My ex partner takes our son out at weekends and my son enjoys these outings and likes being with his father. However, when they come back my son is as high as a kite on fizzy drinks, junk food, and sweets. My son can be a bit hyperactive anyway but this just sends him over the top. I have tried to explain to my ex that these foods have a bad effect on our son’s behaviour but he thinks it is a load of rubbish.
Tracy, Huddersfield, UK
CG: There is now a wealth of evidence showing children’s (and adult’s) behaviour can be greatly affected by diet, particularly food additives, sugar, and caffeine added to fizzy drinks. Children vary in their tolerance to additives some are more sensitive than others. In children who are prone to hyperactivity; artificial colourings, flavourings, and added sugar are best avoided. I have seen amazing results in the behaviour of some of the children I have looked after simply by changing their diet. Fresh food instead of processed whenever possible and keep an eye on the additives and sugar content. If your ex is an internet user perhaps he’d like to go online – there is a lot of information linking food and behaviour.