I have twin girls aged 10 and one of them gets very anxious during school exams so her results do not reflect her ability. I have seen this in other areas such as playing the piano. A friend has suggested hypnosis. Would you recommend this or do you have other suggestions to help my daughter overcome her nerves and anxiety during tests?
CG: Many children suffer from exam nerves, my daughter Paula did. As a result the exams may not reflect the child’s true abilities. One of the reasons for reconstructing the GCSE to include course work was because so many children suffer from the pressure of exams. Your daughter may also feel pressure from having a twin: that she has to do as well as, if not better than her sister. I am sure this has never been part of your family’s doctrine but it is surprising what young children can internalize. I am not sure hypnosis is the answer as it could be counterproductive and make her feel under even more pressure – i.e. it is so important she does well in her exams that you are paying for her to see a hypnotist. If she were my child I would have a one to one chat with her and make sure she understands that you know she does her best in exams, and her and her sister are individuals and will excel in different ways. I would also limit the exams she sits to those that are essential. Please let me know how you get on.