I hate to say it, Cathy, but my 10 year old son, sounds just like Tayo did sometimes, with his cheek and arrogance. He’s got too big for his boots and is really ‘lippy’, especially straight after school.
Lisa, London, UK
CG: Quite often at that age children become ‘big fish in little ponds’ at school and it can rub off at home. He will be one of the older ones at his primary school, with lots of younger boys who will be in awe of him. There is a lot of bravado, especially among boys, in the playground at this age, and he will be bringing some of it home with him. I’ve seen this in my own children and those I have fostered. Keep your routine and boundaries in place, and insist that he shows you respect. A light hearted banter between your son and you is fine, but if he oversteps the mark into rudeness or insolence, or refuses to do something you have reasonably asked him to do, then he needs reminding, who is in charge – you.

Pause For Thought: It is not the child who is bad but the behaviour. Never say – ‘you are a naughty boy,’ but instead say – ‘that was a naughty thing to do.’ It separates the behaviour from the child and is more positive and allows you (the parent) and the child to deal with the behaviour together.