All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hi Cathy. I would like to say how fond of your books I am. Each new release is eagerly awaited and from start to finish is difficult to put down. My heart goes out to each and every child, either mentioned within the pages of your work or that have been lucky enough to have been fostered by you. You are a true inspiration.
Gemma, UK, 21/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I finished reading Daddy’s Little Princess last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I shed a tear for you after reading about you and your personal life. I am so sorry for your break up with your husband. Your mum’s comment made me laugh and she doesn’t normally swear. I was thinking the same thing myself!! I will visit the update page to see if there is an update on Beth. I look forward to your next book..:D All the best to you and your lovely children.
Maxine, UK, 21/08/2014

Cathy I am amazed by yet another amazing book! You are by far one of the best authors I’ve ever had the chance to read! I wait constantly for a new book to be released as I can’t get enough of you! I am so looking forward to The Child Bride! As a fellow foster carer I understand some problems u face! Congratulations on your success. I know you’re a busy woman so I will not keep you but congratulations Hun love
Lizz, England, 21/08/2014

Hello, ordinarily I don’t write reviews, make comments or judgements on materials that I read, but after reading Hidden I just felt that I had to. Working in a children’s home I see all to often the effects of abuse and neglect. I see and have been threatened by parents who have had there children placed on care orders, and although we witness good outcomes for the young people it’s rare that we get to witness good outcomes in relation to their families. This story gripped me so much that it was read within a day and half. I felt the emotion that came with it. It has now been read by 5 people within my service. Well done to you on a successful writing, and it’s great to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel for some young people. I will look forward to reading some more of your work. Best wishes
Mark, UK, 20/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I love your books and have read I Miss Mummy. A Baby’s Cry, Damaged. Cut. The Night the Angels Came (for this book I could not continue reading till the end. It so heartbreaking, so sorrowful and I hope to build back my strong heart someday to complete reading it. After the 1st chapter, I gave up due to the too touching story. Now I m reading Daddy’ Little Princess. I have been hoping to get in touch personally with you and when I looked at the internet, I came across Q and A with Cathy Glass and saw your email there. I am looking forward to your kind reply to my email soonest. TQVM Cathy. Regards
Suzie, Malaysia, 20/08/2014

Hi Cathy, Have read a few of your books and I’m just finished “The Night the Angels Came”. I was absolutely devastated and cried myself to sleep each evening for a week. I couldn’t read for the tears but it was another amazing story I thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t wait till September till your new book is published. Yours truly
Jacqueline, 19/08/2014

Hi, I’ve read all your books about fostering, and I just love them. Thanks for sharing! One of the things that make me read your books is that they teach me to be a better mother. But I’m wondering about something, is all the child’s your fostering have a happy ending? I’ve noted that some of them have been very neglected, and I suppose that there are much more like that. Do they have also come to a better place? Do they succeed? Thanks,
Mónica, Portugal, 18/08/2014

CG: Thank you. Sadly not all the children’s stories can have a happy ending but some do.

Hi, I’ve been and bought all your books now. You are such a wonderful and inspiring woman and my heart goes out to you and your family! It makes me so happy reading your books and I think you are genuinely amazing. Very excited to get to the end of the Daddy’s Little Princess book that I literally cannot put down. I am only 17 and you have inspired me so much to the extent that I have decided that I want to be a foster carer when I am older. It seems like a rewarding job and I feel like I would like to help children just as you have. You are a true inspiration and you honestly are my idol! I am at college now but am going to finish my a-levels and try get a job. I am so touched by your enthusiasm and efforts to help all these children to the extent that most of the time I am left crying at the end of the book. Big well done to you. You are a fantastic woman!
Danielle, UK, 17/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I would just like to take the time to write you this email. I am an avid reader of all your books of which I enjoy from cover to cover. You are a lovely, lovely lady and if you were my mother I would have been very proud of you. You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the very good work and I wish you all the best in what ever you do. You deserve every happiness in your life. Take care Love
Maxine, UK, 16/08/2014

I have recommended my mate to read Daddy’s Little Princess book.
Kellie, 16/08/2014

Dear Mrs Glass, I am only 16 years old but I love your books very much. I manage to read them in less than a day and crave to read another. The first I read was ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ and then I went to the library, requesting after more. The librarian said that I was the second person to read all your books, and I decided that I should read them in order. When I read that Patrick had passed in ‘The Night the Angels Came’, I cried and felt that loss very deeply, having only recently lost a person I love very much. You write amazingly and I would recommend your books to anyone! They are very interesting and I learn a lot. I would like to get into foster caring when I am older. I wanted to thank you, for showing me that I didn’t have to continue to suffer, as I have been through a small amount (compared to your cases) of abuse in my life, and am now pursuing counselling more than I did. Also thank you for getting me writing again, for I really love to write, although I stopped for a while. Now I like to write about real things, such as the things I have been through. Thank you Mrs Glass, for showing me how to live. Yours Sincerely,
Tahlia, Australia, 15/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I am in the process of reading I Miss Mummy. The story thus far has been difficult to read as I am a mum with mental health problems whose children live in permanent foster care. Your books are sensitively written and give me hope that I am not the worst mum in the world. I have not subjected my children to the kind of abuse you describe. I have made mistakes but my friend gave me some of your books to understand more about child abuse and I do. I am still an unfit mum but it could have been much worse. Thank you for a better insight
Venetia, UK, 12/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I can imagine you must get a million emails a day. But I just had to tell you how moved I am after reading “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. This is the first time I have read one of your books and I am so glad I have ! I just wanted to let you know what an amazing person you are. As a teenage mum myself I know how lucky and blessed I am to have an amazing family supporting me. I dread to think where jade and Courtney would be if it wasn’t for you. Keep up the good work! 🙂
Robyn, UK, 11/08/2014

I never enjoyed reading but my husband bought me home the book Damaged. In two weeks I have now gone through 8, I can’t put them down. I get so into the book that I can’t wait to have time to read them. I’ve just finished A Baby’s Cry and finished it in two days so I’ve just started Cut!! The books and the way you write it is amazing, thank you! I may have to slow down reading them so they last a bit longer!!! With good wishes and thanks
Helen, 11/08/2014

Dear Mrs. Glass. I love to read your books. Unfortunately, in Poland does not yet have all the titles. I’d love to read the book “Will You Love Me” in Polish unfortunately not yet released. I dreamed about this to read the story of Lucy, but I do not know when we will be in this book. I love your stories. I’m sorry for the mistakes but I’m writing in English poorly. I have all your books that were issued in Poland. I look forward to the next. Faithful reader
Natalia, Poland, 11/08/2014

Hi there! I have read almost every one of your books and I am touched by each. I purchase your books to read on my phone and have been reading “Will You Love Me?” most recently.
Larrissa, 09/08/2014

Dear Cathy, I’m just twenty, and am a big fan of yours. You inspired me to become a foster carer when I am old enough to do so and when I have the means to do so. I love children, and am approaching my Associates Degree so as I can have the experience to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I hope to be a teacher. I’m currently reading “The Saddest Girl in the World” and I just love it. Donna seemed very lucky to have you. The first book I read of yours was “Damaged”, and I thought the way you acted when Jodie was in your care was spot on. I was sorry that she had to leave you, but quickly understood that it was for the better. Whenever you mention Toscha in your books, I always smile and think about my cat who is almost always around whenever I read your books. Cats are a wonderful blessing in life, as are children, and they provide a wonderful mix for family life. Adrian, Lucy, and Paula are very fortunate to have you as their mother. I am very happy that I am able to finally tell you that. I also like your strategy of discipline, of taking away certain privileges rather than corporal punishment. As a child, my mother would more than occasionally resort to the latter, based on the way she was raised, but now that I am older she has significantly backed off considerably. She is a wonderful mother, Cathy, and although she made mistakes, I feel that we all make more than a few in our lives, don’t we? I do hope you find the time to write me back, although I quite understand if you don’t have the time. I hope you have a lovely day. Sincerely,
Ella, Seattle, Washington, USA, 09/08/2014

Hi Cathy! I have read two of your amazing books so far! I was also abused by drunk/drug addict mum and her boyfriend as a child so I really do relate to your books. It’s nice to see that there is someone like you out there who REALLY does care for children. I have also been on the receiving end of family violence along with my son… It’s not a nice place to be and is quite hard to regain control of your life. It took me four years to do so and psych sessions for my son have just begun for his behavioural issues. I know that I take comfort in reading your books as I’m sure a lot of people do. I commend you for all of your hard work with your foster children… As well as raising Paula and Adrian as a single parent then taking Lucy in. You really are an inspiration to me. Thank you
Angie, 08/08/2014

Just think u are an amazing women and if there were more people like u in the world it would be a better place. I have read most of your books and so inspiring.
Tiquila, UK, 08/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I first stumbled upon your books about a year ago and have been enjoying them ever since. I am amazed at just how emotionally involved I become with each book. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have just finished ‘The Night the Angels Came’ – a very sensitive and emotionally charged recount of all involved in the turmoil of a young boy losing his father. During that book, your daughter was the same age as my youngest is now and I could really identify with the funny (though sometimes inappropriate ;-)) innocent things she said and could hear my daughter saying exactly the same things! Once again thanks for sharing x
Kelly, 08/08/2014

Hello I started reading your books when I was 15 and going through a tough time. My mum left me and my little sister with no warning and no explanation. My dad remarried and moved away. Your books helped me to see that as bad as I felt that there where children in difficult situations as well and that I wasn’t alone, and that with love and care I could succeed in what I want to do. It was my nan that bought me your book and my nan has been the one that has cared and looked after me and is the reason I went into a child care course. I am now a nursery nurse, so thank you for your books. They showed me that life can still be a happy place even with bad situations. I continue to read your books. Thank you.
Shanise, 08/08/2014

Hi Cathy, I discovered your books on iTunes a few months ago and have been working my way through them ever since. I find it so fascinating and heart-warming to read your books, you seem to be such an excellent mother figure to those you foster, as well as to your own children. At 18 years old, I have little idea of where I will be in 10 years time. However, one thing is for certain, your books have been so inspirational that I am almost certain I shall be looking to foster, and have already started the process of researching how to go about this when I am slightly older. Thank you, Cathy. You have introduced me to an option for my future that I may never have considered before. All the best, please continue writing!
Harriet, UK, 07/08/2014

Bought ur book thru “Damaged” and wanted to tell you a big thank you for all u did for Jodie under extremely difficult circumstances. It is sad they excessively Cut u from contacting someone you helped thru darkness of horrific abuse to light of genuine love. My heart aches for children who were so cruelly treated by those who should have treasured them. Although u have not heard from her for awhile the road to prayer is always open and u can ask Jesus to put angels all around her. You did an amazing loving job to help a poor child so hurting deep inside. Almighty God creator of the universe bless Jodie, Cathy and her children, my friend Carol who was abused and those within my family.
Mary, 06/08/2014

Cathy- Your books are just amazing. I have quite a few of your books and they are truly eye opening to see what children actually go through. I have just finished Please Don’t Take My Baby and I just couldn’t put the book down, I finished it within 2/3days I was just so into it. My next book is A Baby’s Cry and then My Dad’s a Policeman. I hope you right more of these books I just love them. I used to never read but after reading daddy’s little secret by Tina Davis I then found your books and I was just amazed. You are just an inspirational lady. You’ve obviously had difficulties in your own life, your divorce for example but you still have chosen to help and make a huge impact on vulnerable children’s lives. Please bring more books out! Regards
Olivia, 05/08/2014

Good evening, I have just finished reading the third book of yours that I have picked up. I really don’t know what to say. I think you are an amazingly strong, inspirational lady. You’ve obviously had difficulties in your own life, your divorce for example but you still have chosen to help and make a huge impact on vulnerable children’s lives. After reading your books it makes me realise that I am a good mother to my own little girl, even though I do have my faults. I hope you are able to help children for all long while yet. With my greatest admiration and respect.
Kirsty, UK, 04/08/2014

Cathy ~ I have now read several of your books and have purchased even more. Reading about your fostering of these children touches my heart. Your books allow your readers a privileged peek inside the lives of your unique family and the world of foster care. Often I had thought of fostering and a social worker friend had even suggested it. I am married and the mother of two now grown sons but at the time, our sons were still school aged. I explained to her that while I had no doubt that I could love any child as my own, I could never let them go when the time came. That takes a special person/family indeed. You are an angel to many children in need. You can be so proud of your own children Adrian, Paula and Lucy who all experience and love those you foster and make their lives better for having known you. Take care and God bless.
Sandee, Florida, USA, 02/08/2014

Hello, your books have inspired me. I read them all the time. I’m still collecting them and when I seen one I have to get it, they are so good. Are you going to write any more?
Darian, 30/07/2014

CG: Thank you. Yes I am still writing and my next book is out in September.

Hi Cathy, I recently got into your books at my friend’s recommendation, I have read 3 in 3 days. I just finished The Night the Angels Came and it struck a nerve with me so much that I had to email. My father died when I was 19 and I felt so much pain for Michael and all involved that it felt personal to me too. I am amazed at the strength of character you have, you and your family are what foster care should be about. I am looking at getting into social care and your books are inspiring me to do it. I am a counsellor at the moment and I definitely want to do more. Without people like you what would happen to the children that need love and care? You are an angel and an inspiration! Kind regards
Lisa, 29/07/2014

Hello. I am a reader from Kazakhstan (Central Asia). I wonder how is Jodie Brown now. I’d like to know about her. Thank you for your kindness. You are the best woman.
Mary, Kazakhstan, Asia, 29/07/2014

CG: Thank you for your kind words. There are updates on my website about all the children in my books.

Hi Cathy I just want to say you are an inspiration to everyone, even in the worst cases you didn’t give up on the children. Once I start reading your books I find it impossible to put them down. I really hope that one day you will do a book signing in Gloucester so that I can meet you it would mean a lot to be able to tell you in person what a wonderful foster carer and writer you are. I look forward to your next book coming out.
Sarah, UK, 27/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I am definitely not a reader but a friend kept going on about your books so I decided to give it a go. I started with ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and I read it in just under 2 days. I have just finished, ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and just have to say you are a fantastic writer and I am a changed person. I can’t wait to read the rest of your books and have just bought a copy of ‘The Girl in the Mirror’. I love your books 🙂 I smile, Laugh and cry through all of them. Thanks for writing and long may it continue 🙂 x
Jeni, Glasgow, Scotland, 27/07/2014

Wow! I started with one of your books due to the affordable price, and ever since when I’m finished I know I don’t have to worry about finding another book as good as your last. I start all over and you are now familiar. I just search for your name and pick! I cry as I read. I smile and I’m always touched by each story. Thank you for all you’ve done and thank you for sharing. It keeps me humble!
Liz, 25/07/2014

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to say how much reading your books has helped me, I was in a psychiatric hospital when I was 12. One of the staff gave me the book “Cut”. Since reading that and all of your other books I have stopped self-harming and I’m now happy and living with loving foster parents! Thanks for every thing you have helped me with (without knowing it). I wish you and your family nothing but happiness.
Georgia, 24/07/2014

Hi Cathy, Your books are an inspiration. Very very moving and the books I have read so far have touched my heart. I continue to read on. So glad I found one of your books on sale for a charity books collection as it’s made me want to read more, so more are on order. Once again a big thank you for what you have done with your life. God bless and many more lovely things to happen in your life.
Jayne, 24/07/2014

Dear Cathy, can’t wait for your new books, I have all my family and friends reading your books. You are very much loved and respected in Australia. Regards
Cathie, Australia, 23/07/2014

Hello Cathy, in all honesty reading is not my favourite hobby but I can’t seem to stop reading your books. I have just finished Damaged and it made me go through so many different emotions. I cannot understand and never will be able to believe how a person can be so cruel to a child and do such unspeakable things. I cannot stop thinking about all these children being abused in such ways as so many of them that we are not even aware of. I was raised In a catholic family, good private school, eating dinner every day the whole family, nice and clean house in a very good neighbourhood. I have never been punished or smacked so I wouldn’t possible know or understand what abuse is. I thank God every day for that, especially having amazing parents which have given all the opportunities I could ask for. I would like to thank you for being there to help these children and for the years of patience you had. After reading your books, I have decided thanks to you to apply to the University of Malta to be a social worker. I know it is not going to be easy I am starting all over again with a full time job but I know it’s what I’m meant to do in life. Hopefully they will accept my application. Thanks for everything Cathy, Regards
Erica, Malta, 22/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I happened to come across a copy of Damaged through a friend. She recommended you book to me. I could not put it down! Now I am constantly recommending your books to others! I felt every emotion you portrayed and constantly wanted to know whether there was a better ending for Jodie. I have read every book of yours. I think you are a truly amazing woman! You are so inspiring and you have a pure heart! You and your family are so welcoming of others and that is how it should be. I have always wanted to study to be a social worker and only recently have I considered fostering. Reading your books has taught me you don’t have to be a superhero to foster and help make a difference to one child’s life! I cannot wait to read your new releases. Your books are made even more amazing with the fact they are true stories. I hope you keep sharing your experiences with us! Best wishes.
Natasha, 22/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and ‘Another Forgotten Child’. I am inspired by the profound impact you have had not only on these children but on me, too. My mother works in Special Needs with a view to perhaps fostering in the future when myself and my siblings are older. She read your books first and as I am about to start studying Education in September, she passed them on to me as she was sure I would love them. And I do. Reading your books reminds me that at times we see how people within our society can loose their way; people like you are there providing unconditional love and care, with an understanding view that every deserves a second chance. For me, a wonderful author is someone who feels like a friend, encouraging you and giving you advice: you fit this role perfectly. Thank you for all of the hard work and life commitments. I hope that one day I can make as much a difference as you have. With best wishes and love.
Kirsty, UK, 22/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I wanted to say that I just happened to come across a copy of Damaged and I cannot put it down! I haven’t even finished the book and I told my mom (who just retired as a nurse) about it and encouraged her to read it. I just wanted to tell you how truly amazing you are! With so much war and hate and evil in this world, it’s comforting to know that there are also people like you out there. People like you doing God’s will. I am going to my church group on Wednesday and will also share with them about your books. All of your books are now on my e-books list. Cathy, I’ve prayed for you and your family and I know that there is definitely a special place in heaven waiting for you! Thank you for sharing your stories!
Carlos, USA, 21/07/2014

Hi dear Cathy, I’m writing you from Switzerland to let you know that I’m going very often on your site to see what books are going to come soon. I really love the way you write (I improved a lot my English because of you!!!). The stories you write about are breathtaking and I’m sure you must be a very pretty person inside. I read all your books and each one gave me a lot of pleasure and emotion. I thank you with all my heart for that! Have a nice evening and I send you a big hug!
Albertine, Switzerland, 21/07/2014

Hey Cathy, as a 16 year old girl I absolutely love your books. By reading your book “I Miss Mummy” (which was the first one I have read of yours) I realised that I would like to become a social worker or care worker, I haven’t quite decided yet. Seeing little Alice wrongly taken from her mother and loving grandparents made me want to help all children in those circumstances. I recently read Damaged (even though I promised myself I wouldn’t but everyone had raving reviews on it I thought why not?). Reading Jodie’s horrific story made me cry and shake with sickness but it also made me want to help children like Jodie and protect them before it is too late. As a child growing up I was obsessed with Tracy Beaker and all the other spin off shows, but watching those episodes gave me a cloudy image of children in care. Your books have made me see clearly how children’s lives are in foster care. Also my best friend was adopted. So I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you have helped me in my career path. I also wanted to comment on how wonderful it has been to be able to connect to you and your wonderful family. I would love it if you personally emailed back, but understand if you are busy. I can’t wait for the new books which are coming out soon. Much love
Amy, 21/07/2014

Dear Cathy, You and your family are an inspiration! Since stumbling upon one of your books three weeks ago I have not been able to put your books down! (I have just begun my 10th). I am a primary school teacher in a rough area and see children everyday that come from tough lives fending for themselves, hungry, dirty and in desperate need of someone to take care of them. Everyday I wish we could take them all into care and provide them with security and safety but sadly many are not severe enough cases. I know I couldn’t survive some of the situations they confide in me about. Thank you for being such a generous and caring person loving each child for who they are and helping them to achieve their best. A huge credit to you and your children who I can see have benefited hugely from experience of being foster siblings. I would love to be a foster carer in future and only hope I have a support system such as yours. I also admire and respect your patience with the social services systems and difficult parents. There really are not words to describe what a wonderful selfless person you are. Thank you for sharing these stories I can not wait to read the rest of them. Best wishes to you and your family
Aynsley, 21/07/2014

Hello Cathy I really love your books and you have changed so many lives. I particularly liked “Cut” and I thought you were amazing to keep Dawn in your home when Adrian was just a baby. Social Services were very wrong not to tell you about her past when you had a vulnerable baby in the home. I am retired now but I worked with those who self-harm in secondary school and I know something of the uphill climb they face to recovery. Thanks again Cathy. Long may you continue writing. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Very good wishes
Judy, UK, 19/07/2014

Dear Cathy I want to start by saying what an amazing author you are and how much I enjoy reading your books. I have read 10 so far and have just finished “Cut”. This one really got to me. the social services back then should have been shot. I felt so angry while reading of Ruth’s attitude and non support. You and your family must have gone through hell in real life. I don’t think I would have coped. I was willing that after each chapter there would be a turning point for Dawn and a massive happy ending but it kept getting worse. I finished this story at about 1 am this morning and fell asleep with tears streaming down my face and really crying. I am so glad Dawn has happiness in her life now. I brought 4 new books to take as my holiday read in August but only have one left. I just can’t put them down once I start. I hope you don’t stop writing as I will be lost. I am just about to start “Will You Love Me “. Lots of love
Lindsey, 19/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I read your book ‘Damaged ‘ then Another Forgotten Child, then The Saddest Girl in the World, also Please Don’t Take My Baby and Cut. I have to say ‘Daddy’s Little Princess’ was my favourite book. I felt that I connected with it so much. I’ve read how every one of the ‘children’ are doing now and think you are an amazing woman. I cannot wait to read every single one of your books. You have made me think and look into fostering. Your husband is a silly man for letting such a caring amazing lady go from his life. I hope you have also found the happiness that you so much deserve. I would really love to hear back from you. Please let me know you have received my email personally so I know you have read how truly inspiring I think that you are. Many thanks
Sophie, 16/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you again. I have just finished A Baby’s Cry. As with Daddy’s Little Princess I couldn’t put the book down! My housework has totally suffered, as soon as I dropped my little girl at preschool I rushed home to finish it. It took me 2 days. Such a happy ending but so sad for your family too. As well as an amazing foster carer, you write so well, I feel I’m there standing in the room experiencing all the emotions that you are describing. I just had to write and say another fabulous book and the way you dealt with the situations presented to you, without having time to think when Rihanna came to your door to take her beautiful baby back. Your ability to take the situation in hand and talk her father round to do things properly. The way you helped Rihanna and Harry bond. You played such an important essential roll as did your lovely children. I shall now return to my much needed housework. Well until I find more of your books. Thank you Cathy sending love to you and your family
Karen, 16/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading your book Damaged today! I LOVED IT! You are amazing and you have a pure heart! There were moments when I teared after reading some parts of the book. There were moments when I felt as if I should stop reading it, I couldn’t handle what Jodie was going through! I am glad that she found a person like you to take care of her. I am happy for Jodie too. <3 May God Bless You! 🙂 With love,
Chamodya, 16/07/2014

Hello. I have read pretty much all of your books. They are wonderfully inspiring and have helped me to understand a difficult situation my family. Your books provided me with an invaluable source of information and also answers I wouldn’t have otherwise have had. My sister is in a violent relationship and she and her partner both use drugs. When her little girl was taken and she was returned to her mum and baby brother, I was incredibly hopeful for the future. The second time my niece and nephew were taken it was devastating. I was upset and angry when I found out they couldn’t come back. They have now been adopted. Your books helped me realise what their foster parents were going through. I saw their side the impact to their family and why they choose to foster. I then realised that I shouldn’t be frustrated with the foster parents more the social workers who handled the case so poorly. I wanted to thank you for writing these books as honest and as frank as you do. You’re an everyday person who does extraordinary things. Best wishes and thank you
Amanda, 15/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I have just this second finished reading “Hidden”. I was in tears a lot towards the end. You are such an inspirational person and I know I will continue to enjoy your books. I have heard that you have a new book out in September. I am hoping this will be my “holiday read” if it is out on time. Take care of yourself. Kind Regards
Natalie, 15/07/2014

Hello, I’m 17 and for the past 6 years I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and self injury. I have been sectioned under the mental health act and placed in a secure psychiatric hospital for adolescents. As you can imagine this had a massive impact on my GCSE results I was taking that year and I only just got into sixth form where I gradually slipped back to my old ways. I ended up being taken back in to hospital and when I was discharged the sixth form denied me the chance to go back to my studies. I undertook a medical assessment which said I was well enough to get a job. I have now been working for 3 months. Reading some of your books has given me the courage to apply for another sixth form and .I GOT IN!!!! I’m writing to you to explain how much of an impact reading your books has had on me and my way of thinking. You and the foster children you have told the stories of have inspired me to not give up on my dreams as anything is possible despite your past! I’m proud to say I am going back to sixth form to study and become a social worker, my life’s dream! You and your fostering stories have made that possible for me. Even though I will continue to struggle I know one day it will all be a memory! I would like to thank you for helping me and I’m sure many other people. You are such an amazing person, never doubt that!
J, 15/07/2014

Hello, I’ve read 6 of your books. The last one was Damaged and it was an awesome read. I finished it in 2 days I couldn’t put it down. I have read the update about Jodie and it’s great that she is doing so well.
Hollie, 13/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I would like to thank you for writing ‘About Writing And HowTo Publish.’ It has been a great help to me and I am continuing to write my story.
Christine, UK, 12/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I just want to say that your books inspirational and I have read every single one and I am now re-reading them all! Your books are what inspired me to work at Action for Children and make sure underprivileged children and families have a sense of belonging, and are loved and valued. I cannot wait for you next book to be out and I hope you continue to write and foster for many years to come. I am also considering fostering myself in the next few years. Best Wishes
Holly, England, 11/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I’ve just finished reading ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and it’s an amazing book! It’s the first book of yours I have read and I couldn’t put it down! So emotional but a massive eye opener! So so so glad of the out come of jade and Courtney and Tyler! And now they have taken a leaf out of your book and foster! Will definitely reading more of your book in the future.
Sophie, UK, 10/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I just finished reading (Will You Love Me)! I really enjoyed your book! I actually read it in one day, because I couldn’t put it down! I think you’re an amazing woman and a hero to so many children! My sister and I were unfortunate to be born into a home with a very abusive father. The scars will always be there but I finally have the family I always dreamed of! I am married and have wonderful kids. When I read about Lucy having no bitterness toward her birth mother and teaching your family humility and forgiveness: I thought I could learn a lot from her as well! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story! After I dry my eyes, I will be reading the others!
Jennifer, 09/07/2014

Just read Daddy’s Little Princess. Your ability to cope with foster caring always amazes me, but to cope with your husband’s mess up must of been a very testing time and obviously made you all stronger xx
Michelle, 09/07/2014

To Cathy Glass: I really love your books. So far I have read Daddy’s Little Princess in 3 days and now I am reading Will You Love Me? I just started to read that one today. I can’t wait to get more because they are really good and once you start to read them you can’t put them down.
Sarah, Ontario, Canada, 08/07/2014

Hello Cathy, I own quite a few of you books and enjoyed reading them so much I just can’t seem to get enough. You are an amazing lady I had no idea what it would be like to foster a child until I read A Baby’s Cry. I read it in two days and I don’t want to spoil the ending in case someone else is reading this. I did not see that one coming and what a very lucky lady she is indeed and you are so caring and helpful. How easy it would have been to have ignored this woman’s desperation, but you showed such strength and class, and showed a perfect example to your own two beautiful children what true love is. I look forward to reading my next book (The Girl in the Mirror). Thank you for your intimate moments as a foster parent. And to all other mothers – kiss your kids and tell them how much you love them, this is so important.
Carol, Australia 08/07/2014

Hi Cathy I just like to say I love your books and that you have been a big inspiration to me. Before I started reading your books I didn’t really read much but I can’t seem to put your books down. I think you’re an amazing person for what you do and have done. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time. Love
Chloe, UK, 08/07/2014

Hi Dear Cathy, I have read already seven books of yours. You are indeed so very special and a very good foster carer. I really admire you for how you manage to give love and support and especially make them happy which is not so easy to foster children with difficulties. You show them love and respect but its not always that they listen and obey you. I always cry when i read your books. Keep it up. You even give people good message to foster to love, and our kids you teach us how to act towards them. I will keep reading all your books. Best wishes
M.M. Malta 07/07/2014

Dear Ms Glass, I have recently finished your book Please Don’t Take My Baby, and I loved it! I had it read within 2 days! I have read a few of your books and love the stories you tell, I love to read about how you help those poor children and how their lives have been turned around since they stayed with you. My favourite so far is Will You Love Me? I loved Lucy’s story, what an amazing girl! I am looking out for Reece’s story as you often refer to it in your books. It is such a sad world we live in; sad, cruel, evil and downright sickening and we need more people like you, people with huge hearts who just want to help. Also, I was shocked to the core when I read about your ex-husband! I’m so sorry about that, but you’re an amazing, strong woman and I’m sure Karma will come knocking at his door. Keep up the good work Ms Glass and I look forward to reading another book.
Stefii, UK, 06/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I had recently read Damaged and was in tears by the end. You write with such clarity and expression that the reader can see themselves with you and the child. I am truly looking forward to reading your other books and hearing about the lives you have changed. To know there are still children in the world suffering like Jodie had breaks my heart. I am a school counsellor and an advocate for children and I have to say you are truly an inspiration. You have a heart of gold and the children you have fostered, whether it be for 2 months or a year are truly blessed to have had you in their lives. Take care. Best wishes, and God Bless,
Alicia, 06/07/2014

Hey Cathy. I am a big fan of yours. (And probably your youngest too.) I have read almost all of your books. I love your books and cannot live without them. My favourite so far is Cut and Damaged. Cut was just so interesting I didn’t expect that at all. Damaged was so sad. I was reading this book at school and I started crying. Everyone was asking me why I was crying. :/. I told my friends about your books and they borrowed them from me and have read a few. I want to be a social worker when I’m older. (Inspired by you) I have started writing a few books. It just comes naturally to me. I find it hard to write short stories!! I cannot explain how much I love your books. I just do. I was up all night reading them. I read all day basically. The first book I ever read was Run, Mummy, Run. I was at the library with my mum and we were looking at the adult books (I am an avid reader so I read adult books) and she asked me if I wanted to read it. It was amazing. After I finished reading it I went online and put all of your books on hold at the local library.
Crystal, Australia, 06/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I have just finished reading your book, ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ and felt compelled to write to you to thank you for sharing your stories. I was a teenage mother in care and I found the book very inspirational and emotional – I couldn’t put it down! I am currently studying for my degree towards becoming a social worker and I will most definitely be reading your books throughout my studies to explore more of your valuable insight and experiences. Thank you,
April, UK, 05/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read all of your books. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your stories. You are an amazing and inspirational woman. God bless you.
Donna, 04/07/2014

Hi Cathy, Thank you very much for all the good books! You show me how wonderful and prefect my life is. Love and regards,
Erin, 04/07/2014

Ms. Cathy Glass, First I would like to say that I love your books. You are truly an inspiration and a hero. I have read several of your books and have always been touched by the stories that these poor children have to endure and how brave they can be. I just finished reading “The Night the Angels Came” and I knew I must write you. This book touched me in a more personal way than the others, I recently lost my father, although it was abrupt without any warning. Although I am 28 and I still have my mother, my heart broke for Michael, and your whole family. I admire the amount of bravery he showed at such a young age. I find myself struggling with my fathers passing regularly. I don’t know how Michael managed losing both of his parents at such a young age. So thank you for sharing his story with me, with the world.
Kristen, 03/07/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read now 2 of your books and haven’t been able to put either down. Just wanted to say you’re an amazing foster carer & writer. The next book I am going to read is about your daughter Lucy! I have read Damaged & Another Forgotten Child. Keep up the good work.
Ellen, Kent, UK, 02/07/2014

Dear Cathy, My mum is an extremely huge fan of all your books, she can never get enough of them! She loves reading about troubled childhoods or people who have struggled as it helps her to appreciate how much she has. Every time she is down, she always refers to one of your books. She becomes attached to each story and finds great interest in each book. You are easily her favourite author: you have really helped her through some tough times and I thank you greatly! I wish you all the love and happiness in the future, and I hope you write many wonderful books for my mum to enjoy! Many thanks and God bless
Joe, UK, 02/07/2014

Hi. I want to say to you how much I enjoy reading your books about children you have fostered. What a wonderful person you are. I have just finished reading The Night the Angels Came. A very emotional journey. Keep up the good work & I hope you & your family are well. I am wondering if met another man but after meeting Patrick, who sounded ideal, it would be difficult. Kind regards
Marie, New Zealand, 02/07/2014

Dear Cathy, I have read many of your books over the years, some more than once and am currently reading all the books I haven’t got round to previously. I had to write to tell you how amazing I think the work you do is and what a difference I know you make to children’s lives. I am a social worker for a fostering agency so am aware of the experiences of children in care and how it all works but the way you write has me hooked for hours. I also hope to be a foster carer one day and when reading your books it makes me realise why I want to do this. I have just finished ‘Will You Love Me’ and whilst all your books take me through a range of emotions, this one really stayed with me and I found myself sobbing at many parts. Mostly because of the happiness it gave me at Lucy’s happy ending and like you when you wrote you teared up, I too felt the same. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Lucy since. So much so that I checked your page and was so pleased to see you give updates. As you know not all children in care have a happy ending and the fact that you have a huge impact on many children is amazing. I am sure you get many emails a day and I know you have many fans but I couldn’t resist sending you a message. I also wanted to mention your amazing children who have let fostering become part of their lives and embraced it, Adrian, Paula and of course Lucy are a credit to you and I hope that during my time as a social worker I can support foster carers who are as committed and caring as you. Lots of love
Ami, UK, 02/07/2014

Hi, Cathy. I’m a 16 year old girl and I’m in love with your books. You’re such an inspiration and an idol to me. I admire you so much! I love your books and I’m currently reading ‘Will You Love Me?” Your books are amazing, and they keep me going, they remind me that even when things get hard, there’s a way to make them better with just a little bit of help. I think it’s amazing how you help so many children who probably didn’t know what a good home was till they found you. I love reading about Lucy’s story so far and she’s lucky to have finally found someone who appreciates who she is and proves that there is someone out there who loves her. I’ve never found a book that I could connect to but I can with yours, and I love sitting there for hours and reading them. I’ve shed many tears with your books but also many smiles. This might not get to you, but it’s still made me very happy emailing you. You’re a great author and person and there’s someone out there who genuinely cares about people. Thank you for being such a great author.
Sammie, UK, 01/07/2014

A Baby’s Cry is a really emotional book to read. It must have been difficult to hand baby Harrison back, but that’s your job to bring children up and give them everything they really deserve until an adoptive family comes along. I couldn’t do your job personally myself, it’s too emotional. I can say you’re a very strong woman and a brilliant writer. I have also read Another Forgotten Child and will be reading many more of your books. Brilliant work
Stacy, 30/06/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read all your books and find them sad but most of all happy endings. I hope you have a lot more books to write.
Elizabeth, UK, 29/06/2014

Hi Cathy, I have read the majority of your books and would like to say that you are an amazing person and should be duly proud! Kind regards
Sam, 28/06/2014

Hi Cathy, I just finished Damaged. As with all your books I was touched but more so with this one. Thank you so much for each and every child you have cared for, as well as all the books you’ve written. You are truly an inspiration. Sincerely,
Kori, Oregon, US, 28/06/2014

Hello Cathy Glass. I know you probably hear this all the time, but I think your books are really amazing. You are a wonderful person and have brought me out of my shell in life. I have leant that there’s no such thing as “normal” and I am who I am. I used to hide who I was to fit in, and no one really understood me. But I now understand that’s it ok to be me, and just been diagnosed with Aspergers at 26. What I really want to say was thank you so much for your wonderful books, I know the stories can be sad but I really enjoy reading them. Also thank you for being you and everything you do to make this world a better place. Yours sincerely
Katharine, 27/06/2014

Hi Cathy, I received your book ‘Damaged’ as a gift from a friend who thought I would be interested as I am studying Welfare at Uni. Currently and in particular I want to work in foster care placement. I’m not a big reader but once I opened ‘Damaged’ I couldn’t put the book down! This story rekindled my passion for this line of work. I have four subjects left and then I’ll be working in this field. I found that your writing gave me insight into the carer’s side of the ‘cases’. I wish to read your other books.
Beck, 27/06/2014

Hi Cathy, Just wanted you to know I was able to order 7 of your books & am anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Have a great day.
Mary, USA, 26/06/2014

I’ve only come across your books in the past month but from the moment I picked up Another Forgotten Child I was hooked. After finishing that book in just 3 days I decided to find more of your books at my local library were I found Will You Love Me? And Please Don’t Take My Baby, both stories just as captivating as the first. Due to my sexuality adoption or fostering are two of my options in having children. Before reading your books I was hesitant but now I feel very confident knowing that with the right tools, attitude and the patience you can help change the way a child views not just other people but the world in general. I’m now about to start reading Damaged. Thank you very much for helping boost my confidence. You truly are an amazing woman, mother and author. Kindest Regards
Charlotte, UK, 24/06/2014

Dear Cathy, I would like to thank you so much for sharing your stories with the world on your foster children and the importance of fostering. I am currently studying social work in college. I have wanted to be a social worker since I was 14 years old. I want to specialise in child protection. I have read all of your books. I would like to enormously thank you for opening my eyes into just exactly what social work will be like for me. You have made my dreams of saving all those abused children much bigger and brighter and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. You are an amazing woman! Regards and with love,
Kate, 24/06/2014