My son is 11 months old and he throws a tantrum when I say ‘no’ to him. If he carries on I put him in his cot, but I can’t just leave him to cry as the health visitor suggested. Can you help please? He has a tantrum when he wants to climb stairs and I say no, when I go out of the room, when he wants to sit on my lap and I can’t have him on my lap for some reason. Also, if I’m eating or drinking he has to have some of it and screams if I refuse. I’m not sure how I can go about showing him he can’t always have his own way.
Natasha, 21
CG: Hi Natasha. Decide what your son can have and what he can’t. Really think about this. Sometimes as parents, especially if we are stressed, we say no without really thinking about it. You should be saying ‘yes’ to him more times than you are saying no. If he really can’t have something or has to be stopped from doing something, then say no and introduce him to a different activity. At his age, distraction is the best policy. He is far less likely to have a tantrum if his interest is immediately captured by an alternative activity. Children of this age can become insecure and cry if their main care-giver (you) goes out of sight so don’t worry about that. Take your son with you if you can or keep talking to him while you are out of sight. It will be reassuring for him to hear your voice when he can’t see you. Many a time I’ve sat on the toilet talking to a toddler on the other side of the door! Cathy x