All entries are from emails sent to me, however I cannot be held liable for the validity of the claims made, some of which are very disturbing. I read and reply to as many emails as I can. Thank you.

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Hello Cathy Glass, I love your books. I found you by reading one of your fiction books of which I have read 4 so far. Then I found you as a fosterer of children and order them from my local library and usually read them within 24 hours, as I can’t put them down! I had a very unhappy childhood and it put me off having children. But I am amazed and saddened at the problems the children you foster have had and I am often moved to tears! But, we do have something in common as I foster cats and kittens for the local branch of Cats Protection. I know you are a cat lover as you always seem to have a cat in your home – Sammy at the moment. I am currently reading Unsafe. Best wishes for the New Year.
Rita, UK, 31/12/2023

Good Morning, I have read Unwanted and Unsafe which were Christmas presents. You really are the purest of souls. I think I last messaged you about 6 years ago (not long a care leaver), since then I have two children both diagnosed with ASD and it’s been hard to sit and finish a book with all that comes with parenting children with additional needs. (Although I love it and wouldn’t change them for the world). I hope you and your family are well. They are lucky to have you, as you them! Please keep the books coming as they are always brilliant reads!! Kind Regards
Allie, 28/12/2023

Hello Cathy. How are you and your children and grandchildren? I just finished the last book translated into French that you wrote – A Terrible Secret”. You are a big part of my life because I read you again and again! Do you think other of your books will be translated into French soon? because unfortunately I have already read them all and I want more. For me you are one of the people who were born to be angels on earth. You have changed the lives of certain children and I believe there is nothing more powerful!  Thank you, Merci beaucoup Cathy
Aurélie, France, 28/12/2023

Hi Cathy, I got your book about Damien for Christmas and am already halfway through. Can’t seem to put your book down to the point I’m now just rereading them all. Can’t wait for the next one. Kind regards
Kelly, 26/12/2023

Hi Cathy! I’m a child welfare investigation social worker in the US. I’ve read all of your books for years and often get ideas on how to handle situations based on your books. The UK clearly does much more right than we do and I’m hoping as I move up the chain of command to implement things such as the life story books and letting foster parents have access to online log notes that we can also see. Foster parents don’t do any log notes here and we pick the kids up for all their visits with family. I bet your social workers don’t know how well they have it. I just finished Unsafe. Congratulations on your latest additions to the grandchildren bunch.
Abigail. USA, 26/12/2023

Hello, I am a blind person and I listen to all of your fostering books on audible. Some of them remind me of my childhood as my mum was in a relationship with a horrible man who abused me and her. I was sent to live with my nanna for a while then when my mum finally left the man I moved back in with her. Now my mum is married to a lovely man and I am happily engaged.
Ashley, 23/12/2023

Thanks for all the books you write about fostering.
Marybeth, 19/12/2023

Dear Cathy, my 3 sisters, my brother in law, daughter in law and myself have read all of your books.  When we hear that a new book is going to be published, I immediately buy it on Amazon and await impatiently for its arrival. Please keep writing about your life, and that of your beautiful family as over the years, we have grown attached to each member and consider them family also. I know that you are only doing respite work right now but that, combined with your family life would make for very interesting reading. Sincerely
Gisèle, Canada, 15/12/2023

Hi, I am 16 years old and I’ve read all your books cover to cover. I have family who are foster carers and your books made me realise how much more there is to foster care. I really enjoy reading and writing. I do English a-level and I appreciate how much your books have helped me articulate my words and how emotional they are. Reading your books gives me so much hope that life will always be full of possibilities and you just have to take it with two hands and run with it. Tayah,07/12//2023

Hey! I am a huge fan of your books. I’ve read every single one. I thought I’d add to your endless emails. I’ve just finished “Mummy told me not to tell” for the second time. I hope you and all the family are well. Have an amazing Christmas and New Year. Best wishes
Leanne, 07/12/2023

Hello Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your books since I was 17. I’m 31 now and I believe I have read all of your fostering ones. I have laughed, cried, been disgusted at times but most of all been extremely touched and inspired by your approach to all of your children. I hope you are having the BEST time with your grandchildren and dedicating more of your time to your family. You really deserve it after all the good you’ve done. I bet you are the best nana. Kind regards
Denice, 26/11/2023

Dear Cathy, Hello. I’m an avid reader of your novels. I’m a very big fan. I love to read them frequently. They provide me with great inspiration. They are so well written and full of suspense. I feel for all of the children, and your stories have touched me greatly. It’s been amazing to read about your life, to witness you and your family growing up and changing over time. Watching your family through the books was so charming. I love to read how you adapt to the inconsistencies of the system. I hope that you are able to find time for yourself and your family, and all your new little grandchildren.
Linh, Ireland, 20/11/2023

Hello again Cathy, I hope you and your family are well. I have just read “Unsafe”. I enjoyed it as much as all your other books. For a 7-year-old Damian has all his buttons sewed on! He seems to be an excellent back seat driver. Its so sad that even as young as he is he was involved in drugs. Sadly there are too many like Troy who take advantage of weak naive people. Your life is going to be full of lovely grand children. Cherish them as they don’t stay small for long nowadays!
William, 12/11/2023

I have just finished reading Unsafe. I was pleased it had a happy out come in the end. Congratulations to Lucy and Darren, and to Adrian and Kirsty.
Joanne, 08/11/2023

Dear so dear Cathy, I love your books and when I go to GB twice a year first thing I do is to buy your latest book. When I saw that you were writing thrillers under another name I must admit I was highly sceptical… But oh God how much I love them!  They are so well written, and full of suspense! A real thrill and great pleasure. So thank you with all my heart. You really are like a good old friend (old because it’s such a long time that I read you) Keep enchanting people!
Albertine, Switzerland, 07/11/2023

Cathy Glass, Hi, I am your biggest fan. I love all your books. Some sad things have happened in my life but reading your books have given me so much hope. I am sorry for your loss of your parents as they were great people!!! They have also been a great support for you as I have read in your books. Cathy you are so perfect, I am currently reading your book Unsafe. Love
Zara, 06/10/2023

Hi Cathy I am over half way through all your books, and I am addicted! I know you receive many correspondence all over the world, but I had to reach out. Your stories touched my heart. My husband and I have considered fostering over the years. It’s weird to listen to a book and feel connected to someone, but I really do feel like in another lifetime and another place, we likely would’ve been great friends. Thank you for all you do for these families! I wish you great peace and love going forward, and a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to finishing your series!
Amber, Canada, 05/11/2023

Hello Cathy, I happened to run into Oskar’s story and I was hocked! I am going to read all I can of yours books, I think it’s amazing what you do.
Brittany, USA, 27/10/2023

Dear Cathy. I am 31-year-old woman who spent her teenage years in care. I didn’t have a great experience and had grown, like Lara and Jade, to have a negative view of the local authority. I sadly kept the cycle going this time last year, where I lost custody of all four of my beautiful children. I picked up one of your books in a charity shop a few months ago, “A life lost”, and decided to start reading it a week ago. I found your book impossible to put down and searched on Vinted and bought another three. I write this email to you whilst waiting at a train station on my way to “family time” with my eldest and youngest. I’ve just finished Unwanted, and two days ago, I read “Please don’t take my baby”. Whilst I’ve shed many tears reading these sad but harrowing stories, my whole outlook on foster carers has dramatically changed. Reading your books has given me a unique insight into what it’s like for the heroes who are looking after my children. I can’t thank them enough, and I also want to thank you! The final hearing for my children is scheduled for January, I’m remaining positive and hopeful. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and on behalf of all the children and the children parents who lives you have helped.  Thank you! Yours faithfully.
Bobby, UK, 24/10/2023

I have read/listened to many of your books and they have been a massive inspiration for me. Although I am not equipped to foster (I live in a shared accommodation) but I have been inspired by your book ‘Damaged’ to start residential childcare. I worked 5 years in nurseries. I’ve always wanted to do more for children. A friend of a friend gave me your book (which started my journey on working through your collection), This began my career reflection and I then instantly applied for residential childcare. Best decision I have ever made. You’re an absolute inspiration to me, your practices, patience and love for children. I hope to be able to help as many children as you.  Take care.
Chloe, UK, 23/10/2024

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading your book Unsafe and was again very moved by the stories of Damian and Esme. I love reading your books and have learned a lot of parenting strategies because of them. Reading your books helps me put everything in perspective. You definitely deserve some more me time and time with family is so precious. Enjoy your children and grandchildren! you have done so much for so many people. Thank you again for sharing your stories. Kind regards,
Elise, 05/10/2023

Hi Cathy, I was so excited to read your newest book. I am glad that things didn’t get worse between Damien’s mom and everything involved with Troy. You’re a grandma of 3, have a few things going on. You definitely needed the change of pace. We need more people like you to help foster the young generation.  I have read most of your books, some interested me more like Danny. I hope that you’re less stretched out now and enjoying life more now that that pesky covid thing isn’t as bad as it used to be. Thank you for your amazing books.
Crystal, Canada, 03/10/2023

Hi Cathy. I would like to say congratulations on becoming a grandma again and I hope all your family are well. I have just read your latest book Unsafe and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading all your books. I have found them difficult to put down once I pick them up and start reading them. After all the care you have given to others it’s time to care for yourself. Take care
Judith, 03/010/2023

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books! Have read nearly all of them and find them at times disturbing, but, always inspiring and with nearly always a happy ending. I can’t believe your patience at times, especially with a few of the social workers and all the bureaucracy! I’m a 61-year-old impatient bloke, so wish I had some of your patience. One other I love is how warm and cosy your family life seems. Keep up the good work and don’t stop writing. Kind Regards
Jerry, 02/10/2023

Dear Cathy, I have been enjoying your books for many years now. I’ve just finished ‘Unsafe’ and I was pleased to read the ending. I had a difficult childhood and I witnessed lots of toxic situations that no child should ever go through. I then had a very tough relationship with a partner who was controlling and both physically and mentally abusive. Luckily I escaped that situation and my life now is very happy. I now have beautiful children, a loving husband and my sole aim is to keep my family safe, healthy, loved and happy. You really are an inspiration to me and I often think that when my children are a little older fostering is perhaps something I may consider going forward. Sending you and your family lots of love and thank you for being you.
J, 02/10/2023

Hi! I have just been reading your book Damaged. (In Sweden called Skadad). I liked the book and hated what had happened to Jodie. I felt so sorry for her. I hope you can understand my English writing.
Eva, Sweden, 30/09/2023

Hi Cathy, I have just read your 2 latest books Unwanted and Unsafe which I couldn’t put down and read them in about a week and a half. I love you as an author, you are my favourite, and from reading them both I am sorry to hear that you are cutting back on fostering and there won’t be as many books now.  I have read every single one of your books and when I am finished I am always waiting for your next one. Your books have made me smile, laugh and cry. I admire you for what you have done in your time of fostering and adopting Lucy whilst on this journey. I would like to congratulate you on becoming a nana again x 2. I hope you are relaxing and making the most of your time between temp fostering and becoming a nana/grandma. Once again thank you.
Trisha, 29/09/2029

Dear Lisa, When I am driving, something I have to do a lot, I discovered you as an author. I feel you are a true inspiration. I like how you sometimes hint to your readers so we can have our own thoughts about is. Your good sense of humour and your parenting tips are very nice. You are a true inspiration. When I am settled I would like to become a foster care to. So thank you for that. As you maybe could have guessed English is not my native language. I am from the Netherlands. Also I am dyslectic and sometimes have problems writing. I hope your well! Love
Joëlle, Netherlands, 24/09/2023

Dear Cathy, I have read every single book and cried whilst reading them just like millions of others have. You and your family have been amazing people caring for all those children all those years. I’m now rereading your books for the second time and enjoying them just as much as I did the first time. Take care and all the best for the future.
Anne, 19/09/2023

Hey Cathy, would just like to say congratulations on the births of your grandchildren and that I absolutely love your books I’ve only read 3 so far as my mum introduced me to you she has all your books a few months ago. I went into foster care for a few months when my father passed away when I was 9 months old that was 39 years ago this Christmas. I am a mum to 4 children.  I totally get why you have decided to take a step back from full time fostering as it is hard with a partner let alone you doing it single handed. I know you have your amazing daughter Paula and your other children there for support I really do take my hat off to you. All my love
Alison, 18/09/2023

I hope you, Adrian, Lucy and Paula are well. You are all amazing people, and the children you’ve fostered have been so lucky to have you. If I could be half the woman you are I’d be happy in life. I am going to go and continue to read your book now – I have been thinking about writing to you for a few weeks. I can offer nothing but praise. You are a diamond. Best wishes,
Carina, 17/09/2023

Hello Cathy, I got into reading your books after my husband brought me one after we first started fostering 4 years ago now. Now we are long term specialist foster carers working with children with disabilities. I have read every one of your books and just finished Unsafe which I loved. Sad to hear your cutting back on fostering but totally understand why. Just wanted to say I enjoy your books and they have inspired me through my fostering journey which has been amazing and rewarding though sometimes challenging, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thankyou for sharing your stories with us. Kind regards
Sally, Australia, 17/09/2023

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for the children in your books. As a child I was in foster care and can relate to the experiences the children you write about. I genuinely believe if you were my carer, I maybe wouldn’t have the childhood traumas I still carry with me today. Your work as a foster carer is so valuable and you’re one amazing lady. Congratulations on the news of your second Grandchild, I hope Adrian also gives you that great news soon. From what I’ve read and listened to they have also been a great source of comfort and care to the children you look after. Yours sincerely,
Susan, 12/09/2023

I literally just finished to listening to your latest work, Unsafe. So your scaling back on fostering. I had no clue or idea about the foster care system until I came across your memoirs and fiction. I know we’ll never meet in person, but every kid is blessed to have you.  a pen name. I’m blind and wear hearing aids. Your website seems to be accessible for me. I’ve never been in care.
Mellissa, USA, 12/09/2023

I just finished Unsafe and wanted to congratulate you on your additional grand children. They are so lucky to have you. I feel like I’ve actually met you now. I don’t know where I would have ended up without my paternal granny. She really loved me and taught me a lot. Thank you for being so kind to write to me. Cheers
Kathleen, 08/09/2023

Hi Cathy Glass, I first stumbled upon your books when I made them at cpi books, I immediately started reading and it reached my heart. Fostering has always been something I’ve been interested in doing. But as a child who has been abused myself I decided best not to. But I have continued to follow your books always getting the latest one and reading them. They give me hope that one day I’ll be strong enough to foster. You are phenomenal and I can tell the heart and soul you have for fostering. You clearly change the lives of so many children. Thank you,
Samantha, 07/09/2023

I started reading/listening to your books years ago, and have read/listened to them all!! Thank you for being you, and sharing your fostering and family stories with us! I just finished “Unsafe”! Congratulations on your family expanding! I do hope you will write more books.  Also, thank you for having the same narrator in most of your books, she does an amazing job. Love Always
Yescenia, 07/09/2023

Good afternoon, I have read your books since being a young teen, having them passed to me once my mum was finished. I’ve nearly read the entire collection now, including the most up to date books.  I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do in the fostering industry. You are an inspiration to many and especially to myself.  I am a 20-year-old Transgender and Gay man and fostering has always been something I’ve loved. It’s something I’ve always thought about doing as I got older as of course having children biologically for myself and my fiancé is not an option. We’ve spoke to fostering agencies at pride events and looked into it externally and it’s definitely something we will consider when the time is right. Your books are so gripping and so beautifully written and even though it’s a shame to hear they are coming to an end after next year, I am delighted to hear that you’ve taken the decision to step back a little and focus on family more. You deserve some you time and I truly hope you receive long term happiness in your decision. Thank you for your incredible books and your dedication to the children/young adults you’ve taken care of in your career. We may only see part of what you do within your books but I can tell just from those how brilliant of a foster carer and how brilliant of a person you are and I am honoured to be one of your long-term readers. Take care and wish you all the best,
Kaden, 06/09/2023

Hi Cathy, I am emailing you to thank you for your amazing books, you have help me through the worst place I could be when I discovered your books. They helped me to be the person I am today. I am now looking to become a social worker to help others who have been in my place. So, thank you for your amazing books. All the best.
Pauline, 04/09/2023

Hi Cathy, Thank you so much for your books.  grew up an unwanted child who was abused physically and emotionally, but had wonderful foster carers who supported and loved me no matter how bad my behavior was. They inspired me so much that I became a social worker to help other children in care. Thank you for your work/books as they validate my story and those of countless children like me, the forgotten  children whose stories appear like fiction to others and remain untold. Your writing has evoked many memories, but also made me realise that with my own children and work I have broken the cycle of abuse.
Lynda, 04/09/2023

Cathy, you have no idea who I am, like the millions of readers you have. I felt called to share something with you. I picked up one of your books at the age of 7 at a (car boot sale). I remember being drawn to this book and my grandparents saying that it’s a bit to mature for my age. I was determined to get this book, and I did, and the others that followed. At the age of 8 my dream was becoming a social worker…. I was then moved to Canada with my mom’s side of the family. The teachers would ask me what I wanted to be and I said just a social worker. It never changed. I am now working towards a masters in psychology and I know that if I hadn’t picked up that book when I did, I wouldn’t be where I am. You Cathy held my hand through the darkest times of my life. Yet you gave me a sense of hope, like every book I read. Thank you for sharing this part of your world with us, truly.
Brandi, Canada, 03/09/2023

Hi Cathy, I’ve been a fan of your books for many years. I’ve read all of them multiple times, and own some of my favourites as ebooks and audiobooks as well as hard copies!  I just finished reading part 3 of Unsafe – what a moving story. I really hope that you keep writing. Your books are so inspiring, and because of them, I now work for child protective services. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without you. If Unsafe is your last book, please know that you have had a profound impact on my life, and I am very grateful. You’re my favourite author! Best wishes to you and your amazing family.
Sherezade, Australia, 31/08/2023

Dear Cathy, I want to thank you for your books. I was never in care, but I experienced grooming and abuse, not unlike some of the children in your books. I wished someone could have saved me from it. I’m still struggling with the after effects now. It may be strange but reading about how those children are listened to, believed, loved, and cared for is strangely comforting. Your books have made me feel less alone in what I’ve been through. Although I slipped through the cracks, I’m glad to read about the ones who haven’t. I really enjoy reading your books. Best wishes to you.
Wyatt, 31/08/2023

I’ve just finished reading your book The Gathering and would like to congratulate you on a great story. I really couldn’t put it down. I’ve been reading it in the morning with my coffee before work.  I must have talked about it a lot to my colleagues, as all week they’ve been asking what’s happened now? My views about what’s been happening have changed many times as I’ve got further into the book. It’s Saturday today so my whole morning has been coffee and finishing your book. It was brilliant. Congratulations again. Kind regards.
Carol, 27/08/2023

Good evening, I just wanted to let you know you are amazing. I love all your books and they are heart-warming. You are an inspiration. I have just read Where Has Mommy Gone and I have gone through some of it as an adult and it’s the first time I’ve cried during reading them. So thank you for sharing what you do as you really are a beautiful person.
Zoe, 24/08/2023

Dear Ms Glass, I am 25 years old and I live in Belgium. Your books are amazing! My mother discovered your stories in our local library. She brought one home and we both loved to read it. Also, my grandmother who is 82 years old and loves kids read all your books we have at home. Now the problem is, only four of your books are translated in Dutch. I can read in english fluently, but my mother and grandmother can’t. Is there any possibility that any of your books will also be translated in the future? Thank you so much. Kind regards.
Anne and family, Belgium, 13/08/2023

Dear Cathy, I’ve read some of your books and will be buying them all. I’m a care leaver and I can say the care system failed me in many ways, but I am now 24 years old.  I still keep in touch with my carers. The social services left me without a social worker for over 8 months and by the time they found me a worker I was just turning 18 when I was passed on to someone else who would help me live independently. Thank you so much for doing a good job you are amazing. And thank you for sharing the struggles of being a foster carer and the struggles of being in care.
Cherie, 11/08/2023

Dear Cathy, I just finished reading “A Life Lost”. Another excellent book. I related a lot to the loss of your mom because last March we lost our dearest mom. Keep them coming!!  I am a teacher and your books inspire my teaching a lot. Warm regards,
Mary. Malta, 10/08/2023

Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say how much I love reading your books and listening to your stories. You truly are a wonderful person. I had never managed to be gripped by a book before until I was 32. I then went back to read the books in chronological order. When I finish reading one I can’t wait to buy and read the next.  You truly are inspiring and deserve the world, your kids also.
Samantha, 08/08/2023

Hello Cathy, Thank you so much for your wonderful books! So far I have read four of them, and a couple of them twice. I just finished reading Saving Danny for the second time – I just love the way you write. Will probably read Unwanted next because of all the comments here about that book. Thank you for sharing your talent for writing with all of us. I wish I could meet you personally so I could give you a hug and tell you personally that you are definitely fulfilling God’s purpose for you in this world. With much love and respect, Linda, 01/08/2023

Bonjour Cathy,  j’ai 35 ans et je vis en France. J’ai un problème lol j’ai lu 8 de vos livres en 1 mois, oui je suis absorbé par vous votre famille et vos histoires. Le petit soucis c’est que c’est 8 livres étaient en français mais que tout les autres ne le sont pas… Comment je pourrais faire?
Sandy, France, 30/ 07/2023

Dear Cathy, I live with my retired guide dog Jessie. Last year my husband died after a long and painful illness.  Afterwards I was looking at my downloads in Audible and found a number of your books.  I then downloaded all your fostering books and then listened to the lot in chronological order.  They were absolutely fantastic and a wonderful distraction.  I thoroughly enjoy your books and was delighted yesterday to find out that another book is to be released on audible at the end of August. I think you are an amazing writer and foster-carer and I can’t wait to read your next book.  Keep smiling and stay safe. With best wishes:
Sue and Jessie (golden retriever) 11/07/2023

Dear Cathy,  I have been reading your books for a long period of time. Just finished your book “Innocent’ which I bought from Malaysia. I thought I should write to you, telling you how much I love your books and cherish them!  Hope to see you if I visit the UK one day!!! Keep up your good work Cathy.
Madhusha, Sri Lanka. 06/07/2023