All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
To add your comments, please email:

Dear Cathy, I am a 21 year old university student and have recently discovered your books. As a survivor of severe child abuse, I wanted to thank you for your endless compassion, dedication and care for the children you fostered. I have been in tears almost non-stop! (Something my therapist will probably be proud of; part of my own recovery is learning that it’s now safe to cry!) So many adults turned their back on me. I am estranged from my family and could relate particularly to Zeena regarding her terror and very real risk of being watched/followed – my friends and I spent a long time looking out for my perpetrators and it is only now, where I am safe and therefore only vigilant when triggered, that I can fully realize how exhausting and consuming that terror is. You managed to portray this in a tangible manner that helped validate my own experiences a little. Thank you. I give talks now about recovering from child abuse; I was hospitalized a couple of years ago after a suicide attempt and whilst in hospital I met other women who’s mental health was weary because of past abuse. I realized then how lucky I was – my friends hadn’t turned their backs after realizing the magnitude of my past, in fact they are the most humble heroes, but this was not the case for some of the women. It broke my heart and after being discharged I knew I couldn’t just do nothing. So I have given talks at various universities and organizations. Each time is as terrifying as the last, but my courage comes from the sheer hope I may encourage a survivor to seek help, or educate others about the impact of abuse and how they can safely help a survivor. Thank you for helping all those children, and from that thank you for inadvertently helping me. Many warm thanks, and all the best.
Georgie, 06/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just (literally) finished reading ‘The Child Bride’ and was shocked to find out that Zeena aged 13, like me, could be forcefully married and used as a prostitute. It was shocking and horrific! I really enjoyed this book and felt it not only revealed the shocking horrors of forced marriage but also raised awareness to me that this can actually happen. I always enjoy your books and am going to read ‘Run, mummy, run!’ next and will for sure enjoy it just as much. These books you write show just how much you do to help the children who need it most and you have truly inspired me to become a foster carer when I am older and hopefully adopt like you did with Lucy. Yours sincerely
Katie, 06/04/2015

Dear Cathy: I have recently discovered your books through the audible service. I’m a blind person. I love books. They are my escape from what can be a long and lonely life in a sometimes harsh and unforgiving world. Your book Damaged is a great source of inspiration for me. My mother spent time in the care system during the 60’s and early 70’s. I was born in the 1980’s when parents were only just beginning to understand that blind people could live relatively normal lives, but even so it was a struggle for my mother and our family at times. My mother still carries emotional scars from her childhood today and I thought that your books would give me some understanding of what she went through. Never have I been on such a rollercoaster during a novel, tears and laughter combined with so much respect for you and your family. Jodie’s story is one that although at times tragic is also a source of hope, thanks to people like you. Because of you Jodie had a chance. Because of you a forgotten child was loved. I have recently purchased and finished Will You Love Me Lucy’s story. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and having them recorded in an audio format thus making them accessible to blind people. Dennica has always been one of my very favourite narrators. Also, again thank you for restoring my faith in humanity. From a big fan and, because I feel I know you all so well because of your books, a friend,
Jack, 06/04/2015

Hello Cathy and family – have just finished Saving Danny – like all your books part of me didn’t want it to end, but a much bigger part of me wanted to get to the end hoping it was a happy one. My nephew is autistic and I could see a lot of issues coming up that my sister had to deal with. She gave her son an amazing ability to cope with life. He has done so well. I’m so proud of him – it just proves that the right care and love can overcome so many obstacles that are put in front of us – you just got to believe.
Grace, 05/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished ready Saving Danny. I find your books so moving I sometimes find myself crying. My partner finds it funny. I have read nearly all your books and am going to start on the ones I have left. I have found your books hard to put down. I think you are a truly amazing woman and show how strong women can be. It is women like you that make me proud to be a woman. I hope to read your next book as soon as it comes out. I hope it won’t be to long. Thank you for your inspiration.
Natalie, 05/04/2015

CG: Thank you Natalie. I am so pleased you are enjoying my books. You partner might too. Over 10% of my readers are adult men.

Hi, I have just read your book Saving Danny. I am a SEN Support teacher and love working with children with ASD and supporting their parents. My partner’s son has autism. I am going to suggest my partner reads your book. I thought it was amazing. You are amazing and a credit to your profession xxx
Sam, 05/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I would first like to thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you to all involved. I am in awe of you, I have read every book written by you and have each new release on pre-order as soon I can. I read your books in a matter of days and cry through every single one. Your books were the first reason I looked into working with children. I find your books so interesting and in a way comforting because they feel so honest as they are so real. I now work with children in a social, emotional and behavioural school who unfortunately have all had a poor start in life. So many people don’t understand and it is so nice to read these books and relate to someone who truly wants to understand and help children, to see behind their behaviours, listen to the child, hear the child and stay focused on their best interest. I will continue to follow you. Thanks again.
Eloise, Somerset, UK, 04/04/2015

I’ve just this minute finished Saving Danny. Such a beautiful happy ending to Danny’s time with you. At last I can start on Will You Love Me. I’ve been overly keen to read that since I discovered you adopted Lucy. I always know what book of yours I’m going to pick up next, but I’m torn between Hidden and The Saddest Girl in the World.
Kandice, 04/04/2015

Hi Cathy, I have read almost all of your fostering books. I think you’re an amazing woman to do what you have and care for as many children as you have. I myself was in foster care and moved from home to home until a family accepted me as one of their own just like you have with so many children. I thank you for sharing your stories and look forward to reading more.
Amanda, 04/04/2015

Hiya Cathy have just finished reading The Night the Angels Came and it had me in tears. I think you are the most amazing person in what you do. I have been fostered and had a great pleasure in being brought up by another amazing woman like urself. I want to thank you for writing these books. I’s nice to see that there are other people in the world that do care about children as much as you do xxxxxx
Emma, 04/04/2015

Hello Cathy, This email is just to say that I am hooked on your books. I have just bought “Saving Danny” and I can’t wait to buy “Girl Alone” when you release it in September. I work in a primary school and I believe that your books make me more aware would could go on behind closed doors. I also have a wonderful son who is a handful as he is violent towards his sister, myself and now my husband. He has been diagnosed with autism, although it has taken me over 11years for him to be diagnosed. The diagnosis helps him understand himself a little more. Thank you. Your books are so popular at my local library I have to go on a waiting list.
Katie, UK, 03/04/2015

Hi Cathy, Just a quick email to say I’m really inspired by your work. The book that stood out to me was The Child Bride. As a survivor of honour abuse myself, it really left a lasting impression. The fact that you went the extra mile to help her was amazing. We need more people like you.
Sal, 03/04/2015

Ohh Cathy I have read a lot of your books & I have given them to my friends to read. I spoke to a young girl the other day & she said she has a friend who was being fostered very much like Jade! & Courtney! I did try & explain but then I told her to read your book. I left it to the expert lol. I’m sure once she reads it she will understand her more. athy your an inspiration to us all. Well done you x x lots of love to you & your family x x
Joy, UK, 02/04/2015

Dear Cathy, I really enjoyed you “Will You Love Me” it’s a nice book. God bless u Cathy.
Mithila, Sri Lanka, 01/04/2015

Hi, I just wanted to tell you I have read all your fostering memoirs and enjoyed reading every one. I found them very interesting and sort of comforting. Some of it is quite sad but it’s lovely getting sucked in and the best bits are when the children are happy and enjoying themselves. I have literally just finished ‘Saving Danny’ and it’s half 5 in the morning! It may be your best book yet! Danny’s relationship with George was truly beautiful and the book really seemed to have a happy ending. I think it’s great you include your own 3 children too. They all sound like lovely caring people just like yourself. I was never in care as a child. However I was in an eating disorder hospital at just 18, I was still very much a child inside and far from home. There were people there, women in particular, who really cared and supported me through a hard time. You are amazing.
Sarah, UK, 01/04/2015

Hello Cathy, I am a huge fan of your work and your wonderful books. I have found them interesting and as a nursery nurse, a huge source of support over the years.
Emily, UK, 31/03/2015

Hi, I’ve 3 children and since ready your books I’ve been able to pick up a few behaviour tips. You wouldn’t believe how much it’s changed my life. I suffer with bipolar disorder and day to day things have been a struggle. .I’ve just finished Saving Danny and the way you dealt with his tantrums has really helped with my 6 yr old today. Yours faithfully,
Suzanne, 31/03/2015

Hi, Cathy, The first book I read was Damaged and I fell in love with not only your writing but your courage, kindness and your ability to help. I have since read four of your books, taking it chapter by chapter while I sit on the tubes, I would have read more but I’m limiting myself as I have my studies. I can’t wait to read all your wonderful stories. I find your books happy because of what you do for the children and who they become afterwards. I felt like I needed to write to you not only thanking you for being such a wonderful person and expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper but opening my eyes to the world of fostering. Me and partner have talked about fostering and it’s something we will consider once we’ve had our own children. I can’t wait to read your new book in September. Good luck with the future
Cathrine, UK, 31/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I wanted to contact you directly after tweeting to you, it’s impossible to convey everything I want to say in a tweet! Autism is a subject close to my heart because my brother is autistic. What I loved so much about Saving Danny was that you got across that you adored Danny for who he was, his autism was simply part of who he is, and just a part of what made him special. This is exactly how I feel about my brother, that he is a wonderful and unique person who is humbling to know. It’s so easy to misunderstand autism and autistic people are so often marginalised in society. Thank you for doing the subject justice, Saving Danny was a joy to read.
Sian, 30/03/2015

Hello I would just like to say I have just finished reading Saving Danny and thought it was brilliant. Do u have any plans to bring anymore books out? X
Toni, 30/03/2015

CG: Thank you. My next book, Girl Alone, will be out in September.

Hi Cathy, like you I am a foster carer mainly for babies who are born addicted to substances used by their mother’s. I have loved reading all of your books and by doing so feel there is so much more I could do to help the many babies who have not asked to be born into this life. I take great comfort from your books as I recently separated from my husband and was very doubtful if I could continue fostering alone. Thankfully I have been able to continue my caring role. I find it extremely frustrating having to fight against the system to get the best outcome for the precious gifts I am entrusted with. Please keep up the good work as I am reading a book every couple of days. Best wishes,
Julie, Scotland, 30/03/2015

Dear Cathy Glass, I now realise that I am well behind many others in discovering your wonderful books describing how you have coped with and helped children who have been unfortunate enough to be born into dysfunctional families. I have just finish reading ‘Cut’, and am left absolutely astonished at your patience, skill, warmth, love, forgiveness and persistence in dealing with ‘Dawn’; how you and your husband John did it I have no idea. I now look forward to reading some of your other books although I shall pause for a week or so to recover from what I have found to be a rollercoaster story. Thank you for telling your story of Dawn so beautifully. Yours sincerely and most appreciatively,
Jonathon, UK, 29/03/2015

I have read every single book you have written. I admire u so much for what u do. I wish when I was care I had u as u know how to handle kids with problems. My foster carer was not that nice and did not know what to do with me until I was adopted. Now everyone says to me that I am special because someone chose me. I have just read Saving Danny. it was so very moving. I can not stop reading your books. I want to become a foster carer.
Alison, UK, 29/03/2015

I have just finished reading, Saving Danny and what a beautifully story it was. I have read every book of yours so far and every one of them has been amazing. I have a daughter who is just now going through the assessments for autism. Some of the problems Danny had reminded me so much of my daughter although not as bad, she is perfect to us, she just sees the world differently that’s all. I think you are amazing and the children you foster are very lucky to have someone as nice and caring as yourself. You’ve helped a lot of lives in such a big way! A true hero yourself! Big love. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂
Amy, 25, Birmingham, England, 28/03/2015

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to say that your books are such an inspiration. Reading your words of advice is actually a great help. I love your books, they are so hard to put down. They tug at my emotions and won’t let until after I have put the book down. I have just finished The Child Bride. It took me 2 days to read, I couldn’t put it down. I’m so glad Zeena made it. I couldn’t imagine living away from home for any reason other then being old enough to move. You are a very special woman to be able to put up with and deal with everything that fostering throws at you. The kids are lucky to be able to have someone as special as you look after them. Thank you.
Stephanie, 27/03/2015

Ekkk, I cannot wait for the book coming out this September about Joss, the last part in Saving Danny is such a cliff hanger! The work you did is amazing. It gives so much hope to know there are still people as kind as you in this society! You deserve so much more than you get for the work you have and continue to do! Well done Cathy!
Georgia, 27/03/2015

I have just finished reading Saving Danny. Danny reminded me so much of my brother when he was that age. My brother has autism as well as other health issues. I admire you so much to foster as I know it is not the easiest job in the world. Some of the strategies you used with Danny we also used with my brother and we still do to this day (he is 19) Thank you for continuing to write your books. I cant wait to read the next one. Yours faithfully
Bethany, UK, 26/03/2015

Hello, just a quick note. I have read 5 of your books now and I am hooked. Thank u for sharing your experiences with us. Every book ends with a tear shed. You are an angel sent form heaven!
Elizabeth, 26/03/2015

I’ve just finished reading Saving Danny & as usual was hooked from beginning to end. In my eyes you are an angel sent to help children ….. Thank you for sharing xx
Julie, 26/03/2015

Hey I have read all of your books. I know you probably hear it all the time but you are amazing the way you foster children whilst looking after your own children. You’re such a lovely person. Keep up the great work and writing great books xx
Jessica, 26/03/2015

Mrs G, You have nailed it, Saving Danny is a fantastic book. It shows how hard caring can be, this must have been one of your more difficult care situations. However, you must have felt a great deal of pride and satisfaction at the end of it, after all you made the boys father see sense. BRILLIANT and yes I will comment on Amazon
Ray, 25/03/2015

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books, I don’t have a favourite as they all mean so much to me. My husband and his sister were also fostered and your books have given me a better understanding of the life children have before help comes to them. Unfortunately they both had a rough time with the foster family that took them in, but both stayed until they both got married. My husband is a beautiful man and doing well for himself. His sister has problems dealing with her past but she is doing fine. I just want to tell you that you are an angel sent from God doing his work on earth. Thank you for all you have done not only for the foster children but for your own. Take care I do hope one day to hear from you but if I don’t I will keep reading your books Thanks again .
Trish, Australia, 25/03/2015

Dear Cathy, when I first read your books I was so happy to hear stories that were like mine. I have been in foster care in Canada for almost three years and your stories helped me cope with some of the difficult times. Your stories represent many hurting children’s voices and I am so thankful that your inspiring writing educates people. Yours sincerely,
Inseo, Canada, 24/03/2015

Dear Cathy I have just finished ur latest book Saving Danny. I was never one for reading a book until I bought ur book Cut and from there on I couldn’t put ur books down, waiting patiently for ur next one. I have personally been through things with social services. I feel that social services failed for me. You are such a loving and caring person. Lucy Paula and Adrian are so lucky to have a mum like you and the children you look after. Your books me. You are a great and inspiring writer. The times between ur books feel so long, but always worth the wait, I hope you carry on writing and keep inspiring us with your books. Ur an amazing woman and such a strong person. Love always
Vicky, 24/03/2015

I would like to say thank you for making the time and dedication to write your books. I have read 13 in 2 months. I am very touched by them, I get emotional at every book I have read so far. You are a very strong and wonderful lady. Thank you. We need more people like you in this world.
Gemma, 19, London, England, 23/03/2015

Hi, Cathy. I was never a big reader, until I discovered your very first book ‘Cut’. I’ve always been intrigued by real life stories. When I came across ‘Cut’, while purely just browsing at books on my phone, I was instantly won over. I know the saying of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but, I did, and I’m so glad I did. It took me just 2 days to finish the book. Dawn’s time with you is still fresh in my mind, from when she first arrived and was coochi-cooing Adrian, right through until she eventually left to seek professional help. I’ve also just finished your book ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ another story I was really moved by. And another book I just could not put down. I think not only are you an incredible author, but from my reading your books and the homework I’ve done on you, you’re also an incredible character. Your work has made me deeply enjoy reading. I had only ever, apart from in school, read 1 book in my entire life until I came across you. Now I’ve read 3, two being yours. I’m currently reading ‘Saving Danny’. I’m up to the meeting at school, with you, Danny’s Mum, teacher and social worker. I bet Danny is over the moon he’s allowed his rabbit, George to stay, too.
Kandice, 22/03/2015

Hi Cathy. Have just finished reading Danny’s story, I’m not surprised at the difficulties his parents had as I have worked with autistic children. Kind regards.
Kelly, 21/03/2015

I had my interview for social work yesterday and was asked a question about children in care. I answered from information I learnt from your books. I’ve been offered the position! So major thanks
Kerry, 20/03/2015

Finished Saving Danny, it is a fantastic story, I got a lump in my throat reading it. I bought up my brother for 4 years who has autism, sadly as I was only 19 at the time he went into foster care. If he had been cared for by someone like you he would not have gone on to have such an unhappy life. You are fantastic Cathy, I learn a lot from your books. I have done a review. Can’t wait for September and the new book.
Sue, 20/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I first read Aimee’s story, I have an 8 year old little girl and I kept thinking how she would have felt If she was In Aimee’s shoes. I am currently reading Lucy’s story and it starts from when Lucy Is 6 months old and I also have a 6 month old daughter and I’d cuddle her and just cried. I have bought a few of your books and I can’t wait to get through them. You are such a wonderful person. I know I’m a good mother but reading your books you make me strive to be an even better mother and person. May God bless you and your 3 children. Love from
Shantelle, Australia, 20/03/2015

Dear Cathy, I have read several of your books and feel the need to e mail you. You are an inspiration plain and short. I am a qualified social worker working with the homeless. I am also a mother and have taken a career break. I have always wanted to foster but due to my marriage break up 2 years ago under similar circumstances as your own, I felt I wouldn’t be able to cope alone. From reading 6 of your books over the last few months I have decided to take the leap. Thank you for inspiring me to take this leap. God bless you Cathy. You have made a difference and have restored my faith in humanity. Kindest Regards
R, 19/03/2015

Hi Cathy I absolutely love you books. I’ve nearly read them all. Excited for the new releasesr. I just finished reading the book about Tayo (Hidden), what an incredible book. Glad he was returned. I finally stopped crying reading it. Thank you
Michelle, 22, UK, 19/03/2015

I have just finished reading Saving Danny and I found it a real page turner. Well done on all your hard work. I couldn’t put this book down I kept on turning the page wondering what’s going to happen with Danny. I can’t wait for anymore books to come out of yours I really enjoy each and every one that you write Kind regards
Nicki, UK, 19/03/2015

Hi Cathy, Have just finished the story about Zeena. I pray that she does have an excellent counsellor to help her back to full life. I have read a lot about Pakistani child brides, most of it was coming from Britain in that same way as Zeena. It’s no wonder we have a troubled generation today. I’ll watch out for your new story. Kind regards
Gladys, New Zealand, 19/03/2015

Hi Cathy, You do a fantastic job with not only your children but with all your foster children too! You are an inspiration. I love reading your books and continue to look out for the next one! I am a young lady who grew up in the care system and I have to say I was extremely lucky to get the foster parents that I did who are still a huge part of my life today, you remind me of them in many ways! I know I always have a home with them & a family which is the most important thing! Keep doing what you’re doing! Best wishes.
Emily, 19/03/2015

Hello Cathy, I’m a huge fan of your books, you’re a truly amazing author as well as being a wonderful foster carer. Your books really pull at my heartstrings. My own children were in foster care for ten months because the social services thought they had non-accidental injuries but it was really a genetic disorder. I am so, so glad that there are people out there like you, who foster children who need you.. the children in your books, wow.. what amazing people they are, the way they overcome the traumas that they have been through – children are so resilient, strong and brave. My children’s foster carers were lovely, they took on all my children because they didn’t want to separate them. I’ve just finished reading ‘I Miss Mummy’, I must admit I was reduced to tears so many times whilst reading, you have a wonderful way of putting into words the emotion and heartbreak of the situations you describe. I remember saying goodbye to my children after contacts, trying so hard to hold back the tears so my little ones didn’t see my upset.. Birthday contacts, knowing time was fast running down and two hours would be over before we knew it, wondering if I’d even be allowed to see them for the next birthday. I wanted to blame social services, so badly wanted to hate, to take my anger and frustration out on somebody. I didn’t. That would have counted against me on so many levels. I co-operated. We did as we were asked all throughout. If ever we were angry and wanted to raise a point against social services, we were diplomatic and went through our solicitors. And it all paid off, we fought long and hard and got our children home. I still think about the foster carers and everything they did for us, they never once made us feel they were against us, they loved my children very much and made them feel secure at the least secure time of their lives. Thank you. Your words are invaluable. X x Best wishes,
L, UK, 19/03/2015

Cathy, I am about 80% through Saving Danny. As usual I am enthralled. My own youngest son was diagnosed at age 2 with autism and we were told “He’s also probably retarded. Put him in an institution and forget about him. You’re young. You can have other children.” We absolutely refused. I continued to work with him at home and also made certain he attended nursery school at ages 3 and 4. By age 5, he attended regular public school. Gradually we saw a miracle as he continued to improve with lots of home help. He ended up an excellent student and athlete, graduated 4th in his class of about 200, went on to a small elite college where he graduated with honours. He is now both a well respected high school teacher and swim coach. He is also married with children. He was a miracle and we thank God for him everyday. Thank you for Saving Danny! Can’t wait for your next book. I’ve read all of them.
Sandee, USA, 19/03/2015

Just to let you know that I have read all of your beautiful books. I am waiting for the newest book to arrive in my mail. I hope all is well with you.
Lorrie, UK, 18/03/2015

Dear Cathy, I have just started reading your new book and have to say, like all others, I love it already! Your writing has a way of keeping me on the edge of me seat just wondering what on earth is going to happen next! Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading and recommending. Best wishes,
Marie, USA, 18/03/2015

Already read Saving Danny. Amazing and inspirational as always! I have an autistic boy in my class at the moment and we have a more severe autistic girl in another class. I’ve highlighted quite a few quotes to share at school. Can’t wait for the next book!
Kirsten, UK, 18/03/2015

Oh Cathy! I just got to the page in Saving Danny where you first meet George. I am not familiar with a British Giant so of course I had to google it to see for myself. Now I can’t stop laughing thinking about what your expression must have been upon seeing him! Some of the photos I’ve seen show that some look about the size of a medium dog! What a surprise! Well, back to my reading. I just had to write to let you know how funny that must have been! Love your books! I’ve read them all and continue to look forward to the next! Sincerely,
Rita, Texas, USA, 17/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Saving Danny’. I tried reading a few chapters at a time as I know I’ve a long wait until your next book is due. lol. I have read how well Danny has progressed and I’m just so pleased that his parents realised what a truly amazing little boy they had. I just melted in places and fully understood you wanting to hug him…but holding back in the beginning. You are an inspiration to so many Cathy. Love,
Sue, 17/03/2015

Dear Cathy, thanks to you I have now read more books in the last 3 months than I have in the 3 years previous. After being told I was dyslexic at school, reading never came easy to me and I lacked confidence in my reading ability. But since reading my first book of yours, Please Don’t Take My Baby, I’ve gone on to buy and read 5 more of your books. I’ve never enjoyed reading books as much in my life, sometimes finishing a book in just 2 days, not easy when I also have 3 young children to look after. My boyfriend jokes that Cathy Glass has ruined our love life as I always take a book to bed with me every night to read. Your books have really touch me and made me think about my future and how I will like to become a foster career myself. Thank you.
Kayleigh, UK, 16/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new book which I am excited about reading. Kind regards
Michael, 16/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I have got 13 of your books, all three fiction books and ten of your true stories. I’m currently reading The Saddest Girl in the World. It’ll be finished very soon and no doubt will be reading Saving Danny. Then I only need two more of your true stories and unless more are published, which I really hope they are as I’ve loved reading every book! You sound like an amazing woman and foster carer,
Rebekah, 15/03/2015

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to say how amazing I think you are and say on behalf of everyone you’ve touched … thank you! Your books have helped me more than you know. I have read them all! You inspire people to be better just by being yourself and that’s a gift nobody can take away from you. Thank you for being wonderful and looking after children who need you. It takes a wonderful person to do that. With your influence you have personally ensured a better future for kids who could have so easily been misled the wrong way. Please continue to be amazing and I wish you and your children the best. Happy mothers day, Love
Wilma, 15/03/2015

Hi, I have just finished Saving Danny, what an excellent read. I have read all of your books, you are an exceptional woman and do an excellent job to make children’s suffering better. You should be very proud of the work you do.
Tina, UK, 14/03/2015

I have just finished reading Please Don’t Take My Baby. I couldn’t stop I was literally in tears even at the end. I had my child when I was 18 and I know myself how much of a struggle it is at a young age even with support from family! Very much looking forwards too reading Saving Danny next. Thanks for the inspiration. When I read your books and look at the way you help and support children it helps me with my own.
Jennifer, 13/03/2015

Hi Cathy what a wonderful woman you are!! Wow you are amazing!! To do this work all on your own. I’m a single mum too but now my son is grown up. I’m expecting my first grandchild. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to reading Saving Danny & Girl Alone. Cathy you are my favourite author. I like other authors but I like you best. That sad ex husband of yours can go jump in the lake!!!! Good luck with everything Cathy!! I just wanted to let you know. Wish I could meet you. Thank you. Lots of love
Lynn, New Zealand, 13/03/2015

Dear Ms Cathy, Good day! First, I want to apologise for the wrong grammar that you may notice in my e mail because English is not my primary Language. I have read The Night the Angels Came and for me this is a very great book that shows positively, caring, selflessness, and most of all Faith in God that all things will fall into proper place in spite of troubles we are facing. Honestly, I am not a fan of reading books and in my entire life I’ve only read 5 including this, but I am proud to say that this is my favourite.
Aren, Philippines, 13/03/2015

Dear Cathy., I have just finished re-reading ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ for the third time. I was also a victim of emotional incest after my mother left my father when I was 9 years of age. My father and I were always very close and I was known as ‘Daddy’s little girl’. Until reading your book for the first time I had no idea that my childhood was so abnormal. I’m thinking about it right now and I still feel slightly sick at the thought. I was exposed to sexual images at a very young age. The first incident being when I was 7 years old, my mother used to work nights so was unaware. Like Beth I assumed the role of house-wife after my mother left – cleaning, cooking and ironing, and also used to share my father’s bed, where he slept without any clothes on while he emotionally blackmailed me saying if I ever left him, he would never see me again. On some occasion I, too, wouldn’t wear any clothes thinking that it was normal. Through school, and sexual education classes I came to realise that my situation was not normal. It was extremely confusing and I had no idea what to do. My school didn’t see that something was amiss. I buried myself in my work as it gave me something to focus on but I still proceeded to have a break-down at the age of 14, crying and self harming. I moved in with my mother and her partner, who also was abusive, emotionally and physically. My brother suffered too and still does. He is unable to attend school or go out like a normal teenager, so tainted was his childhood. My father is a twisted, evil man whom I have no intention of seeing again. On the outside I appear a normal 21 year old, with friends and a loving boyfriend and a good job. But I am still plagued with the ghosts of my childhood which I find difficult to deal with on a daily basis. I have never been to therapy, although I should have years ago, I still find it difficult to see men in a platonic light and have difficulty in forming attachments. My partner and I have discussed having children but I am nowhere near ready. He knows my story and he is helping me. I wish that someone had spotted the signs, like Marianne and Miss Willow and helped me. Beth was extremely lucky, not only to have had the signs spotted but to also have you to support her and help her change. On occasion, when I’m depressed and finding it difficult I wish that I had been in foster care, and maybe my life would have turned out differently – more emotionally stable. Your books are an inspiration to me. It’s never too late to be saved. You are doing fabulous work helped children and teenagers. If only I had come to you. Thank you for letting me share my story. I hope that one day I will be able to put my past to rest and move on with my life. For now I am taking one day at a time, and taking the baby steps I need to do to help me find stability, not just in every day life, but also mentally as well. Kindest regards to you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula.
Laura, Germany, 12/03/2015

Hi Cathy just want to say you r amazing. I was in care and would have loved to have a foster carer like you. The work you do is amazing. Please email me back. Love
Pippa, 12/03/2015

I have only started reading your books in the past two weeks but in that time I have read four. I have ordered more. Your books are wonderful. I have a wonderful family but I still feel for all the children you write about. I’ve suffered with depression for the past two years and self harm which stopped me being able to work and do normal things. ‘Cut’ really touched me. I just want to thank you for your writing and let you know how much I enjoyed it. I think you’re a wonderful woman, and after reading your books I’ve started looking into training to become a foster carer in the future myself. Once again, thank you and well done to you and all your doings 🙂
Charlotte, UK, 12/03/2015

Just wanted to say that I’m super excited for the new book! It is taking every bit of self control that I do not start reading it right now. It will be my companion tomorrow night while I fly home. Good books take away the fear of flying….. Heres to hoping I don’t give in and start reading it today! Then what would I do!! Best,
Jus, USA, 12/03/2015

Hello Cathy! I have a membership at Storytel, and have enjoyed all your books in past weeks. I’m Norwegian, and have never listened to any English book before your books. I must just tell you how much I love them! You have opened my mind up for English books, and taught me a lot too! Your stories are so good written, easy to understand for my poor English, and your work is amazing! I hope you continue forever, and share more stories. As I write this I listen to “Saving Danny”. Hope this story also have a happy ending. Thank you so much. Love
Marte, Norway, 12/03/2015

I recently bought The Child Bride, oh my gosh what can I say? I cried n cried. I was angry, I wanted 2 help. I wanted to hug Zeena and you. I felt for you all. I wanted to say I’m so pleased she is now doing law to help others that are in her situation. Well done to Zeena but most of all well done to you Cathy for all the support n encouragement you showed Zeena to help her carry on and be able to fulfil her dreams xxx
Tracy, UK, 12/03/2015

Cathy, I just wanted to say your work is amazing and has had me in tears. I myself have a love for children although only being 19 I have none of my own as of yet. But I hope to qualify as a nursery teacher any time soon. I would be grateful to hear from you, but I understand you are busy. You must be an amazingly strong women and I’m sure all the children you have fostered are grateful.
Emma, UK, 10/03/2015

Hello, I was recommended your book called “The Child Bride”. Being visual impaired I tried Audible books. This is such a heart-warming story. This has been my first book I have read in a long time. Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this heart-warming and emotional understanding of what we brush aside and choose not to be a part of in our lives. Thank you, not just yourself but to all who allowed this book possible for sharing a part of their lives.
Stephen, 09/03/2015

I have downloaded all your books, reading them in order, just finished A Baby’s Cry. You are a wonderful lady and have good children who support you. Keep up good work and writing your books.
Nicola, 09/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading A Baby’s Cry and I had a little tear when I read the part when your daughter Paula said to Harrison “Bye Harrison, I will always love you, bye”. That really tugged at my heart strings. It was just a shame she didn’t keep in contact with you but its like you said that was entirely up to her. I also got a little emotional when I read that you were getting teary because you are such a strong character, but then again every body breaks at some point. You didn’t break down in front of the children, but you did it in your own time when they were at school. I liked the fact that you were so strong and held it all together in front of them which enabled you to comfort them to the best you could. The next book I will be reading by you is called Will You Love Me? about your adopted daughter Lucy. I would love to meet you. You are a true inspiration, I love everything you have written. I can really relate to some of the abuse that some of the children went through. I hope to hear from you soon, Kind Regards
Sammy, UK, 07/03/2015

Hi Cathy. I think you are amazing. The love, support and strength you give to every child is fantastic. Your books have made me interested in becoming a foster carer. I have now started to read your books to my children every night. You are the only author who can write a book that I enjoy. We’ll done and thank you again. Love
Nisha, 06/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me. I have read and own all of your books, and they are the reason I chose to study a Bachelor of Youth Work at university. I work as a care worker in residential care units for young people who have extreme behaviour problems because of the abuse and neglect that they have suffered. It is hard but also so rewarding, especially when you notice the positive impact that you have on a young person, no matter how small it is. Your books have taught and helped me though my studies and when I work with the young people because I can relate some of the stories you have told to the lives of the young people I work with. Residential care is not an ideal setting for a young person of any age, and so I respect you and all other foster carers around the world who take these young people into your homes and care for them like you would your own children. It is giving these young people a chance to experience what it is like to have a welcoming, loving family. One day when I am older I hope to foster too, and this is because of the stories you have shared about your experience as a foster carer. There are many children and young people in the world that need loving people to care for them like you. Thank you,
Leonie, Yorkshire, England, 06/03/2015

Hello. I have just finished your book A Baby’s Cry. I thought it was brilliant. I was in foster care when I was younger and can relate to how the children you look after feel. It is always nice to know there are good people out there. I one day plan to foster but think it would be to much for my children to handle so waiting till they are older. I plan to read the rest of your books now. I do hope you keep writing. Hope you and the children are doing well. Take care.
Wendy, 05/03/2015

Hi Cathy I read ur book The Child Bride and I was really shocked with what happened with Zeena. I am planning to read the other books u have written. I hope u keep on writing more books so I can read them. I never read a book before but when I read ur book I couldn’t stop reading. Thank u and wish you all the best for the next book.
Tahmina, UK, 04/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I have recently finished reading Zeena’s story and was hoping she could stay with you. However she has done so well having been through so much, and I was happy to see your update. I hope her younger brothers and sisters have all achieved well too. Can’t wait for Saving Danny to arrive in Australia this month. Best wishes,
Gail, Australia, 04/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I recently came across one of your books I started to read it and found I could not put it down. I now have read three more. I can’t wait to get hold of another one. You are such an inspiration, your children must be so proud of you. Regards
Theresa, UK, 04/03/2015

Hi Cathy, my dad has been in contact with you and he has encouraged me to email you too. I’m not sure why I haven’t before as I have been reading your books for many years now. I have been touched by every story. It is amazing how much you make a difference to these children’s lives and for doing so I admire you greatly. Keep doing it! Best wishes to yourself and your family, you should all be very proud of yourselves for what you do. ,
Sophie, UK, 02/03/2015

Hello I have read many of your books and I have always wished that you could have fostered me. I am currently reading ‘The Child Bride’. I am 14 years old and have been in care since I was 1. Reading about what you have done for children is amazing and I wanted to thank you for never giving up on them. My favourite book is Cut. I am currently in a foster house and my carer is lovely and I have been living with them for 8 years now. I love your books. You are the only author I read. Thanks for your time
Amy, Australia, 02/03/2015

Hi Cathy, I’m 16 and I’ve just finished reading some of your books. They are so wonderful and I’m glad there are people like you out there who help other children. You’re such an inspiration. I just really wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to helping all those hurt and neglected children and giving them hope. As a victim of child abuse (but not to an extreme extent), your someone I can look up to and thank for giving me hope and confidence. You’re truly an angel Cathy 🙂 Yours thankfully,
Anita, Australia, 01/03/2015

Cathy, I am a super fan of yours, I have every one of your books and am presently reading The Child Bride. Can’t wait until new ones come out. One thing on my bucket list to meet you and have you sign a book for me. I feel like one of your family and totally adore the way your children take to the ones you foster. How wonderful to be able to call them yours. I had to tell you how much I enjoy your books, they all seem to end positively. Sincerely,
Betty, 27/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I have written to you before, as a long time fan of all your books. I am from Boston, the snow capital this winter- over 100 inches this winter! Hope you and family are well. I just received my copy of The Child Bride this week. I pre-ordered it about a year ago! I finished it last night, and I must say it was truly horrifying and definitely exposes an issue people should be made aware of. Child exploitation is so rampant, especially lately as seen in the news, but has existed always. I loved Zeena. She seemed like such a sweet & vulnerable but strong girl. It’s horrible what she endured at the hands of her own family, many members of it. She was so lucky to be placed with you. Your daughters also surely helped with her healing. I wrote a review on Amazon- 5 stars. I have pre-ordered Saving Danny. I hope you will continue to write – you must have plenty of material! Sometimes you mention a child in your books in passing, and I wonder what happened to that individual. All the best to you and your lovely family, and all the foster children. Sincerely,
Val, Boston, USA, 27/02/2015

Good Morning Cathy… I wanted to write and tell you that I have read all of your books!!! In less than one month. I really enjoy them. I feel as though I know you and your family so well. When I wasn’t reading the books I actually “missed” yaw. Ha!! Isn’t that crazy?! I am currently going to school to be a case worker and after reading your books I became that much more inspired to continue my education in that field. I hope there will be more books from you. I am not sure what I am going to do with my time now that I have read them all ha! I hope you all have a great day! Do you have a child with you now? If so, tell them we said HELLO 🙂 Take care, x
Shanon, Virginia, USA, 27/02/2015

Hi Cathy, I’m 18. I’m a massive fan of your books! I just simply can’t put them down. I can relate to them so much as I was in foster care for 6 years along with my brother. We were nearly put up for adoption but luckily my parents won us back. We’re now very happy at home. When I read your books, some really do make me cry because it’s exactly what I was feeling. I got bounced around back and forth to foster carers so much I was confused. Some were really nice and others just took on my brother and me for the money and didn’t care for us properly. Thankfully my last foster carer I stayed with for 3 years and I’m still in contact with her now. I stay at hers every few months, to see my friends in that area and to see my foster carer’s family as well. You’re such an inspiration to me, you really are. You’ve given me courage to go to university and pursue a career in English and writing. Thank you so much for all the books you’ve written. I hope for a reply,
Hesther, 27/02/2015

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say that 5 years on I still find your books incredibly moving. The work that you do is so amazing. I am sure your experiences have helped many out there.
Sam, UK, 26/02/2015

Hi, I so enjoy your books, l have read them all so far. l have ordered Saving Danny and notice on the web page you have one coming out in September, will look forward to that one too. There is no way l could foster, l would land up with a house full. Well done and keep the good work up. You are a very special lady.
Karen, UK, 25/02/2015

Hey I have kindly had six books donated to me of yours. I am now reading Damaged. And wow. I can not tell you how great your book is. I can not put it down. Your books are amazing. I got Damaged as a lend from my friend. I think I have to read them all. I am looking forward for your knew books coming out. Keep up the good work
Laura, 25/02/2015

I have read every one of your books. You are a very special person. I have enjoyed all of your books. I can’t wait for the new one coming out in March!!!!
Jacki, 24/02/2015

Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I am a policeman and have read several of your books (just finished The Child Bride), as has my daughter who is studying to be an educational psychologist. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and in fact still have therapy. It is amazing how long term the side effects can last I am also involved with a charity called NAPAC, National association of People Abused in Childhood. They are amazing charity, assisting adults with the effects of childhood abuse. Thank you again for all the exceptional work that you do. Very Best Wishes
Mike, UK, 24/02/2015

CG: NAPAC do a great job and there is a link to their organization on the Links page of this website.

Hello Cathy, I’m 18 years old and I’m a very big fan of yours. I’ve read a few of your books but I still got a long way to go before I’ve read all of them. I think you’re a really amazing person for getting the child’s story out there and talking about your experiences. They’re really strong for sharing their stories and everything else. The stories you’ve written had me thinking about my own story.
Karmela, 24/02/2015

Hello Cathy, since the last time we were in touch, I have read The Child Bride, Damaged and The Saddest Girl in the World. Child Bride and Damaged shocked me, how brutal can some parents be? To such a degree I had a broken night and I was really affected by it. I want to praise you on how much patience you had with Jodie and how well you wrote the story in so much detail. I also received ‘Happy Kids’ but due to your addictive books, I haven’t yet got round to it! My 12 year old daughter has also begun to read Damaged and Cut, and so far has been enjoying it. You have inspired her to gradually write about her experience in secondary school involving bullying, developing an anxiety disorder, and self harm. Also, in addition to this, my son has also read ‘My Dad’s a Policeman’ and is waiting to receive the book ‘The Night the Angels Came’. Thank You So Much for sharing all your inspiring stories. And love to your family
Ayca, UK, 22/02/2015