Cathy, I know from reading your books that you are against slapping children but I really don’t see the problem in it. And it isn’t against the law, is it.
Tracy, Newcastle, UK
CG: The current law in the UK says a parent can reasonably chastise their own child, but if a smack is hard enough to leave a mark it is illegal. You are right when you say I am against smacking and, indeed, as a foster carer I am not allowed to physically chastise a child, and neither would I want to. A smack, no matter how light, is a personal assault and I think it shows a loss of control. Also, most parents teach their children not to hit others, and nurseries and schools have firm policies on this. So what message are we sending the child, and how hypocritical, if we say don’t hit, and then smack the child for some misdemeanour. I believe that other sanctions are just as effective, if not more so, for example losing television or play-station time, stopping a treat or pocket money. But don’t make idle threats if you are going to impose a sanction to correct bad behaviour you will need to see it through.
Pause For Thought: If you smack your child he or she is likely to follow your example. Do you really want your child hitting others?