The secret to raising well-behaved, contented children


In this clear and practical guide, I introduce you to the 3Rs, my incredibly simple and highly effective technique for bringing up well-behaved and happy children.

Based on twenty-five years of fostering experience when I cared for over 150 children, as well as raising my own, I am now sharing the secret of my success.

• Reasons why children misbehave
• How to stay in charge
• Turning around a difficult child
• Tantrums in public
• Sibling rivalry
• Diet and behaviour

Happy Kids is a must-have for parents, step-parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, nannies, child-minders; in fact, anyone who is responsible for children!

Reviews for Happy Kids:

… a discipline technique that can tame out-of-control children in under a week. Cathy Glass, a mum of three, is promoting a non-violent three-step approach known as the “Three Rs” – request, repeat and reassure. She has revealed the technique for the first time in a new handbook, Happy Kids.
BBC Radio Gloucestershire

It’s child’s play
… help transform your little monsters into little angels. Parenting expert Cathy Glass reveals simple but effective techniques that are a must-have for parents and grandparents!
Full House Magazine

Happy Kids is a compendium of common sense advice on how to bring up children to be well-behaved and happy using Cathy Glass 3 Rs technique. The author has written in a clear style with wit and humour.

I now apply the 3R’s to my own children and children I care for and can honestly verify that Cathy’s 3Rs technique does work whatever the child’s age or behaviour problem. I am sure it will work for you too!
L. Slater amazon.co.uk

I loved her no-nonsense, down to earth approach, I could hear her voice from her fostering books. I would certainly recommend this book even if your children are teenagers and young adults. What she says makes so much sense.

Drawing on personal experience, Glass covers a host of problems, including sibling rivalry, special needs and changing behaviour.

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