten Child”, but what I would really like to read about is Lucy. I would love to hear the story of how she came to live with you and her family. You allude to so much of her difficulties in your books, but I would love a story dedicated to her. She is such a powerful character in all of your later books, especially “I Miss Mummy”, and I would love to see a story all her own! Thank you for your books and inspiration,
Sarah D, Massachusetts, U.S. 29/05/2012

Hello! I joined an online book club and was searching for a book to read when I stumbled upon one of your books. The description sounded intriguing, so I decided to order “Damaged”. It took me two days to finish, and I have been hooked on your books since. I have read “Cut”, “The Saddest Girl in the World”, “Damaged”, “I Miss Mummy”, and “My Dad’s A Policemen”. I am continuing to read your books as they are truly moving and the work that you do with these children is phenomenal. I just finished “I Miss Mummy”. I also went through some frustration and worry with Dawn when she kept disappearing in “Cut”. Your books bring these children’s stories alive and you have allowed many people to open their hearts and let these children in. I am studying to be a child psychologist so that I can do psychotherapy with children who are distressed and heartbroken like the children that you foster. You are such an amazing person with a big heart, there definitely needs to be a world full of people like you! Thank you for all the change you have made in children’s lives! Thank you, and I look forward to reading more from you!
LaNette, 28/05/2012

Hi Cathy, would just like to say how much I love reading your books. I just read the book A Baby’s Cry. It brought a tear to my eyes. Thanks
Ann P, UK, 28/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry. It was such a gripping story that had a truly wonderful ending. I hope Rihanna and Harrison are both doing well after everything that has happened, and that you and your family are well too.
Michelle, 28/05/2012

Dear Cathy, its 5.17pm Australia time. I have never ever written to an author before, but this is different. 3 weeks ago I walked into a book store in Melbourne and I was glancing around, then my eyes just stopped, I pulled down this book called ‘The Saddest Girl in the World”. This looks interesting I said. I had it in my hands for 10mintues walking up and down the rows in the shop rubbing the cover of this book. I said to myself, I really would love this book, however, I didn’t have the money on me. I thought – tell my husband about this book and they can get it for me for Mother’s Day, which they did. It took me a week to finish “The Saddest Girl in the World, and I couldn’t help reflecting on the book. A few days later I ordered your other books online “Run Mummy Run and that only took me 2 days to finish. I enjoyed it very much. I have started reading “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. I will be getting Damaged next week.
Monica, Australia, 27/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I stumbled across your books pretty much by accident while going though a low patch in my life. Your book kept my company for a few days and after that I was hooked. I am currently working my way through all your books. I can relate to the many children in your books as I too had a rough childhood and spent many times in and out of foster care. A lot of my foster carers were grumpy and strict but one lady was lovely and it made all the difference. I felt happier and safer and settled a lot quicker. I just know from reading your books you are like that lady. The children you foster are very lucky to be placed with such a warm kind person. I have ended up with my happy ending in life though. I am now happily married and have 3 of my own children. I don’t have a mum to look up to but I know if I am half the mum you are I am doing ok. You have truly inspired me and also helped me out of a black hole Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love to you and your family
Daisy, 27/05/2012

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to tell you I think you are an absolutely amazing person and author. Your stories truly touch my heart. I have worked with kids that have severe anger and behaviour problems for 18 years. So I can truly relate to a lot of what you are saying. Many of the students that I work with come from foster families and group homes. I cannot get enough of your books. I have always wanted to do foster care many students in my class need a forever home but my boyfriend won’t let me. Maybe sometime he will change his mind. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with all the kids that need someone like you. We need more people in the world like you.
Stacey K, 26/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your books. I know you are immensely busy, but I just discovered your fabulous books not more than four days ago, and I’ve finished ‘Damaged,’ and ‘I Miss Mummy.’ I can’t wait to read more! I am an American, and it is so fun to read your books and learn new terms, such as “boot” for what we call a “trunk,” and “Foster Carer,” for what we usually call a “foster parent.” 🙂 You sure make our language sound so much nicer! I currently teach pre-kindergarten students ages 4-5. I suppose that would be a nursery where you’re from? I love children more than I can describe. I have always wanted to foster, and your books give tremendous insight to that world. I have always heard “Don’t foster, unless you’re prepared to have your heart ripped out.” I can see from you books how easy that would be. I still think that what you and so many others do is incredible, so special, and desperately needed! You seem like such a warm, caring, and special woman. The care and professionalism you have when working with children and families is so wonderful. I found myself in tears in several places of both books! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world! With love,
Erika L, Seattle, Washington, USA, 25/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I currently work as a residential child care worker within a boys’ school. I really enjoy your books as I can relate so much to these damaged young people and your experiences. Yesterday I downloaded your book Happy Adults and have finished it today. I have just gone through my partner leaving me and I have been very down and hard on myself. However, after reading your book I can start to make sense of things and try letting my hurt and anger go. Thanks
Gemma, UK, 25/05/2012

Hi Cathy, l has just finished reading Hidden, the lovely story about Tayo. Once again you have had me in tears. I am so so pleased that Tayo’s story had an exceptionally happy ending. I started reading your books when l was signed off work sick, the first one was ‘The Night the Angels Came’ about Michael unfortunately one of my illnesses was/is depression and l could not stop crying. Cathy you are a very special person/mother and foster mother if there was a Victoria Cross given out to Foster Carers you would be the first on the list. I’ve read most of your books, my next one is ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and then l will move onto your fiction books. Take care of yourself and your wonderful family, after reading so many of your books l feel part off yours, Adrian, Paula and Lucy’s family, l know more about the Glass’s than l do my own families lives and I’m proud to be a small part of it. Keep up the fantastic work. Many thanks and kind regards,
Elaine, Liverpool, UK, 23/05/2012

Dear Cathy, I thought I would email you to say that I love reading your books! You have changed so many people’s lives you should be very proud. I am hoping to read all of your books.
Rachelle, 23/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I am reading one of your books ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and I absolutely love it. I think your stories are wonderful and inspirational. Hope to hear back from you soon. Best Wishes.
Jade, 23/05/2012

Hello! I just wanted to say that after reading ‘A Baby’s Cry’ I have subsequently read ‘The Saddest Girl in the World ‘ and have been out this weekend and bought the rest of your books as I found them so interesting and moving. I have a 2 year old little boy called Thomas and a little girl of 7 but the last two years have not been easy as Thomas was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome a few minutes after his birth which was a huge shock for me. I am a single mom and have found it hard accepting this at times but I have enjoyed your books and I just wanted to thank you. Your books are so well written and I find the experiences you write about so interesting and moving and I look forward to a bit of time each evening now to have a read. Kindest regards
Charlotte, UK, 23/05/2012

Hello Cathy, I would like to comment on how wonderful and inspirational your books are. Some of the books such as ‘Damaged’ and ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ even had me in tears. I can not imagine the emotional rollercoaster that you experienced caring for these children and I salute you for that. I, myself, from the age of 5, lived through 14 different foster carers and then moved to a residential children’s home. I had a very bad experience in care but you have shown that been in care and social services aren’t all that bad. So, I give you my thanks for the sad yet wonderful reads from your books. Yours most respectfully,
Lisa P, 20, 22/05/2012

Hi Cathy, A friend told me about your books, and since then I cannot stop reading them. The children’s stories are so sad and varied but the way you help them towards a better life is really inspiring to read. Could you please include me on your email list when you have a new book released. Thank you,
Kim K, 22/05/2012

Dear Cathy, I work with a reading group for adults who are new to reading, some of whom have English as a second language. I am writing to let you know how much they enjoyed your book My Dad’s a Policeman. Here are some of the words they used to describe it: emotional, believable, interesting and both happy and sad. One reader described it as ‘a remarkable story’ and another said ‘it makes you curious to know what happened next’. I’m sure it has encouraged and inspired them to continue reading and enjoying books. On behalf of Harlington library Quick Reads Group (or ‘Geek Club’ as they are also known!) thank you very much for bringing us this story. Yours sincerely
Alison, UK, 22/05/2012

Good evening Cathy, I am a huge fan of you & with a sad & heavy heart I read all your books. However, the ending always makes me so warm. What a wonderful foster carer you are. You truly are God sent.
Yvonne, US, 21/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your book Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. Really touching and caring true story. This is the first book I am reading written by you. Thanku
Rituparna, India, 21/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I am from Singapore and I am HUGE fan of your books. I came across them by accident 8 months ago and immediately I became a fan. I own every title and am looking forward to the next one. Your books have stirred much emotion within me and what touches me most is the amount of love you have for each and every child you foster. You are indeed inspiring! I wish there is more of you than the unfitting parents out there. Your books have taught me that with our limited love we can still somehow manage to touch and change other’s life. Great Job! You are a God sent! 🙂 Love
Sam, Singapore, 21/05/2012

Hiya Cathy, I wanted to mail you and let you know how brilliant your books are. I have done some reviews for you on I can’t wait for new books from you to come out and once I have them I can’t put them down. A Baby’s Cry was an amazing read as they all are, I’m glad Harrison and Ellie are doing well. Thanks for sharing your time and experience, you should be honoured.
Nikki, Stoke on Trent, UK, 20/05/2012

Dear Miss Cathy Glass, I so so love your books. I just read A Baby’s Cry and I was so hooked on the book, like the rest of your books. I can’t wait until the next book. I hope I don’t have to wait to long. I also looked up the update of Harrison and Ellie and I so pleased they both doing well. With thanks
Sharona, 19/05/2012

Dear Ms. Glass, My roommate was assigned to read your book Damaged for her child abuse class and eventually handed it to me. I have never been one for reading, but I could not put this book down. The story of Jodie and your patience and heart of gold touched me. I currently major in psychology and will be graduating next spring but all of a sudden after reading I want to possibly pick up a minor in social work or even one day become a foster carer. I just want to thank you for all that you have done not only for Jodie but for all the other children you have fostered as well. You truly have a heart of gold. I hope all is well in your life and with your other three children. Sincerely,
Lynn Marie, New Jersey, USA, 19/05/2012

Hi Cathy, I would just like to say I really enjoy reading your books. I see them as a great insight to life in care. Reading your books also makes me think if I ever did end up in care I would have had a lovely foster carer like you (luckily I did not have to into care as I had a family member willing to adopt me). I find your stories extremely tear jerking but heart warming. Look forward to reading more of your material.
Ashleigh, 19/05/2012