A True Story

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The children’s parents were utterly distraught when little Kit, 18 months old, and his sister, Molly, 3 years, were brought into care as a result of suspected non-accidental injuries.  One or both of the parents was thought to have harmed their children. Kit had a broken arm and bruises to his face and his sister was withdrawn and scared.

The parents maintained they had never hurt their children.  Molly and Kit appeared to have been well looked after and missed their parents dreadfully. I wondered if the social services had got it wrong and Kit’s injuries were accidental.

However, both children became sick with a mysterious illness. I was very worried and asked for more hospital tests to be done. They’d already had a lot. When my daughter, Lucy, became ill too I thought I’d found the answer to Kit and Molly’s illness and the parents weren’t to blame.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. What came to light was far more sinister and shocking.

Praise for Innocent

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