I read your book Happy Kids and have to say thank you so much! It is so helpful in many ways. I’m letting a friend borrow the book and she can’t believe how magic it is for her three rambunctious boys and her Kindergarten students. The 3Rs and closed choice techniques are brilliant. Thank you again!  Yours truly.
Chantel, USA.

Hi Cathy, In 2015 I lost my beloved husband due to tragic car accident. Since my husband departure, it was hard getting life back together again. Because of the loss, I wanted my children to suffer less, be more happy so I allowed them to walk all over me. I now realized how ignorant my decision was and that I needed to get back in control again. My children didn’t take me seriously. A friend of mine suggested I read Happy Kids. I’m writing to you to say thank you for your remarkable work. You not only saved me, but also my children. You’re a miracle sent from heaven. Thank you!
Jamie USA