A True Story.

Joss, aged 13, was angry and out of control when she came to live with me. Two previous foster carers and an aunt had tried but failed to help her. I had doubts I would do any better and I knew I was her last chance. Her next move would be to a secure unit for her own protection. In prison at the age of thirteen!

Joss smoked cannabis, drank alcohol, went missing overnight and was in trouble with the police and at school. I worried about the effect her behaviour was having on my teenage children, especially when I wasn’t able to make a difference and her behaviour continued to deteriorate. Yet I could understand why Joss was so angry, confused and upset. Four years previously, aged only 9, Joss had arrived home from school to find her father’s lifeless body hanging in the garage. He had committed suicide.

Reviews for Girl Alone:

Another amazing read by Cathy Glass. Once I pick up her books I can never put them down until that last page has been read. I am never disappointed.
Goodreads review

Another heart wrenching true story…
Melanie, Amazon review.

I always recommend Cathy Glass books to people who are looking to read something that will restore your faith in humanity
The Book Depository.

Another brilliant book by this author, I have enjoyed every single one of her books…told with great sensitivity.
Ian, Goodreads review

I loved this book. I have every book that Cathy Glass has written. I would highly recommend.
WHSmiths review

Another amazing book couldn’t put it down l.
Xabbiex, Amazon review.

“I read your book Hidden. It was amazing. I am from Africa and I know there are thousands of children from my home country who are in England and aren’t in the system. Your book inspired me to further my education so that I can work with children.”
Ms Lasisi, 08/07/08

“…Hidden plays out like an ITV drama. The tragedy is no fiction, but a true story. A life-affirming read…that proves sometimes a little hope is all you need.”
Heat magazine. No 4 in their top ten books.

…deceptively easy style which builds the suspense expertly and teases out the various events in a totally gripping manner.
Andrew Lownie, Literary Agent

As always with Cathy’s books the story is very touching but also has details of abuse. I’d advise keeping tissues nearby. The language is very emotive too. The detail involved is spot on.
The Glitter Notebook