When Aisha, 29, an attractive and intelligent Asian woman, meets Mark – charming, handsome and successful, she knows she has met the man of her dreams. After a brief romantic courtship they marry, and Aisha is soon expecting their first child. But there is a sinister side to Mark, which has been hidden, and now starts to emerge.

Aisha returns home from hospital with their baby and Mark flies into a rage and knocks her unconscious. One incident quickly follows another and Aisha finds herself trapped in a highly abusive and violent marriage. With no money, and terrified of what Mark might do, she doesn’t want to bring dishonour to her family by admitting what is happening and ask for help.

With two children, desperate, and fearing for her life, Aisha finally seizes an opportunity to stop the abuse for good. Although now free of her abuser she is crucified by guilt, which undermines any chance of happiness, and also her sanity. Only when she discovers Mark’s past can she start to come to terms with what she has done and look towards the future.

Reviews for Run Mummy, Run:

This is a truly remarkable story of one woman’s journey through an abyss of violence, cruelty and degradation. There aren’t many books which have me hooked from the very first page and which I feel obliged to read late into the night but this was certainly one of them. Cathy Glass is such an elegant and insightful writer and I wish there were more like her…she achieves beauty and grace in her writing without diminishing the novel’s gravity.
The Bookbag

From the No 1 bestselling author of Damaged, the gripping story of a woman caught in a horrific cycle of abuse – and the desperate lengths she must go to, to escape.
The Book Depository

Absolutely brilliant read. Cathy Glass deserves great acclaim for this wonderful book that had my heart racing and my mouth dry with fear. An astonishingly good read that I simply couldn’t put down. Well done Cathy, another fantastic read.
Sarah, Amazon review

I have never quite found a book that encompassed all the emotions that come with domestic violence…thank you for addressing a subject so well, it has meant a lot to me personally.
Ram D, UK, reader’s email

Another top tale from the best selling writer
The Sun

Once I started reading it I could not put it down. This book is in my opinion a MUST read!!
Waterstones reviewer

Glass has an easy style …compulsive, can’t-put-down reading.
New Books Magazine