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Lara and her one-year-old son, Arthur, came to live with me during the pandemic. Lara was fleeing an abusive relationship and Arthur had suspected non-accidental injuries. Lara claimed her son was accident prone but the social services had doubts.

It was a mother and child foster placement. My role was to keep Arthur safe, assess Lara’s parenting capacity, and give her help and advice where necessary in the hope she would be able to make the necessary changes to keep her son. I felt the responsibility especially as all the social worker’s ‘visits’ were online due to continuing covid restrictions.  It was as though Lara’s future lay in my hands.

I was sure Lara loved her son but she didn’t always put his needs first. She was highly critical of foster carers having been in care herself. She felt let down by the system and unloved. Then one cold dark winter’s evening during lockdown Lara began talking to a homeless young man sleeping in a shop doorway, and that conversation changed the course of their lives forever.

Praise for Unwanted

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