Hi Cathy, My husband and I are currently in the final stages of being approved as foster carers. We shall be fostering newborns. We are just finishing our portfolio before we go to panel. Have you any advice for new foster carers? Keep up your fantastic work. You are truly an inspiration.
Hayley, UK .
CG: Hi Hayley. Congratulations. You are nearly at the end of the process now. Good luck with panel. I know you will be just great, and newborns! How exciting. Advice for new carers in a nutshell would probably be: Keep your sense of humour; try not to make value-judgements; empathy is probably a foster carer’s most important attribute; make time for your own family and yourself; be prepared for a sharp learning curve in the first year; trust your own judgement; and give yourselves a big pat on the back. Well done! Cathy