I have contacted you before and you gave me brilliant advice, so I’m hoping you don’t mind doing do again. My ten year old daughter’s behaviour has become terrible.  She’s cheeky in school and at home and getting into trouble at after school club. She’s got a group of friends we have said we don’t want her playing with as they are trouble makers, but because they are popular our daughter wants to be with them, and has told us that she will not stop playing with them. She is going to high school in September and we are really concerned that this behaviour will land her in serious trouble.
CG:  think your daughter is suffering from the ‘big fish in a small pond’ syndrome. Do you remember I talk about this in my book Happy Kids? Many children this age have effectively outgrown primary school and are more than ready for the challenges of High School.  However, obviously keep the boundaries for good behaviour in place. Although your daughter appears not to care about the sanctions you have implemented, she will underneath. Don’t forget to praise her at ever opportunity and the message will get through. You can’t stop who she sees at school and the after school club, but you can outside of school. And check nothing is worrying her. So often challenging behaviour is a cry for help. Let me know how you get on please.