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Fostering 6 year old Max got off to a bad start when his mother telephoned me with threats and complaints even before he’d moved in. I hoped our relationship would improve with time. She was in hospital recovering from having two toes amputated.

Yet, while I’d heard plenty from Max’s mother and his social worker I had very few details about Max, so when he arrived I had a big shock which I struggled to hide. Clearly looking after Max was going to be a completely new challenge but I would do all I could to help him. A kind, gentle and studious child he struggled to fit in and wanted more than anything  to be like other children and make friends.

Reviews of Cruel to be Kind:

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Truly inspirational…

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Brilliant book but what do you expect from a brilliant author… S Jewell Amazon 5* review

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Such a brilliant read, my heart broke for max and his family Kerry Amazon 5* review 

Had to read it all in one sitting… Erica M Amazon 5* review

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