Hi, I foster two children. When reading your books I was sure you said about having bedtime routines. I do this but am getting criticised by the children’s social worker who says it should be the children’s choice when they go to bed. Surely on a school night a child needs sleep, or am I just being old fashioned? (even though I am only 32)
Sharon, UK
CG: I completely agree that children (especially of this age) need bedtime routines. Apart from making sure they have enough sleep, a routine of bath, story etc prepares them for bed. They know what is expected and are less likely to resist. They also arrive in bed, relaxed, and ready to sleep rather than bouncing off the walls from their last activity. I even remind teenagers, that it is time for bed, especially if they have school or college the following day. Boundaries and routines are, I believe, an intrinsic part of child-rearing. And you and I both know (although apparently the SW does not) that if children don’t get enough sleep everyone suffers the following day!