Hi Cathy, I need help. We are caring for our 6 yr old grandson who has been diagnosed with Reactive Detachment Disorder. He is currently residing with us till a Therapeutic placement can be found for him. We have tried all strategies suggested by his therapist but nothing seems to be working. He was born heroin addicted and we are wondering if withdrawal could have affected him. How do we have him assessed, rather than believing one assessment by DHS who have decided that Reactive Detachment disorder is his problem. I would welcome your opinion. Please help us help our little Grandson. Thank You.
Desma, UK
CG: I was so sorry to learn of your grandson’s difficulties. Attachment disorders are very complex, but basically mean that the child has not developed a secure attachment to his or her main caregiver. This can result in the child exhibiting very worrying and upsetting behaviour. It would be wrong of me to comment on your grandson, I am not a psychologist and not qualified to do so. When I foster a child with an attachment disorder I work very closely with the therapist. As you have a therapist I think you should go back to him/her with your concerns. I would also ask your therapist if there is a link between drug withdrawal in a baby and attachment disorder, I could not find a definitive answer in my reading. You are entitled to a second medical opinion. I hope this is of some help. Take care, you are in my thoughts. Cathy