Have you ever prepared your children for 11+ and sent them to grammar school? What are your views on this matter? My son is in Year 5 now and reaches excellent grades without tuition. However, he does not cope well with pressure and stress. Our good, local high school is only a 5-10-minute walk away, whereas the grammar school would require a 60-minute bus ride each morning and afternoon.
CG: Dear Anne, I have never had my children coached for entrance exams and they didn’t ever sit any. They all went to our local secondary school. Personally I feel children are under enough pressure at this age that they don’t need any more. However, had any of my children been really ‘high flyers’ and could take entrance exams in their stride I would have discussed with them if they wanted to try for a school other than our local one. But like you I would be mindful of the travelling distance which eats into the day. You know your child best. What does your son think?