All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Dear Cathy, I am a teaching assistant and it was at work when I first discovered your books. My work colleague started reading one of your books. She was fixed to it and reluctant to put it down. She finished it very quickly and was then reading another one of your books ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’. I asked her what it was about. She told me and recommended that I read them too. I borrowed Damage from her and that evening I was already on chapter 5 and hooked too. I logged into my Amazon account and ordered 5 of your books. I cannot put these books down! You’re a great writer. I don’t know you but you are such a generous, kind caring, person. What a true inspiration you are, helping children who have suffered. I will read all of your books, and I will also tell every one I know what an amazing writer you are. Please write more books, please! Thank you for reading my letter, your emails must be heaving and I know you may not be able to reply. Your web page is fantastic and I love the updates about the children. Kind Regards A supporting Fan
Jo, England, 21/02/2015

Hi Cathy! I’ve read “The Night the Angels Came” is so inspiring. It was such a roller-coaster ride for everyone. I felt the pain. Patrick’s such a nice guy and no doubt that Michael grew just like him. Life can be very unfair sometimes. My dad died just before I was born. And I can still remember someone told me to look at the stars, the brightest is your guardian angel. And now my faith is stronger. Your books are incredibly inspiring. Reading your books make me feel even more positive in dealing with life. I’ve read 9 books already. May you keep up the good heart and continue to inspire people. Cheers!
Elijshah, Manila, 21/02/2015

Hi Cathy, how are you? I’ve just finished reading your book Hidden and it’s the first book I’ve ever read by you. I must say I was very moved by this book about Tayo and his long lost family in Nigeria. My auntie was a foster career and we had to welcome lots of different boys and girls in out family and I will say you do get really attached you don’t realise until they have to leave. I could also feel every emotion, the sad, the happy, confused and scared. Especially about the threatening phone call. I did start to bubble near the end. I really enjoyed your book and will be definitely ordering your book Damaged. I hope you continue with the foster caring, it really does changes people’s lives. Thank you for sharing this story god bless x
Emma, 20/02/2015

Hello Cathy, I am a big fan of your books especially Damaged as I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and could relate to Jodie. I was lucky to never need foster care and have had a loving mother but my trauma history is similar to that of the many kids you foster, so I can relate to your books and enjoy reading these true stories of perseverance with their hopefully good endings. I am also blind and was happy to see your books start appearing on I read them on ibooks with my iPhone and synthetic speech first but I do enjoy the reader for the audible books. I am anxiously awaiting the next book. found you on Facebook and friended you there. I hope to write a book about my own story someday. Books like you have written inspire me to do so. Best Regards,
Sarah, US, 18/02/2015

Hello Cathy Glass I just wanted to let you know that I have recently discovered your books (and bought and read most of them now!) Your book “The Night the Angels Came” is the first book in a long while that has brought tears to my eyes. I commend you for being a carer. Many thanks.
Val, 18/02/2015

Think your work is amazing and I am really inspired by you xxxx
Sammy, UK, 17/02/2015

Hello Cathy your books are very interesting, the most interesting of them is Hidden. It stimulates the imagination. I have all your books and look for a new one.
Poland, 17/02/2015

Hoi cathy glass. Ik heb jou boek gelezen. Super mooi boek! Komen er nog meer boeken uit in het Nederlands? Ik hoop het wel.
Melanie, Netherlands, 16/02/2015

Hello Cathy I am 17 years old. I just wanted to let you know that me my family and friends all love your books. I have been reading your books just under a year now and I have read all of them and every book has its own emotions and meanings. I am currently reading your book ‘The Child Bride’. I am hooked on this book. I never want to put it down. It is so sad how people can do that to young children. I really wish there were more people like you in this world Cathy. I will be looking forward to hearing back from you. Kind Regards
Jazmin, 15/02/2015

Hi Cathy, Thank you for taking time to read my email. I’ll keep it short as I know you are a busy lady. I have read your book about Zeena which was very moving and just makes me appreciate life and not to take things for granted. I think you are a wonderful and very inspiring lady who has dedicated her life to support others. Amazing!! I have a lot of respect for Zeena, for what she has gone through and the love she has towards her siblings. It’s amazing how she has achieved so much in her studies considering what an awful childhood she has had. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.
Perm, 14/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished your book about Zeena, a very sad story. You are an angel sent from heaven. You take such good care of all the children you foster. I hope someone out there is taken care of you. Looking forward to more of your books.
Pauline, Australia 14/02/2015

Hello Cathy. You are a truly inspiring person. It is wonderful what you have done and continue to do for vulnerable children and young people in need of your support. I have read a couple of books and now wish to collect them all as I love reading the updates afterwards. I have previous experience of being in foster care, good and bad and it is so interesting and insightful to hear what it is like from the carer’s perspective. You, amongst so many others do a fantastic job and I wish you and your family all the best for the future!
Allie, UK, 13/02/2015

Dear Cathy, I am an 18 yr old Sikh girl, and picked up your book The Child Bride from my local library yesterday. I just finished reading it, the ending left me in tears. I loved this book so much and could empathise with Zeena, but cannot imagine how painful it would have been for her. So glad that people like you exist. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books! If you see Zeena again please let her know that she has been a huge inspiration! Lots of love & best wishes for your future books,
Amandeep, UK, 13/02/2015

Hi Cathy. Have recently started to read your books – “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. I haven’t finished it yet but find it hard to put down. I am finding it such a good insight to the world of fostering and maybe something I may consider in the future. I am studying to work with children and families and hoping to specialise in play therapy or work as a family support worker. Reading books like yours really gives a realistic perspective on some of the difficulties children can face and how families can be torn apart and how people like you are making a difference. I hope you are still enjoying fostering and making a difference, such an inspiration to us as the future generation.
Rebekah, 12/02/2015

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to say how wonderful I found your book ‘The Child Bride’. It was a compelling read and such a well written account of your journey with Zeena. The way in which you wrote it was so personal, so comforting and warm that it made me wish that you were part of my life also! I understand that may sound weird but you sound like a very special and giving person. Of course, I am delighted that Zeena has found her path in life and is on her way to a fulfilling life. God bless you for all that you do for your place in heaven has surely been secured. Blessings to you Cathy and continuing success in all that you do. Regards,
Maria, UK, 10/02/2015

Just wanted to let you know that I have read Another Forgotten Child and it was a very good book. God bless you and your family
Paula, 09/02/2015

Hi Ms Glass, I am one of your biggest fans! I absolutely love your books, I refuse to read anything else! You have inspired me to pursue a career within child protection! I have so many of your books. Thank you for your inspiration, can’t wait for more of your books to come out. Yours sincerely
Brigette, 09/02/2015

Can I just say Cathy you’re an amazingly inspirational lady. Your books are fantastic. Since reading my first Cathy Glass book Damaged about 5-6 years ago I think, I cannot put your books down. I’m up at 1pm reading another one I can’t put down. You’re an amazing woman and I’d recommend these books to anyone… all my love to you and your family.
Sky, 09/02/2015

Hi Cathy! I have read a lot of your books and I have cried so many times!! because of the shocking things some of the children have been put though in their short lives. I have also smiled because I’m so glad there are amazing people like you in this world to give them the family and love they need, as well as helping them see how life is really meant to be. Looking forward to reading your new book.
Jodie, 08/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to write to you to tell you just how touched I was reading all of your books. I think I went through them all within a month and a half, or so, I just could not stop reading them! The way you went about helping each child, and making them feel like they were everything to you, was just so remarkable and inspiring. I, myself, was an abused child, though thankfully not quite so much as many of the children were in your books. Still, I can not tell you how badly I wish I had had someone like you in my life, someone who made me feel important and as though I mattered. You are truly and amazing woman, and your children, and each and every child you fostered are truly blessed to have had you come into their lives. I just wanted you to know that you have inspired yet another person with your writings, and your life. Thank you. Kind regards,
Meagan, 08/02/2015

Dear Cathy, I love your books, especially as each story has touched my heart deeply. You are an amazing woman for all you have done for these kids. Since a child I’ve wanted to make the lives of children better, safer and happier (more specifically special needs children). I see fostering as a way to do just that. Through your books, I’m learning extra tips and techniques and hope one day and I can change a child’s life as much as you have.
Sophie, 18, 07/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I am a 20 year old girl who has been moved and inspired by your books. You have done so much for so many and enriched so many lives. We need more people like you in the world. It is due mostly to your books that I want to start fostering children when I’m older.
Steph, 06/02/2015

Hi Cathy, Just finished reading The Child Bride – what a great story – loved it. Wonderfully written. Will be reading more of your books. Felt like I was there as you were telling the story. Regards,
Tracy, 06/02/2015

Hi Cathy Glass! You are the best book writer so far and I’m trying to pick up a habit of reading as my English is poor. However, your books make me want to read more. Although there can be words that I do not understand, I would look up in the dictionary. Your novels were very well written and easy to understand. I hope to read all of your books in the future. So far I’ve only read 2 and it’s really good. The next I would like to read would be Run, Mummy, Run 🙂 Thank you so much.
Siti, 06/02/2015

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Hidden’. I found it difficult to put it down. So beautifully written, so simply expressed and yet I felt every emotion you were writing about. I did not find this book – I have to say that this book found me! I don’t even know where it came from or how it came to be in my house, but I’m so glad it did. I’m now going to search for more. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do and have done and to all the social workers & child protection workers, I say thank you. You are all incredible. Yours sincerely
Sylvia, 06/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I have found all your books so inspiring! I would really like to get into social services someday in some way to make a difference to lives! (Although at my age going back to school with children might be tricky, lol) You have made a difference in so many lives and it is so inspiring! I only wish to have the amount of patience you possess! Thank you for the amazing books you write. I haven’t read them all but I have read a lot. I’m from America and I have picked up on some phrases that differ. I’ve gotten some odd looks. Thank you
Jessica, USA, 06/02/2015

Hello Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Jodie’s story – Damaged, & I have to say it was the most heartbreaking story of yours that I’ve read. Thank goodness Jodie is making fantastic progress. I hope she is happy & content. Thanks,
Jodie, 05/02/2015

Hello Cathy I have been reading your books, I plan on reading them all actually. I have always had an interest in helping children the way you do, I would love to become a social worker or a foster carer. But it has to be stressful dealing with all of those different cases right? I have a 4 year old son and I could not imagine how a parent could do their children as bad as some you have felt with! Thank you so much for taking time out to read my email and I hope you have a great day!
Amanda, 05/02/2015

Hello! Just writing you to tell you how excited I was to find your books in my local Wal-mart. They carry mainly popular books so I was so excited to see that people are realizing how amazing your books are. I just finished The Child Bride and I loved it! Keep up the great work! One of your biggest fans,
Margaret, USA, 05/02/2015

Hi Cathy, as an avid reader of every one of your books and having friends who are foster carers between you all you have inspired me to become a foster carer. I am just coming to the end of my assessment and in a few weeks time I will be attending the skills for fostering course. Thank you for your inspiration and I hope I’m half as good at fostering as you guys are.
Su, UK, 04/02/2015

Hi Cathy I find all your books amazing. The best I have ever read. It makes me have a very positive view on fostering. Thank you so much.
Maxine, 03/02/2015

Hi ya I have just read ur book The Child Bride. I have never cried so much to a book. It really touched me. I am going buy another book of yours. x
Emma, UK, 03/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say how much I love your books. I often worry after the time I had as a child that I won’t be able to give my children a normal and loving up bringing, but after reading your books I feel more confident and they have taught me some really valuable lessons. I’ve never known what I’ve wanted to do with my life, but reading your books have been a real help, in deciding what kind or career I want to pursue. So thank you for all your hard work you and your family have really touched my heart. Warm Regards,
Sophie, 03/02/2015

Hi Cathy! A small message from a French reader ;). I had the pleasure of reading Damaged this week. I have to say that the history of this child really touched me and you made me want to become a foster. I am curious to know how is she now. Thank you for your answer and continue what you are doing, you seem to me to be an exceptional woman. With all due respect.
Laura, France, 01/02/2015

Hello, I just finished reading Cut. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to read it all, then could not put it down till finished. I will be reading more of your books. This one was very good, and I look forward to reading them all. Good job, keep on writing thanks
Joi, 01/02/2015

Hi Cathy your books are inspirational. I love children, and reading about your experience truly inspires me to carry on studying so that I can make a difference in the lives of children and families. I have just finished A Baby’s Cry and this story has touched me by far the most as babies have a very special meaning to me. I just wanted to say Adrian and Paula’s roles in Harry’s life truly touched me and I hope that the two of them are well. You are an inspiration and I cannot wait to start reading another one of your books x
Yasmin, UK, 01/02/2015

Dear Cathy Glass. I’m writing to inform you that all your books I have read so far have reached my heart. The one book which has hit me the most is Damaged. You are a truly, amazing woman. What you have done for these kids in care. After reading your books I will love to become a writer and I don’t know who to get there. I was hoping you have any tips to help me as you amazing writer. I’m really happy to write this to you, I know what them kids went through even though I haven’t been care.
Briday, 29/01/2015

Hello Cathy, I am a 16 year old girl who has been inspired by the way you write. I’ve read every single one of your books and I personally think that you are such an amazing person. I’m a huge fan of you and your books. The love you and your family share with others is incredible. You are my inspiration, thank you for being there for those in need when others could not x
Rachel, 28/01/2015

Hi I’m a massive fan off you and I love your books. Have just started reading The Child Bride. I was in foster care and moved around a lot. I wish I had a foster carer like u, ur brilliant. I look forward to reading the rest of your books. Many happy regards
Ann, 28/01/2015

I have just read Damaged and I can’t describe how much it broke my heart. I cried for hours! The link and connection I feel like I have now with Jodie and you is amazing. I just wish I could meet her and see how she’s doing. I just want too say well done. You really did do everything you possibly could for her and you are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing yours and Jodie’s experience. Love from
Leanne, 26/01/2015

I have just finished reading your book Cut for the first time. I have ordered two more of your books. I have three children of mine I am hoping it will help me in lots of ways. I think you were amazingly patient with dawn and loving, that’s why I wanted to write to you. I also wanted to thank you for the comment you made about Charlie Hebdo. As a Muslim we love our prophet more than our parents. You are right where there are much more important things to write. That just made me respect you more. Thank you.
Ayca, UK, 26/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I’ve just recently got back into reading when I borrowed one of your books from my Mum, it was ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’. I read it within a couple of days and I’ve just finished ‘Another Forgotten Child’. I’m now waiting for my library card to be ready so that I can read many more of them! Thanks for getting me back into reading with your fantastic true stories, something that will be invaluable now that I have a child on the way. At 20 years old, it’s now something I enjoy doing as opposed to being made to do it as part of being at school. I’d forgotten how great reading can be!
Rebekah, 26/01/2015

Hi, I recently read, Daddy’s Little Princess. The first book I’ve ever read by you, and I absolutely loved it! Took me 2 days to finish it, I couldn’t put the book down. Next on my list to buy is Will You Love Me? Can’t wait. Thanks
Georgia, UK, 25/01/2015

Dear Miss Glass, I have just finished reading your book Damaged and it’s my new favourite book. I think you’re an amazing writer. I’m looking forward to reading your other books as I find your life very interesting. I want to study child nursing when I go to university and right now I’m taking a class about care and the needs that every child have. Thank you for taking the time to read this, yours sincerely,
Rebecca, 24/01/2015

Terminei de ler o livro nesse exato momento e a historia da pobre menina me comoveu muito, sou estudante de pedagogia e começando a atuar na área infantil. Gostaria muito de saber se a menina do livro pelo qual nome se dá de Judie teve melhoras em seu tratamento, se com a ajuda de profissionais enviados por Deus conseguiu da a volta por cima.Agradeço a atenção e aguardo resposta.
Elisangela, Brasil, 24/01/2015

Hi Cathy…I’ve recently read Damaged, Another Forgotten Child, Will You Love Me and the first 3 chapters of The Child Bride, all of which have moved me and reduced me to tears. You are an amazing foster carer and mum!!
Joanna, UK, 24/01/2015

Good afternoon, I just discovered your books, when I was in England over Christmas (I am Dutch). Right now I got 7 of them and I wanted to say that I cannot stop reading them. They impress, touch and amaze me. And I do admire you very much, the way you handle things. Have a nice weekend.
Marijke, Holland, 24/01/2015

Hello Cathy, I finished reading a book that it really moved me … “Will You Love Me?” I read more more I could not stop. It is the most beautiful book I have ever read. Last night I did not sleep, because I thought of your book and your children, namely, Lucy, Paula and Adrian. I thought of all of you all lovingly. I’m Italian, I tried to write the best possible hahaha
Rebecca, Italy, 23/01/2015

Cathy you’re an inspiration, I truly admire your work. I have read every one of your books and am waiting very impatiently for “Saving Danny” to be released in IBooks on March 1st. I feel as if I know you and your children just by reading your books. God bless to you and your family x
Dannii, Australia, 22/01/2015

Hi Cathy, for about a year now I have listened to your audio books about some of the children you have fostered, their horrific backgrounds and the help you and your family have lovingly provided. I just wanted to share my gratitude to you and your family for your love and patience for the children you have fostered. It takes a very special person to offer up their home, their hearts and their family for the help of others, especially when there are troublesome and somewhat shocking background stories. From me, thank you. Thank you for helping and sharing love when others could or would not. Kind regards
Kerrie, 22/01/2015

I love your books….I’m reading one now…can’t put it down…The Night the Angels Came….please write more….
Donna, Canada, 21/01/2015

Dear Mrs Glass, Since I have to drive for 2 hours every day to come to work, I became an audio books listener. I have listened to some of your books, at present I am listening the heartbreaking history of Alice. For the great job you make I would like to express my sympathy, the world needs people like you, I do believe we all should be grateful for such a commitment. Best wishes for your new books, I will not miss them.
Anna, Italy, 21/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished ready your latest book The Child Bride. Just like all your other books, it was good reading, but also very sad. I am so glad you put your web address at the end. I now can find what out the progress of all your foster children, and I am so glad that they all had happy endings. I am so pleased that Zeena is doing well, and I wish her luck in the future. Glad Adrian, Paula and Lucy are also doing well.
Jeanette, Essex, England, 21/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I just now finished the book Damaged, I really enjoyed it, it only took me 2 days to read because I couldn’t put it down! I cried a few times as I couldn’t imagine a child going through such horrendous acts of abuse, it angered me as well! I hope you and your children are doing well and I look forward to reading more of your books. I admire you for what you do and have done for so many children and you are a hero.
Melissa, 19/01/2015

I am 17 yrs old. I have recently read your book ‘’Cut” and I don’t think there is a book that has touched me just as this one. It has inspired me in so many ways! When I was little my mother was working very long hours and she sent me to live with my father. During the years I was at his house I learnt how to raise myself, I would feed him when he was drunk, I would wash my own clothes even though I was only a small child. My father abused me and hit me all those years and not one of my teachers or friends noticed. I felt completely alone and did all that I could to survive. I finished reading ‘Cut” exactly 9 months ago. and when I read it I was already really used to Cutting myself as a way to find control and to relieve the pain. I had told no one about my life at my father’s house and I felt like the world was slowly slowly collapsing onto me. Your book is the reason I am still alive today. I always thought that I would never be anyone. That I would be following my father’s steps and leading a miserable and disgusting life. When I read your book, I knew that there were fantastic people like you that would like to help me even though I was afraid. One day I confided in a teacher and she hugged me. I thought of you and your book. My teacher became the first person I ever trusted. She came with me to the guidance counsellor and then the psychologist. When I read that Dawn was studying to become a teacher I started crying. I started crying because I realized just how she has made it through. I cried because I knew that someone who has suffered so much can become someone. I saw myself in Dawn. You are such an inspiration to me and to probably to a whole lot of other people! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You are fantastic!
M, Canada, 19/01/2015

Dear Cathy, I’m an avid Australian reader of your books and look forward to their releases. You are an amazing woman with a truly beautiful family. Reading your stories reminds me of how lucky I and my children are, we are blessed. My 8yr old daughter sponsors an Australian child. She does this through hard work doing jobs for us and family. I often share snippets of your stories with her, and when I feel she is old enough your books will be on my shelf waiting. Again, thank you. You are an inspiration.
Gail, Australia, 17/01/2015

Hi Cathy, The last time I e-mailed you was about the talks of a movie. I recently finished Daddy’s Little Princess and I absolutely loved it. It had a very happy ending but once I finished it I knew instantly that this would be a great movie. To see what Beth was wearing when she went to see her father and the unfortunate divorce between you and your ex. I am so very sorry for that and you coped very well and managed to actually say good things about him to the children. I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Hope you are enjoying your life better and living it to the full, this book is a recommended movie (from me) and I hope to see you on the big screen soon.
Katie, 17/01/2015

Hi Cathy. I’m a huge fan of your books. I read some of them on a special site for people with print disabilities called bookshare because I am totally blind and so can’t read regular print. I also enjoy the audio books from I use the U.S. site. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do in fostering these special children. You write so well too. Your books are hard to put down. Keep up the good work in both areas.
Marda, US, 16/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I love your books and think what you do with those kids is amazing, I have read all your books that are available to me in Australia, but would love to read more, I am currently reading Aimee’s story. Keep up the good work. It makes a difference to their lives. Kind regards
Angela, Australia, 16/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I’m 22 and I live in Australia. I hadn’t heard of your books until a friend turned me onto them in early December 2014. Since then I have read all but 5 of your true fostering series and one of your fiction novels. I find them so hard to put down that often I will jump into bed with one of your books at around 9pm and next thing I know it’s 4am and I’ve finished it! Which explains why I’ve read so many in such a short amount of time 🙂 My Nanna is a foster mother here in South Australia, now that she’s older she just does respite care, but she has a couple of long term foster sons. I introduced my Nanna to your books and she started telling me some stories of her own. I never before appreciated how much she dealt with being a foster mother, and whilst I was appalled at the level of abuse some of these children suffer my Nanna just nodded along and said she knew and dealt with things very similar. I think it is amazing that you are able to share your stories with the world and just wanted to say thank you as I now feel closer to my Nanna as a result of being able to share stories about her fostering, thanks to you. I’m excited to read the remaining books that I haven’t gotten to yet and also can’t wait for Saving Danny to be on shelves 🙂 Kind Regards,
Nicole, Australia, 16/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I have been reading your books and you have really touched me with how big hearted, caring and loving you are. You really are a special person and not just anyone could do what you have done. I’m 19 and haven’t had the best or stable upbringing, but it is so lovely to know there are people out there like yourself. The world needs more people like you.
Tori, 16/01/2015

Hello, I just read Damaged and really look forward to reading more of your books. I felt like I knew Jodie, Paula, Lucy and Adrian and yourself. You are admirable for doing what you do it is a very hard thing to do. I was also a victim of abuse as a child. Although my situation was not as severe as Jodie’s I’ve had issues in my adulthood because of it. I am now 32 years old and I have finally learned how to live with the pain and resentment towards my mother. I feel it is my calling to help kids who are abused and neglected, I just don’t know if I can take the emotional side of it and become far to involved. I have a boy and I could not imagine hurting him in any way. A lot of these things go unnoticed and it is very upsetting. My best wishes to your family and Jodie. You are truly an angel.
Amy, USA, 14/01/2015

Dear Cathy, I have read all but a couple of your books, and am hoping to do so soon. I was in care almost my whole childhood in Canada. Back and forth from home and then into care again because of mental illness. A story I’m sure you’re all too familiar with. Sometimes I have such rage it’s scary since. I have my own kids. I am learning to deal with it better now and control my inner demons as I call them. I think that if I would have had a foster mom like you, it would have made a huge difference. I just love all your books and find myself in tears often. God bless you and the work you do! Kindest regards,
Robin, Canada, 14/01/2015

Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your books, I’ve just finished reading Another Forgotten Child – Aimee’s story. I found myself at certain point with tears rolling down my face. I obviously know that abuse goes on in the world but when a child feels safe in your care and discloses information it makes me so emotional. I have a baby daughter and wouldn’t dream of putting her in any danger. I’m really glad people like you make such a difference to a child’s life. Keep up the good work because I know I will keep reading I feel like I know your family like you live next door. Lots of love
Chelsey, 12/01/2015

Dear Cathy I follow you on twitter & I’ve only just this minute finished Reece’s story: Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. It’s so lovely to hear the Reece is getting on and still sees you, Paula, Lucy & his other siblings. I do hope that Reece’s mother is well. As you’ve said in the book you felt sorry for Tracey & by the end of the book, I have to admit, I felt the same way. But I felt even more upset for Reece’s having to deal with what he has from a young age. Hope you’re all well & that you all had a lovely Christmas & new year. I have the complete set of your books now, I got the last of the books for Christmas & they are all tucked away ready for me to read in the next couple of months. I think its fantastic the work you do for all these children that come into your home. My favourite book was ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’
Jodie, 12/01/2015

Hi Mrs Glass, I am a 17 year old girl currently studying her A levels. When I finish my studies I hope to go off to university to study social work and then one day become a foster carer. I have been reading your books since I was 14 and this is what has inspired me to do so. I would like to say I look up to everything you have done and I find you an amazing inspirational woman. Thank you Kind regards,
Jessica, UK, 11/01/2015

Hello Cathy. I read your book “Damaged”. I found it to be very well written and I felt as if I knew your family and Jodie. I felt like I was right there next to you while everything was going on. Even found myself crying in certain parts. I saw that you had a webpage and that there was updates. I can’t wait to start reading other books by you. And I have passed my book to my boss to read since she was intrigued with what I was trying to describe to her about the book. I hope you have a wonderful day
Trisha, Alaska, 09/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I have only just started reading your books. I have read 4 so far! They relate to me as my nephews and niece were taken into care. They are now home 🙂 Some of the stories relate to our case and they make u understand what its like for the children to be in foster care away from there family. I will continue to read the books as they interest me. I was interested in fostering and was willing to accept my nieces and nephews into my full time care but it didn’t come to that. Hope you have many more stories 🙂 Well done for all your hard work
Sian, 09/01/2015

Dear Cathy, Ever since I bought one book of yours it made me feel like I was there. I knew from that first time I read your book that I would continue to read them. I find that I’m very moved by the stories and to me you are a big inspiration. Love,
Hannah, UK, 07/01/2015

Dear Cathy your books have been a pure joy to me over the last few years. For many years social services failed both me and my siblings and my reports via teachers these were dismissed via social services. Leading to 14years of physical and emotional abuse. Your books have helped me come to terms with my own past and I’m now a mother to five wonderful children. I enjoy every moment of being a mother. I came to losing my children. I’d like to say a massive thank you for sharing your stories of all the children you have looked after over these years. I’ve just finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby which is close to my heart as being a teenage mother at the age of 16. I’m now on I Miss Mummy and I hope there’s a good out come for Alice and Leah and Mr and Mrs Jones and shame on her father. Much love
Nikki, 07/01/2015

Dear Cathy, Happy New Year 2015 all the way from Malaysia. I am looking forward to reading SAVING DANNY have DANNY near my bedside soon. May the new year be another great one and I am looking forward to read many more of your books. Your books had touched the hearts of many people around the world. You have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things in fostering and writing good books. Though the road may be filled with difficulties at time, I know you can over come the challenge you face. May your days be blessed with good health, strength, happiness, success and peace. Same goes to Adrian, Paula and Lucy, they are your pillars of strength. Warmest Regards,
Suzie, Malaysia, 06/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I have never really been much of a reader. I would fail my English classes because I wouldn’t ever read. I picked up one of your books this year (Damaged) on recommendation and couldn’t put it down. Our library only had Damaged and The Night the Angels Came. I then asked the librarian to order more of your books and I have read six of them so far. You are a great writer and I love reading your experiences. Teachers often tease me and call me crazy for liking those sad stories because it is the only thing I will read. I think you are a wonderful woman for doing what you do. We need more people like you in this world. Thank you for putting your heart out to those in need and being so caring.
Payton, 06/01/2015

Hi Cathy, I’ve just been looking on your website at your other books and the ones I haven’t read. I then realise I could leave a comment. I think you are a very great author, my favourite, but an even better foster parent by the looks of it. Your books touch me so much, the stories you write and the words you use to describe things. You can tell how much time and effort has gone into your fostering and writing career. Your books have made me want to foster when I’m older. I have so much respect for you and I would love a reply and for my comment to go on your page.
Kealey 06/01/2015

Please know that you are my favourite author. I love reading your books. I think it is a combination of the subject matter, the easy flow of the story, and the fact that each book is linked to your journey. I have worked with children in the past. I taught at a school with children from troubled backgrounds. I’ve always wanted to write a book like yours telling of the battle some children face just to survive. Thanks for taking the time to read this email. Cheers
Claire, 03/01/2015

Hi, have enjoyed all of the books which I have read. You are an amazing person who cares a great deal for children and brings love and support where it’s needed.
Alison, 30/12/2014

Just wanted to write and thank you so much for all of your wonderful stories. I came across the first in the Edmonton Public Library and immediately fell in love with your books. I would like to thank you so much for sharing your stories in what must be a very busy schedule. Though you don’t know me I feel I know your family and can’t believe some of the struggles you have been through! Reading your stories I often wonder how I would deal with the same situation. I think you are such a strong, beautiful human being, so incredibly selfless. I hope that you continue writing your stories as I also look forward to reading each and everyone one of them. Thank you again for sharing everything you have. It’s so incredible to hear the stories.
Kylie, Edmonton, Canada, 30/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I contacted you just before Christmas with regards to some unfortunate events in my childhood and you recommended your book Happy Adults, which I purchased. Thank you, it was fantastic and really helped. I felt myself release some stress by managing to put some of the events behind me. Thank you so much! I shall continue to return to the book when I am struggling.
Ruth, 29/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just finished the book “Mummy Told Me Not To Tell”. A truly ‘got to keep reading book’. I then read the update and realised he is only a few months younger than my son Michael. I have now read 12 of your books, have yet to read “The Saddest Girl in the World” and “Hidden”. (I haven’t read the books in any particular order, and in fact sometimes when I have read a book I have had to read something totally different afterwards because of the heart wrenching effect it can have.). I have pre-ordered “Danny”. I believe you have a book coming out next September as well? I read all the books on my phone, so much easier. Take care,
Heather, 29/12/2014

You may not get time to reply to this email but thank you for taking the time to read. I think you are an amazing lady who has done an amazing job helping the children you have fostered. I am a mum to 5. I became a mum at the age of 15, my son is now 16 and in college as he wants to be a teacher. I am so proud of my children. I can not understand and probably will never understand why and how a mother could let their child/children go through the hurt and difficult childhood as the children in your books. It’s just a little comfort knowing there are people like yourself and others out there to help. Thank you for sharing your books. I have read most of them. At the moment reading The Child Bride and looking forward to reading your new book out in March. Thank you again. Lots of love
Shelley, 28/12/2014

Hi there, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your amazing books. I am a big fan of yours. I am also a massive reader and have all of your books. Your stories always touch a place in my heart for many reasons. I am a LAC child and have been for nearly 5 years now. It has been a special opportunity to read your books and stories through my journey as a LAC child. As you may know these journeys are not easy but reading your books makes my journey somewhat easier. I have gone through multiple moves and have found each one of them really difficult and now up coming my 18th birthday, and the switch over from social workers to a PA is now looming. People ask me why I read your books, well here are some reasons. Firstly, everything you write about it so honest and there is always a Hidden message in every book. Secondly you tell it how it is, nothing is sugared up. You make me smile at how much love and care you show these amazing young people, and you always prove that there are good things in bad situations. Your an amazing person to have your own children and adopt and foster while being a writer. I love reading your books and will always love them. You’re a pretty special writer in my eyes. Once again thank you so much,
Leann, 28/12/2014

Hey Cathy I am writing to let u know for a few years now I have been reading your books about looking after foster children. Some of the boys surprise me n shock me, but I’m glad u can share the lives of children u look after. I used to be a foster child myself for 18 years of my life. I thought to write to u because of how good your books r n how much support n courage happens to the children u look after, add how the ending works for them. I hope to here from u soon. Regards
Tamika, 22, Australia, 28/12/2014

Hello Cathy! I just finished reading the book ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’, it was such an emotional book especially with all of the ups and downs Jade had. When I reached the end of your book I saw the website and I was really intrigued to know what happened later on. Funnily enough, my name is Jade. I have also read the ‘The Child Bride’, that too was a very moving book. It’s also nice to hear about Adrian, Paula and Lucy all grow up. Your books are so good that I can’t put them down. I really hope you are due to foster more children and write more. The stories are both moving and exciting to read. I would love to meet you one time.
Jade, 14, England, 27/12/2014

Hello Cathy! I just read one of your latest books, The Child Bride. I was utterly moved by it. I am horrified by how people can easily abuse innocent children like Zeena and I hope one day it would come to an end. You have had a great relationship with Zeena, and I am very pleased to hear that she is leading a better life. I am also very impressed that you did not judge the difference in culture and religion. Speaking on behalf of Zeena, I myself is a Muslim and is very grateful of what you have done to Zeena. May you and your loved ones be showered with Allah’s blessings. With that, I hope you continue to inspire and change people’s lives. Yours sincerely,
Amirah, 25/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading your book ‘The Child Bride’, and I was horrified by how, at this very moment, many children are being abused in the most depraved ways, even by their close relatives. I think by writing about it you help to bring these issues to public awareness which contributes a lot to detecting and preventing these crimes. I think you connected to Zeena excellently and comforted her and gave her…a new life. The world needs more people like you. I was impressed by how you did not judge the different culture Zeena belonged to, allowing for cultural differences. As a Muslim myself, I greatly appreciated that. Again, I just want to thank you for just being such a great person and giving back to society selflessly. I wish you, your children and those you foster happiness and all the best in life. May Allah bless you, ma’am. Yours faithfully,
Mohamed, 23/12/2014

I have just finished reading your book about Lucy and it is very moving. If I’m not careful I might have to start paying for water damage to the books because I keep on crying through them. Lol Wishing Lucy, Paula, Adrian and you a Merry Christmas and a happy Hogmanay. I am going to a Burns dinner next month and so I shall enjoy some lovely haggis. Regards,
Fiona, Scotland, 22/12/2014

Cathy, you are an incredible woman. I have two children aged 6 and almost 3, and if I can be half as good a mother to them as you were to Adrian, Paula, Lucy and all the children your fostered I will be happy. I have so much admiration for you, and also for your children for being so accepting and understanding of what you did for all those children who weren’t fortunate enough to have a proper family. People like you are so rare in this world. Best wishes.
Laura, 22/12/2014

Dear Cathy, I’m a big fan of yours. I love reading your books. I can’t wait for your next book to come out on to kindle. I think you and people who foster are brilliant and I respect you all. I have been fostered so I can relate to some of the children you have fostered and how they feel. I want to thank you as your books have helped to me to understand that I’m not alone. and lots of children get fostered. Every time I read your books my heart goes out to all the children you have fostered and you family for supporting them.
Bex, 21/12/2014

I am a nurse in a program that helps parents of special needs children. I have been studying your work and techniques and have modified some to be appropriate for special needs children with learning difficulties. And it is working well!!!! So well in fact, your work is making an important contribution to families struggling to cope.
Shanette, 21/12/2014

Hello Cathy, I hope all is well with you and your 3 children as well as the foster children you have in your care. I love your books and have read so many. I just finished reading Damaged about the little girl Jodie. So awful about your husband leaving. I went out today and bought 2 more of your books – The Child Bride as well as Will You Love Me, and then I think I have read all of your books. Are you all ready for Christmas? I want to wish you and your family and your parents a Very Merry Christmas and all the best to you in 2015… God Bless you Cathy …P.S. – I sure hope you were able to stop smoking ???
Lorrie, 20/12/2014

CG: Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too, yes I did stop smoking. x

Hi Cathy, I was deeply moved by Zeena’s story and believe it was one which was written well. I have strong admiration for you and the work that you do and would just like to thank you on Zeena’s behalf. I come from a south Asian family and reading Zeena’s story really did tug at my heart even those things which utterly shocked me but I could only sympathise with her as I know how difficult culture can be sometimes. I do believe everything happens for a reason and although she had to go through so much trauma at such a young age; the fact that she is pursuing a career in helping others may be her calling in life. I wish there were more people like you in the world and I hope this email reaches you in the best of health and happiness. Thank you for sharing such a moving story with us and allowing us to appreciate the things in life we sometimes take for granted. You truly are a gem of a person.
Sidhra, UK, 18/12/2014

Cathy, Greetings! I am 21 and have been reading your books for a few months – your books are one of those that I cannot put down before I finish it! Often this means reading goes late into the night. Now, I knew from your blog, blurb etc that you are an actual foster carer, and as such your stories are non fiction – I think this made the impact your stories had on me so much stronger! A few of your stories (such as The Child Bride, Cut, Damaged, etc) in particular were really sad to read – but I think the good thing about your books is reading the ending when you eventually help the child in a positive way. I was quite interested in behavioural sciences (specifically in child development) before reading your books, so as you can probably guess your books really helped me test out my own theories. I think you deserve national recognition, even to go as far as to say you deserve a knighthood. You have saved a lot of children from leading a perilous life.
Kyle, 18/12/2014

I love reading your books, I have just finished reading the story about Ellie in your book called A Baby’s Cry. I wish you had a little warning in the book just before you told the story of what Elle had told you, what Shane did to her cat Mog. I can’t get this vision out of my head. The warning could have said, What I am about to describe could upset some readers, so please skip the next to paragraphs. I am trying to find ways to not think about this and get the vision out of my head. You are a wonderful writer and please keep writing your foster carer books.
Simone, 18/12/2014

Cathy I think you are an amazing person. I can sympathise with many of the children you write about. It was only by finding a home with someone as good as you that I finally settled. After 6 moves in 11 years that wasn’t easy! The world needs more people like you. Best wishes
Abbie, 17/12/2014

Love your books and updates. You are truly a wonderful person. I have almost every book you have written.
Laura, 16/12/2014

Hi Cathy I’ve just finished reading Damaged. I had to email you and say bravo. What a kind caring person you are. How lucky was Jodie to have you and your children in her life. Looking forward to reading more of your books as I’m now hooked.
Hayley, New Zealand, 15/12/2014

Hi Cathy, I am a 13 year old girl that is obsessed with your books. I don’t know if people think I am a bit weird because I read books about disturbed children. I don’t know, I find it comforting if I am honest. I didn’t have the best past. OK, the subject of this email is “How about a movie?” Have you ever thought about turning your stories into a movie? I’m sure some books may be a bit disturbing. Like “Damaged” some of Jodie’s actions are inappropriate. But I’m sure you could make a film about “Daddy’s Little Princess” or “Cut”. I think it would be really cool!
Natalia, 14/12/2014