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It’s very sad when a mother can’t keep her baby but I had to be professional. Faye was gentle, childlike, kind and highly vulnerable. She suffered from foetal alcohol syndrome as a result of her mother’s alcoholism while pregnant with Faye.

My role was to look after Faye and prepare her for the birth of her baby and then support her as she gave up the child for adoption. Challenging enough but it was made almost impossible because Faye refused to acknowledge she was pregnant, despite only having three months to go before the birth.

Nothing was known of the father of Faye’s baby and Faye said it was a secret. Indeed, it was a mystery how she became pregnant as she lived with her very protective grandparents and never went out alone. When all the signs were that Faye’s story couldn’t possibly have a happy ending an abrupt change in the care plan offered some hope.


Another page-turning winner from Cathy Glass, Amazon 5* review

Heart rendering and inspirational, Amazon 5* review

A heartbreaking true story of love, loss and moving on… a special personal read, Waterstones review

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Makes you feel better for reading it. Goodreads 5* review.

I read this book in one sitting and was crying for at least half of it.  Goodreads 5* review

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Very moving, heartfelt and emotional Goodreads 5* review

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Congratulations on another moving and powerful book, A Lownie, literary agent