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My friend and foster carer, Tash, phoned me one evening, very upset. Becks, 16, who she and her husband had been fostering had made an allegation of sexual misconduct against their son, Ryan, 15. Despite being experienced and exemplary carers they were being investigated by the police and social services –  made to ‘feel like criminals,’ Tash said.

I sympathized but there wasn’t really anything I could do. I was fostering Damian. His single-parent mother, Rachel, couldn’t cope with three young children and had put Damian into care voluntarily. She loved her family and would never have intentionally harmed them, but she was naïve and vulnerable. The care plan was that eventually Damian would be able to return home, and we were working towards that. However, when Rachel got involved with Troy her life took a sudden and tragic turn for the worse. I was gutted.

Praise for Unsafe

A true inspiration. I have read all her books this has a happy ending which is lovely. Cathy gives lots of insight into fostering. A remarkable woman.…Amazon 5* review

A must read. A beautiful sad story… Well done Cathy you have delivered once again… Amazon 5* review

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I love reading about fostering. I was in foster homes before I was adopted. Cathy Glass is a wonderful and understanding foster care. Goodreads 5*

Amazing is the best way to describe Cathy Glass. Goodreads 5* review

As always this was an interesting read. Cathy is informative and obviously caring. I appreciate what carers do… Goodreads 5*

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