Hi Cathy. I recently read a comment on your Happy Kids forum about a parent who lost a loved one and was having difficulty managing her children’s behavior.  I have lost two family members – my daughter from SIDS and a year later my husband. My twins are now 4 and I been having trouble managing their behavior since my husband passed. After reading the comment about your book called Happy Kids and how it helped her and her family I decided to give it a try and purchased the book. Boy, I do not regret it one bit. What an amazing and magnificent work you’ve done. I really love the closed choice method. I can’t express how much I want to thank you. Your book is so unique; every parent should buy your books. There are two questions I would like you to help me out if you can. How do you force a child to sit in time out? The girls get out of time out and hide from me. And how do you get your picky child to eat? Allison, USA
CG: I am so sorry to hear of your sad loss, how strong you have had to be. I am pleased you found Happy Kids helpful. I don’t advocate time out or the naughty step for the very reasons you have discovered. It can become a battle ground in itself. Have you tried the 3Rs, providing a sanction or reward? It’s not a threat to remove a treat but a sanction for negative behaviour. In respect of one of the twins being a picky eater, it’s best not to give in to demands for something different as it can escalate and become a means of control, see page 139 of Happy Kids. I know it can be easier said than done. I think you may find my book Happy Mealtimes For Kids useful. You don’t have to buy the book unless you want to as it can be borrowed from the library. Take care. Let me know how you get on please.