I haven’t finished Happy Kids yet but I am reading at least 20 pages a night. It is very informative as well as making me think about how I was raised in a family of eleven children, and where the negative stuff may have come from. It’s all water under the bridge now but there certainly were a lot of tears way back when. I will have to chat with my 3 sisters when we are all together next month and apologize for some of the rotten things I did.
CG: Hi Linda, I am so pleased you are finding Happy Kids helpful, but don’t beat yourself up. We all have regrets from our childhood in respect of how we treated someone. Looking back I can now seen that I was mean to my brother if he didn’t do what I wanted. I think it’s a sign of a good family that we can all forgive and move on. Cathy x

Pause For Thought: Acceptable behaviour is the only behaviour that you will accept.