Hi Cathy. I’m a young mum and my son has just turned two. It’s like a switch has been flicked. He was such a cuddly and happy little boy but this past week he’s been awful. There has been tantrum after tantrum. I’m not too sure on which disciplinary route to go down and I’m just struggling a little. He is still a beautiful cuddly boy but he’s very strong-willed and has started screaming and hitting. I’ve had comments from strangers when he’s done it out in public. I feel like a failure. Have you got any tips or anything to suggest?
CG: Dear Hannah, I fully appreciate how stressful and worrying this must be for you, although your son’s behaviour is typical of many two year olds. Have you heard of the terrible twos? It is when a child starts exerting his or her autonomy and will. They like nothing more than a good tantrum, preferably in public. He will come through this I can assure you but in the meantime you will need to keep in place the boundaries for good behaviour. I suggest you read my book Happy Kids. It was written for parents and contains lots of practical and useful strategies that do work – for all ages of children. You don’t have to buy the book unless you want to as it can be borrowed from the library. Have a read and then email me again if you have any more problems and I will help you further. And try to not worry. You are doing a great job. Cathy