HI Cathy, I have a 16 year old granddaughter who I raised on and off since she was 2. My son and his girlfriend are alcoholics/drug addicts. In 7th grade she began acting out and I found out that her Mom’s boyfriend was molesting her. He went to jail. Her Mom introduced her to smoking cigarettes and pot, not sure what else, and piercings. She didn’t do well at school. She is presently living with the last people her mom lived with who have encouraged her to go to school. My husband and I would like our granddaughter to visit more often and be part of our lives. Her mother is not good for her. God Bless you and your family.
Lori, USA
CG: Dear Lori, you have done so much for your family and appear to have received little in return. However, all those years of parenting your granddaughter will count for a lot. Believe me. She knows who was there for her. At present she has a lot to contend with and is having little contact with you. My advice would be to keep the lines of communication open but to give her the space she needs. Also a word of warning: don’t be tempted to point out her mother’s faults to her. Children are often fiercely loyal to their mothers regardless of what they have done. She is at a difficult age and appears to be doing okay at present. Knowing you are there will be a great security to her, although she may not say so.