I have just read your Happy Kids book. I think it is very helpful and pragmatic. I have been too much in the role of a friend, simply trying to ‘be myself’ with my teenage children. I am trying now to take a more parental role. My question is – how much talk and venting of anger should I allow after an incident?
G, UK.
CG: Teenagers, as I’m sure you know, can be very volatile at times. The brain is rewiring and doesn’t completely stabilize until the age of twenty five. They can be very angry one moment and very childlike and vulnerable the next. They will become used to your new boundaries quite quickly. Allow them time to flare up, but not rudely or aggressively, and then put the matter behind you. Remember to give them a big hug and a kiss too. As the parent it is better to remain calm as anger has a habit of escalating, and as the parent we are more responsible so should keep it in check. That’s not so say you can’t express your concerns, of course you should, but try not to get angry. I’m afraid a part of being a parent is being disliked by the children sometimes.