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All entries are from emails sent to Cathy, however she cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. Cathy reads and replies to as many emails as she can.
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Hello from Canada, I am a child care worker in a day care and the book, Damaged, completely broke my heart I know that this is going on in this crazy world we live in but I felt that I knew your family. I would like you to give Jodie a big hug from Canada. Thank you for all of your kindness to this child. I  would that one day God willing Jodie can go home to you. Lots of love.
Elaine, Canada, 19/07/2016
Hey Cathy, I just wanted to email to express how amazing your stories have been and I am totally hooked on all of your books! Not a night goes by without me having a read! It has opened my eyes up so much more to the wider world and what is happening around us! It has developed me in so many different ways, I will just be entering my second year of university training to become a social worker and my family are fostering and like you have been heartbroken by many of their stories but also the different divisions that have been made!! Thank you so much for providing people with a true insight on what life is really like!! Many thanks.
Katie, 18/07/2016
Hello Cathy, I just wanted to message you to say how much I have enjoyed reading your books. I have just finished Saving Danny and am starting The Child Bride, at which point I will have read all your books. Please write lots more and soon!!  I think it’s fantastic that you share these stories, for so many reasons. Hopefully it will encourage others to become fosterers, it is also good as it educates people as well. Saving Danny is a good example, people are frightened of disabilities and don’t know how to react, but hopefully reading your books will help people to see that its not to be feared and  people will be more tolerant when they see a child in meltdown and not just tut and be disapproving.  I worked as a nanny and maternity nurse for 20 years, it was a joy sharing in the upbringing of the children, and I totally get what you say about growing to love them and how hard it is when you have to say goodbye. Particularly when I looked after them from babies.  I hope that you have many more stories to share with us. Looking forward to reading your next book when it comes out.  With love and best wishes to you and Adrian, Paula and Lucy.
Lisa, 17/07/2016
Hi Cathy!  I’m a 13 year old female reader from Malaysia, and I just felt like I would like to contact you, one of my favourite authors.  I’ve been reading your works since I was 10 or 11. I  like how you write your books. The style makes it easier to understand and is easier to imagine the scenarios in your books. You’re great! What I admire the most about you is your patience towards children with behaviour problems. Like little Reece from your book ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’. I can most relate to Zeena, as I’m also Asian. It’s very sad to see such a sweetheart get abused…  In this day and age, with all the terrorism and wars happening worldwide, it’s rare to at least see a good person such as you! You have been and will always be an inspiration to me!
Daryln, Malaysia, 15/07/2016
Hi Cathy just read your book, My Dads a Policeman. My heart goes out to Ryan and Tommy, so happy they have both got on ok in life, so sad about there Mum. Now I’m about to start, The Night the Angels Came. Elaine, 14/07/2016
Cathy, Yesterday I finished reading your moving book “The Night the Angels Came”. Today, I was driving to an appointment and while halfway there, I began to dry-heave-sob in my car at the thought of valiant Patrick Byrne dying so young. What was particularly hard to think about was how special a human being he had been but then I realized that you had managed to convey that vividly with just letters of the alphabet (which we call words): and I believe that makes you very special too. What a powerful book it is and thank you for it. You are my favourite author right now although I’ve only read some of your books but I’m buying more soon.
Mary, 11/07/2016
Hello Cathy. I’m on my 9th book of yours.  Absolutely fantastic reading. All of them. Ordering more soon. I’m a residential care worker and work with children in care in residential homes.  I love my job. Shame not more foster carers like you to reduce number of children and young people ending up in   residential placements. They care they receive is 100% but notice the family up offer. We can our bit but not change the world sadly. Regards.
Anita, 09/07/2016
Dear Cathy, Just read one of your books. My Dad’s A Policeman. It was a very good read.  Thank you,  I often  wondered when I read these sort of books how they got on later in life. I was very pleased to read your updates on your website. I feel so happy that they have grown to be lovely adults. My heart did jump a slight beat when I read about their mother. Thank you once again. Regards.
Sandy, 06/07/2016
Hi Cathy, I’ve never been one for reading true stories until I stumbled across Please Don’t Take My Baby. I love your writing style and really felt for Jade and Tyler. So glad there was a happy ending. I now have your books on order and look forward to reading as many as I possibly can. I’m also an aspiring writer, so I differently have that book on order. Love.
Heather, UK, 03/07/2016
Hello, I have read a few of your books now, Will you Love Me, The Saddest Girl in the World and Silent Cry.  I have really enjoyed them. I particularly like your writing style and how you explain the activity or normal every day things you did with the children in detail. Kind Regards.
Stephanie, 02/07/2016
Hi Cathy just to say, I have read quite a lot of your books. I was brought up in care with my four siblings. We were one of the lucky families to have a really good social worker.  You need a medal for your love and understanding. I am 54 now and I will carry on reading your books keep them.
Anita, UK, 02/07/2016
Hi Cathy!  I love to read different styles of books. But after I read your ‘Please don’t take my baby’ I couldn’t read any other books. Wanted to read all your books. I’m a 23 year old girl, married and with one year old baby girl. From Sri Lanka. I really feel that there are so many things that Sri Lankans can learn from your books. How to raise a child with positive attitude and much more. But most of the people here can read only in our language, that is Sinhala, our mother tongue. Thank you so much for sharing your heart touching experiences with us. Your loving fan.
Maneesha, Sri Lanka, 01/07/2016
Hi Cathy, I am just one of your fans, who adores reading your books. I am a 4th year medical student so rarely have time to read, but in the holidays it is always your books that I pick to read! In the last week I have just read The Child Bride and Will You Love Me? They are both fantastic reads; you are an incredible author. More than just being such a talented author, I believe you are also an amazing mother. You are so incredibly caring and kind to all of the children that you foster, you never judge and I love how you treat each child individually, and as your own. I think your own 3 children are also amazing at helping you and your foster children, they seem very special. I hope one day to be half as good a mother as you are! Please keep writing, I love your books! Thank you for giving me such inspiring and enjoyable books to read. Love
Rachael, UK, 30/06/2016
I honestly don’t know how to express my words to you. I have read your books and I am overwhelmed. I just finished reading about Jodie. You show such strength as a mother, foster carer and person that not many others possess in this world. You are caring and patient beyond words and I feel so privileged that you allowed me to enter your world of fostering. I have always dreamed of fostering children who need a safe and loving environment but honestly, I don’t know that I have the strength to do that after reading your real life situations. You are extraordinary and all the children who have been blessed to come into your home are finally able to see and feel what real love looks like. You are an inspiration to so many people. I hope you know that. Thank you for sharing your world with me.
Simone, Australia, 30/06/2016
Just finished reading “Saving Danny”.  Love the happy ending.  The credit should go to you – the way you handled Danny – as well as his parents.  Though the stories are very sad and disturbing, the message suppresses the sadness.  It’s a good message to the society.  Love reading your books. God Bless you and your children.
Fazmina, Sri Lanka, 29/06/2016
Hi! I just read your book Damaged and I totally loved it! Because I loved your book so much I have ordered some of your other books in English, I hope I will understand everything even if my English is not that good. I just could not resist! I really hope that they will translate more of your books to Swedish! Best wishes
Karolina, Sweden, 29/06/2016
Hi Cathy, OMG what another amazing read. I loved every bit of Girl Alone.  I couldn’t put it down, I’ve got to say I did get quite emotional when Joss finally opened up to you. I judged Joss before I knew what really happened and I didn’t like her very much but I grew to love her. Lucy made me laugh when she stuck up for you.  I thought that was brilliant. Much love to you and your family, I feel like I know them already just through your books lol. Thank you for another amazing read and please keep writing I love your books. Kind Regards.
Sammy, UK, 27/06/2016
Hello Cathy, I have been a big fan since the time I read your book Damaged. Although I only read it a couple of months ago, since then I have  read your book ‘The Child Bride’. I loved both so much. Thank you, Kind regards.
Jeska, 26/06/2016
Hello, Cathy,  I’m 13 and I recently started reading your books. The first book of yours that I read was Cut and so far I have read five of them. I’m a massive fan of your work and it makes me happy to read of the fantastic things your former foster children achieve, and to read about Lucy, Paula and Adrian as they grew up in your care, even if Lucy isn’t blood-related to you. I think that your children (including everyone you’ve fostered) have been and continue to be extremely lucky to be cared for and loved by such a wonderful person xxx Lots of love and hope that you reply, although I understand if you cant.
Jess, UK, 26/06/2016
Hi Cathy just finished another of your well written books, Run Mummy Run. My heart really went out to this young girl Aisha, I had tears whilst reading this book, but I was happy to read that she had found peace in her life. Keep up the good writing. Must now look for more books. Many thanks.
Elaine, 21/06/2016
I absolutely love your books. I can’t wait for new books to come out. I like reading them as I love hearing how the children come though after everything. I can’t wait to read the next one.
Kirsty, 19/06/2016
Hi Cathy, I first started reading your books last year when I was recommended the story of Amy by the bookshop clerk.  I have previously been a youth worker/counsellor for young people in many different areas. I also worked as a family counsellor for refugee families coming into the country, as well as a residential officer for a domestic violence shelter, designed for young women aged 12-18 escaping DV within the family home. I am currently reading Jodie’s story and my heart weeps for her as I have also looked after a young girl with similar issues in a residential facility. I identify with you and your experiences a lot for I have also experienced such things. I have a deep admiration for you Cathy. Only those who experience this type of vicarious trauma and turmoil can truly empathise with these young people and what they have had to go through in life. Your patience, love and determination to rehabilitate these children and adolescents feeds through. I have a lot of admiration for your children as well who remain patient and understanding over your years of fostering. Much love and happiness to you. Sincerely,
Brittany, Australia, 16/06/2016
Dear Cathy, I’m so happy to know that Zeena’s story had a happy ending. Thoroughly enjoyed her story and looking forward to reading more of your books.
Anita, NY, USA, 14/06/2016
I just finished your book The Child Bride. I was a Child Protective Services worker for 15 years. I now work with kids who are on probation. Many of these kids have fallen through the cracks. They should have been helped when younger by CPS. I will definitely be reading more of your books and giving them to my kids (on my caseload).
Michelle, 13/06/2016
Hi I have read your book “Damaged” twice since it was a heart breaking story of a little girl. You have a great talent of describing something perfectly where anyone can get the real point Love, Trinishiya, 13/06/2016
Hi Cathy, I wrote to you back in 2012 when I had just applied to uni to study social work. Your books and the stories of the amazing children that you have cared for have inspired me, and I was determined that I wanted to do more to help these children and prevent them from suffering more harm. I have since finished my degree and my first year in a child protection team. I’ve  now moved into a looked after children’s team, helping children who have not had the best start in life to find permanence and stability with their carers. I have learnt from my foster carers and children how difficult and emotionally challenging fostering can be.  I just wanted to thank for you your kind perseverance with your children and for inspiring me to pursue a career I love. All the best in the future.
Andrea, UK, 13/06/2016
Hi Cathy, I recently read The Silent Cry and I am thirsty for your next book coming out, read every single one. Keep it up Cathy, you are an amazing human.
Julie, 12/06/2016
Hi Cathy. Thank you for what you have done for so many children. Thank you for what you continue to do.  I know for certain that you have received so many of these thank you and will continue to receive them. I’m so honoured to have found your books and for being allowed to share your life. Your life has been so full of hurt and heartbreak and the way you transfer those feelings into words is just wonderful. I’ve just finished Zeena’s story – wow that poor child! But what an amazing young woman she has become, and she was spot on when she said it was down to you and your family for guiding her and showing her love and caring. What heartbreak but what satisfaction you must feel when children find a ‘forever home’ like Aimee and Lucy, or when those abusers get what they deserve. I’m recently a new grandparent so A Baby’s Cry will have to wait until I feel I can prepare myself to read your story, but it’s alongside your other books waiting to be read either on holiday or the next time I have a spell in hospital!
So thank you Cathy for being you. And although it’s just a way of life for you and your ‘children’ but when people write and tell you that you are an inspiration and a wonderful woman and family for what you do then please don’t brush it off as millions of us can’t be wrong can we ? Sending my best wishes to you Adrian Paula and Lucy, and thank you. Steph, 12/06/2016
I love your books! I had a hard time finding them at first but I’ve got them now! Your books floor me! The things that the children have been through! I’m so grateful that there is someone like you out therefore them! You and your family are an inspiration!
Barbara, 11/06/2016
Hi have written before to you but would just like to say I admire what you’re doing for children that find it difficult to tell their story themselves. From a child who survived.
Tanya, 11/06/2016
Hi Cathy. I want to thank u for writing your books and giving me strength knowing there are others out there that have suffered too and have come through the bad. U are such a wonderful person and thank God they had u looking out for them. Wonderful writer and amazingly kind person xx
Lisa, 11/06/2016
I just finished reading your books “Saving Danny” and “A Baby’s Cry.” You are an excellent writer. To foster all the children you have over the years is a wonderful thing. You have the patience of saint. I babysat for 19 years, 3 and 4 children at a time and it was hard work. The children didn’t have any problem but it was a lot of work. I treated everyone of them as if they were my own. They always called me and my husband Nana and Papa.  I have ordered 9 of your books and look forward to reading each on of them. God Bless You.
Lorraine, 08/06/2016
Hi Cathy, I love reading your books, I understand everything you write as I also fostered for many years. As you put in the Epilogue, some endings are happy some not so, some downright heartbreaking!  Please keep up the good work, I admire you greatly. Best wishes.
Margaret, UK, 05/06/2016
Dear Cathy, I just had to write and share a few thoughts with you. Taylor and I just finished reading together, “Please Don’t Take My Baby”. I must say, this was certainly a page turner like no other! I was wondering through the entire story how it was going to turn out, and the ending pleasantly surprised me. My eyes misted on several occasions, particularly at the end. Taylor said to me, “Cathy really changed their lives. They wouldn’t have been able to keep the baby if it wasn’t for her. She has the patience of a saint!”  Thank you again for another inspirational, heart melting book. We loved it. And we love your giving, compassionate heart. Keep ’em coming!  God bless you and your family….Adrian, Paula and Lucy. With fondness.
Angie,  02/06/2016
Dear Cathy, I am a massive fan of you and your wonderful books. I have read all of the ones you have written so far. They are touching and I love reading about you and your family in them. I work as a support worker for social services and my daughter has challenging needs. I find your books very comforting and helpful with tips and words of love. I think you are a wonderful foster carer and I applaud you to the highest. Through my life I have been through some not good times with family and struggle even now to completely move on from certain events. But I always feel that by reading your books I am very lucky compared to some of the children you have fostered. I have just finished your book ‘The silent cry’ and it did make me laugh about Samson’s bed bug Bruce. I will look forward to reading your next one once it is released. Keep writing your books they are very touching as you are. Best wishes to you and your family.
Kerrera, UK, 31/05/2016
Hi Cathy I have never been much of a reader until my other half got me to read ur book of Jade’s story. Instantly I was touched. I am now slowly making my way through all of ur books. You are an amazing woman in what you do for the children and I have the  highest respect to u and ur family. Each and every book gets me right from the start every time. I sometimes wish I could jump into the book to help. Keep up the fantastic work. You are an inspiration to society.
Thomas, 29/05/2016
I like reading your books,  your very talented.  I’ve recently read Daddy’s Little Princess and finally realised it’s not just me who has experienced emotional incest and abuse.  I would just like to thank you for writing about it as I thought I was the only one. I feel very alone and it’s really helped. Thanks again.
Beth, 29/05/2016
Hi Cathy,  I just wanted to say I have read 3 of your books and they were an amazing read and inspiring. The skills you use and determination you have is amazing. I was recently in a terrible accident with 25% burns and also inhaled fire which has burnt my vocal cords. I have a trachea and I won’t be able to talk ever again. Even though this is a terrible situation I was able to pursue  my dream of being a youth worker. I’m half way through my certificate and also do sign language. I have a meeting in 1 week with a foster care agency. Your books have played a large part in my decision to become a foster carer and I want to thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to help people.
Chad, Australia, 26/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I want to say thank you for your books and sharing your experiences with the world. You are my favourite author and I thoroughly enjoy reading your books, obviously not for the horrific ordeals that many of your foster children have suffered, but because they open my eyes and make me appreciate more the loving family I have been raised into. It’s such a shame that many do not have such ‘normal’ lives as I have had and that saddens me greatly. You are an amazing woman and have put yourself and your family in difficult situations but all for the love and happy endings of young sufferers. Well Done! I wish the world was full of people like you. I have just finished ‘A Baby’s Cry’ and it lead to me to tears, mainly when Paula struggled to say goodbye on her way into school that day Harrison left you. Thank you once again Cathy, You truly are a remarkable woman. With Love
Sarah, UK, 26/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to say that your books are absolutely amazing! I have only read 3 so far however I plan to read all of them. Every time I start reading your books I can’t put them down and read them within 1- 2 days. I am normally not a big reader. But your books are so amazing and inspirational I can’t stop reading them. It’s amazing how much you change a lot of children’s lives and help them in their times of need and I find that truly inspirational. I can’t wait to read the rest of your books. Thank you.
Melissa, Australia, 24/05/2016
I have read two of your books and they have been griping. You do such good work with the children in your care. Keep up the good work. My mum and I have help people with their problems in the past. Mum was a dinner lady and the children at school trusted her and went to her for help. I am very proud of my mum.
Janice, UK, 22/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I love your books I was brought up in the care system and I can relate to a few your foster children. I always look forward to finding new books that you have written. I’ve just finished reading The Silent Cry and understand and relate the child as my mother has a mental illness. I was bounced from care home to care home till I was 5.  I now have 4 children of my own and am with a wonderful man. Keep caring and writing.
Jo, UK, 21/05/2016
Hi Cathy, Just a message just to say I have read all ur books and I love them. U are a wonderful person and hope u still carry on fostering forever and write a lot more books xx.
Kayleigh, 21/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book called The Child Bride. I have heard of such things but not up close like this. These poor children, Zee was very lucky to have found a foster family like yours  I am now going to start reading Cut, which will open my eyes once again.  Thank you for the truth.
Sharon, Canada, 21/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I discovered your books while trying an app for audio books and I’m hooked. I am a social worker and my main work was with parents and children at a primary school for children with learning disabilities and before that I worked in a shelter for youth who couldn’t live at home anymore. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to work for some time now as I have a disabled child who is also chronically ill. Besides the care of our daughter we have provided a save and caring place in the last 8 years for 5 teenagers and young adults who needed some support and a different example than they have had. I would like to share what touches me so much in your books, because I’m so grateful I came across them.  First of all it is very interesting because you give example after example how love, attention and boundaries are healing and necessary. I haven’t being coached/guided/educated much by my parents but I do it with the young people who come to us. Thanks to your books I see why it works and I can improve myself. Also I find a lot of comfort and support in your books. Probably because I have a life where I lot is asked from me, caring for my daughter and creating and managing a team with caregivers for her in our house. Through your books I can look at myself and appreciate what I do a lot more. But there is something else: you manage to be so positive, full of confidence and sensitive to yourself, the child and everybody that surrounded the child. You are like my big sister; holding me by the hand and showing how it can be done. You are an example of how to be polite but firm, trusting but honest to your feelings, loving but not (to) indulgent, taking your responsibility but not taking over that part that belongs to somebody else (child or colleague). You are an inspiration how to become a better person. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful that you write about your life with your children and foster children and by that giving me a chance to grow. Love,
Joyce, The Netherlands, 20/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I so wanted to tell you that I have just finished ‘The Night the Angels came’.  To say I could not put it down is an understatement.  I don’t call it ‘heart rending’ – more ‘heart stopping’.  It was SO SO wonderful.  That dear dear little boy. And your immense and wonderful love and caring for him, your own children, and all those others you have fostered. I have read several of your books, and own two,  but I have excitedly found that our library has a whole department of them. So I am now going to work my way through them. I am just so full of Michael and Pat and you right now.  There are truly no words to describe how wonderful it was, and I found the devotion of Michael to his beliefs so moving.  We are not Catholics but I identified with a lot of things he was saying.  Such a devout little fellow, which certainly gave him hope  that he would see Mum and Dad again, which of course he will.  Well done, sending my love to you, as I feel I know you. God bless.
Shirley, New Zealand, 19/05/2016
Hey Cathy, how are you?? I am a major fan of your books, I read Girl Alone 3 times in 2 weeks, I loved it that much. Your books are great and I’ve read every single one, my favourites are Girl Alone and Cut. I can relate to cut as I have self harmed in the past, overdosed and been in a psychiatric unit. You are one amazing lady, with such a big heart. I have great respect for you. I really hope to hear from you soon. Charlotte, 16/05/2016
Dear Cathy, You feel like a dear friend! I have read nearly a dozen of your books and am so inspired by your loving heart. I am an “adopted” mom to an adult child  who has been through a chaotic and painful childhood. We have made it our hobby to read books aloud to each other over the years. He has been the narrator and we have spent countless hours reading your precious stories. You make me laugh. You make me cry. Your stories are so inspirational, compelling and heart warming. I can’t thank you enough for taking time to share your incredible stories with your readers. I can’t help but feel like you are a familiar friend. While I will probably never meet you in this lifetime, I certainly hope we meet in heaven one day.  My son has purchased all of your fostering books and we have read about ten so far. I am always excited for the next one and am continually amazed at the impact each story has on me. He and I both appreciate you so much.
Angie, USA, 16/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I did appreciate Another Forgotten Child and so glad that there was a good outcome for Aimee, what a spunky kid, but so sad that she had to go through such damaging trauma. I work for an organisation where we hear many stories like this. I have friends who have become foster carers, so have passed some of your books on to them. With best wishes.
Catherine, UK, 16/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I’m a top fan of yours and  have read all your books. They were  a great comfort when I was in hospital having a operation,  reading them helped me distract my worry from missing my children that were at home.
Kayleigh, 14/05/2016
Dear, Miss Glass. I would like to leave a little message for you. As you truly are my inspiration. I aspire to have your kind and loving heart. As I was child in care myself. Many say I was a lost child in the system almost forgotten! I lived in two children’s homes, one nice the other a true living nightmare. I also lived in five foster placements and went through so many social workers that I finally lost count. I was also abused emotionally, physically and sexually by the carers I was placed with, who chose to abuse the position of trust they were in. However here I am at 22 alive, happy and stronger!  Cathy you truly are an amazing woman and so are your children. You have helped and saved so many innocent children and given their lives hope and meaning again. You might not realise it but your the reason so many of them children don’t’ give up and are happy now because of you.  I would just like to say a huge thank you for making the sunshine a little brighter each day. With a high five good buy.
Sarah, UK, 13/05/2016
Cathy, after a dark phase in my life I decided to begin reading again, something that I have always found therapeutic but lost touch with. After reading one of your books I became completely hooked, struggling now to even put them down sitting for hours on end engrossed it what you write. I am 20yrs old and have had my fair share of difficult times but reading your books has enabled me to move forward with my life where I was trapped within myself for many years. I have learnt so many things from your books and truly cannot thank you enough, because of you I now feel able enough to start university where I will be studying social work. Hopefully one day I  will also  be able to foster young people and tough there lives the way you have. You do not know me but you have helped me so many ways in my own life and for that I cannot thank you enough. I hope your family and yourself are all well? You are truly amazing.
Katie, 13/05/2016
Hi Cathy!  I have read your book Will You Love Me?  about you daughter Lucy. I loved it. I connected so much with the book because of the thing I went through growing up. My mother was a drug addict and my father was an alcoholic. My mother married a man who was really abusive to her and us kids. He was sent to prison but only got three years but got out early two years for good behaviour. Did you know here in America someone could get longer for hitting a cop then hitting a child or a woman? Now that is crazy. Well my brother, sister and I got adopted and it’s the best thing that could ever happen to us. I am currently reading you book The Silent Cry. I also wanted to say that I hope to be a social worker to help kids who went through the things I went through growing up. I also hope to write a book.
Emmalinn, USA, 13/05/2016
Mrs. Cathy Glass. We are writing to you because we love your books. We admire Mrs. Glass. Regards.
Paula and Małgosia, Poland, 13/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I have read almost every single one of your books. I just finished “Mummy told me not to tell” today and I am onto my next one “The Night the Angels Came”. You are an incredible woman, an inspiration, and a glimmer of hope in humanity. I cry through the books and have chills hearing what these beautiful children have gone through. You share stories that we would never hear about. Before picking up your books I had not read a book in at least 10 years and now I can’t stop. You really are my favourite author. Keep up the incredible work and best wishes to your family.
Monica, 12/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished reading your book Cut, it was amazing! I love your books, it made me cry as it felt like the story was about me. I’ve been brought up in foster care and been through everything Dawn had.
Shannon, 10/05/2016
Hello Cathy, Well, I just beat my record to read a book. I just read your book Will You Love Me? in 2 days. I could not stop and I already want other books.  I read the book telling Lucy’s story and it’s very touching. I’m glad she found you, you are amazing! Lucy, Paula and Adrian are lucky for have you as their mother! I loved this book like all the others and as I told you before, you are my favourite writer! Thank you Cathy. With love from a fan and Brazilian reader.
Larissa, Brazil, 07/05/2016
Dear Cathy, I hope you and your family are doing well. Ever since I read your book ‘Mummy Told Me Not To Tell’ I have been continuously inspired, shocked, amazed and touched by all of your stories. I have read every one and you have inspired me to become a foster carer myself. I was a young mum at 17 and your book ‘Please Don’t Take My Baby’ really made me open my eyes. I didn’t have the same circumstances but I took comfort in your words and tips for little ones. I’m looking forward to hopefully becoming a carer in a couple of years time when my little ones are older and I have a house rather than a flat. Thank you for being so inspirational and giving the world your knowledge! Take care!
Emma, UK, 05/05/2016
Hi Cathy. I hope you and your family are all keeping well. I grew up in foster care and never really understood what foster carers went though until I started reading your books. You have made me see foster carers in a different light as I was largely of the opinion people foster because they are given a lot of money. (I did hear a lot from my natural mother about how awful social services are, but that’s for different reasons). I’ve read Daddy’s little princess and The Silent Cry in the past week, and cried my way though both of them as I have done with the previous books of yours. I know you probably hear this all the time but you are such and amazing woman, the children you look after are so lucky to have had you in their lives, and your own family must be so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world.
Gwen, UK, 02/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I hope you are all well. I have read The Silent Cry and it was a tear jerker. Well done on another great success. I can’t wait to read your new one when it is out.
Pauline, UK, 01/05/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finished another one of your books “Mummy told me not to tell” As much as I want to read the very latest of your books, I am reading them in sequence and finding it very hard to put each book down. I just wanted to say how much I admire you and your books. You are a true inspiration to not only women of the world but to foster carers world wide. Although times do get tough when you take a new child in, you seem to have the ability to calmly work around any situation that arises. You are a true credit to the fostering system. Thank you again for all that you do.
Anne, 01/05/2016
Hello Cathy, I emailed a while ago having read one of your books for the first time – Please Don’t Take My Baby.  I have continued reading your books and am just so shocked at what does take place.  I am now reading in chronological order, having managed to reserve all I had not read from my local library.  The Silent Cry is one for my birthday list!  I must also, once again, compliment you on your style of writing and the way in which, from your writing I feel I know the character of each fostered child and some of what that child is going through whether from abuse or simply having to spend time away from their family.   The love, support, kindness, care and time you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula have given to so many children is beyond words.  Kind regards.
Linda, UK, 01/05/2016
Hello Cathy, Hope everything is going well with you and your family.  I just finished reading your book The Silent Cry. Wonderful story.  I always enjoy reading your books.   Have a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to read your next book.
Jasmine, 29/04/2016
Dear Cathy, I am just writing to say how truly amazing I find your stories and how incredibly inspiring and additive they are. Every time I pick up one of your books I can never find it in me too put it down.  Your writing and the work you do is truly inspiring, and one day I hope to make such a different to children’s lives like you have. You stories have taught me so many things I did not know before. They have helped me make the career choice I want, I was working in a nursery but have decided to take the steps to become working in the social care and hopefully one day become a foster carer.  I love working with children and hope to make a difference.  Thank you for writing your amazing books, I have never read anything quite so incredible before.  Hope you and your family are well.
Katherine, 29/04/2016
I have read every book written by you that relate the story of a child in your care. The stories may often be heart breaking but there is always hope. The children you care for are extremely blessed to be loved and cared for in your home. They are treated by you and your children as part of you family, while knowing that it will for a limited time.  My interest in your stories flows from my work as a lawyer who represents the parent (s) of children in care or the children themselves. To say I love my work is an understatement and consider myself fortunate. I am about to start Girl Alone. Your books continue to provide another piece of the child protection program. Without your input, it is difficult to understand the impact of a foster carerr on a child. I see what progress the parent has or hasn’t made, which in a way, ignores the positive influence of proper care by the foster parent. While the influence of the foster carers on the reunification process isn’t quantified, I don’t believe that the success can solely be attributed to the hard work and changes by the parent. While in care the children, hopefully, are learning appropriate responses, behaviours, and interactions which ready them to be returned to their parents. A great deal of credit and appreciation should be given to the caregivers like you. Your books have made me realize that your role in the circle of change is critical. Thank you for teaching me.
Linda, Canada, 27/04/2016
Cathy your books are amazing, I have just read the last one, The Silent Cry, and I have enjoyed every moment of your journey. Thank you for your books
Zoë, 24/04/2016
Wat een mooie boeken schrijf je, maar is het boek `ik mis mama` er al in het Nederlands?
Ilona, Netherlands, 22/04/2016
Hi Cathy, I just wanted to send you some sort of message to say how lovely I think you are and what you do. I’m 18 and my sister recently introduced me to your writing. So far I’ve  read 1 book, half way through another and have more to read, but with only reading 1 I just thought to myself how incredible is this woman. You are such a treasure and reading your books make me feel as though I know you in such a personal way. People like you are so hard to come across I’ve found. I really look forward to reading more of your books, I hope you are well. God bless you Cathy Glass Kindest regards
Alisha, 22/04/2016
I have just read my first book of yours The Child Bride and I have to say I lost a lot of sleep over two nights as I could not put it down. I am so happy Zeena is doing so well, luv to you and yours.
Linda, 20/04/2016
Hi Cathy, as an avid fan of yours I have just read The Silent Cry.  I found this book very interesting and slightly different from the others you have written being about a number of people instead of just one child.  Very interesting.
Lilian, 19/04/2016
Hello Cathy, I’ve started reading your books and I’m hooked. The work you do is incredible, you’re so caring, if only I have had a lovely woman like you when I went through my difficult childhood. You’re an inspiration, I can’t imagine just how proud your children and parents are, I intend to read all your books now I’ve started. They’ve helped me a lot in understanding I’m not alone in the things I have been through so I thank you for that. All the best to you and your family.
Rebecca,  22, UK, 18/04/2016
Hi Cathy, I’m Hani,  I admire your commitment, pure love and heart towards humanity. You are such a kind person. I know you’re busy and don’t expect to be replied. I just want to wish may God bless you always for your kindness and sincerity. I learned that you’re divorced from The Child Bride and I wish that you will meet the right person soon. I’m happy to know the progress of Zeena and surprisingly she is 2 years younger than me. It’s so surprising that Adrian is now an adult because the first book of yours that I read few years ago- Cut , he was still a baby and Dawn was staying with you. Do provide us some updates about Dawn if she contact you.
Hani, Malaysia, 18/04/2016
Hello Cathy I feel as if I am writing to a friend, as I have read all your books and lived with your family.  Thank you.  For caring for all those children, for loving them unconditionally and then for writing about them so readers can be enthralled.  Your books have almost caused me a divorce – I just HAVE to read, can’t put them down, even when the love of my life for 48 years is waiting on the other side of the bed!  Love all the follow up news too. Thank you, please keep writing, we are all waiting.
Rose, 14/04/2016
Hi Cathy just a quick email to say well done on yet another great book The silent cry. Read all your books and waiting patiently for the arrival of your next one in September. I get such comfort in reading your books I feel like I know you really well if you can understand that lol. You do a great job for all the children lives you have touched and the world needs more people like you. Would really love to see your books turned into films and I know they will as much as a sell-out as your books. Best wishes to you and your lovely family Cathy and keep up the good work.
Sarah, 14/04/2016
Hi Cathy, just letting you know that I’ve read all your books and I’m totally hooked. I’ve never been an avid reader in the past but your books are truly gripping. I can’t wait until you write more books, keep up the good work you are an excellent author. All the very best for 2016.
Philomena, 13/04/2016
Hi Cathy, I hope you and all your family are well. I enjoyed the silent cry and am learning more and more that I want to work in this field eventually. I loved the book. Your intuition is brilliant and the way you enable the children or adults where necessary to feel able to trust you is a gift. I have just pre-ordered your book to arrive in September. I don’t know how I will wait that long but look forward to it.  Best wishes & thank you for sharing your story.
Corinne, 12/04/2016
Hi Cathy, Just finished reading your book Damaged today. It was given to me by one of the workers at my fostering agency as we are in the process of becoming carers for the first time. When I opened the book to start reading, my mind was captured immediately and I honestly could not put the book down. Read it in a few days because it is so touching and real. I could literally feel the emotions of all parties involved as I read through and I’m now more than drawn to want to change a child’s life like you have been doing. You are a legend and people like you should be recognised and rewarded greatly.
Nomsa, UK, 12/04/2016
Hi, I’m not into reading books and the first book I ever read was Damaged. I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it but after even just the first page I was hooked!! Every single one of your books is amazing. You are also an amazing woman who has helped so many. I hope one day I’ll be an amazing mother just like you appear to be x.
Leanne, UK, 10/04/2016
I have just finished your last book The Silent Cry. Keep writing your books. Enjoyed that one as well. Samson was funny boy, what a kind person you wwere to Laura x
Lorraine, UK, 10/04/2016
Cathy….I just want 2 say u r such a beautiful soul….I have no more words…just bless u xx
Sharon, 09/04/2016
Hi Cathy, I am a huge fan of your books. They’re so inspiring, and I read them constantly. Your books mean the world to me. I just finished reading ‘Cut’. I started crying as I read what Dawn was going through. It’s so inspiring how you changed these children’s lives.   I recommended your books to my friends. My best friend borrowed “The Night the Angels Came”. She loved it so much and she said she will definitely read your other books.  I love how you are so kind and caring towards these children. I love your books so much and I really hope you can take the time to reply to me.
Zainab, Canada, O8/04/ 2016
Mrs. Glass, I greatly admire you and your work.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  I have been through many similar situations.  I have read some of your work and I believe you are a wonderful woman. You are kind, caring and a loving person.  I wish I could have had a mother like you.  You have inspired me and encouraged me to open up.  I’m still working with people.  It has only been a couple weeks since I left.  Anyway, I would love to hear from you if you can.  Thank you so much again for reading this.
Heather, 16, USA 06/04/2016
I LOVE all of your books! I was 16 when I started reading them and now 19, and just put down your book Girl Alone. As a writer you are very talented! I realise you will be very busy but I really do hope you have an opportunity to read this email. As a young girl I felt very alone and faced similar circumstances as young Joss whom was in your care, which mainly caused me to feel so compelled to contact you and say thank you. Thank you so much for opening your home and family to young people like Joss and myself who are in so desperate need for someone to be there, 24/7 ears open and endless patience. If it weren’t for people with such beautiful traits such as yourself, I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you! Myself and many other young people in and out of care are so grateful for all the work yourself and social workers do day and night. Now, I plan to start university to study psychology with the aim of helping young people. I have come a very long way with the help of people within social work, I had no aspirations, I felt I had nothing to offer my family, friends or the world.  Now, I am determined to help young people believe they can bloody do it! And with the help of people like you, we can! Thank you so much Ms Glass. I wish you and your family the best of health, love, happiness and opportunity.
Alix, Scotland, 05/04/2017
Hi Cathy, II have so far read 10 of your books and I’m continually buying the ones I haven’t read. I have come to feel like I know you through your books as I’m sure all of your readers do, you’ve inspired me so much. I really wish you knew how much!  I haven’t been in care but my childhood wasn’t great, I’m not one for sympathy hunting either but I was left to do as I felt and out of all the books so far I can relate to ‘Dawn’ as her life was so much like mine. After reading ‘Cut’ I cried and felt like a burden in my life had been lifted. I can get lost in your books for hours and then walk around with a smile on my face for days afterwards! You’ve made me realise that life is good and by sharing your stories you really do help others, like me, who never got sought help when was needed and who have had to grow up and get through it alone and by themselves. I know you must write under pseudonym for confidentiality but I really hope one day you get the recognition you deserve. Since your husband left you have continually put in efforts alone that not many people would manage and you should be extremely proud of yourself. I hope your children are as happy as I imagine them to be, and I sincerely hope you are leading a happy life, remember it’s always ok to be a little selfish sometimes and I hope you indulge yourself from time to time. Thank you for being you.    My love to you always.
Debbie, 28, UK, 04/04/2016
Hi Cathy, How are you?  I don’t want to sound cheeky, but when will you be writing a new book? I’ve just finished The Silent Cry which may I say was nothing short of awesome! I’ve now read every single book you’ve released.  Like always, it’d be great to hear from you!  Take care.
Kandice, 04/04/2016
CG: Thank you. My next book will be out in September: An Impossible Decision. It is a real tear jerker.
Your book is amazing. The Silent Cry makes me want to become a foster carer. Thank you for making the book, I have so many emotions from reading it. I love it! Thank you and have a great day.
Tapanga, 04/04/2016
Hi, you are brilliant. I read your book and understood children are totally helpless. Doing a good job. Best Regards.
Asiri, Sri Lanka, 03/04/2016
Hi Cathy, I have now read all of your books and many of them have touched my life in many ways. I grew up in a broken home, where I was abused by a parent and their spouse. My dad left when I was little and I had never seen him since. The children’s aid society in my region had been involved in my life since I was 2 and were there until I turned 16. They only ever took me into care once and it was for 3 months. It baffles me that they never tried for custody, or that I wasn’t removed sooner. In the 13 years that they were involved there was 73 calls to CAS from teachers, day-care workers and neighbours. And yet nothing ever came of it. I rarely had the same worker more that once, and I had seen 49 different workers in my 15 years. I felt trapped, alone and scared. When I was 19 I finally left home, and was living in a shelter for several months. That’s when I first discovered your books. I started trauma counselling, and your books have helped me realize that I’m not the only kid who had abusive parents growing up, I came to realize that some people care about kids who aren’t even their own. Your books have helped me so much. Thank you so much Cathy!!! Pleas keep writing, your books are incredible.
A, Canada, 03/04/2016
Hi Cathy. I am blind, I love listening to your books. My best friend who also has disabilities was abused. I was on the phone with her and I heard her mom beating her. I was so sad I cried and cried. Her mama is in jail now and she is living with a relative. I’m so glad my mom never hits or hurts me. I love you Miss Cathy.
Cierra, USA, 02/04/2016
Hi Cathy,  I bought your newest book The Silent Cry last week and started reading it yesterday. It’s an absolutely spectacular book!! I love the feelings that came out from your words. I just spent 2 hours on reading your book today without any interruption. Hope you have a nice day!! Wish to read more:)
Jenny, Canada, 01/04/2016
Dear Cathy, I would just like to thank you for the impact your books have had on my life. I have always struggled with reading long books however one day in my college library I picked up one of your books and couldn’t put it down. I have been reading ever since and have brought and read every single one of your books and will continue to do so. Thank you for giving me the passion for reading Cathy. Forever grateful.
Olivia, 31/03/2016
Hey. I would like to say your book saving Danny is amazing! I’m a care leaver and was in Kicked Out Kids on channel 4 last year. There was one thing that made me cry and that’s that most carers do miss the young people they look after. There are many that do it for a job. In my life I have moved nearly 30 times and only speak to 3 of my past carers. Many thanks.
Jemma, UK, 29/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just finish reading Daddy’s Little Princess. I find I always learn something new from your books. I’d never heard of emotional incest so I did a little more research online. I’m so glad Beth and her father are on the right track to recovery.  As regards to John, he may of left, but he was soon replaced by your wonderful daughter Lucy, and many more children who needed your love and care.
Jess, 28/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I have just read your book about Joss. It is so cruel what she went through. I bet it was difficult to handle Joss. I am about to start reading The Silent Cry. I have read the blurb and it looks a fantastic story. Can’t wait to start reading. I have also been on Amazon and pre-ordered ur new book. Can’t wait to continue read your books. You are a fantastic foster carer and hope you had a lovely Easter x
Chloe, 28/03/2016
Hi Cathy, I’m sure you get a lot of emails praising your work and telling you how wonderful your writing is and my email is no exception.  I stumbled across your books by accident one summer and it’s been the best collection of books I’ve come across. I love how each story is different and how you make me fall in love with each story.  My favourite book is ‘The Night The Angels Came.’ I’ve read it hundreds of times and I love it more each time I read it. I love how heartbreaking and real it is. I cry each time I read it but it’s an amazing story that really does show how families come in all shapes and sizes and how they are full of love.  I went on holiday in the summer and took two of your books with me. Now I thought they would last me the week but they didn’t even last the first two days.  I was walking along the beech front one day and came across this adorable little book shop. I took a chance and asked if they had any of your books and I’m so thankful to say they did. I picked up one of the books I’d not read and it saved my holiday. I spent the day on the beech reading Tayo’s story and it was amazing.   I’m currently reading your latest book ‘The Silent Cry’ that I’ve received as an Easter gift and so far it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see how it ends.  Thank you so much for your stories, they really have made me love reading again and I can’t wait for the next one.  Take care.
Megan, 18, UK, 27/03/16
Hi there. I juts want you to know how your book inspire me to be a better person and change my perspectives towards the reality of life. I love reading your books and currently I’m trying to collect all your books because they are so good! You’re such a brave and kind hearted lady and you inspire me a lot 🙂 I hope I can be like you one day. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate if you can write me back.  Have a lovely day!
Ash, 19, Malaysia, 26/03/2016
Hello Cathy…. I have just finished your latest book (The Silent Cry) and yet again I wasn’t disappointed, another brilliant story. You are truly an amazing person. From reading your books I feel like I know you personally. These children need people like you. Keep up the good work.  I can’t wait for your next book. I hope your own family are all doing well. With kind regards
Jan, UK, 26/03/2016