Happy Meal Times


For over 25 years I have been cooking meals not only for my own children but for the children I foster, many of whom arrived with the most appalling diets. Like most parents I am also very busy so I have become adept at providing simple, quick, economical and wholesome meals that appeal to all children.

In this book I share with you successful recipes – loved by children of all ages (and adults), together with useful information on food, and tips for ensuring children eat healthily.

• What makes a diet good or bad
• Establishing meal times
• Food fussiness and a child refusing to eat
• Recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Happy Mealtimes For Kids is the essential no-nonsense cookbook for busy parents

Reviews for Happy Mealtimes for Kids:

“Number 1 best-selling author, Cathy Glass, shares her experience and expertise gained across 25 years as a foster carer in this accessible and practical guide to establishing healthy and happy mealtimes.”

“This is the third in the series of Cathy’s Happy books, and as with Happy Kids and Happy Adults there is a lot of useful information and practical ideas. Cathy’s style of writing is easy to understand and her recipes are easy to follow. Very reasonably priced too. I shall be recommending it to my friends, family and work colleagues.”

“Easy to prepare, healthy meals for kids. The recipes are straightforward to produce using easily obtainable ingredients. Although the book was written with kids in mind, I find that the recipes are great for adults too.”