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Little Jamey, just 2½ years old, arrived as an emergency placement two days before Christmas. Bad enough that a child has to leave home and come into foster care, even worse just before Christmas. But the police and social services had no choice after a neighbour reported Jamey had been left alone all night while his mother went out partying.

Scared, hungry and withdrawn, Jamey had spent so much time in his cot which his mother used as a cage, that his leg muscles hadn’t developed properly and he could barely walk. He was craving affection and so easy to love. But as Jamey settled in and began to make progress a new threat emerged. Coronavirus and lockdown changed everything.

Praise for Neglected.

Another outstanding book by Cathy Glass. Barnes & Noble 5* review

A great read. Waterstones 5* review

I loved this book.  A great insight into fostering during the pandemic.  Amazon 5* review

As with all of Cathy’s books, this one was brilliant. Thank you Cathy for sharing your stories of fostering with us and helping as many children as you do. Amazon 5* review

I am a huge fan of Cathy Glass and have all of her books. This particular book stands out because she reminds us what we all went through during the start of Covid. I think this book is a must read because it explains how difficult lockdown was for so many children in care and those who ended up in care due to lockdown. Amazon 5* review

Always look forward to Cathy’s next book and usually read within 48 hours. This was a lovely story, Jamey just wanted to be loved so much and Cathy and her family were able to provide that. Amazon 5* review

Cathy Glass is a foster carer and writer. I enjoy her books and value the work she does. Goodreads 5* review

Amazing is the best way to describe Cathy Glass. Goodreads 5* review

I have read all of Cathy’s books to date and they never fail to disappoint. This one was just as good as all of her other books. This story focuses on Jamey and how the pandemic affected Cathy and her family. Goodreads 5* review

As always, Cathy Glass tells what are truly harrowing stories with compassion, professionalism, warmth and love. Goodreads 5* review

A fantastic book …  it was interesting to read how Cathy and her family coped with fostering in the pandemic. Audible 5* review

Absolutely loved this book… addictive, gripping and emotional Audible 5* review

Excellent.  Absolutely loved it albeit very sad! A great eye opener of strength and determination! Audible 5* review

Loved the book, opened my eyes on lockdown, never thought about all the poor children in care not been able to see their families face to face, plus all the poor children stuck inside abusive homes. Only made me think about it after reading your book. Facebook comment

Fantastic book. Facebook comment

Absolutely gripping. Facebook comment

Just finished Neglected. It was so moving. Twitter

Neglected is the first book of yours I’ve read. I will certainly be reading more. Twitter

Inspirational. A tear-jerked, and tragic. Bookbub 5* review

Easy to read. Inspirational. Realistic. Bookbub 5* review

I’ve read almost all of Cathy Glass’s books. She is inspirational and puts her everything into caring for her foster children. Bookbub 5* review

It’s no wonder you have such a fan base as not only a talented writer but a person bringing goodness into a harsh world. Andrew Lownie. Literary agent