All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy, I bought my self a Kindle for Xmas and while fiddling around trying to work it I went into the best sellers list to see what there was to read. I am a single parent working full time so have not read a non-educational book for some time and I really wanted to get lost in a story. Our lives have been in turmoil for 4 years so getting away from my thoughts was very difficult. That is when I found “The Night the Angels Came”. The title appealed to me, possibly because I had been praying to the Angels to guide us into clearer waters. Your book proved to be a turning point for me. One very important lesson was that I had a life and even though it was difficult, it was possible for things to get better. Reading this book provided a healing space for my thoughts. t took me away from damaging negative thoughts. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was giving my emotional and mental health a break and I was beginning to heal. The distraction away from my own problems created other more useful emotions such as getting the house work done quickly and dealing with my sons needs so that I could have the time to read your story. I remember sitting at the side of the public swimming pool with tears in my eyes as I read the final chapter of this inspirational story as the boys and their friends splashed happily to the disco swimming session. Although my problems are still with me, I feel better able to deal with the daily knocks and stresses. I have downloaded another 5 and started reading Happy Adults” last night. You have also inspired me to start writing “my” story too. So any tips will be appreciated. You are clearly a wonderful human being and the world is blessed to have you in it. Xx
Chris, UK, 11/02/2012

Hi, I have just finished reading ‘Cut’ and am now writing this through tears. This story is similar to mine. After years of therapy which was little help, I am now starting with Transactional Analysis. At last, the right kind of help for me. My therapist reminds me of you. Kind, caring and most of all forgiving. In my forties, and still self harming, I am hopeful that I will be able to stop, now that I have found someone that not only listens to me, but actually hears what I say. Just as you do to all your foster children. I just wish I had someone like you on my side years ago. My life’s a mess, and I doubt I can turn it around now, but I now feel sure that I will cope with the rest of my life as best as I can. I will survive! That’s the best I can hope for. But I’m happy with that. Thank you for being there for all those children. They need someone like you. Take care,
Pat, 11/02/2012

Dear Cathy, I just finished your story of Jodie. Actually it is a translation. It was a shocking experience. I feel so sorry for her and hope that she is doing better now. I have read a lot of books on various fields but never read a very emotional story like this. I really appreciate your courage and sacrifice for these little children. Also I would like to give my thanks to your own children for having such an understanding about the situation even at a small age. I haven’t words to appreciate your work. You are a wonderful and great person. Best wishes for you and people like you.
Nilochana, Sri Lanka, 10/02/2012

Hello Cathy, Not too long ago, I began borrowing your books from our library. Damaged was the first one of your books I read. I have reserved your other books which are coming from other libraries. So far I’ve also borrowed and read Hidden and The Saddest Girl in the World, I’m now reading The Girl in the Mirror and next I will be reading Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and I Miss Mummy. I also want to read Cut, A Baby’s Cry, Run Mummy Run and My Dad’s a Policeman as I am enjoying the books and I hope there will be many more. I think you are truly amazing and an inspiration to the children you have fostered over the years. They’re very lucky to have had you as their foster carer. Hidden proves that dreams and wishes do come true, but without you this would not have been possible. Those poor children did suffer badly before they came into your care, but thanks to you, their futures seem so much brighter. I am sure they and your own children are so proud of you and the work you do.
Emma, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand, 08/02/2012

Hi Cathy, I’ve wanted to be a Social Worker since I was 18 when things happened in my family, but never really had the courage to go and study it. I’ve always enjoyed reading books based on true stories and when I was out browsing which book to buy next your ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ caught my eye. It didn’t take me long to read it as it was hard to put it down. I laughed, cried and was shocked reading this book, which made me order other books you have written. After each part I read I would reread it to my partner as he needed to see what all the fuss was about. He admitted it was very touching and sad to read what ‘Reece’ had gone through. Since I have read this book, now at the age of 23, I am enrolling into University to study Social Work. This book has had a great impact on what I want to do with my future and would like to thank you. I feel without reading this book I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your books. Thank you,
Ketrina A, 07/02/2012

Hi Cathy, Thank you so much for writing and sharing your stories with us. I have read Damaged not long ago and just finished Hidden. I picked up Damaged randomly from the local library shelf (Sydney, Australia), as I just looked up fostering kids and wanted to read some stories about it. I’m very glad that yours was the first book I read. It really showed how it is like for some of the kids and yourself (and family). The way you can see how the child is feeling and how you deal with the situations that arise to the best interest of all parties involved is something that you should be so proud of. I hope one day to foster kids myself and I hope to be just a good a foster parent as you are if I do. You are really an inspiration and the kids that go into your care are fortunate to have you. You really do change lives for the better and I hope to do the same one day. Kind regards,
Kathryn, Sydney, Australia, 05/02/2012

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to thank you for all your sad but so interesting books and a real eye opener. I admire your for everything you do. I have been looking into fostering since my daughter is getting ready for college .Once again Cathy thank you.
Martha S, Los Angeles, California, US, 05/02/2012

Hi Cathy, I came across your book at my local library and could not put it down. After reading about 6 of your books, I now want to read all of them. I feel so inspired by the work you have done for all those children and you have blessed all these children with hope and a new chance in life. God bless you Cathy. Kind Regards
Shelley B, Australia, 05/02/2012

Dear Cathy, I am just writing to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books. The first book I read was ‘Cut’. It was SO amazing, I couldn’t put it down. I then went on to read the other of your books including ‘Damaged’ and ‘Hidden’. I was so taken aback by the stories and the incredible way in which you portrayed them in your writing. You books, especially Cut, have inspired me to study psychology at university. I hope to read all of your other material and hope that you keep writing for a very long time. Many thanks and much love,
Lucy, UK, 04/02/2012

Hello Cathy, I read your book Damaged and it really made me think. I can’t begin to think what the children you take in are going through and they must be very grateful to you. You are amazing women, you have helped so many children and I hope to make an impact like you. I am now at the point of choosing my options for year 9 and when I am older I would like to be a social worker or something like that. I really want to help children that have had a bad life and need to go somewhere safe. I just thought I would email to say thank you for sharing your experiences, I cried wile reading Damaged and to think this is happening to other children is horrific. Thank you x
Liberty, 04/02/2012

Hi, please can you add me to your mailing list for your new releases. Your books are truly inspirational. I can’t put them down once I start to read them. Kind Regards
Liz, UK, 04/02/2012

Hey, I am a 17 year old girl who never really read a book until my mum gave me your book, Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. I was mesmerized by what Reece suffered. I am now at college doing a health and social care course and hopefully training to be a paediatric nurse. I would like to say thank you because you have helped me decide what I want to do in my life and inspired me to change children’s lives. I have also begun writing my own book about children in foster care, using someone who has just begun to get there first child. Thank you once again. hope you write back.
Charlene H, Telford, England, 03/02/2012

Hi, Cathy, Firstly I want to say what an inspiration you are! Also how moving your books have been. So far I have read, Hidden, Run, Mummy, Run, My Dads A Policeman and The Night the Angels Came. Which was by far the most touching. I am hoping to become a foster carer in the future and from reading your books you have inspired me even more. We’re lucky to have people as strong and caring as you and I hope I can be just as brilliant carer as you have been. Well done Cathy, and thank you.
Cailer, 20, London, England, 03/02/2012

Hey Cathy, I have emailed you before about your books. At the time I hadn’t finished reading all of the memoirs but now I have and I want to thank you yet again. Your books have touched me in a way I never knew a book could. I can relate to just about all of the children you wrote about in some way or another.
Christina, 17, 01/02/2012

Hi Cathy, I have just read your book about Jodie. And I can’t get her out of my head – that poor child! I’m so glad that you gave her love, understanding and a good home and did your very best to help her. I send you both my best thoughts and wishes.
Camilla, Denmark, 01/02/2012

Hello Cathy, I’m studying at 6th form, my friend lent me ‘Cut’ and can’t wait to read your other books. You such an amazing person and writer. By the time I reached the end of ‘Cut’ I couldn’t stop crying. Everything about the book moved me in such ways I can’t describe. You’re such an inspiration! Best wishes,
Emily, 17, UK, 01/02/2012

Hello Cathy, I’m reading your books. I have all of them (I think), I got them all at the same time. I haven’t read them all yet, I’ve read three so far and just over half way through the forth one. I saw one of your blogs saying about sending out emails about new books. I would love to know when a new book is out. I think your work is amazing. I also think your books help a lot of people, in many different ways. Thank you, from
Chantelle, 01/02/2012

Hello! Please know that everything good that was ever said about you, is also what I would like to say to you and would say if it didn’t take to long. If you are unable to answer my email, I understand. Sincerely,
Petra, 30/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just started reading your books after receiving The Night the Angels Came for Christmas. I would like to congratulate you on such a well written book. I know when I have read a good book because it gets my emotions going which this one did. It made me laugh and cry both at the same time. I liked this book so much that I have gone on to buy three more. I only hope that you continue to carry on writing more books. Kind regards
Sarah M, 29/01/2012

Hi Cathy. hope you and the kids are alright and having a good week. Just to let you know a friend of mine has gone into fostering, they’ve passed all the tests and stuff they’ve had to do. I’ve been telling her about your books and she wants to read them all now. I’ve told her some of them are very sad. She’s just started reading Hidden and her hubby said she’s not put it down for past couple of days. They just waiting for a child now, but they’re a lovely family and got plenty of time to spend with kids. She said you sound very loving and friendly. She said they will probably get attached to the children like you do and not want them to go. Best wishes
Tracy, UK, 29/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to tell you how amazing I find your books! I read ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ and ever since I can’t help but read your others. I love how easy it is to understand your writing techniques, yet how much depth and detail you put into every sentence. I admire how strong you’ve been to come so far and help all those people. You’re an inspiration!
Kimmy, 17, UK. 27/01/2012

Hi Cathy! I have just finished reading my 4th book by you, Cut, and may I just say what a true inspirational lady you are. I adore reading your books as they are so beautifully written and easy to read. The stories are so painful to read at times yet I am drawn to the end to find the outcome. I always then log onto your website to check what else may have happened since the book!! I have 2 young children myself and work in education and know how demanding children can be. I also know that sometimes a little understanding and a step back is also what they need to insure a brighter future for them. I have just pre-ordered “A Baby’s Cry” but if there are any other books you write in the future can you please let me know. Many thanks and congratulations on your amazing success as a writer and as a wonderful carer.
Sarah T, UK, 26/01/2012

Dear lovely Cathy, It is with honour and delight that I drop this short note of appreciation to you. I just want to say thanks for all your work and writings, I am inspired and shed tears when I go between the lines of your write ups. I wish I can meet you face to face, and I will be pleased. May Almighty God bless you more abundantly. Bye and regards.
Larry, UK, 26/01/2012

Hi Cathy, Please can you add me to your mailing list to let me know when you have a new book out. I have all your books which once started I can’t put down. Merci
Lynda L, 25/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I wanted to let you know that your story of Tayo in Hidden had a real impact on me. My girlfriend and I are only 25 but we have had the talk about kids in the future, she wants two of our own, two adopted as well as being a foster carer. I’m hesitant as I understand the commitment and patience involved in fostering kids who have had problems from evils thrust upon them. However, after reading Tayo I see that the rewards far outweigh the effort. There are so many bad people out there, Cathy, and its good to see people like you who care, I too want to be that person. I just wanted to ask how your own children managed throughout the fostering process? They seem well adjusted in ‘Hidden’. Thanks for sharing the story.
Jarrod, Australia, 24/01/2012

CG: Hi, how lovely that you and your partner are considering your future family. My advice would be to take it a step at a time. I would guess you would like children of your own to begin with, after which you could consider fostering and adoption.In respect of my children, although it hasn’t always been easy, fostering has made them better people. As you read more of my books I think you will see their characters. They have a lot of empathy and I am very proud of them. Cathy x

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to send a quick message saying you are truly an inspiring person. I’ve read quite a few of your books and they never fail to move me. The amount of love and support you give to your foster children is unbelievable. You are the most kind hearted person and wonderful writer.
Elen, 23/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I have to say I brought 2 of your books last week. The Saddest Girl in the World and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. It took me between working and family life 3 nights to read The saddest girl. I am so glad Donna made something of her life. Mummy Told Me Not To Tell, took me 2 nights to read. I could not put it down. For the first time in a lot of years reading not only did I have tears in my eyes, they where rolling down my cheeks. I have just found your book The Night the Angels Came and your first books. I have had to order on line has they are not available near to where I live. Can I please ask you to add me to your mailing list so that I do not miss any more when they are first published? I would like to finish by saying you and your children should give yourself a big pat on the back for the way you have changed the lives of everyone who has come to live with you Best wishes to you all.
Dawn, Hull UK, 23/01/2012

Dear Ms Glass, I ordered Damaged in French and read it in 2 days. A fascinating, helpful and inspiring book. A page turner that didn’t not bring me to neglect my 3 kids though! I must say as a purist that I regretted that the French translation is at times a bit sloppy. Nevertheless the content is the core of the book and I just want to thank you for helping others, for making this world better, for not looking away and for not finger-pointing kids with behavioural disorders due to past abuse. Thanks for not hardening your heart as so many do, adding more cruelty to this hurting world. I am going to order Happy Kids over your website and can’t wait to receive it. Meilleurs voeux 2012 and best regards Cathy!
Arétha, France, 23/01/2012

Hi, I’ve read loads of your books. have to say you really are amazing at what you do, being a foster carer can’t be easy. Me and my husband have been inspired by your books to look into fostering. Even though we have four young children we feel we have more love to give. My favourite book is Hidden. I love the fact that young Tayo finally got what he wanted. Another favourite of mine and my husband’s is The Night the Angels Came. It’s sad, moving, yet that young boy still had loads of people that loved him. The two most saddest I must say is Damaged, poor Jodie. As a victim of abuse myself I can relate to her on some level although it only lasted a year it still left its mark on me. Another sad one for me is The Saddest Girl in the World. I cried for that poor girl. Thank god she had you to show her what real love from a parent felt like. You truly are amazing. Like you I would love to give a young child a loving home. Thanks x
Meg, UK, 22/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I hope you are well. I have recently finished “The Night the Angels Came”, what a sad story. It touched my heart, deeply. What a lovely man Patrick was, totally selfless. The love they had for each other was beautiful. It must have been so very hard to let Michael go. I thought Michael was a very brave little boy, having to deal with his father’s illness and death. Adrian and Paula must be very proud of you for all the work you do with fostering, and you must be very proud of them for all the help they give. There were some very moving parts in the book like Michael’s prayers, his father’s death, Paula’s little comments, Patrick’s sayings and his texts to you. But the one that touched me, for some reason, was the cheque you received from Colleen, Patrick was so thoughtful it was lovely. I spent the nights of the past week reading this in bed with tears running down my cheeks. I watched my mum ravaged by cancer; she was only 53 when she died in 1997. It was the worst thing I had to deal with. She was so full of life and always happy. On many occasions she would tell us, (my brother, sister and I), “all I do, I do for you”. Mum lived for us, which was always plain to see. Even after 15 years I still miss her very much. I am now looking out for another of your books. Take care and keep safe Very kind regards
Terence, 20/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I just wanted to say, I’ve just finished reading your book “The Night the Angels Came”, and I could not put it down. I finished the book within 2 days. I read it day and night, and I was moved with the imagery and tension. I think Michael was a very special boy and you looked after him well. I also realise how close you and Patrick grew and you must have been very upset at loosing such a close friend. In the end Michael made the right decision too live with his Auntie and Uncle, who looked after him well and cared for him as if he were there own. I was very moved by this book, and I cant wait too read more of your work. I was so moved by some of the things you said, I could see them in my head, the way you described Michael saying his prayers at night and the things he said. I was especially moved when he heard his father’s voice that morning, and how he could feel as if his father was there with him. I hope you write more books and share your life experience with the public. I will certainly be looking out for more of your work, and if it isn’t so much trouble, could you mail me back, thanks Cathy!
Kailey M, Scotland, 20/01/2012

Hiya Cathy, I’ve just finished reading Happy Adults and what a great book. It has helped me a lot. I can relate to a lot of it, I too bottle things up and get depressed about job hunting. Thanks too u I can now find a new way to deal with it. Thank you so much, Cathy
Chris S, UK, 19/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I’ve read Damaged and found I just could not put it down. I’m glad that Jodie is doing well and hope she contacts you again soon. My Dad’s a Policeman also brought tears to my eyes – the work you do for these children is fantastic, I don’t know how you do it. I get so upset just reading your books with what they have been through. It would be great to be on you mailing list as I love your books, you’re a great family, and wonderful author. Thank you for being there for these children and showing the world what they have been through. Yours sincerely
Karen W, Coventry, UK, 18/01/2012

I would just like to say that your books are amazing. I think you’re a wonderful person and a great foster mum.
Donna, 18/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I’m 15 years old. I first read one of your books about 3months ago ‘The Night the Angels Came’, before this I’d never read a book. I actually really enjoyed reading it, it was amazing! When I read your books I can see what’s happening, it’s like I’m watching everything unfold. That’s how trapped I get in your books! ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ was another of my favourites. Part of this book made me laugh, in the way that you described Reece’s mum, it reminds me of my neighbour. Reading your book ‘Cut’ was another of my favourites. I just can’t describe how your books make me feel. They’re really amazing. It’s almost like when I’m reading them I’m there and can see everything that’s happening. Well you have really inspired me to read your books. I’m addicted to them. You’re such a wonderful person fostering all those troubled children! If you were to reply it would be FANTASTIC. Thank you so much,
Adam G, 15, UK, 18/01/2012

Hey. I have read your book Damaged. It’s the most beautiful book I ever have read. You are so strong. It’s like you never give up. I have lived in foster homes since I was 10 and now I’m 17. I have moved many times, I should move again.
Mona, 18/01/2012

Could you please add me to your mailing list – I have already pre-ordered your new book. I’m not a great fan of reading but I can’t put your books down. It makes you realise how lucky you are, and also helps you to understand the children by showing different ways to deal bad normal behaviour. Thank you
Samantha, 17/01/2012

I have just finished reading one of your books (Run Mummy Run) it was hard to put it down. I loved it, much to my husbands discussed as I love reading in bed lol. Not that it keeps him awake as he can sleep through anything. I hope to hear from you soon. Take care love.
Yvonne B, UK, 17/01/2012

Just finished The Night the Angels Came! I was in tears, Patrick sounded like such a lovely man, and Michael deserved the best! You are so special x
Faye, UK, 17/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I am totally addicted to your books! You write in a style that is easy to get hooked, in fact I am having trouble at work because I am unable to put the books down and do some work! I would love to be put on your mailing list so that I will be informed when your next book is out. I was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by my step father. I used to dream about a person like you coming to my rescue, unfortunately it wasn’t to be, however I am delighted to know that you rescued so many other children. You are an inspiration.
Dee, 17/01/2012

Hi Cathy, Just dropping you a message to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books. You are a fabulous writer, please don’t ever stop! Just finished The Night the Angels Came, and was nearly in tears at the bus station the other day. Pat sounded like such a lovely man, and Michael too, as well as being a strong boy who went through so much in such a short space of time. My book draw is full of your books, and only four more to go until I’m up to date with the whole collection! Cannot wait for A Baby’s Cry to be released! Your stories are truly touching and you are an inspiration.
Sophie G, 19, 16/01/2012

Hey, Cathy. “The Saddest Girl in the World” is the first book I’ve read of yours, and definitely not the last! I couldn’t put the book down unless I really had to. Even then, my teacher had to tell me to put the book down more than once! Reading this book got me wondering. What happens when a carer and foster child have different religious views?
Clarissa, 15/01/2012

CG: Hi Clarissa, children are matched with foster carers as much as possible but if no match is available then the carer always respects and supports the child in their religion.

Hello Cathy and greetings from New Zealand. I have just finished reading “Damaged” and it has inspired me to write and thank you for the love and compassion that you have in your heart. I experienced neglect and abuse as I grew and could never understand how a parent could turn on their own child, by doing all they could to destroy the natural love that a child has for a parent. Thank you again for this book. I found it quite by accident in on a supermarket “swap” table full of books and this one found me. I feel healed and ready to read more. I wish you joy in your life and all those who find their way to you, may their journey through life enrich yours as well.
Angela, New Zealand, 15/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I really like reading your books. I have just finish reading one of your books called Cut. It was really good. My mum is a foster care, she looks after babies.
Samantha H, UK, 14/01/2012

Hi Cathy. I was recently loaned your book “Damaged”, I had been laid up with a broken ankle. Knowing the book was a non-fiction I started reading not knowing what to expect. I was awakened quickly to the little girl Jodie. To think she could function and yet lived in her own Damaged world, and not living as other children had a chance to. Each page was heart rendering. I too went through some things that I managed to live through but still deal with. I’m 65 years young and you NEVER forget this but somehow you manage to go on in life and try to make the best of it. Our so called “system” no matter what country we live – is broken and too many people especially the children fall through the cracks. I volunteered many years ago at our own government centre (USA) in child protection and the things I heard would make you sick. Thank you for writing, and please please continue. Through your books we can learn to try harder to help in some small way or to enlighten the public to these matters. I look forward to reading more of your books. Thank you again!!!
JoEllen, USA, 14/01/2012

Recently bought Damaged, and once I started to read it I was hooked, and could not put it down. After two days and two sleepless nights I read it! Poor Jodie, I could not believe what she had gone through, it had me in tears. You are a wonderful person Cathy, Selfless and patience of a saint. You should be very proud of the year with Jodie. I know that somewhere in that little girls heart she thinks the world of you, it proved that in the lovely letter you found in her room! Bless her heart, and yours! I got very upset when I read that Jodie had brain damage, as all the way through the book I hoped and prayed she would somehow find a way through her darkness. I only hope that she has found some kind of happiness. Very kind regards.
Terence, UK, 13/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I was in a charity shop last year and saw Damaged on the shelf and bought it. Like many other of your readers it had me totally hooked and I also had tears running down my face. You write with such emotion and make it very hard to put the book down as you so need to know the ending. I passed that book on to a very dear friend who is also a foster carer. She has like you given her time to children who are in their darkest hour and like you she did adopt one of her foster children, who is such a credit to her. I am so humbled to be a friend of her and her family. She read Damaged and cried for the whole book and vowed never to read another as it was so true to life and too close to home. I have bought more of your books and read them in two days. I donated the last books to the local Library, so that other people can have the pleasure in reading your books. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us all. I feel privileged to have been able to read parts of your life which are normally kept very private and to which you chose to share. Well done Cathy and your family, for giving people a chance of a lifetime. Regards.
Sarah, Sidcup, Kent, UK, 13/01/2012

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BOGUS£AWA K, Poland, 13/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I wanted to say what an inspiration you are!!! I am not a book reader, in truth I can’t stand books, that was until I saw your book on a shelf on Tuesday. There was something that drew me to it so I bought ‘The Night the Angels Came’. From the moment I took it home and opened it I was hooked. Every night after I put my daughter to bed I would read it, each day when I had lunch at work I would read. I felt that by reading your story I was being allowed into your world. I felt part of your family and Michaels too. The way you write allows the readers to feel the emotion, the love, the heart ache. You have something special!! Your family must be so proud of you for you not only give love to the child in need but also to your own children at the same time!!! You inspire me to want to foster, however I don’t think I’m mentally strong enough…maybe one day. Thank you for writing these stories and please continue to write more. I can’t wait till tomorrow till I can go and buy another one!!! Take care
Oliver, 12/01/2012

Hi Cathy. I am just writing to you to tell you how much I adore your books. They are so heartfelt, each and every one of your books have read have brought a tear to my eye. I fully understand the kids emotions and how they deal with their pain. At the moment I am reading about 4 year old Alice I am only on chapter 11 but have had tears in my eyes throughout. As a child I was taken in to care and experienced so many hurdles along the way. I feel your books have helped me deal with my issues that have scarred my past. I am now 17 and living on my own and learning to deal with my issues by tackling them head on. Your books have played a huge part in building my strength and making me realise I’m not the only one. I am now determined to prove people that doubted me wrong, and make the best of my potential. I also hope in the future to foster. I would like to thank you as I feel your books have helped me immensely. Thank you so much. I hope to hear back from you soon. Kind regards
Bethany F, 17, UK, 12/01/2012

Hello, Cathy. One could argue that at the age of fourteen, perhaps I am too young to be reading your books. But I can’t put them down. The stories of the children, albeit harrowing and sometimes hard to read, struck a cord with me. I am currently reading your book, ‘Cut’. I have to say, I am yet to complete it, but it is one of my favourites. As an aspiring writer myself, I am always impressed with your writing. You have your own unique style which is very easy to get hooked on. I find myself wanting to slow down reading as I get through your books so quickly I often read one in a night! I literally can not put them down. When popping down my local ASDA, I will always go to the book section, and where your books are proudly displayed in a massive quantity. When I have the money I grab as many as I can and devour them as soon as I get home. I’m writing to say thank you so much. I am thinking of fostering. Thank you, Cathy. So much.
Kali, UK, 14, 12/01/2012

Hello. Some time ago I read the book “Damaged” I am very sad and I can not pick up after reading it. I do not know English, so I use the online dictionary. Sorry for mistakes. I know that this book will stick long in my memory, I will curse her “parents” and I do not understand how this could hurt their child. I think of Jodie and family. I am pleased that Jodie has met along the way is Lady. I keep my fingers crossed for her, I very much hope that it’s okay. I will for her and the family of Mrs. and Mrs. pray. Jodie Yours, Mrs. and Mrs. family. I greet
Ula, Poland, 12/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I bought your book about Donna and read it over the past month. I was really moved with her story and felt really sorry for her. I was happy when there was a home found for her that could help her with her skin colour. It was so touching. From reading just that book I’m going to buy the rest of your books. Yours faithfully
Chantelle, UK, 12/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’. I was adopted when I was 5 and had similar childhood experiences which until 30 I had no real memories of. I am now trying to find my way through my day and night terrors. I needed to tell you thank you. When I read this book it made me realize I wasn’t the only little girl who behaved that way. I was also very fortunate in having a very kind and loving adoptive farther who sadly passed away 4 years ago. I had very little support as a child from the social services. I have found great help through writing poetry, which I have found so therapeutic. Once again thank you for being a constant support to children like myself. I wish you and the very lucky children you foster all the best.
Tanya, Southampton, UK, 12/01/2012

Hello, I have been touched by your books which have many emotions from laughter to tears. You are an amazing woman with 3 amazing children. I was given the opportunity of a 2nd chance of a family and without that I don’t know what would have happened to me. People like then and you are truly wonderful people who don’t get the gratitude and respect you deserve. You open your homes families and hearts to children who are troubled and in much need of reassurance. You don’t realise this but u will have turned so many lives around. It isn’t the work of a social worker that saves a child but the care of a good person/people like you. I would like to thank u and all the amazing foster carers out there. From my own experiences of the system I know that it took a while to find a good family after so many mistakes. Children do slip through the cracks even in the system. It took from 4 to 7 to find the right family for me, but without them I wouldn’t be the person I am. Your books make my past easier to deal with. I have learnt to accept the past, appreciate my 2nd chance and love my children. You are a very special person Ms. Glass, thank u to all the angels like yourself, take care Much respect
Nicola, 23, 11/01/2012

Dear Ms. Glass, I’m a grade 10 student in Halifax Nova Scotia. I’m not a big reader, but I have recently started to read your books, and I just can’t put them down. I just finished the story about Reece in the book titled Mummy Told Me Not To Tell It was an amazing read and very sad and heart wrenching. I’m now on chapter four of The Night the Angels Came, and I just can’t stop reading it. Please keep on writing books about the children you have fostered, because they are just amazing!
Jenna, Canada, 11/01/2012

Hello, I just brought another one of your books, Cut. I am enjoying it so far 🙂 x
Lauren, 11/01/2012

Hello, I only started reading your books after a friend gave me your book ‘Cut’. It was so emotional and heart felt, I completely recognised the character Dawn! Lots of things Dawn went through I could understand. I’m in care, I have been involved with social services since I was 12. I begged social services for 5 years to put me in foster care/supported lodgings but they were determined for me to stay with my mum. At 16 I moved into a flat on my own with some support and it was good for a while but then it went bad. I started drinking heavily and taking drugs, overdosing, and just lost my way. I’m just recovering from a recent OD. I hope you can help me by emailing back. I could really use someone reaching a hand out to me. I’m studying A levels, and I’m 17. Please please reply!! I love your books and now I’m reading the book about little Alice! Loving it!
Hayley, 17, UK, 11/01/2012

CG: I did reply.

Hiya Cathy. Got the book Happy Adults today. Looking forward to reading it. Wish u all best wishes for 2012 x
Chris S, 10/01/2012

Hi Cathy, my husband bought me one of your books for Christmas ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’. I had finished it by New Year’s Day and have now just finished Cut. I’m 28 with 2 children. I didn’t have a great childhood myself so have made sure my children have everything they need. Your books have made me very sad at times but also hopeful. No matter what happens in the coming years (when my children hit the teenage years) things can always be worked out. I hope to hear back from you but I’m sure you are very busy. All the best and happy new year
Natasha, 28, UK, 09/01/2012

Hello Cathy, I am Claudia, 16 years old from South Africa. I just wanted to say thank you for writing all the books. I don’t read books other then yours. My mom was very glad when I told her I liked your books and when I asked her to buy them she was very shocked. Good shocked though. I love your books. You are amazing, caring, warm hearted and all those good words you use to describe someone. You truly are amazing. I look up to you, and coming from me that’s something big. I want to be a judge now when I grow up, because I think that people who abuse, murder, rape, and the people in your books should be prison longer they are. Or I want to marry rich, and I will foster children just like you do. That’s about all THANK YOU CATHY. Thank you very much. Stay AMAZING! I hope you enjoy your year and 2012 is everything you want and expect it to be. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true.
Claudia, 16, South Africa, 09/01/2012

Hi Cathy, Firstly I have to say I think you are an amazing woman, I’ve read a few of your books. Started reading ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ yesterday morning & just finished reading it I literally couldn’t put it down. I think you do an amazing job & love reading your books I think ‘Damaged’ is the best book I have ever read, it had me in tears at times. Reading your books makes me want to help in some way, but having a 1 year old little girl at the moment I know it’s a bit unrealistic. Would really love to foster in the future though 🙂 You are a truly inspiring woman. Looking forward to reading more of your books.
Natalie, UK, 09/01/2012

Dear Cathy, I just have to let you know that I discovered your books four days ago and since then have read two of your books-Damaged, and Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. I have not been able to put them down. I just wanted to say what an amazing woman you are!! I am a primary school teacher myself and I really admire and respect the way you treat the children in your care! It must be an amazing feeling to have changed so many lives for the positive- I felt heart broken myself for you when you had to let ‘Reece’ go. I wanted to thank you for these books- you truly are a remarkable woman! Yours most sincerely,
Saffron, UK, 08/01/2012

Wow, what to say? You are an absolutely amazing woman! I’ve just finished reading ‘The Night the Angels Came’, and it had me in pieces. I’ve also read Damaged and Hidden and can honestly say it was very difficult to put all three books down! I am currently reading The Girl in the Mirror and have Run Mummy Run, ready to read next. You and your children are wonderful and amazing people and I look forward to reading many more of your books in the future.
Terri-Ann, UK, 08/01/2012

Dear Cathy, Please can you add me to your mailing list. I am a mother of 5 who cannot put your books down. I have read everything you have written and I think reading your books makes me a better parent. I love and kiss my children each day and night and constantly feel guilty for not giving them enough time, attention or material things. However your books make me realise that I am a good mother. Although we may not have much money and I was a very young mother (17) my husband and I have been blessed with a truly wonderful successful family, and my wonderful children are very lucky as they are very much loved. Can’t wait for the new book.
Julie J, 08/01/2012

Hallo Cathy, Best wishes for 2012. I’ve being wanting to write to you since I read Mummy Told Me Not To Tell and I Miss Mummy. I find it sad that contact is imposed when it evidently has a negative impact on the child. I also felt such empathy with Reece and injustice towards him when the head master showed clearly no sincere interest in doing what is best for Reece. So glad things worked out well for Reece in the end. Alice’s story broke my heart. First that circumstances resulted in her being taken into care whereas she had such loving grandparents. I felt so upset about the father and his new love insincere interest in Alice. Life can at times be so backward and upside down. I enjoyed reading both books, even if I felt strong emotions while doing so. Kind regards
Thomas, South Africa, 08/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I would just like to start by saying how much I really enjoyed your book Damaged, I could not put it down, I managed to read the entire book in about 6 hours! My mum bought it for me and said she thought it might help me to overcome some of my past, and it did, although I never suffered to the extent that Jodie did! This story was heartbreaking and it makes me angry at the violent and sick selfishness of some people! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with the world. I know there are many people out there (including me) that think you are an amazing author and a real inspiration to everyone. After reading Damaged I would really like to read all of your books. I am also going to lend Damaged to a friend as I know she likes real life books and I am sure she won’t be able to put it down either! Thank so much
Rachel, UK, 08/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I brought your book Hidden in October last year to take on holiday and now I can never put your books down. I think you are really inspiring.
Caitlin, 08/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I think your books are amazing I have just read The Night the Angels Came and it had me in absolute bits. You are an incredible woman and an inspiration. I pick up one of your books and have to read it all the way through. My other half says I shouldn’t because he knows how tearful I am after reading them. Can’t wait for the next one to come out. Keep up the good work.
Susan H, UK, 07/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I bought Cut last year from Asda to take on holiday. I hadn’t read any of your books before. I am now hooked. I have read 7 off your books now. My husband bought me a kindle for Christmas so I purchased I Miss Mummy, about Alice and her family. I just finished it last night. It just goes to show how wrong the system can be sometimes. I have now just purchased Run Mummy Run, I have no doubt it will be as good as your other books. Keep up the great writing, Cathy. It’s a good way to tell people how much some child suffer and give us some ideas on what we can do to give our own children the best life. Kind Regards
Maxine L, UK, 06/01/2012

Dear Cathy Glass, I’m a student in Austria and I have to choose a special topic for my A-levels at school. I have taken two of your wonderful books (Damaged and The Night the Angels Came). They are amazing!!! Thank you for writing these books! What I liked most is that every chapter has a perfect ending, I wanted to go on reading after every chapter. Thanks for all you have done for children you don’t even know! I hope I will be like you when I’m older. If there are mistakes in this email please forgive me for that, I’m only a student.
Sabine K, 18, Austria, 05/01/2012

Hi Cathy, You’re such an inspiration to many, but you’re my idol. My dad was brought up in a children’s home and he tells me lots of stories, which are really sad. I like hearing reading true life stories because some have been in the same boat as him. I have current read two of your books going on to my third. My boyfriend bought me a kindle for Christmas so I shall be downloading all your books and reading them. You’re an inspiration and have made me think about being a foster parent myself in the future. kind regards
Jenny, 05/01/2012

Just wanted to say I’ve read all of ur books so far and have per-ordered “A Baby’s Cry”. I think ur fantastic. As a huge fan of your books I would love to be placed on your mailing list for when you have new books out. Many thanks and best wishes
Nicola L, UK, 05/01/2012

Dear Cathy Glass, let me start off by saying you are truly one of the most genuine, kindest more caring women I’ve ever had the privilege of learning and reading about. I am very inspired by your foster care history. The books you have written have touched me in so many ways. I now hope to be a foster carer when I am older. I am currently in grade 12 doing an independent study for English and I have chosen to do it on you. I cannot express how grateful I am I found you and your books. Thank you for your time.
Megan A, 04/01/2012

Dear Cathy, As a HUGE fan of your books I would love to be placed on your mailing list for when you have new books out. Many thanks and best wishes
Maggie S, 04/01/2012

CG: Thanks, you are now on my mailing list.

Cathy, my name is Julie and I’m 35 yrs old I have 3 kids and I would just like to say thank you as I never actually read books until I read one of yours. I was just totally mesmerised by it, so I have now read all your books and can’t wait til the next one comes out. You really are an inspiration. I must apologise my spelling is not that great. Yours sincerely
Julie, 04/01/2012

Dear Cathy, Please could you add me to your mailing list please, would be great to know when you have a new book out. After reading many of your books, I’m hooked on them, I finished Damaged last night, after many tears shed. I think you are an amazing person, a true angel. Thank you for everything you have done for all of the children you have cared for and for sharing your life with us. Yours sincerely
Helen M, 04/01/2012

Hi there, Just finished The Night the Angels Came… really made me think … and made me cry! The last couple of days I have kept thinking back to the story and reminding myself it was finished, and it must have been a long time ago as your own children were younger then. It prompted me to go to your website again and read the updates. Thanks – keep writing!
Kirsten, 03/01/2012

Hi Cathy, I’m just reading ur book ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ and am once again I’m hooked! I have contacted u before when I read ur first book and I explained how I would love to foster one day when my house was complete. So I am happy to say that we got approved last Feb 2010 and received our first child 2 weeks after, only 10days old and still with us. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for u and ur books I don’t think I would have ever taken the step. You do a great job. Thanks again, u r an inspiration.
Jo, Birmingham, UK, 03/01/2012

I am absolutely obsessed with your books. I finish one and go and buy 2 more. They are brilliant and so true to life. I can relate to every 1 in some way or another. I have read Cut, Hidden, Damaged, My Dad’s A Policeman, and I have nearly finished Mummy Told Me Not To Tell. Thank you for all you have done for those children. You are a real inspiration to many people out there.
Jaimie, UK, 02/01/2012

Dear Cathy, thanks for writing your brilliant books. Love them all and can’t wait for the next one to come out.
Ann M, UK, 02/01/2012

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading your book ‘Damaged’ and I must say what a fantastic book it is. It is such an honour to hear about such a great lady who fosters, looks after and protects children who have not had best start in life. Plus having 3 of your own too. This is the first of your books I have read and I will be buying all of your other books to read. All the best for 2012! All my love
Kirsty, UK, 01/01/2012

Hello, I love reading ur books. I really admire u for ur work. Please put me on your mailing list so I know when a new book is coming out.
Shaz, 01/01/2012

Hello, I just want to say I’m a huge fan. I read ur books within about a week, every chance I get. I could probably read one in a day but I have 2 children. I’d also like to say that reading your books has made me a better mother, I’m 25 with a 5 year old and a four month old and I now understand through reading your books what children need! Its awful what some kids go through. I wish I could foster but I think it takes a very special person. Keep writing more or ill have nothing to keep me occupied. Thanks
Kay, UK, 01/01/2012

Dear Cathy, first I would like to say happy 2012. Your books are amazing. I am only on my first book but I am enjoying it so much it’s called ‘The Night the Angels Came.’ I love the way you write. I have learning difficulties and they are short chapters which makes it very easy to understand and read. There are very few authors whom I can read and I love true stories. I want to work with children, you have really inspired me to make a difference to children’s lives. I love how much you have made a difference to help lots of children. I will be reading many more of your books. Many thanks
Emily, UK, 01/01/2012