All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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I’m 55 years old and up until recently I wasn’t interested in reading that much but after stumbling across one of your book I’ve found a great new interest. In fact I’ve read more of your books this year than all the books in my adult life. Not only would I like to say thank you for all your brilliant books, but would like to know if any of your books have been made into films? If not why not?
Charlie, 28/12/2022

Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘An Innocent Baby’ & omg you had me in tears. What Haylea went through was a heart break for you. I have a connection with little Darcy-May. I have read ALOT of your books & I am now going to order Neglected. One of your biggest followers.
Louise, 28/12/2022

I have learned so much in all of the books; everything from my own childhood and family’s schedules, to how to work with school age children and their families. I’m not sure what I would do without your advice, knowledge, and your compassionate sharing of skills and love! God bless you and your family, I love learning about them, you and those you foster. All the best!
Monica, US,  25/12/ 2022

Hello Lisa, I really wanted to let you know how much my girlfriend and I and our small reading circle have enjoyed reading your five books. We found them all very entertaining. My girlfriend particularly liked “The Doctor” with Amit’s obsession to establish how to preserve his body. Also the strange behaviour of his wife Alisha and the discovery of her duplicitous actions at the end. I very much enjoyed the Doctor but for me, it was a bit of a tossup between Stalker and Taken. In Taken, I liked reading about young Leila’s resourcefulness with all the adversity she experienced. I also felt for her mum Kelsey and the challenges she faced. Stalker to me very much illustrated how things might not always be as they seem and how important it can be to consider other angles. Thanks for providing such entertaining reading. Best wishes
George, 20/12/2022

Hi. I’ve read all your books. I’m reading Neglected, now. Felt so sad for a Jamey, but how fortunate he was to have you and Paula to love him. All the children that you’ve had are so fortunate to have been with you. People don’t understand how fortunate they are to have a child to love. My husband and I couldn’t have kids. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
Sue, USA, 17.12/2022

I picked up An Innocent Baby, my first read of yours, when I was in W H Smith recently, and I was immediately attracted to it. I have joined ‘BorrowBox’ so can listen on my phone whilst walking the dog, cooking and at various other times. Once I was half way through this book I absolutely couldn’t put it down! Your level of detail is awesome. You are doing such a good job of helping these young people. I have already borrowed another book ‘A Terrible Secret’/  I’m sure I’ll work my way through all of them in good time.
Ruth, UK, 17/12/2022

Hi Cathy, I have bought a number of your books and I really love your books although reading them causes me many heart breaks and tears!  I have just finished reading “Where Has Mommy Gone?” I cried especially the section where Amanda’s dementia deteriorated. I find the social worker are sometimes insensitive. I think you have one of the best foster care systems. Have a nice day and best regards.
Kim, Singapore, 14/12/2022

Dear Cathy: Thanks for sharing your wealth of caring, common sense experience with us!  I love to journey with you. You’re enlightening my life since I’ve never been a mother so I get a lot of vicarious pleasure out of learning how to do it. I’m 72 Merry Christmas,.
Sherry, Canada. 14/12/2022

Good evening, I have just finished reading ‘Cruel to be Kind’ and I have also read many of your other books. I am in awe of the amazing work you do for young people. You really are an inspiration. As a school SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead, your books have given me a real insight of what our children may experience at home. This has enthused me to do my upmost to safeguard every child in my care. I am looking forward to reading the next few books (on the Christmas list 😊) and again would like to say thank you for deepening my understanding of the young people I care for. Take care
Andrea, 10/12/2022

Cathy, I got a hold of one of your books and read it cover to cover hardly able to put it down! Then I ordered another one of your books and another and another. I am newly retired, June, and started to travel a bit .by car mostly….my hubby drives and I read and read!!! Thank you for all you have done for the kids, and thank you for sharing it all with us!  Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!
Barb, 06/12/2022

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing, heartfelt, emotional, and incredibly moving books! I am a big fan of reading, both audio, and hard copy and I have read around four of your books and have loved every one! The first book I read was Damaged, and wow! That book really was something! Unlike anything I ever read! Thank you for all your books! Yours truly.
Alexa, 26/11/2022

Hi Cathy, Just finished another one of your books, Melody’s story. I’ve only got two left! I just wanted to let you know you are a remarkable woman and your books have bought such comfort to me. My 3-month old daughter died in Feb 2021 and I wish I’d found you before. We had a family discussion last week, my wife and other daughter, and we’ve decided that in the new year we will start the process of applying to become foster carers. Thank you for listening to our experiences and most importantly you have inspired us. Thanks again.
Anon, UK, 25/11/2022

I am a former foster child. I have listened to almost all of your books in the last 6 months. You’re an amazing carer. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt care for the kids you foster. I read all the updates after the books. I could only wish my fosters were as incredible as you. Thank you again.
Julie, 17/11/2022

Dear Cathy, I came across your book about Jodie ten years ago when I was looking for something new to read. I pick up Damaged read the back of the cover and now have all your foster care books plus your three other books. I love all your stories and the way the flow one into another. They’re all amazing stories. Since I got damaged I’ve read all your books at least once a year if not more. You are amazing author. You’ve written some of the most wonderful stories I’ve ever read in my life. Please keep writing. Thank you. Seena, Canada, 17/11/2022

Dear Kathy, I’m writing to say how grateful I am for this opportunity to contact you. I’ve finished your book “Damaged”. It was given as a home assignment at classes for people going to adopt a child. I wanted to say that I was deeply moved by the story, but in fact I can’t find words to express my feelings – Jodie’s story broke my heart.  At the same time I am inspired by your courage and strength. Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s extremely valuable. Kind regards,
Anna, Russia, 17/11/2022

Hello, I have read all of your books and love them. I first found one of your books called Cut about the young girl who cutting herself at our local Walmart store. I was hooked and have ordered all of you books.  I think you are an amazing foster caregiver.  I wish our foster care system was better like yours. The foster care system here is not run very well.  I love all of your stories.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks
Jerrilynn, USA, 17/11/2022

Hi Cathy, I have just listened to your book, Innocent, about Mollie and Kit. Don’t those parents understand how lucky they were that it was you looking after their children? I’ve been listening to your books for a few weeks now and am engrossed.  I’m touched constantly because of how wonderful you are as a human being. My favourite book so far has been Neglected, it was so emotional. You are a wonderful person, Lots of love from
Redwood family, 01/11/ 2022

Hi Cathy, I am a relatively new foster carer coming to it later in life. I have 3 beautiful little sisters who are with me long term and they are dearly loved by all our family. I find your books a great way to relax at the end of a busy day and can really relate to your stories, I laugh, cry and contemplate throughout. Just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and for sharing your journey with us. Take care and long may you continue,
Deb, 28/10/2022

Hey Cathy Glass, First I want to tell you how much I love your books, they are so moving but also super beautiful! What you do for these children! Wow! no words for it. I used to be a foster child myself, and the things that happened there, I still take with me, unfortunately. When I read how you deal with these children, how you surround them with love and security, I melt completely! Thanks for sharing these experiences with us! Big hugs,
Kelly, Belgium, 27/10/2022

Dearest Cathy, I have been an avid reader of yours from my late teens to present day. Your books are so beautifully & thoughtfully written, they hold the reader captive. We are able to fully immerse ourselves into every detail from the layout I imagine your home to be, to the way Sammy the cat curls on the sofa. I suffer from a lot of childhood trauma and reading your books in some ways brings comfort and release.  Whilst at 32 I will never have that opportunity I am grateful you’ve opened your home and your heart to so many. Thank you.
Melissa, 24/10/2020

Thank You  for your great books.  I have read almost every one of them. I just finished, “A Family Torn Apart”, which was a very sad story.  To me, I think this was probably one of the hardest cases that you ever had to deal with or very close.   Allegations can go either way as sometimes they are hard to prove. You are a true professional and can handle anything. You have made me feel like a part of your wonderful family.  I love your books and I cannot wait until the next one.  I hope you plan to keep writing for a long while. Thank you for all your hard work. Sincerely.
Patricia, 23/10/2022

I have just finished An Innocent Baby and OMG that poor child. Haylea has gone through so much in her life and I am so pleased that things worked out for her in the end, and for Darcy May. She sounds adorable and am glad she has got the loving parents she deserves. They were both very lucky to have you and your family to help them. Keep doing the amazing job you all do hoping you and your family are all well.
Catherine, 22/10.2022

Dear Cathy. What an emotional story, A Family Torn Apart, I have such admiration for all that you have done for the children, as well as returning them to their parents. I am sure you find it difficult to see them leave.  I have read other books of yours and they left me feeling the same.  You are a special kind of person. Best wishes, take care.
Valerie, 21/10/2022

Good morning Cathy. I am a single mum to an 11-year-old boy. I have never been a reader, never found a book/author that interests me until now. A friend of mine while we were camping recommended your books, so I ordered a couple from amazing. And now I’m HOOKED! I am on “Nobody’s Son” (poor Alex) I love the stories and watching your children grow. Thank you for your amazing books. I am going to grow my collection and buy all of your books. Kind regards
Marie, 14/10/2022

Hi. I have been listening to your books on audio for a long time, and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work. Your family sounds amazing. Hope you have a lovely week. Thanks again. With love from,
Mia, Norway, 10./10/2023

I’ve just finished reading your last 3 books. I really enjoyed them.
Julia, 30/09/2022

Dear Cathy, I was introduced to your books only this month and have read three. Being a graduate of psychology myself, your books are compelling and raises my desire to pursue my dream of being a counsellor.  I have been working in Dubai, UAE for the past 14 years now.  Reading motivates me and chancing upon your books gave me the motivation to enroll in school when I retire next year and move back to the Philippines. You have cared for so many children and you are a blessing to all the children you have cared for and helped. God bless you boundlessly. Sincerely
Mae, UAE, 24/09/2022

Hi Cathy, I’ve never had the patience to read a book, that was until one day a friend recommended yours. I’m on my 5th book now and totally hooked. I cannot believe what some children go through, and thank god for people like you. I work with children and have had lots of safe guarding training over the years but your books really do make it all real. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Wendy, 24/09/2022

Hi Cathy, just a quick note to say, your new book, A Family Torn Apart was amazing!  It was heartbreakingly sad, but I did really love it! Big hugs, and loads of love to you and the family.
Shirley, 21/09/2022

Hi, I have read every one of your books, and I always look forward to your next one. The reason I love them is that they are true stories. Regards
June, 19/09/2022

Hi Cathy!  I read Damaged many years ago and was not left untouched.  I’ve been thinking about Jodie all these years and wondering how she’s doing. I have listened to the book once more and get just as upset and angry at these animals!!  I love your books btw 🙂 best regards.
Mikaela, Sweden, 12/09/2022

Hello Cathy, I have just finished reading “A Family Torn Apart”. It highlights the difficulties foster carers face. They were in a dreadful position. I have often wondered about how you deal with emotion. I would love to see Sammy as I have always been a cat lover. Did you know the cat flap was invented by Isaac Newton? Take care and best wishes to you and your family.

Dear Cathy, yourself and your family are truly wonderful and have so much kindness! I love reading your books, they show me how there are good people on the world. I grew up on foster care myself I know how sometimes a simple hug can make you feel better! Foster carers deserve much more recognition for the hard work and effort you put in. I know I wasn’t the easiest child. But having an amazing foster carer like yourself made everything better. Please keep writing because I know I’ll keep reading your books!  Much love.
Kirsty, 11/09/2022

Dear Cathy, you are my favourite author of all time. I have listened to all your books on audible and have nearly finished your latest book, A Family Torn Apart. Parts of your latest book made me cry whilst others made me realise how difficult it must be for foster carers. I am so pleased that your books are available on audio and I hope you will publish another one soon. I hope you and your family are all very well. Kind regards, sent on behalf of
Lexi, 03/09/2022

Good morning Cathy, I am a care leaver and it took a lot of courage to pick up your books and read them. They have been difficult to read at times, but I remind myself it usually works out well in the end and you make a difference. The love and patience you give. I have felt every word you’ve written. Your books have been paramount in my understanding of the system I grew up in and have been cathartic for me. I wanted to say that you’re a very special lady, with a huge heart. I wish there were more people in the care system like you for if anyone knows that we need them it’s people like me. I am currently reading your newest book. This is one email that will go in my daily gratitude album as soon as I’ve sent it!  Best wishes,.
Louise, 03/08/2022

I am enjoying your books immensely. I am getting quite an education on the topic of fostering children. It must be very difficult but very rewarding. I noticed you’re writing under the name of Lisa Stone and am looking forward to reading those books also.  There hasn’t been one book that I haven’t liked. Keep writing and I will keep reading.  During covid I read a book a day.  I loved it.  Thank you for your stories.
Toni, 29/08/2022

Hi Cathy! I’ve just finished my 5th book so far (A Baby’s Cry) and did I sob near the end!  Your writing is just so gripping and all the care, love and passion you put into these unfortunate children is just compelling. One day I would absolutely love to foster or even adopt a child and your books have solidified that even more so. And as for your children to have lived and dealt with the love, fear and upset and happiness – they are stronger humans than I could ever be!  I also just read the updates on the children in the books. It’s so lovely that you get updates and photos etc!  Please never stop writing – these are the only books I read!
Chloe, 29/08/2022

Hi Cathy! I have read most of your books about the children you fostered. I recently bought your Happy Kids and Happy Adults books and I absolutely love them! They have generally helped me, especially for parenting my stubborn 3-year-old! Thank you! I am about to start a job in a children’s home and my dream is to become a foster parent when my children have grown up. Such a huge fan! Kind regards,
Sophie, 27/08/2022

Cathy, I’m sure that you’re prepping for a very busy week with the book coming out. I like the three-part method of your books (although I am not always thinking that when I’m waiting in suspense for the rest of the book). This book might be the best one you’ve written. I’m ready for part three, this is going to be a long week, and that’s a good thing. Good luck next Thursday!
Alan, 26/08/2022

Dear Cathy Glass, I have read every single book of yours which has helped me so much since my 5 children were taken into care due to a breakdown of my marriage. I was worried and scared my children were going to be harmed and not looked after or loved. I even thought they would get mistreated until my older daughter’s carer recommended you books to help me see what some fosters do, and how they help the children which really eased my mind. Yours sincerely.
Alice, 23/08/2022

Hi Cathy. Your books are beautifully written and your empathy and affection towards the treasures you look after beams through. I’m not a big book reader and I can honestly say apart from small books I read when I was younger, I’ve never read a full book- until yours. I’ve just finished reading “Innocent” and all I can say is I truly hope the children and family are happy and staying healthy. I felt nothing but sympathy for you and your family during that time and I hope you’re all safe and well. Thank you for providing your readers with such a deep insight into your career and family life, you’re incredible. Stay safe and happy always.
Sam, 22.08/2022

Hi Cathy, I’m a huge fan of your books and have read the collection of your fostering memoirs and Lisa Stone novels. I’m currently re-reading the collection in preparation for the new one coming out in September. I was reading ‘Damaged’ and so moved by Jodie’s story. I really hope she’s doing well now. You and your family seem so loving and the children you foster are lucky to have you all be a part of their journey. Kind regards.
Rebecca, 21/08/2022

Good evening, I would just like to say me, my mum, Nan, Grandad, and my Teaching Assistant absolutely adore your books and I have nearly finished them all!! So soon I will be moving onto your thrillers. Many thanks for the great reads!
Emily, 16/08/2022

Hi Cathy I just wanted to message to say I think you are an amazing author and person too . I have read a few of your books and I am excited to purchase another.
Tasha, 14/02/2022

Reading Finding Stevie I felt I was part of your family and couldn’t put the book down.  Took it everywhere with me and in each spare minute I would read a bit more at my moms, on the bus, in the car (as a passenger- although I did consider asking my family to read it to me when I was driving, hahah). I even took it swimming and after getting changed whilst waiting for the next session I was totally engrossed in what would happen next! Well done to you and your family once again. You are doing an amazing job. Thank you once again, onto the next one- I Miss Mummy.
Claire, 13/08/2022

Hi! I have reached out to you before to tell you that your books have helped me through a lot. I just wanted to say that they have helped me come to the decision that I want to be a foster parent. I was in the system for six years and I never got lucky enough to meet one good foster parent. I want to help avoid that for other kids out there. Your books have helped me realize that I can use my pain to help others. Thank you!!
Takoda, 07/08/2022

Hi Cathy, Oh my days I have just finished reading Damaged. What an incredible story. I had tears and goose bumps throughout most of it. I really love the honesty in the way you write. You tell it as it is. I totally believe that you saved Jodie.  Totally and utterly. What wonderful children you have too. They are amazing, like their mum. I’ve already started Hidden and I only finished Damage at 4.30pm! Take care.
Tess, 01/08/2022

Hi Cathy, I picked up my first book of yours a month or 2 ago and was unable to put it down. I finished my first book of yours in 2 days. And knew I had to get more. So I went out and purchased two more and I have finished them already. I am now on the hunt for the rest. Can I just say you are truly an inspirational person and quite remarkable in what you do. I only wished I had a person like you in my life when I was younger. I look forward to reading the rest of your books and more to come hopefully. You’re a true inspiration!! Take care. Best wishes to you and your family.
Michelle, 01/02/2022

Dear Cathy, I wanted to write to you to tell you what an amazing person you are. I have read almost all your books and each one has really touched me. The latest one I read was Donna’s story and that one will stay with me, I can’t stop thinking about her. You have made such a difference to these people’s lives. Along with having a family of your own and being a single mother, how you have coped is beyond me but you have taken it all in your stride. You have gone above and beyond for these children. Absolutely incredible. Thank you.
Heather, 31/07/2022

Hi, I’ve just read 3 of your books and I’ve gone through every emotion there is from anger to laughter. You are an amazing person.  I truly hope Tilly, Molly and Kit and Oskar are living life to the full. I can’t wait for your other books to arrive. I have 5 grown up children and my heart aches till they come home or ring me so I know they are safe. Good luck with your new grandchild.
Bev, 30/07/2022

I’ve never read books before but the last 3 days I have read 3 of your books! You are a truly an amazing lady. I hope you and your family are doing well. Best wishes
Danielle, 30/07/22022

Hi Cathy, I’m a social work student and absolutely love your books. They are so informing not only about the children you foster but the way the system works. Thank you.
Susan, 21/07/2022

Hi Cathy, just a note to say I have read your books. You are amazing, and what lovely caring person you and your family are. I must have read about 15 of your fostering books so far.  I have yet to read your Lisa Stone books. Once again thank you for the good work you do for all these children and making them a safe place to live.
Jackie, 20/07/2022

Dear Cathy, I am an avid reader of your books. They are very hard reading for someone who had a childhood like some of your children. I wish I didn’t but very much relate to your books. Your love for the foster children is truly inspiring. Thankfully I turned out good and have two beautiful children of my own and now also a beautiful grandchild and another on the way. I wish you and your family well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing these books. Your work as a foster carer and author are touching. Yours sincerely
Dotty, 13/07/2022

Good Afternoon Cathy, I have just finished reading Too Scared to Tell. I think I lost count of how many times I shed a little tear. I have read your books for years. Hope you’re all well. Kind Regards.
Natalie, 12/07/2022

Dear Cathy, I have been trying to get back into reading. I have just left school having completed my GCSEs, so I have plenty of time to spare. I began reading ‘Damaged’ and after 1 chapter I instantly fell in love! I finished Damaged within 2 weeks and then began reading ‘Hidden’ which I have just completed. I absolutely enjoyed reading every word in your books and you have a writing style which is unmatched. Thank you, not only for getting me back into reading, but for helping so many people out there in the world, even those you haven’t fostered. Now I just have to source some more of your amazing books to feed my new habit!  Lots of love and respect. A huge fan.
Hessa, UK, 06/07/2022

Hello.  I have just finished my first of Cathy Glass’s books. You are a dear, sweet kind and gentle person. If all foster parents were like you, the world would be blessed indeed.
Kerri, Canada. 01/07/2022