I have always said there should be an instruction manual handed out whenever a mother leaves hospital with her newborn baby…perhaps a troubleshooting guide if something is not working! I think you should write a book for parents (and carers) about raising children. I would find it very helpful. There are many parenting books on the market written by so called ‘experts’, but I’m not sure many of these authors have looked after children and put their theories into practice. You have had the experience of looking after over 50! I think a book like this would be appreciated by many as your experience would be a realistic view of the many different issues that can arise when bringing up children. If you do consider writing a book like this could you please have it published in the next fortnight???!!
Carey, Sydney, Australia
CG: Hi Carey, I have just finished writing a book about raising children and it is with the publishers now. More details about publication (sorry it won’t be within the next two weeks) will be posted on my website when they become available. As you suggest the book draws on my experience and includes strategies and tips for encouraging happy, contented and well-behaved children. Thanks very much for your interest. Best wishes, Cathy