Hi Cathy, your books have been a great help to me in getting over problems I have experienced. I am hoping you can give me some advice. My partner has a 2 year old son who lives with his mum in the week and stays with us at weekends. Recently he has not wanted to go to bed; he will scream and cry. When my partner finally gets him into bed he won’t settle and will wake four or five times in the night, sweating and screaming when he wakes. His mother has told us he sleeps in her bed at her house but he has always had his own room at ours. We have just moved house and he has gone from a cot to a bed. Do you think this could have something to do with it?
CG: Hi Jade, I understand your step-son slept well when you were in your previous house so I think his sleep disturbance is almost certainly due to the move and going from a cot to a bed. Children react to change in a number of ways, and sleeping disturbance is a common one, especially at his age. I suggest you and your partner continue with the bedtime routine that worked well before the move. If your step-son wakes, who ever normally settles him, should go quietly into his room, resettle him and come out. Do this as often as is needed until his sleeping pattern returns to normal. I am not a believer of children sleeping in the parent’s bed for lots of reasons. I cover cures for sleeping disturbances in my book Happy Kids, just out. I hope you find it useful. Very best wishes, Cathy